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Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
August the 29th 2019 strong hand like
this shirt says baby beauty neat Beast
value wealth and bitcoin oh we’re gonna
talk about unique beast all this is
hilarious having hype uncomplicated will
one Bitcoin deals one Bitcoin
yeah I’m offended by selling but I’m
going to tell you about some long-term
capital gains information in a second in
motion five digit realm yeah best guest
in the space including tomorrow Ansel
Lindner is on tomorrow further this week
in Bitcoin show tune in around this same
time probably a little bit earlier yet
it starts a holiday week in the United
States I’m sure no one is already
working right now
you know Israel’s got a pretty big
advantage on the US this coming weekend
what we go back to work on Sunday
America won’t go back to work on Tuesday
yet people will still complain well this
is a conspiracy it over there in Israel
just work pound that like button okay
dudes and I will be back in the United
States on a September 26 by the way so
wow I’ve got a month here to go but
there’s a lot going on here and let’s
start talking about Andreas Antonopoulos
has a video out there and it’s at the 17
minute mark the very end I I was quite
inspired because he starts comparing
gold and Bitcoin and if the price of
gold went up enough they would produce
more gold
David below people would blow up
mountains to just get a little bit more
gold they’d go into space to mine an
asteroid to get gold if the prices if it
goes up enough they will find more gold
okay so people say there’s a limited
supply well if the price is right
they’ll get more
supply okay now with Bitcoin price goes
up you can go to an asteroid you can
blow up a mountain you’re not going to
get more Bitcoin you’re not going to be
able to produce more Bitcoin now this is
why there gonna be some people that are
going to come up with ideas or maybe
regional produce some more Bitcoin let’s
change something let’s steal from the
Satoshi wallet let’s do this that and
the other all these again Bitcoin is the
security truth machine ok it’s not
changing if you changed it it would no
longer be the security truth machine ok
but so everything stays as it is you
can’t get more Bitcoin you can’t go to
outer space to get it you can’t blow up
a mountain you can’t dig into the core
you’re not gonna find it everything else
oil gold you can find more of the price
goes up you’re gonna find you’re gonna
find more of it ok but that is the
unique the uniqueness of Bitcoin and I
think you’re gonna explain that to a
friend and I think you could show that
video to Andreas Antonopoulos he
specifically says let me quote him here
bitcoin is a unique economic beast pal
that like but oh yeah he said that
bitcoin is a unique economic beast you
watch the video 17 minute markets linked
to blue he uses the term economica a
unique beast also be a freaking unique
beast be bitcoin alright so I’m glad I
don’t know where he could have heard
unique beast before he probably came up
with it anyway alright so yeah it is
truly limited supply Bitcoin truly these
natural resources oh you can find more
you if the price is right you start
blowing off things now we move on to a
positive tweet first of all pound that
like button people because you got to be
happy to be a unique piece today baby
here is a happy tweet from St Hank when
I got into Bitcoin the only thing I was
sure of was that I was late to the game
ouch I was hunted it was hundreds of
dollars for one Bitcoin so expensive
clearly the ship had sailed it always
feels that way
first we’re still early and it’s still
cheap so there you go all you newbies
you are sure that you’re late to the
game right you’re not late to the game
look at that tweet everyone always
thinks they’re late to the game when
they gave the Bitcoin okay one day
you’ll be late to the game
you know once all these big financial
institutions are heavily invested in it
and and hey we’re not there yet we are
still early so everyday people are
getting into it they’re like oh I’m late
to the game Emily they’re feeling bad
you’re early dude that’s welcome to
being a newbie you always think you’re
late to the game
you’re not hey I mean I remember 2013 I
thought to myself oh man I could have
gotten a new you you laugh now I mean I
when I you hear that I got in 2013 you
think I’m an old gray-haired a long
beard rabbi been through this and I am I
had been through a lot that I haven’t at
og but there was a time when I was like
oh I’m such a newbie there’s so many
more people in this than me
little did I know that’s that’s what
being a rookie is about you learn you
learned over time pound that like button
people it’s still early so much to look
forward to and if you’re holding that
big coin you got have that strong hamp
be really happy that one you are one of
those unique beast that’s got the
long-term thinking and and it’s not
impulsive they can think and hang on to
this stuff all right now mixers oh you
guys are always asking me about mixers
errand on weirdo has a good article in
Bitcoin magazine about the mixers and we
can identify funds going into services
into mixers Curtis said a common
misconception is that we can trace the
path of funds through a service in order
in other words mixing works okay so
let’s get down to the business here they
can tell these these these tracking
services okay they keep track of every
one I don’t want to name their names
