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yesterday’s show last night show it was late at night
it lasted well I mean it was almost the next day in LA by the time it ended so
it wasn’t that long ago check it out it’s linked to below very high energy
for me even though it was the middle of the night here in El Paso really fun III
was one of the I had a lot of fun doing it I have fun doing every show but it
was most fun I’ve had on air it some time and people were getting a kick out
of it and a lot of crypto dividend talk we’re talking about MWC hey I’m gonna I
want to talk more about crypto dividend something that I left out yesterday
because this whole crypto dividend ecosystem I mean it’s very interesting
it’s a corner of the Bitcoin ecosystem that not many people know about it
you’ve got insider information though if you’re here and something that I wanted
to bring up yesterday and just to expose a nook and cranny should we say out
there is that when we again crypto dividends you get air drops you get
Forks just by holding Bitcoin and there’s some people out there they value
their wealth in Bitcoin so much they find out that they’re going to get an
airdrop okay they’re gonna get a free airdrop they control their private key
they have they go to people and I mentioned this before it they’re cut for
extractors I think they’re people that sell alright that sell people’s crypto
dividends before they even exist so the owner of the Bitcoin will say okay I
know I’m gonna get this MWC crypt of dividend I just want put one Bitcoin for
whatever amount I’m gonna get sell it so the guy goes out there and he sells the
rights of it that’s a risky thing I’m not saying to buy it or anything like
that but for MWC they were selling the rights to people’s MWC for like point
one Bitcoin and people ended up making true Bitcoin off of that MWC that they
bought now again yeah giving up your precious Bitcoin for a Agera that that
someone’s going to give you MWC in the future that’s risky that that is risky
but it is an interesting corner that I wanted to expose and I have mentioned it
before and I meant to mention it yesterday and it just there’s a place
for everyone in this space okay these are totally financial dudes doing
totally financial things not based on any technical aspects of these coins or
they’re just interested they’re interested in getting interest on their
Bitcoin as soon as possible so it people do it I can’t stop people from doing it
but I did I did want to talk about that and and remember these are third parties
are arranging this to the people who actually are getting the crypto dividend
eventually that are selling it before they get it they’re not arranging this
stuff they rely on third parties to arrange the stuff so I mean there’s
there’s all sorts of opportunities in here and I was yesterday I was saying
like you don’t need third parties here and you don’t need third parties you are
your own portfolio manager but but and this is a big but if you’re a person who
wants a job in this space you can come up with a lot of third party ideas like
the ones I just mentioned and people just buy it right up so like I said
yesterday there is a lot of entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial
opportunities here and just because you don’t need a portfolio manager doesn’t
mean that someone isn’t gonna try to beat your portfolio manager you are your
best portfolio manager out there as I said yesterday pound that like button
one other thing that I wanted to say about yesterday’s show and I mentioned
there was a dude that said he sold his MW secretive dividend for 79 cents now
it’s it’s going for uh $13 or whatever it is right now still still amazingly
people someone out there is playing ridiculous prices for it you should have
any regrets that’s one of the sayings here on this
channel no regrets so what you’ve got free Bitcoin from it did you get as much
free Bitcoin as you would have gotten today no you wouldn’t you didn’t but
there’s no regrets you move on you stay in motion if you get fixated on what
could have been didn’t you just that’s a that’s a doom hole you’re not gonna be
productive you’re not gonna be ready you learn your lesson you make another
strategy for the next crypto dividend okay
and maybe that strategy the point is that they’ll not be as
productive as it could be no one who gets it at the top who sells it at the
top only a very few people do free is free
you got interest on your Bitcoin you’ve got 1% interest instead of 6% interest
okay it’s still a crypto dividend and you still should be happy you
participate in it you’re way better off than the dude that’s got his coins at
coin days or they do that’s got his coin exchange that’s about to be hacked way
better off so put it in perspective no regrets here you stay in motion with no
risk you know how he regrets about anything you have in life that’s one of
the things I talk about all the beyond Bitcoin show which is on Saturdays which
we talk and we’ll get into a little bit of beyond Bitcoin stuff here in a second
