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Hearthstone’s in-game economy system is
based on multiples of 10. Playing ranked mode will regularly provide
10 coins, your daily quests reward you with 50, 60, 80 or 100 coins, and the prices of
things to spend them on is 100 and 150. And yet, in Arena mode (and only in Arena
mode) there’s like a 95% chance that you’ll get a reward that is a multiple of 5. Why is that? Those 5 coins are seemingly useless, there’s
nothing in the game that costs multiple of 5. But these coins actually have a bunch of interesting
effects related to Arena and outside of it. 1. Your reward in Arena feels bigger. You don’t get 10 coins, you get 15. You don’t get 60, you get 65. More than that, this pays off in the next
Arena run when with the other additional 5 coins you’ll essentially get 10 extra coins
that you can finally spend. 2. When you have those 5 extra coins, – and
by the way, as the first Arena run is free you’re almost guaranteed to have them, – you’re
inclined to play just a bit more. Let’s say you have 95 coins. You’re so close to buying a pack you want,
might as well play a couple times in ranked to get extra coins. When you have 90 coins, even though nothing
has changed, you still have to play those couple games and you’ll get a pack, the
goal doesn’t feel as close and therefore you might be less motivated to get it. 3. It doesn’t feel like a manipulation attempt,
due to the localized use of the reward (just in Arena) and the fact that it actually doesn’t
hinder any progression, just helps a bit when you play Arena regularly. Of course, one can always look at this from
another angle. That instead of adding 5 coins, they’re
actually removing those. That you could’ve had 100 coins, but because
of Arena you have 95. And I think that’s also a valid viewpoint. There’s really no proper indication in the
way it’s designed to prove one way or another, it could work both ways. Still, the effects of something as little
as 5 coins remains a pretty fascinating topic.

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