their references in Bitcoin magazine
they could tell if you send to a mixer
but they can’t tell you know what’s when
it’s coming out and make sure they don’t
know who it’s going to okay so if you
are a bad dude okay you stole the
Bitcoin you send it to the mixer well
you’re gay you’re getting away with it
at that
if if people didn’t really know who you
were beforehand
your your your they’re not gonna be able
to track the Bitcoin anymore the stolen
Bitcoin is gonna be cleansed okay you’re
getting away with it but it is
interesting article check that out don’t
FOMO on altcoins B I don’t know what it
is anyone FOMO all coins here at this
point Bitcoin is going back to 70%
dominance almost and again yeah that’s
it all the Fiat prices going down but in
terms hey bitcoins still beating them in
terms in terms of Bitcoin there they are
losing value so of you know not the
phone moment all coins but it might
become a bigger a bigger story
if if the reason for this fiat downturn
is just people throwing in the towel on
their altcoins
changing it the Bitcoin and then selling
their Bitcoin but some people not
selling their Bitcoin at that point
hey we shall see time will tell for me
doesn’t matter because I’m just hoping
my Bitcoin I was in all coins huh I
didn’t diversify for the sake of
diversification didn’t have it crypt
what’s your crypto portfolio Adam its
Bitcoin pound that like button so
because my Krypton portfolio is Bitcoin
I don’t have to worry about what all
these nonsense all coin people are
worrying about Bitcoin dominance getting
up there all right yeah dudes if you
have questions do the super chat I’ll
answer them okay dude badge badge says
that a crypto dividend is coming up soon
I’m not going to name its name because
it’s been around the corner for a while
I don’t watch the guys videos so badge
says it’s coming out in four weeks I
mean yes of course I have no idea if
that’s true though and again even if the
guy says it’s true on the video the guy
who’s coming out with the dividend you
don’t know if it’s true because he’s
been saying for a year it’s been coming
out to be coming out anyway it’s just
like this Iranian one and I’ve done
videos on this badge and yes I expect it
with a sir any improv I surrendered Lee
but it’s the same way you’re gonna claim
that other one and yeah I’ll do it I’ll
talk about
if I find out more about it but again I
don’t watch that guy’s channel at all
and so maybe make badge maybe you could
send me a DM or someone can send me a DM
if is really happening in four weeks and
yeah I will up claim it
I’ll definitely me and I turn it in the
Bitcoin immediately because that’s
that’s what you get that’s what crypto
dividends are all about man people out
there and you might not agree with the
people and I definitely don’t agree with
the guy who’s coming up with this crypto
dividend I mean he wants you to buy it
and stuff which is obviously you don’t
buy something that you get for free and
there’s all sorts of gimmicks around it
okay great good people will pump it
because they they like your ego and
everything great people can like this
guy’s ego he’s changed his whole tune
many many times and that’s his business
if if suckers are gonna buy it and pump
up its price I am gonna dump what I get
for free and they’re gonna make me more
wealthy and cuz I value my wealth of
Bitcoin I’m going to turn into Bitcoin
and that’s again when you when you hold
the bit you got to keep it up you got it
it’s it’s strictly business nothing
personal dudes in terms of the crypt of
dividends they’re giving you stuff for
free you turn in the Bitcoin they might
not be the nicest dudes in the world
they might change their bind or a
Bitcoin max less old now I like
aetherium whatever nothing personal it’s
all strictly business pound that frickin
like button turn those crypto dividends
in the Bitcoin because again if you
control your if you control your Bitcoin
if you control your Bitcoin you get
interest on your Bitcoin it’s a little
it’s a little known thing but anyway you
know that when you’re here on my channel
because I give you the insider
information I bring you the best guest
in the space including Ansel dinner
tomorrow on this weekend Bitcoin but
yeah dudes do the super Chado answer
your questions all right moving on and
speaking of altcoin speaking of
aetherium because again the guy who’s
making that crypt that dividend is like
a big on the way he likes it there him
now he hated it once you knows but it
the entire ICO this is a tweet from stop
and decrypt the entire IC bub the ICO
bubble has pumped East ethers Etha
theorems price in Bitcoin has never been
lower except for the first seven months
after its launch in a brief period of
four months right before ICO mania okay
in 2017 so here’s a deal I
doesn’t bother me i theorem is not my
thing I know there’s a lot of hate
toward a theory I’m if you are someone
who really believes in the theorem and
again if you think there’s you they’re
going to be really doing legitimate
things build all sorts of awesome cool
things with aetherium if you really
believe that if you’re looking at you’re
going the etherium conferences you’re
developing what was apparently there are
a lot of guys developing on a theory on
it if you really believe in it
then I guess this would be the time to
get it right this is that it’s cheap
again I’m not saying to do that but hey
I’m putting a positive frame on it for
you a theorem freaks out there again
this is the bitcoinmeister channel only