there are questions real quick Roman I’m not ignoring you but you asked question
about something I’m going to talk about fan TV said hey bitcoinmeister are you
coming to the LA area yes you clearly missed yesterday’s show um and many
other shows recently I will be in Los Angeles starting on February 12th until
April the 6th I will speak be speaking in Long Beach
most likely on February 20th which is very soon and Gaston is arranging that
if you if you’re gonna be in Long Beach but you’re going north afterwards and
you give me a ride back to LA that would be cool
but I think gaston’s already you know we’re working on all the logistics it’s
it’s a pain to get from you know Santa Monica Boulevard and labrie uh – all the
way to Long Beach it is a paint when you have no car and I
have no car but there I do have friends that that are involved in this
production down there that are arranging things may hey maybe you want a free
Bitcoin Meister consultation in your car give me a ride back up there dudes all
right but yes sir I will definitely be in LA and then yeah I’ll be in Las Vegas
just for a day in between all this stuff on for unn confiscated will link to
below on the 22nd of February so there’s speak yeah I’m not speaking there I’m
gonna be hanging or who knows maybe they’ll put me on stage I don’t know
what they’re gonna do with me I’ll be there
thanks to tone thank you tone all right and in Vegas so we there was uh someone
got rid of their question I saw there was a question then someone got rid of
it won’t get to Roman Q in a second though with your question Sports Meister
dot-com all my podcast follow me on Twitter attack bought eech BLT BLT been
tweeting a lot out there today straw hanim 2024 so here here’s the question
from Roma cubes we’re talking about Iowa real quick and I’ll be speaking to a
group of Iowans on the 27th from Los Angeles though blockchain does not fix
Iowa but when you have Bitcoin Iowa is irrelevant well Roman too funny you say
that because the tweet that I share below from bit Stein says the Iowa
caucus should have used a blockchain and by that I mean instead of voting just go
buy Bitcoin oh dude that is a great way of combining it because people have been
saying although blockchain would have solved this know why even put your whole
life and look how many people are going crazy now oh this one ripped me off that
won’t rip you off why can’t they count yeah there are a lot of irrational
humans out there that cannot count and that’s what you’re dealing with
elections and even if it was all over the blockchain
there could be corruption just like this people in America you might not know
this but a primary it’s like it’s a private institution the democratic party
the republican party their private institutions they can decide their
representative any way they want to it’s not the general election where they’re
like you know one vote equals one person and then you win the state you get the
electoral college they can decide their nominee any way they want you so people
are like all other hiding results that are stealing results are changing well
that’s I mean that’s the way the Democratic Party does things that’s the
way they do things don’t be a member of a Democratic Party do one show Bernie
Sanders is not a real Democrat he’s independent who’s using the Democratic
Party but I guess the last left is but she’s getting smacked around today
and they’re apparently taking votes away from him
but he’s not a real Democrat why would they want him to vote why would they
want him to represent them some people that’s not fair it is fair it’s a
democrat party is a private party they can do whatever they want to do if they
don’t like him because he’s a communist and they think they’re gonna lose it
then they can just change the rules they can they can hide things in Iowa it can
change how the caucus does whatever is going on there at first a lot of it was
just error it’s just they don’t have smart people this is not a field where
smart people flock to elections and in politics it’s not it’s it’s not part of
the golden age you want to be where people understand numbers that’s here in
Bitcoin but even if you had it on the blockchain they would find ours they
people would find ways to mess up when when there’s human it’s not pure math
like Bitcoin is okay when you’re when you’re getting interaction voting on a
blockchain it’s this mistakes can be made
it’s a private blockchain it’s silly the people would say that this couldn’t
solve there is nothing to solve it’s a private organization they can do
anything they want to do it’s very centralized it can change things has
nothing to do but so that’s why I love his take on it a bit steams
Michael whatever his name is bit Stein good all right because you instead of
wasting two minutes like I just did on politics you should have just bought
Bitcoin pound that is in the long run who people are gonna remember who won
this Iowa caucus it won’t make a darn difference in your life who won this
Iowa caucus buying a Bitcoin instead of paying attention yeah that’ll make a big
difference in your life and your future family’s life it’s amazing but hey
