The Cyborg Beetles Designed to Save Human Lives

[Music] it’s unbelievable that humans can take over control if you think about where this could go this is really incredible [Music] we’re on our way now to the Nanjing Technical University to meet dr. Sato a researcher who’s been working on some of the most advanced cyborg insects on earth hello dr. Sotter so what is the work that you do over here a purpose to contour the fright of a beetle I study the many things about the tiny muscle configuration or neural network of this living up Peto and also de I started leg contour this is also by stimulating the muscles yes leg muscles and we can do something different walking gait motion you stimulate all the muscles individually individually so that the beetle actually has no control over what it’s doing here so you basically make it into a robot actually like Roberto Oh coach of course it’s an era but that a night not so o big program I’d be very excited to see the work that you know right now let’s go through them now yeah great right oh yes sir so could you tell us what what you do here and we use this system to Detective the leg motion so we can put a marker on small mark on the deck and so this is this is the beetle that you’re working with yes you can see the menu is me and my center to tell Frankie he’s a bit good after the implantation the working on yourself relaxed motion control actually and he knows that he knows about the location of the leg muscles very well can you tell me a bit what what you’re going to do oh this quarry I will press is that there are two versions aha you can change the working gate the other one is I can change the Stanford Quincy that means how fast the leg moves yeah and these LED lights they correspond each to a muscle yes so in total 8 meters yeah okay let’s see so the status is 0.125 [Music] so his tripod so it’s very small and so now it’s alternating its left and right the Navy so if I want to increase this that will continue to press this button uh-huh so that if I press once so it’s faster no I still point to five Hertz so amazing that you just press a button and the beetle starts walking it’s I don’t know it seems almost unreal that you can that you can kind of achieve this in a living creature if I press one more time they don’t find five minutes so he’s faster damn that this is really amazing one of us if I want to a chance to galloping I press this button so it will change to therapy so yes let’s go and this is when it runs faster basically yeah he’s the Stafford rent is one Hertz uh-huh no it’s too hot Wow yep he struggles himself but it still obviously less delusion signals uh-huh and do you think is he struggling to kind of stop these stimulation signals oh yes I think so let’s do it okay see ya see ya mercury and this just keeps on working like this oh yes it doesn’t get used to it or something it does no notarized stimuli you know I form water half an hour so we still like this wasting any more than seven days whatever we ha and it keeps working yes yes you’re putting in electrical signals into the beetle now but is it using up its own energy towards basically is it using the food that it eats to drive the muscles or the muzzles driven by the electricity is the food so you have to feed it to be able to keep on doing this looking at this thing it’s it’s unbelievable actually that that humans can you know take over control over basically over the will power losses insect because the muscles are being driven by the insect itself I mean it has to feed it is as to eat to be able to move the muscles and all that they are doing is putting a bit of electrical stimulation into the muscles and they can control it to a degree that’s amazing if you think about it these may just be the first stages of this but if you think about where this could go this is really incredible and how long would it be to like this live at a natural llegará be torture survives for three months to six months even after the implantation Peter can survivor for several months uh-huh we have never seen the beta with died light after the stimulation so it doesn’t bit it doesn’t really hurt no so this is the walking part of the robot and you’re also working on the flight fry control and you’re also doing that here in the building and just reading about that take a look at next feeding okay oh hi I’m a student ID out of my students at the tongue hello wow this is a very impressive room we like a beat off to fry as long as possible then we use this smooth paper and the VDS veto and the Frank veto even can scratch on the water still the beat oh go back to the arena right yeah I will make the air gap between the paper and the actual wall because of Ito crash on the world and centimeters and also our device does not be undamaged it should I imagine it that you have a remote control or use Wii Remote a Wii Remote all right all I got to do is blow on its back to make it swing to go and then I can control it with this controller by pressing a button and moving it to a side yeah yeah okay better by one hey it worked it went right can I try again as Donna gasps – look it’s a teen I guess and react you can also put other sensors on the chip right because I can imagine that only steering a beetle it doesn’t do much yet for someone who is buried under rubble for this commission the important thing is the two are locate missing live feeds personally like people a lot of people is born therefore they buy said setting in some sense we can detect simple living people and the beetle can go move on working while frying tools I did add that the heat source of the living people and finds the location that would be very useful and do you see other applications as well Romina investigation who finds some of the know the terrorists or something you know we are very serious to use the Jesus I will be too for peaceful application to save people and to save their world rain peacefully [Music] I think the most fascinating thing that I’ve learned over these past few days is that technology and nature are creeping more and more together and that we might be heading towards a future where technology and nature might become indistinguishable [Music]

