The Extended Coin And Phone In Glass Bottle Trick – Benno Six magic #21

I actually like to use stuff form the places I go to now some things are like hard to borrow so I got a bottle here for you check it out just a normal bottle , I got this here in the supermaket What I reallly like about the States is that they got these really huge coins what is that like 50 cents, Half-Dollar right?! Just give me your right hand like this just hold the botttle, hold it just grab it. Now this is what we`re going to do This is like step 1. We take the bottle, take the coin and we just… How do you get it back out? Yea that`s the tough part people are always a bit sceptical about this check it out this is my phone my american phone I just got that So Look now I got a problem WHAT?!!!! Now I have a problem Now you don`t have a phone anymore I know it`s the hard cover version So now we take it out How do we take it out? Well I guess we just smash it Just drop it? For example or we do it the soft way I grab this one like that Ok watch can you feel that? yes Ok now I`m gonna go like this It`s going to form a little hole right there and it`s going to go right through Now this is what I`m going to do I`m gonna go like this. I`ll smash it on there It`s going to form a little hole WHAT? HAHA and go through there Oh No Did you feel that? Did you feel that going through your body? No bro tight I don`t even know what I just saw, I really don`t know

40 thoughts on “The Extended Coin And Phone In Glass Bottle Trick – Benno Six magic #21

  1. I love the beginning after I publish a video. Thanks for the kind comment guys, I`ll keep that in mind when the trolls take over again 😉

  2. Omg das ist soo cool. Du musst mehr vids hochladen. Ich freu mich immer voll wenn ds steht: Benno six hat ein neues Video hochgaden! :3

  3. In the last Part you changed the bottle with somebody, that u can see only the top and the bottle u have in the other hand behind the guy.

    When u dont understand why I mean, then I can write it in German.

  4. Woah, thats really cool. How do you do that? I know there is a version of this trick using magnets, but the iphone was really amazing.

  5. 0:43 you can see that he didn't put the coin in the left hand so it looked like on the last switch the coin was in the left hand… and he probably put it through the opening…

    0:43 hat er die Münze nicht in die linke Hand getan und beim letzten Tausch war sie in der linken Hand sodass er sie durch den Flaschenhals reintuen konnte…

  6. you need a top of a bottle and a bottle+ paper wrap the top of the bottle+ the bottle as he pulle the bottle to the side he takes out the bottle leaving only the cut of top part of the a simular bottle and a wrapped papper with a bottle shape ;P he smash the paper into you stomac wrap in the small top of a bottle and revealed the bottle behind your back.. looks cool and might fool you the first time cause you dont know what 2 look for ;D that why magic on youtube kill it.. all tricks can be revealed.. if they cant its proberly fake scene cuts..

  7. Props to the unecessary "camera" man at 2:00 , with out wing men like him; deceptions like this just wouldnt be possible

  8. Well. Since you allow comments, I take it that you won't be offended by people providing their theories. So here I am.

    The coin. Well, you can clearly see something already at the bottom of the bottle at 0:38. But it's not there on a previous shot. Unfortunately, the camera switches a few times so not sure how the bottle went from being clearly empty, to clearly having something at the bottom. I also doubt the guy with the white shirt is random. While everyone has their eyes on the coin at 0:30, he has his on whatever you're doing with the bottle when distracting the others with the coin. His entire behavior is different than that of the others. Anyway. Don't know that he needs to be in on the trick, but his reactions are just suspicious.

    The bottle through the body is obvious, as others have mentioned.

    And the phone is already in the bottle, as you can see at 1:07. And you subsequently just throw the phone in some pocket inside your coat. Now maybe you just go around looking for people with similar cells and start performing a quick round of tricks then, when you spot one. Or the target is part of the trick. One thing I did find odd was with the guy with the white shirt again, towards the end. Presumably, you would have used his cell phone to do the trick. But he's already holding a cell phone in his hand, when grabbing the bottle. Anyway, hard to get the full image since we only see short edited clips of the whole thing.

    Still performing them well.

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