people most people are irrational they are dependent on others and they think
irrationally Oh whoever wins this is my whole life is gonna change no it’s not
you control your own destiny not Pete Buddha change and whoever now okay we
talked about the long beach oh yeah I almost skipped this
coronavirus again the whole but this is from Alistair Melanie I think this is
pretty funny the whole Bitcoin is a safe haven that’s why it’s going up during
the corona virus stare narrative is wrong in my opinion
more likely people who can’t get out of their houses you know they’re they’re
quarantined in China to gamble are playing with s coins and Bitcoin is
their gateway so I like that’s the best China theory in a while everyone likes
to make China seem so mysterious and they have so much influence on the
Bitcoin in all coin prices and everything well maybe a bunch of them
are just stuck in their houses and these are guys who usually just go out to
gamble and do impulsive things all day so they figured out a way to uh to
gamble when their quarantine by getting Bitcoin to buy all coins to flip and
play games with so I thought that was a whole nice combo of Bitcoin and
coronaviruses really most likely there were speculators once when people were
scared about the coronavirus that were just buying into the fear there’s all
sorts of people who tried out the market based on news stories you know by the
news or south news etcetera and that’s that the big boys play here but are
there really a bunch of Chinese they’re like oh no my world’s about to end I
better go buy a Bitcoin no it’s more so in in the free market you can buy
Bitcoin for any reason or sell Bitcoin based on news stories to try to freak
people out so you get more Bitcoin that’s why you don’t play these games
you don’t play the trading game you just hold it and you get your crypto
dividends real quick about coronavirus here so
many of people in the Bitcoin space because I checked there I checked there
are Twitter feeds every day great people they’re really obsessed with this
coronavirus thing think it’s a conspiracy think it was a chemical
warfare whatever they want to call it biological warfare excuse me how about
this like and I’m not talking more about this on Saturday showing you a little
bits come out about how it’s probably not as easy to transmit through sneezing
then people keep on saying it is that most likely the easiest way
you transfer this disease is through fecal matter and so a lot of us here in
the first world we all of us basically are used to facilities that are very we
have toilets and we wash our hands and there’s running water and there’s toilet
paper okay so we don’t touch fecal matter and in the United States of
America no one worries about getting hepatitis A because you know hepatitis A
I mean this is trick it’s do fecal matter so when you go to certain
countries you get a hepa days a shot because some people preparing your food
do not um when they clint cleanse themselves they’re using their bare hand
and you could get to hepatitis so this disease is probably transferred in a
similar way mostly i mean I’m not saying you you
can’t get it from some diets sneezing on your licking your eyes or whatever but
don’t do that but it might be mostly a fecal matter
transfer just like hepatitis A and thus all of us in the United States who wash
our hands are pretty much immune to it and that’s why the numbers aren’t
increasing in Isis but in China in China which is mostly third-world still there
are you know sometimes you go defecate and you use your left hand to cleanse
yourself and you don’t wash your hand and then you shake you touch someone and
it’s just disgusting it’s absolutely disgusting and even in some Western
countries there are people in those Western countries that don’t cleanse
themselves correctly and that’s why it’s freighting in this but it’s not you
notice everyone that the numbers numbers rise in the the cleanliness it just
doesn’t seem to be there for some reason but in the dirty third-world countries
where they again would fecal matter is present on people’s hands a lot and on
their shoes because they they go to a squat toilet have you ever seen a squat
toilet I saw one once it was gross above but this is so hey conspiracy people
there’s there’s some logic there don’t get into those doom holes pound that
like button and remember wash your hands wash your hands it’s just after you use toilet paper
please if you have the option of using toilet paper you all right now oh my god
so PSV had a had an upgrade upgrade would ever be a fork and according to
fork monitor not info some people are still running to your old chain they PSV
had a press release said it’s just some people made a mistake okay maybe they
did let’s see if the old chain continues amaura i linked to the fork monitor link
where you can actually see what’s going on and see if it continues okay we’ve
got i I wasn’t monitoring the chat here but I see we have uh people saying
things UK Bikram master high bitcoinmeister pounded thank you good to
