The Curse of Oak Island: EXCITING RESULTS On Money Pit Find (Season 7) | History

65 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island: EXCITING RESULTS On Money Pit Find (Season 7) | History

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  2. I see Gary Drayton nodding his head vigorously in agreement quite often. That works out great for when they make his souvenir …

  3. I think multiple ships were disassembled and used to build the engineering that occurred. I have never thought that swamp was natural. I love this show. The dedication of these guys is so fun to watch. Doesn’t hurt it’s all located in Canada either.

  4. A waist of airtime. The other day I watched a bit where the “metal detector whatever genius” found a MUSKET BALL in the woods…
    Of course, you could see where they had dug up and re-buried or put something in the ground to begin with.
    This show is a joke!

  5. They need to get an exotic dancer to dance on the table holding up the wood and the mud. On the excitement meter this clip ranks a very limp.

  6. Something extraordinary is happening on Oak Island, I'll be damned if I know what it is, but its freaking strange ten ways to ten thousand turns.

  7. I think some perverted person placed these little nuggets around the island to confuse/frustrate these idiots. I bet they never find the treasure. If they do, it’s value will much less than the amount they paid for the adventure.

  8. Here's a twist for you, what if whatever was buried on oak island is so evil and so powerful it was meant to never be found. That's why the legend of the curse continues, just a thought.

  9. Hmm more grey stuff I was hoping they would find that after 7 seasons how exiting.Oh I almost forgot there is a swamp.I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next maybe a hole in the earth if I'm lucky.

  10. Wait so we now have a good estimate when the money pit was constructed. So are there old ship logs from that area that could give us a clue as to who built it. Now that we know the date is 1680's. That narrows the window.

  11. My mother's swimming pool is a money pit. Can't get rid of the black algae, and then everything done to treat that and occasional rain throws all the chemicals out of wack. It's been a never ending daily battle for several years now. She's 88. Can you imagine being that old and your notable perfect pool becomes a money pit and pain in the back after 30 years of babying the thing?
    I keep recommending that she drains it. I'm no pool expert but, to me, scrubbing the algae off the hard surface doesn't eliminate the black algae now floating around in the pool. She takes water samples to the pool specialists. The chemicals to kill it aren't working.
    Does anyone have knowledgeable advice to resolve this money pit?

  12. If one watches this continuing saga of how to waste time and money (and takes it seriously), one should enjoy Mountain Monsters as well. :o)

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