The Comprehensive Timeline of the CCP’s Cover-up of COVID-19 Pandemic(2)

Hello, everyone. Nice to see you again. In our last episode, we discussed what happened
in December last year with the coronavirus, or CCP Virus, epidemic in China. We mentioned how, in the last few days in
December, 3 different labs in China have all identified a SARS like new virus, and reported
this to both the hospitals and authorities. One researcher warned that a “grave public
health problem” was looming. Today let’s continue to discuss what happened
in January this year. On Jan. 1, 2020, when people were celebrating
a new decade, many unusual things happened in Wuhan. First, the South China Seafood market, which
was claimed to be the origin of the Covid 19, or CCP Virus outbreak, was closed and
cleaned up, without swabbing individual animals or their cages, without drawing blood from
everyone working there or otherwise checking who might have been infected. Guan Yi, a top Hong Kong virologist whose
research on SARS had helped the Chinese government avert the 2004 outbreak, later criticized
this move. He traveled to Wuhan with his team on Jan.
21 and 22, in hopes of tracking the animal that was the source of the virus, but left
without being able to do anything. He said to a reporter later: “There’s
no crime scene.” He also warned that the Wuhan coronavirus
epidemic could be 10 times as bad as the SARS outbreak. On the same day, the Wuhan Public Security
Bureau issued summons to Dr. Li Wenliang, accusing him of “spreading rumors.” Two days later, at a police station, Dr. Li
signed a statement acknowledging his “misdemeanor” and promising not to commit further “unlawful
acts.” Seven other people were arrested on similar
charges and their fate is unknown. Also on that day, after several batches of
genome sequence results had been returned to hospitals and submitted to health authorities,
an employee of one genomics company received a phone call from an official at the Hubei
Provincial Health Commission, ordering the company to stop testing samples from Wuhan
related to the new disease and destroy all existing samples. According to a New York Times study of cellphone
data from China, 175,000 people left Wuhan that day. According to global travel data research firm
OAG, 21 countries have direct flights to Wuhan. In the first quarter of 2019 for comparison,
13,267 air passengers traveled from Wuhan to the United States, or about 4,422 per month. Also according to a study published on The
New England Journal of Medicine, 7 health care workers were infected between Jan 1-7
(See table 1), 8 were infected between Jan 12-22. The authors of this study are researchers
from the China CDC. This means Chinese experts and researchers
already knew at that stage that human-to-human transmission existed. Otherwise, health workers should not have
been infected. However, nobody warned the public. On Jan. 2, the Wuhan Institute of Virology
completely mapped the genome of the virus. However, the Chinese Communist Party, the
CCP, would not announce that breakthrough for another week. An opposite move on this day was, Wang Yanyi,
director of Wuhan Institute of Virology, issued a notice to researchers to pass on a telephone
message by China’s Nation Health Commission, forbidding anyone from disclosing epidemic
related information including tests, lab data, results, and conclusions to any media outlets,
including official meida, or to partner institutions including technical service companies. Researchers were also banned from releasing
information on social media platforms or to anyone who runs personal media platforms. Also, a very strange move on Jan. 2 was, while
virtually nobody had known anything about the nature of this “pneumonia of unclear
cause”, a military university in Wuhan, Naval University of Engineering issued a lockdown
notice and started to strictly control entry of any outsiders. Visitors needed a special permission to get
in, and must take a temperature at the school gate. Anyone whose temperature was higher than 38
degrees was prohibited from entering. Please note this was 18 days before the CCP
admitted that there was an epidemic, and 21 days before the lockdown of Wuhan. Why did a military university take such a
step at such an early stage? That is a question that needs to be asked. Also on this day, Dr. Ai Fen of Wuhan Central
Hospital, who gave out the information about “a contagious, SARS-like virus” in her
department group chat, was given a talk by her supervisor, and encountered “unprecedented,
very harsh” reprimand. Ai Fen said, after that talk, she felt a complete
mental breakdown, and would not talk to anyone who asked her questions. On Jan. 3, China’s National Health Commission
issued a national gag order, prohibiting any institutes from providing biological samples
and related information to any other institutes or individuals. All institutes and individuals who had already
gained samples should destroy them immediately, or hand them over the designated institutes. Even Wuhan Institute of Virology was once
asked to stop doing pathogeny tests, and to destroy samples already gained. Also on this day, local police called in Dr.