see you I undo for people a London you’re actually awake for one of my
shows I’m glad I got to do one in the afternoon but definitely check out
yesterday’s show it was fun Roma chooses I’ve been liking and
retweeting your shows thank you for the new show every day you better believe it
you get a new show here every day and so people tech Balti thank you for
retweeting roaming Q and I do notice people I’ve been retweeting it and any
people if you mention me in your tweets I retweet you when you bet you might
when you link to my stuff and retweet my sub mention I retweets it and then
you’re getting you get exposed the 12,000 new people I’ve got apparently
twelve thousand followers on Twitter pound it alright one two three no scoops
and pick one moister walk around the streets of em I see right now thinking
of a Bitcoin 2032 yeah one trillion US dollar value flows in and out of New
York City every day do you think one trillion of Bitcoin will flow in and out
of my sea in 2032 whoa man I want my ice when I talk about a trillion
I’ve got shorter I can’t look that far into the future of when a trillion
dollars was a Bitcoin would fly in out of NYC every day Maya my goals are a
little bit more modest for Bitcoin but there’s still big goals just
get it we’re one day closer than that one trillion dollar market cap for
Bitcoin that cappy arrow line when all those tappy arrow minded financial guys
will be like oh now it’s time to get in here it’s serious because it’s a
petroleum dollar level and that that would be very good for all of us holders
we’re just one day closer when will it happen uh who knows I take it one having
at a time dudes one having a time so after 2020 for having who knows one
trillion I don’t know I don’t know when it will happen but we’re one day closer
to the all-time high we’re one day closer to that one trillion dollar
market cap to which is much more than the previous all-time high that we had
UK beaker master says great to have you here they call Meister I watch every
video you’ve done since the 23rd of May of 2017 wow you’ve got a Cal Ripken like
streak there and and some from before I got in the Bitcoin – thank you very much
and guys check out UK Bitcoin master I retweet him and ivory steam him when he
does his shows and you should go to my steam it account at bitcoinmeister and
you will see his some of his recent shows click on it his steam and account
and they don’t see all of his shows cuz he puts his stuff on Steam it also he
obviously he films on YouTube and it’s great he’s uh he’s he is Bitcoin for
beginners for you dues they got those beginner questions he’s got those
answers pounded when he does live shows – in the middle of the day – not at the
middle of the night like me so that they’re much more convenient for those
of you who must for some reason be in live chats and those are do not a live
chat right now play this a 2 X baby be efficient with your time ok we talking
about and by the way with the BSB Fork it’s a matter I’m looking forward to
that day when those Satoshi coins at bsv when they get uh when they get assigned
to someone I think that’s gonna happen that the the Jim Jones over there is
going to convince his cult followers to to give him these Satoshi coins which
you know what that’s great for them I have no problem with it it’s there if it
you can do whatever you want to do with their up with your all coin we shall see
what that does to the price it’ll be a great experiment so ever
you hope that happens and yeah he and then he will have won by the way he will
have become a very wealthy person for know just by convincing people that he’s
someone that he isn’t but hey that I mean that this were the big boys playing
there are so many Liars in this space it is unbelievable but that’s part of the
space that’s part of the free market there’s no one’s saying oh no you can’t
lie here you can’t then you could call them out and say you’re a liar that’s
great it’s great to expose people but nobody can’t get in trouble for it
there’s no there’s no Authority there’s no central authority in Bitcoin to say
no dude you’re a liar you can no longer participate here no it just doesn’t
exist and so that’s why there can be so many liars and so many liars will flock
here but that that’s just another reminder that everyone don’t believe
everyone out there just you know be spectacle spectacle there’s so many
people that you know there’s someone that gives themselves a position of
authority and then they just blindly just lick it all up and accept this
truth that be careful with that you end up you end up buying an altcoin that you
should have gotten for free you go coin that usually got for free all right JJ
max says bitcoinmeister uh all right you said BSP Genesis began today I mean
that’s what I just said another another non-event price down yeah again yeah
it’s I mean people they didn’t they didn’t hype it up as they couldn’t I’m
not with all coins with all coins with centralized always like that
events like this sometimes do pump up so you can say it was another non-event it
was basically a non-event hey you know the funny thing is if he