buy bitcoin but if you hey this is this
is how you shout back if you’re in a
theorem dude and you could say you know
what I understand the ico thing was a
bunch of nonsense but we’re going to
come up with the productive things and
if the I sue of nonsense could have
pumped a theorem that uh that high well
who knows what all the real developments
are going to do to ethereal now again
there’s plenty of people that are saying
that a theorem was a complete it will
this is the beginning of the end
yeah I’m just watching I’m watching the
show to tell you the truth I don’t
believe it is the beginning of the end
for aetherium whatsoever I do think it
is sustainable and I do it I don’t think
it’s big coin it’s not trying to be
Bitcoin and because it’s not trying to
be a Bitcoin I don’t give it let it
compete don’t complain okay so I’m not
complaining about it I’m letting them do
what they’re doing over there and III
would not be surprised in terms of
Bitcoin if it does go up in value
because what does it break right now
2001 seven or something like what it is
now III don’t think it’s that uh I don’t
think it’s like a bsv type thing that’s
just go that oh you know go down until
it’s nothing I know I don’t I don’t see
that with aetherium but who gives a darn
what I think anyway because I’m just the
Bitcoin guy I telling you to get Bitcoin
do not diversify for the sake of
diversification but there are aetherium
freaks out there so maybe that’ll make
you feel better people love all corners
love when I mention they’re all coin on
my show watch this I’ll just say the
words D cred and all these people will
be like yeah
yeah I mean because I’ve said the words
D Craig and I have a shirt that actually
says it on it people still ask you
should still in the D Craig Adam what
are you talking about do you pay
attention to them the other you know
99.999% of the shows that I have what
would I say I know most people don’t pay
attention anyway that are watching this
not most but this is you know you guys
are good viewers you are you lead hello
my elite friends but I know that some of
you aren’t elite at all and you’re just
picking your noses and I don’t know what
you’re doing if some people just want to
see me your radio quality is horrible
yeah who gives a darn it’s the content
you freak that’s right that’s why you
can listen to the podcast that supports
moisture calm moving on anyway but
that’s see how 80% of stuff I’ve wasted
too much time on that right now now
let’s talk about more altcoins out there
more more off points what do we got here
again the guys producing an ego coin
that’s a crypto dividend like and he’s
giving me giving it to me for free great
I’ll turn in the Bitcoin so Libra you
know what’s freaky about Libra it isn’t
out but there are numerous Twitter
accounts now one of them is the Libra
dev account that’s the the Bitcoin
that’s the blue check mark one so that’s
officially Libra endorsed Twitter
account but there’s Libra startup lit
Libra cryptocurrency startup lists
Facebook’s Libra coin is the future of
digital money Libra ratings aims to
educate the world about digital currency
through insightful articles and reviews
and then there’s an accelerator for the
Libra ecosystem which is Libra camp
which is actually based in Tel Aviv
which is a put on by this dude that I
know at the bitcoin embassy I didn’t
know he was involved on the Liebherr
side of things I don’t want to ask him
about it on Sunday my point is this this
thing doesn’t even exist yet and it’s
got all these people training and again
the Twitter accounts are too popular yet
but the people excited about it and they
want to develop for it I mean again I
guess there’s some people that think
this is gonna be a big corporate coin
if I can build something on it I can
make a lot of money visit Scott you know
it’s associated with Facebook it’s gonna
be distributed to a bunch of people okay
that’s fine you develop on it for me I
only see Libre as a positive
I’ve said this many many times let it be
robust let people build up on it because
what the what the end user is gonna find
out when they get there Libre coins it
is gonna be a key into the Bitcoin room
okay it’s gonna get them into that
Bitcoin realm and they’re gonna find out
that bitcoin is the real thing they’re
gonna go to and watch some of Andreas’s
videos and the five pillars of Bitcoin
and they’re gonna see that in it and
Facebook and know five pillars a Bitcoin
right there they can just turn you off
but then there’ll be many many many
millions of people totally satisfied
with the Libre and hanging a person for
us possibly is a new counterculture they
can do that if they want to do it but it
is it is weird to me it’s it’s something
that I want to point out that there are
these Twitter accounts of people getting
excited about Libre which might not even
happen and trying to build things on it
yet we have hundreds of other all coins
where people do nothing with they just
speculate completely on it so there
there you go good luck to Libre eight
will it will help Bitcoin it will help
Bitcoin usual see people all right so
yeah I and again I have you’re gonna
hear some fun a corporation should not
be more powerful than a more should be
able to print it so money shouldn’t be
more powerful than a nation
okay Maxine Waters go back to LA
whatever great
no nothing wrong with the corporation
being more powerful than entities that
employ people like Maxine Waters found
