The Cryptal Show – Episode 21: Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Predictions

we know
Bitcoin might been a poster child of
cryptocurrency but reddit co-founder
Alexis Ohanian actually thinks that the
second most popular cryptocurrency
aetherium will emerge as a real winner
this year in an interview in Fortune
Ohanian actually said at least bullish
on aetherium simply because people are
building on it and Bitcoin has been
struggling in creating applications his
prediction Bitcoin will be back to its
all-time high of 20 thousand dollars
while aetherium 21 times more from its
original price reaching an all-time high
of fifteen thousand dollars now with
this increase is expecting that 64
billion worth of material will rise up
to reach a 1.5 trillion market cap and
speaking of Reddit don’t forget to
subscribe and the official Krypto –
subreddit our forward slash crypto – per
unit when crypto when Bitcoin goes out
five thousand dollars that’s like a
thousand times 100 million coins or
something like that so that might be
captures like yeah okay up and down
really really quick there cuz it was
only like five coins three years ago and
Bitcoin was that like $30 or something
now it’s like $9,000 and there’s more
bitcoins with Google mining and there’s
all these under other cryptos which are
worth more than Bitcoin in general the
market caps just on that so if we can
get some stats I think graph it would be
like you’re getting in early yeah and
then like project where it’s going to go
based on historical city
– and joy and all that as leaders my
guys and sunnygurl
are actually calculating stuff in there
that’s sharing it and like there’s
nothing everyone to be like you know if
you start to like calculating this the
projection for like your RFP will be
like what yeah we can get what he meant
to like give inputs and do the math and
if they don’t invest in

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