actually would have done something corrupt with it like what I just said uh
well Briella its lucky let’s not use the word krub if he would ever if they would
insert a code in there that said oh the Satoshi coins are going to be given to
this one address on some day in May it probably would temporarily pump but it
would be a huge news story and all the dudes over there would get on that
narrative like always were you see he’s really Satoshi because he’s getting
satoshis PSP coins even though it would be you know all
programmed in by men not not by you know not that he had a private
originally it would just be all reconfigured and stuff that would be a
story and thus it would pump even though it would be a logically because again
this most people are illogical most of the time all right
or irrational most of that whatever you want to say it much more rational but
both of its similar it would pump on the fact that a million coins that never
would have moved would also moves and are going to be dumped that that would
actually make more of those true believers believe in it but in the long
run we would see what would that would do to the epsp price it would be very
interesting all right frack Cassidy D in San Francisco I will see I will be up in
San Francisco obviously the big event there was it on dit the last Friday and
Saturday in March which I guess that’s why some of them 28 he says he fight he
said I ran a who’s Simon Dixon last night in San Francisco all the people
are on either side we fix it if people who know who Frank is they could sail
what kind of clothes Santa was Simon Dixon that but anyway I read something
takes the last night in San Francisco institutional onboarding happening great
presentation lots lots of smart folks thoughts on MWC
dividend Frank yesterday’s was all about the MV nibble humble coin crypt of
dividend how it is insane that is is that there’s probably just one or two
huge instant tech not big in crypto fund managers that have just blindly buying
it because they need to bake they need to convince their the people and their
fun that they’re actually doing something and beating Bitcoin it’s it’s
insane to buy it but if you still have it oh my door it’s if people are doing
great by selling it right now so I I went into it a lot yesterday people
check out yesterday’s show to get that full MWC thing but I don’t know where
you ran into sign in there I just joking if it was at the bar or
whatever it probably was not but it would be great if Simon deed
I would have no problem and I don’t think Simon would have a problem either
with having a Bitcoin presentation at a bar and in the Castro let’s say if
people are catching my drift there so that the guys that don’t live there that
don’t have any kids that don’t have any wives they have a lot of a lot of extra
money because they they manage their money correctly they don’t they don’t
wasted on wives and kids and stuff it’s those type of guys in the Castro they
need to know about Bitcoin they’ve got that’s a good investment
right there that is a great investment and they they’ve got that extra to this
disposable income because they don’t they don’t like the little value their
life and ladies in women at all they should be valuing their wealth and
bitcoin know what else they what else they do with their private time that’s
that personal business okay all right so I don’t know if Simon was uh presenting
anything in the Castro maybe it was in the would set up that the neighborhood
uh that everybody says is bad but he’s like far better it’s like the worst
neighborhood in the Tenderloin the worst neighbor supposedly the worst
neighborhood in San Francisco which is like better than any neighborhood in
Baltimore now with all the defecating on the street that’s going on now and I
have not seen that yet but I guess I’m gonna see that when I’m up there in
March maybe the Tenderloin is not better than
every neighborhood in Baltimore now I don’t know maybe it may be a swish there
are some there’s some ok neighborhoods like homeland in Baltimore’s it’s like
rich neighborhood with huge houses in it and but sometimes their break-ins there
and the taxes are horrible there so that it doesn’t make it very good okay I went
off on a neighborhood people that want to hear about neighborhoods in San
Francisco in Baltimore Bob sorry okay sorry
so it’s something Frank to to sell all his MWC today you know what I mean that
if he still has MWC left to get to have a big smile on his face no regrets
people no regrets all right free is free free is free and I’m glad people found
that about that crypt of dividend here and okay so check out yesterday’s show about
that that now talking about validating your wealth and Bitcoin I know let’s
quickly talk about glads article in Bitcoin magazine he’s talking about the
we’ve heard about the black stream satellite before and I’ve actually had
people talk about it on the show before but it’s it’s an interesting article and
I want to read a couple quotes from it the the block stray satellite network
let’s bitcoiners send messages and transactions in to and back from space