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  1. This just in: bug sweeping at major government installations now includes calling in real exterminators

  2. Magical Mystery tour. I always sort of liked the Beatles…I think it was another band that did The Wall" thing however. What a mixed up world. The poor bugs! Work perfectly well without us messing with them. We are so primitive. but at least we still try…

  3. Humans produce heat and all that but how can they find humans under rubble that has been in the sun for 15 hours

  4. So i pray i don't come back as a beatle when i die….most of a beatle in Singapore where i will tortured everyday of my life with electric shocks. This will be used on humans without a doubt.

  5. Once I read a book where people were killed by robo insects, its not so imaginary after watching this, poisonous insect biting a victim under control

  6. Thats not something anyone should do iv had electric stimulation on my knee after an injury its painful and leaves you feeling numb and this is an every day thing im no hippie but this is cruel first bugs then what

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  10. Well in my world it's called Imperius Curse and it is one of three Unforgivable Curses… Looks like a lot of pain

  11. We have the technology to make a robot the size of that beetle with all the functionalities and it follows the signals like 100% of the time and you only need to charge the batteries, so why do we need to make a cyborg beetle!?

  12. This has gotta be fake. I've spent the past 3 weeks collecting beetles in my backyard and stabbing wires into them in order to make my dark insect army of the night and all I've got to show for it are a buncha dead beetles. Granted, I'm using an Xbox controller but I don't see how that matters. What is wrong? Why would Singapore put out a hoax like this??

  13. I wonder what they mean by electrical stimulation of the muscles? Is it a painful electric shock or a low signal like your brain sends to your muscles? I don’t think beetles have a complex nervous system to feel pain but honestly it’s not like we can ask the beetle what it’s feeling. This would be awesome for spying applications until someone got a flyswtter lol but i guess they’d have backups or have a fly go through a vent so no one even sees the fly. Imagine how paranoid drug dealers sampling their own supply will be in the future. Instead of Ray liotta screaming about helicopters following you like in that movie lol people will be paranoid about every insect they see…this would be helpful to find people in rubble after earthquakes or bombings of buildings etc. very interesting!

  14. Weaponizes a venomous spider and puts it in targets car, then bites target when they get in car. Hell now they can just take control of the car on the freeway and drive it into another car or a tree if you don’t want any other casualties. They can then control the people who own the mainstream news and control the narrative saying he was drunk emotional whatever. They could also put the spider on targets home or hotel and wait until the target is sleeping in bed, remote controls the spider through a vent or open window and then bites target … but it’d have to be such a fast acting poison that would kill instantaneously. I’m sure they could find a way to beef up the poison next. They said they want to save the world unfortunately people take new tech and weaponize it. In some cases it’s not always bad to be able to take out some dangerous people though either it’s all in how we choose to use it. For example mikes are horrible but hopefully if we all have them andknkw how much damage they cause it will act as a kind of stalemate where we avoid war and work out our differences idealistic I know… also that’s ruling out insane selfish leaders and nuclear accidents, etc etc etc

  15. Dog fight with a laser tag type deal would be dope. You can deck out your beetle, get sponsored by red bull ect…

  16. What if you make a device that manipulates the signal insects use you communicate? Half their language. And orders them to act on diffferent task?

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