Li Wenliang and reprimanded him for “spreading rumor.” Also on this day, Wuhan Health Commission
issued a notification saying that 44 cases of pneumonia of unknown cause were found,
but there was no evidence that the disease was human to human. On the same day, Singapore announced that
it would start taking the temperature of passengers coming from Wuhan. Also on Jan. 3, Professor Zhang Yongzhen of
Fudan University in Shanghai received biological samples packed in dry ice in metal boxes and
shipped by rail from Wuhan Central Hospital. On Jan. 4, the first expert group of China’s
National Health and Medical Commission publicly stated that “at present, no obvious evidence
of human-to-human transmission was found.” Also on this day, Hong Kong activated its
“serious response” level to the outbreak. While the CCP authorities continued to insist
that the virus could not spread from one person to another, the head of the University of
Hong Kong’s Centre for Infection, Ho Pak-leung, warned that “the city should implement the
strictest possible monitoring system for a mystery new viral pneumonia that has infected
dozens of people on the mainland, as it is highly possible that the illness is spreading
from human to human.” On Jan.5, Professor Zhang Yongzhen of the
Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center also identified the new, SARS-like coronavirus
through using high-throughput sequencing, and provided the genomic sequence of the virus
to Shanghai Municipal Health Commission as well as China’s National Health Commission,
warning the new virus was like SARS, and was being transmitted through the respiratory
route. This sparked a secondary emergency response
within the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the following day. Also on this day, WHO issued a statement saying
that “On 31 December 2019, the WHO China Country Office was informed of cases of pneumonia
of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan City.” Also on that day, Wuhan Municipal Health Commission
stopped releasing daily updates on new cases of the disease. On Jan. 6, according to Dr Lv Xiaohong of
No. 5 Hospital in Wuhan, patients started to flock to their hospital. On Jan. 10, both the emergency and respiration
departments were overwhelmed, and couldn’t take any more patients. After Jan. 10, new patients had to be sent
to other departments. Medical workers didn’t put on protective
clothes, and patients were allowed to go to different departments freely. Dr Lv said all these had accelerated the spread
of the virus. Also on Jan 6., the US CDC issued a level
1 travel watch — the lowest of its three levels — for China’s outbreak. It said the cause and the transmission mode
weren’t yet known, and it advised travelers to Wuhan to avoid living or dead animals,
animal markets, and contact with sick people. The CDC also offered to send a team to China
to assist with the investigation, but the CCP declined. A WHO team that included two Americans would
visit later, on February 16. On Jan 7, Dr. Li Wenliang, who was the whistleblower
of the disease, contracted the virus himself. Jan. 7 was also the date on which CCP’s
head Xi Jinping later claimed that he started to oversee the disease control effort of China. In the meantime, people of Hong Kong rushed
to buy masks as cases in Hong Kong had increased to 30. On Jan. 8, China’s Health Commission confirmed
that a new strain of coronavirus was the cause of the disease, while a number of medical
workers at Union Hospital in Wuhan had already been infected one by one. However, the authorities claimed and Western
media continued to repeat, “There is no evidence that the new virus is readily spread
by humans, which would make it particularly dangerous, and it has not been tied to any
deaths.” The official statement from the World Health
Organization declared, “Preliminary identification of a novel virus in a short period of time
is a notable achievement and demonstrates China’s increased capacity to manage new
outbreaks . . . WHO does not recommend any specific measures for travelers. WHO advises against the application of any
travel or trade restrictions on China based on the information currently available.” Also on that day, the first suspected case
appeared in South Korea. On Jan. 9, Xu Jianguo, a lead expert in the
response team, told Chinese state media that researchers mapped the full virus sequence
two days earlier, and believed it was a new virus. WHO also released a statement about the situation
in Wuhan, suggesting a new coronavirus was at work. On the same day, Wang Yuedan, a professor
at Beijing University, said to a radio station in Hong Kong that according to what happened
with the SARS outbreak in 2003, it was highly possible that this novel coronavirus would
spread from human to human. Also on that day, Dr. Ai Fen started to require
giving out masks to patients and asking them to wear it after seeing one patient coughing
towards everyone, despite everyone else saying this was not contiguous. On Jan 10, the second expert group sent to