by pace by passing censorship and technical limits now the message part is
very interested interesting because it’s not just about Bitcoin with the
satellite contrary to popular misconception block stream did not
launch its own satellites to enable transaction broadcasting in space and
thereby extend bitcoin censorship resistance rather as confirmed by block
stream engineer rules the company leases existing satellite bandwidth from third
parties for the block stream satellite networks okay they don’t actually have a
physical satellite they lease this is the golden age we live in it you can
lease bandwidth from satellites wow that’s awesome
now bitcoin safety-first er is known for broadcasting news headlines through the
blocks free satellite network that people living under strict regimes can
intersect so i’d like that aspect this is not about just about bitcoin there
are dudes that are using the satellite to get information out there to people
that can pick up the the broadcast now it is dangerous if you live in one of
these regimes two broadcasts into the satellite but picking up broadcast from
it is safe check out the aqua relatively say check
out check out the article if you want to hear more about that kind of stuff and
cunningham said several years ago i said i sold ten bitcoin to my pork coin all i
lord that is classic bill still 2013 stuff it has probably 2013 pork coin
people that’s a that’s an all a flavor of the month from an awfully flavor of
the muffins 13 you’re a vet dude I would never have
done that if I already had the chance to listen the bitcoinmeister since I
discovered your show I never touched them again
yes you don’t get dead you learned from listen to me that there are these
altcoin flavours of the month and that one was all corn flavor the month before
I even came out with that term okay and Bill still a guy from traditional
finance from doom land was talking about it so people are like wow it must be
good if this classic humor is into it it wasn’t and Bill still eventually said oh
he got ripped off by it I had bill still on this show bill still
likes Bitcoin I haven’t listened him for a while he really got down the political
rabbit hole way too much like I can’t i-i’ve al you my time too much to hear
about Trump all day but still I give bill still credit from going from a gold
dude to any silly scold I think on a certain level well he likes Bitcoin at
last time I checked I don’t to put words into his mouth check out my archives at
disrupt meister calm he was in my show in early 2017 actually when he was
getting back in the Bitcoin and when another altcoin was about to rip him off
actually yeah he no one’s perfect no one’s perfect with the flavors the multi
gotta have a strong hand not even bill stills hand is that strong if you’ve got
a strong hand and you don’t buy those altcoins your hand is stronger than
frickin bills still and a lot of people like him all right
so I’m just giving you some inspiration there pound that like button Brian UK
bitcoins have said I claimed all my Forks and air drops because I watch your
show kudos I am glad because we all understand that one big point equals one
Bitcoin but because you don’t want to value or wealth in dollars you don’t
worry about how much it’s worth right now it dollars but if you take it to the
next level if you hold your Bitcoin on your treads or if you picture your one
big point equals one Bitcoin post plus all this crypto dividends and I talked
about that yesterday also alright so I’m not really a fan I like decimals okay I
like math I like decimals so yeah people send me point o to Bitcoin I’m
uncomfortable with point o to Bitcoin I’m uncomfortable with the value of you
when the nimble I can talk about the MWC crypto dividend and say hey it’s 0.001
Bitcoin now okay I it’s point it’s 0.1% of a Bitcoin a lot of people are not
dead they cannot think that way there’s a lot of people over time that have said
we should list all prices and Satoshi’s and they’ve given different options
where they think it’s gonna get people more comfortable with Bitcoin and it’s
to get them to buy bitcoins to this some people are just like I don’t wanna buy
0.03 of something I would rather buy three of something or and you know
there’s just this I’m not a big I don’t worry about that
very much but they do have a point that there are some people out there some
newbie so no pointers who might be convinced to buy Bitcoin if it’s they’ve
got this unit bias things in their head all right
and so some of them are just gonna buy a ripple instead because you could buy a
100 ripple and instead of point of three Bitcoin sounds like so many more so if
you make Bitcoin appear to be many unit you’re buying many units of something
Bitcoin then some people feel more comfortable I’m more happy that you know
I I didn’t get 0.001 of a Bitcoin I got a hundred between dollars so here’s the
concept it’s I think it’s maybe better than the Satoshi concept maybe this is
up to you you guys can check out the cheat the tweet and decide for yourself
100 subsists is coming from what was that a wolf was that a wolf and on