that like moment so what is this your
biggest supply shock in the history of
financial markets yeah Chris Gilliard
said that once that is the big point
having I mean we’re getting closer may
May 20 2008 almost that’s gonna be
September 2019 my
kids are going back to school back in
Baltimore I some of my relatives and
have updated me on that situation I
don’t even know about kids going back to
school anymore it doesn’t look like
they’re going back and
that might be next week I don’t know but
who would I know about kids going to
school little I remember having to go
back to high school and all that it was
always summer summer summer summertime
at Lake button
alright soft launch of
slash disrupt meister yeah i had to
create a facebook bitcoinmeister page
haven’t done a thing with it yet but you
can like it if you want to it’s linked
to below alright let’s talk about those
long term capital gains taxes you know
vention has made videos about this
before or he mentions it in his videos
and i haven’t really paid attention
because mention ism is in a different
stage in his life definitely then i’ve
done a lot of us to watch these videos
but nerd wallet i link to this below i’m
not giving people tax advice here but
this can explain why you don’t want to
sell your bitcoin you people who why
don’t you just sell your bitcoin you buy
it back for cheaper in it there are many
tax benefits okay long term if you can
get your income including your bitcoin
profits under 30 9375 2375 a year in
america you don’t pay taxes okay now
that is linked to below there is a
calculator there alright this is not a
tax advice I’m not an accountant or
anything like that but it is it makes
sense you keep your long term capital
gains you keep your income including
those long term capital gains under
thirty nine thousand three hundred
seventy five and yeah you’re not that
there you go it’s uh you’re not paying
taxes on the cap on the capital gains
okay okay so here let’s have an example
let’s do an example to clarify for you
this vention isn’t working he isn’t
making any money alright so next year
next year let’s say 2020
he sells thirty-nine thousand three
hundred seventy four dollars in profit a
Bitcoin okay that’s how much he profited
off of his selling a Bitcoin
and there you go that’s it income that’s
his total income it’s all in capital
gains he pays no taxes on it that is it
that is it so there you go for all you
people who are impulsive he should have
sold that he should have sold that no
for the rest of his life he can do that
every darn you anyway he’s not gonna
want to do it every darn year but as
long as he’s living comfortably and he’s
healthy he’s gonna profit I know I
wouldn’t see why a guy wouldn’t do that
for you know five years whatever I mean
a guy like vention can live on thirty
nine thousand three hundred seventy four
dollars a year so there are and then
there’s then once you get over that it’s
a 15 percent capital gains and then even
there’s a certain level where 20 percent
starts okay so again the calculator is
below there are many benefits in holding
off now again okay some people have done
so well if they sold all their Bitcoin
they would not be able to do that they
couldn’t do that every year because
they’d be dead and they would still have
a lot of big meaning you could live 200
years and you still have it still have a
Bitcoin to sell all right but but but
but the point is is that this is what
you make up
you just don’t sell the stuff and incur
taxes when you don’t have to incur taxes
you can you can do this right and not
have to pay taxes all right and vention
is has definitely talked about like
talked about that before on his show and
it’s linked to below that calculator and
again this is not tax advice it is
something to take into consideration for
the freaks out there that think like Oh
better sell now better so that because
again if you sell now you just bought it
a few weeks ago that’s short-term
capital gains so that’s that’s horrible
and but you got it
got to know what you’re doing gotta know
where you’re doing with this this is not
impulsive this is long-term thing again
value your wealth in Bitcoin dudes value
you were ethically so again there’s four
other people why don’t you sell some
that out why don’t you sell some some of
the tax benefits of not selling some now
and you’re selling a little only in the
future or something like that it’s a say
it’s a newfangled savings account the
best savings account for
okay all right there’s something and let
me let me check something in the middle
of this darn show that I should have
checked okay good all right moving on
moving on where’s my list of things to
talk about we’re getting to Portugal now
the Portugal news that broke pound that
like button first of all this is about
countries competing all right Portugal
apparently it says Portugal’s tax
authority says crypto trading and
payments are tax free whoa dis big news
okay that that’s that’s good news this
Portugal is a lovely modern nation I
spent quite some time in Lisbon in 2017
a beautiful city that really caters
toward the tourists I mean I can
remember running by restaurants there of
course I did not ever go to the
restaurants I haven’t been to a
restaurant like this decade I don’t
think but I make your own food save
money but when I was running by the
restaurants in Lisbon
sometimes there be menus in me in the
windows there’d be six different
languages someone in the really touristy
part there were eight different
