The awesomeness of Roman coins

so hello people hey going today this is
Glenn Beck with another video and today i have some Roman coins in front of me
as you can see I have well various denominations if you’re not used to
Roman coins well this large one I have is a sister
dias these are Antonioni’s and these are just
called AE whatever diameter so these are about 20 millimeters so ie 20 and they
were issued throughout the Greek regions these ones are specifically Antioch
which is currently in Turkey next to the Syrian border and they’re pretty small
they don’t actually have a name and here I have a Roman Denarius this was issued
by septimus severus so what they did here Ain 198 to 200 it is about 1800
years old and I just like collecting Roman coins I
just think that they’re good so the Antonioni’s was issued roughly about
2:15 and last – about 3:05 when coinage systems rida nominated and a constant
team at first they were actually silver coins like this one is a high-grade
silver and you see that the crown is radiated so on top of his head years
like points coming up that’s called a radiated crown and if you have a look at
this Denarius it’s just a plain head there is no crown on it it does have a
wreath but this crown distinguishes these two coins even though the size is
different but it just indicates that this is actually double the value of the
Denarius and if you’ve ever seen a double sister deus or a DePandi’s they
also have radiated crowns because the differences are a double s in value or
harvested sister deus in the doubles the studies is or two studies so
as to the values of these so this is a double Daenerys this one is also a
double marriage but this one is a debased one this one is one-fourth of
the Daenerys so you need four sister Leah Seco one Denarius and you need
eight do pontius equal one Denarius in 16s equal one Daenerys now this one is
actually brass or probably this stage probably cover so but they made of brass
the de pon the yes is made of bronze but brass is worth about twice the value of
bronze and these ones a had a weight between 20 and 30 grams and the S and a
weight of or the Daenerys had a weight of four and a half grams silver roughly
declined to about mmm three grams of silver and these ones had a weight
between six and seven grams so in silver value though and he had like 1.5 times a
silver content of a Denarius in over time over the two hundreds if you’ve
ever read about Roman history they had the problems with the 200s when they
actually went through a lot of Roman emperors hell of a lot actually
and they also debased the silver because the economy when there’s a lot of
problems the economy doesn’t function properly so don’t need to get sore from
Sami one aren’t debase the currency and that’s partly why we have fiat
currencies New York they just won the table series silver out of it so this
coin is from Claudius coffee cos he reigned from 268 to 270 but the Antonia
and this last them to four or five as I said before Constantine the great Reform
the coinage and as you can see this has sorry this has Imperial Caesar Claudius Augustus so includes meantime
ruler Augustus means he was the Emperor and on this side we have Neptune Neptune
us so the Roman gods at sea he has a trident and in this hand yes sir eagle
she’ll be I mean it has the letter A no this is a studious as you can see this
looks like a female finger you got and it actually is Eddie’s who is it Julius Evita mamaia and she was actually the
mother of septum l alexander severus yep this yeah alexander severus who’s Roman
Emperor from a free 22 free photography let me have a look yeah free 20 no to 22
to 235 that’s a fruit we need to and if you get a deep on this of this coin it
actually has a crescent down the bottoms that I say distinguishing and this just
says Julia Miami Augusta so Augusta is a female version of Augustus and it just
has her in a portrait mode which is pretty much how people countries use
portraits now it’s basically based on Roman coins which are based on Greek
coins so coinage really hasn’t changed much in our 2000 2000 years so on this
side we have Venus hole with a septa and in this hand she has Cupid which is
smaller God and SC means it’s a issue by the roman senate and he has veneering
felici not to show ever ray Richards coin yet so I’ll have to
get back to you on what actually says so here I have two small coins from Antioch
so SC issued by the Senate that’s why this actually has Latins Roman script no
yeah lighten it’s in Latin and I’m not too sure who actually issued days they
look like there won’t be bus oh hell I got ballast he was a Roman Emperor
before sit and serious Severus Eric Santa Alexander’s Ferris go keep on
getting his name confused and these are pretty much the same this one might be
Caracalla it’s a caracal la Cabela’s like us all
also big Gita so I have to look them up so just an introduction to Roman coins I
quite like them I think that they are awesome
and I’d actually like to know what you think about these coins because well
it’s something you they’re very old so free regions like to collect itself Asia
ancient Roman and Greek and ancient Chinese coins because why not they’re
all awesome anyway like this a thank you very much for watching please give this
video a thumbs up if you liked it and how awesome coin collecting time people
okay bye bye

20 thoughts on “The awesomeness of Roman coins

  1. Nice presentation, Glen. I have a few Roman coins in my collection, but have never really examined them in depth. I may have to go and give them another look.

  2. For information [►there are new messages◄]:
    USA 1c 1955 Doubled Die Obverse:

  3. That silvered antoninianus just looks INCREDIBLE. What an absolute gem of a coin, congratulations.
    Im starting my late roman bronze coins collection soon. Any particular site or ebay seller you would recommend? I also like the idea of buying some uncleaned lots, but these can be a hit or miss so a good reference would be cool.

  4. When empires/countries stop using coins made of silver or gold the empires collapse, no matter what.

    The U.S is following the same steps as Ancient Rome, and WILL have the same result.

    (I know most of you watching this video already know, so my comment is for those who didn't know).

  5. I have around 180 authenthic greek and roman coins…the shops tell me they are worth nothing or sometimes they tell me they are not real..why is that? They Had patina all over it and came stuck together and was really heavy

  6. cool coins, check out the ITV comedy show called "plebs" its set in Rome and they always use this currency
    great show 🙂

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