Twitter a hundred Satoshi’s equal one bitcoin dollar no pointers understand
money as having as having two decimal places and the dollar is currently the
standard unit for many different currencies ie the United States thought
a Canadian dollar at the Australian dollar good point there and then the guy
who retweeted this JA 709 said I did he shower think on this
and I quite like it it seems this would probably be the most readily digestible
adoptable and adoptable by the not-yet coiner pop populace
if the if I if I’m at correctly if I do the math correctly a hundred million
Satoshi’s would be it would be a one Bitcoin and of course would be 1 million
Bitcoin dollars thoughts so ok a hundred Satoshi’s equal one Bitcoin dollar do we
is that is that how we sell uh something that’s uh that’s that 600 Satoshi so
it’s across six Bitcoin dodge would that make people happier I don’t know with
that you play around with it a little bit that guy playing around with it a
little bit in the shower oh that sounds good doesn’t it tell that
like button and finally Cunningham has a comedy says although bitcoinmeister
totally convinced me that all Bitcoin Forks are worthless I never dared to
expose my Bitcoin by actively claiming Forks maybe I was silly I why I
convinced you that Forks were worthless well Forks that they’re not worth you
don’t buy Forks you don’t but they go they’ve got value crypto dividends got
plenty of value man they got plenty of value and the way you got that be cashed
one if you hadn’t won a treasure you really weren’t there was up to expose
and the same thing with the airdrop stirs there’s nothing you appreciate you
being very careful there’s something to be said about the people who are so
careful with their Bitcoin they don’t need any crypto dividends they control
their private key they just they don’t want to touch it at all I think they’re
missing out I think of being uber ultra conservative but these you don’t buy
these things that that that’s one thing to remember but just because you never
buy something you get for free doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value that stuff
has value people give it value you watch yesterday’s show there are some insane
people pumping up its value right now but no you don’t you don’t buy something
that you get for free I don’t get that logic at all I don’t
get that at all all right dudes and again most people
are not logical out there they’re not they’re not rational that that’s a
that’s the thing they’re gonna buy they’re gonna add value irrationality
can produce value temporary value so if somebody is being irrational creating
some temporary value to something that you got for free
temporary doesn’t last forever that’s that’s what it beats so you better get
the value while it’s still there because some of them do go to zero I mean
clearly I mean there were some out of China that totally went to zero I mean
that we’ve never even heard of you know super Bitcoin all these ones from the
top twenty seventeen puts a smile on my face when the crypto dividends were just
new and you could create a crypt of dividend be 2% on the day you created oh
it was such a wild time hey dudes we’re gonna have madness again in the space
all pointers are gonna do what they’re gonna do let them do what they’re gonna
do I have no problem with people creating new off coins give it give it
to free give it then – for free – big coin holders that’s great okay first she
says do I have to own a treasure where to get them or other hard wallet holder
it depends on the airdrop okay it depends on the airdrop each airdrop is
specific instructions on to how to claim their Bitcoin to claim the Crypt of
dividend excuse me and in terms of Forks that is that is a little bit more
complex because well we shall see if I predicted that eventually there will be
storage devices that make it easy to get every fork and I hope I hope that does
happen and I know a lot of people do not like and the ballet wallet and that the
ballet ball should not be here made well it should be it really is just a
beginner’s thing to move on to bigger and better things but if you go to that
show when mr. Lee Bobby Lee he was on my show he said that it’s uh it makes
claiming a certain crypt of dividends uh pretty darn easy the the
and there were a lot of people that were complaining I can’t get my B diamond by
the way I have a show in my own notes that shows you how to get your B diamond
on this still to this day not that I’ve and how to get it and how to sell it now
there is some risk involved well if if you have an old private key laying
around it’s it’s linked to in my archives
check out my archives search be die on them maybe I’ll have I’ll fight into my
own and I’ll link to it below that how to get your be gold and be diamond
crypto dividend video I did I did in Los Angeles lice last year it must have been
in the summer of 2018 I don’t know a 20-19 was last year pan that like button
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister i want to go running now
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