Wuhan told the media that according to the situation of patients’ illness and spread,
the overall epidemic is “preventable and controllable.” In an interview with Chinese media Caijing
published on Feb. 26, one expert in the team revealed that the hospitals and local authorities
hid to the experts the fact that some medical staff members were already infected. When experts asked whether there were medical
staff infections, local authorities said no. The expert said to the Caijing reporter, “They
didn’t tell us the truth. From the real situation now, they were lying.” Also on that day, the New York Times quoted
the Wuhan City Health Commission’s declaration that “there is no evidence the virus can
spread among humans.” In the meantime, Chinese doctors continued
to find transmission among family members, contradicting the official statements from
the city health commission. Also on that day, the massive Chinese New
Year migration started. In China, every year hundreds of millions
travel from the cities where they work back to their hometowns to spend the Chinese New
Year with family, and it is called “the largest annual human migration in the world”. During this “largest annual human migration
in the world”, no disease prevention or control measures were adopted whatsoever at
any place, including at Hankou Railway Station in Wuhan, which is less than 1 mile from the
epicenter, as well as major stations in other big cities. Crowds traveled in closed space on top of
one another, spreading the virus to all directions. On Jan. 11, Chinese health authorities shared
the genome sequence with the WHO. And in Wuhan, despair rose when the Wuhan
Municipal Health Commission officially announced the death of a 61-year-old man from this new
virus. He was the first victim of something that
didn’t even have a name. And the CCP continued to keep its silence. Also on Jan 11, the 7-day two important CCP
conferences commenced in Wuhan. These two conferences are called “Lianghui”
in Chinese, referring to conferences of the People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s
Political Consultative Conference. They are regarded as the most important annual
political conferences in China. In those two conferences, the coronavirus
was not mentioned at all. On the day when the most important conferences
were held, Wuhan health officials reported a drop in the number of infections, from 44
on Jan 3 to 41. The Wuhan City Health Commission issued an
update declaring, “No new cases have been detected since January 3, 2020. At present, no medical staff infections have
been found, and no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission has been found.” During the 7 days of the conferences, no new
cases were reported. As a matter of fact, after the two important
political conferences ended, on Jan 17, Wuhan’s reported case number remained at 41. It has never increased since Jan. 3. In the meantimes, nearby countries and regions
including Hong Kong, Vitem, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, etc, have all found cases. Many Chinese netizens at that time joked about
this virus only staying in Hubei without going to any other provinces in China and only infecting
foreign countries. So it should be called “Patriotic Virus.” At that stage, a study by an expert in the
UK says global cases should have surpassed 1700. So it was very obvious that to maintain a
“good atmosphere” for the two political conferences, the CCP deliberately suppressed
the numbers. Also on that day, Professor Zhang Yongzhen’s
research team shared the viral genome sequence information on website and GenBank,
and became the first team in the world to publish the viral sequence. The release of the data helped researchers
develop test kits for the virus, and was of great importance. However, on Jan. 12, on the next day, Zhang
Yongzhen’s laboratory at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center was ordered to close
for “rectification” . No reason was given as to why the laboratory
was closed. A source at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical
Centre said to South China Morning Post that “The closure has greatly affected the scientists
and their research when they should be racing against the clock to find the means to help
put the novel coronavirus outbreak under control.” At this stage, we can say the same mistake
and tragedy happened once again, like what had happened in the end of December: Scientific
results were suppressed time and again, out of either the ignorance, the arrogance of
power, or perhaps more sinister motivations of the CCP; and the result is what we are
facing today: An unprecedented global calamity. I think no one can fathom the significance
of this calamity yet. OK, let’s take a break here, and continue
to discuss what would happen next. Thank you for watching. True information does save lives. So please subscribe to my channel and share
it. Thank you. See you next time!

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