languages I think there were some Nordic
languages warm ones obviously Spanish
English German Russian but yeah anyway
they it’s a lot Lisbon is a lovely place
and now apparently is lovelier because
you don’t have to pay
Portugal’s tax authority says crypto
trading and payments are tax free all
right this is that is a good direction
for a major a major copy of major
country to going and this will make
other countries think like well let’s
beat them let’s let’s be more tax
friendly than because I get lately we’ve
been seeing some countries go in other
directions like we’re gonna tax the
living heck out of it and so and people
ask me like well aren’t all countries
going to go in that direction and when
you hear about them going in a bad
direction you think well maybe the
competition’s in that direction but
again countries can go in the other
direction poor schmoes going in so made
the best country way in the best country
will win this is that’s what that’s what
my point is the one that has the freest
tax policy toward Bitcoin
cryptocurrency dad’s gonna get a lot of
business that is gonna get a lot of
wealth people will try to protect their
wealth that they try to protect it with
the long term capital gains that that of
engine does if they try to protect it by
moving the Puerto Rico like some people
do they definitely will do it by moving
to other jurisdictions that are even
easier than all the stuff that I’ve
mentioned so good job
Portugal in the tax competition it seems
like you were going in then yeah make it
even better dude make it even better but
yeah Lisbon is nice Lisbon’s got like
the best temperature during the winter
in continental Europe in a major city me
I think it’s even better than like
cities in Greece don’t quote it was
great weather when I was there I was
there was February Ferry March and April
of 2017 alright that’s it you can check
the archives if you wanna see the videos
when I was there
alright dudes let’s see if there were
any more questions
so check out and that that article is
linked to below about the Portugal stuff
but so let me make sure there were no
other questions check out tomorrow’s
show Ansel Linder it’s it’s a good it’s
a good one he’s gonna talk about some
gold gold stuff for you golden holders
and we end
Edgar who pointed I mean I already knew
about this some article earlier and I
was gonna talk about it Edgar asked me
to talk about it after I was playing too
so he says those restaurants are the
ones who never go to they are ripoffs
for true yeah definitely I agree with
you Edgar you it’s in the most touristy
areas you know right near the Parliament
and stuff the ones with the eight but
even though some of the back roads that
I pull the back the streets there are
amazing you get lost in order to
properly live in Lisbon you’ve got to
get lost to understand it’s not a it’s
not a block system it’s totally twisty
but on some of those twisty roads you go
to restaurant you run by restaurants and
there’s only like three menus there’s
like there’s an English one a Spanish
blonde a Portuguese one in the so maybe
those ones are better I have no idea I
didn’t eat at any of them obviously
don’t get ate there are so Americans do
not understand this about Lisbon it is a
huge tourist City but Americans oh
they’re not
the Americans there you’ve got boats
coming in from Norway all these
differently she huge people speaking all
sorts of different Russians coming in
but not many Americans Americans just
love to go to Paris London the same dude
Americans if you’re watching this that’s
how you start to expand it slowly
I know Lisbon doesn’t sound very exotic
for many travelers out there for
Americans it is there’s your tip of the
day go check out Lisbon and good job on
your taxes there you Portuguese a unique
Beast i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister disrupt meister remember
subscribe to channel like this video
share this video pound that like button
vengeance says yeah the plan is that I
should get 300k for the house then I’ll
be able to cache the 39 K in Bitcoin and
the bit from the house bump it up to 50k
or so that should be plenty alright so
inventions got the plan check out
tomorrow’s videos check out what would a
tech ball comm TCS BLT on Twitter
disrupt meister comm all my old videos
yeah that’s the end pound that like
button see ya

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  1. Comparing gold and bitcoin doesn't hold up under scrutiny, when a miner mines gold and extracts it from the ground, that gold's utility exist's forever without that miner or any of the future required to mine it into existence, however once you have mined a bitcoin, or buy some bitcoin you are reliant on a miner of the past,future or present to expend resources to function the existence of already mined bitcoin.

  2. Dear Mr. Bitcoin Meister, Is the crypto dividend that you were cryptically talking about today authored by the esteemed Richard Heart?

  3. Vention has mentioned he gets a pension as a diesel mechanic. That will be counted as part of his income annually along with social security if he collects that as well.
    So 39k might be swallowed upalready.

  4. Im happy that I discovered your channel. I instantly liked you as a person. You are a cool dude =) What you say makes sense and I get it. And btw how often does someone re-watch a video on youtube? I watched this one 3 times since yesterday.

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