The 1 Bitcoin Show- Why Iran will not use Ripple, Community, Statechains, Hard forking

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welcome to the show baby it’s that time
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on twitter te CH b alt i tweeted out a
classic today you’ve got to go there
right now retweet it it was from May the
8th 2015 when I said hey you should uh
if you know a little kid so your if your
friend just had a baby he’s having a
bris you should get him point one
Bitcoin or point to Bitcoin or 0.5
Bitcoin or if there’s a Bar Mitzvah get
the kid one Bitcoin and Bitcoin was
worth what $250 back then and by the way
I actually and many of you know this
story I bought my friend’s son who was
just born around that time right after
the bottler riots which I mentioned in
the video I did buy him point one
Bitcoin at that time obviously it cost
me 25 bucks and it is the kid who’s like
4 years old now has over a thousand
dollars worth of cryptocurrency because
of course he got be cash and be gold
also that he hasn’t split because he’s a
four year old kid and my friend I know
hasn’t done that he just has it stored
somewhere anyway the point is check it
you can still get your friends kids
Bitcoin it’s still a great present it’s
better than getting em a savings bond I
mention that but it is a classic video
if you want to see what life was like
back in right after the Baltimore riots
of 2015 when I was talking well I was
talking about Bitcoin baby all right so
I’m on Twitter right before this because
I go on Twitter to learn and did I learn
something from Tom bass I mean I put it
in the frickin title this video okay
tone you know he he’s known he’s known
by all these 80 percenters for his for
the the charts and the the trading and
that’s not my cup of tea but those of
you who are old schoolers who have known
tone since the beginning know that he is
way beyond just trading he’s got some
great he makes some great observations
and my lord I yeah anyway I met I met
Tony in person again in 2015 4 years ago
a little bit over four years ago but he
one of the things and that and it was at
the Chicago Bitcoin conference like
there were like 50 people there
literally yeah Chicago like the third
largest in the United States 2015 that’s
how popular Bitcoin was okay that’s why
I got a strong hand Davey and I got a
big smile on my face now but but what
tone put out there what’s the difference
between Bitcoin and it uses a dirty word
s coins if it’s not Bitcoin it’s
probably centralized just imagine what
would happen to the ripple project if
say hypothetically Iran announced they
will be using XRP token to avoid US
sanctions now here’s the thing
Iran is is probably using big thing
there’s been rumors are using Bitcoin to
get around sanctions
that’s what countries do they they get
in the Bitcoin so that the United States
won’t be able to block their financial
transactions anymore now again these are
say what you will about all these
countries men Israel Iran that’s
the point I mean one of the glorious
things about Bitcoin your biggest
freaking enemy can use it and we’re
going to talk about that in a second and
you can do nothing about it and no one
could do anything about it
and that is why countries like Iran use
Bitcoin because United States their
biggest enemy cannot stop them okay the
big Satan can’t stop them or the one
they call the little Satan can’t stop
most of selling you guys out there your
way it’s obsessing about the little
Satan you think they control the whole
world but anyway so you know Iran
doesn’t like the big segment a little
sing that’s what they call them which is
anyway and uh no but of course if Iran
tried to use ripple Iran is smart enough
not to even attempt to use ripple what
would happen if Iran said oh yeah we’re
going to use we’re gonna use ripple
that’s what we’re gonna use to avoid us
that well the United States would go to
the ripple office immediately and say
you’re figuring out what’s what you’re
shut there no more ripple trap has
actually to try brand at all if there
are you’re reversing and that would be
it and ripple would comply there was
there’s the whole way they would not and
that’s the big that’s the difference
that you can’t do that the big point
there’s no Bitcoin office there’s no
there’s no Bitcoin leader there’s no
there’s no sort of a Bitcoin company out
there that’s in charge of the Bitcoin
token sort of you see you would suit you
know this whole thing with ripple this
little game they play with XRP ripple
acts wrapping ripple it’s all this sort
of stuff well if Iran made that I
announced and asked me you would see
there’s no sort of that no it is a
company and that the United States can
shut down the deck can tell that company
exactly what to do so anyway that was a
great observation by tone base and so no
don’t don’t expect an announcement like
that coming from Iran or Venezuela
anytime soon mean involving ripple and
yeah and yeah I hope that it for those
of you who wanted you know invest in
ripple or whatever just know what you’re
gonna do you can clearly see the
difference between the two can’t you
know I mean there could be no doubt if
you put it in those terms
what would Iran use there you go all
right a reminder
Sports all of these shows
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2015 one anyway
TCH be alt on Twitter so someone I
follow on Twitter is that Bowl and whose
don’t show numerous times yeah he’s got
a great tweet out there an increasingly
popular trend among bitcoins most
ignorant skeptics is to praise the
technology but put down the community or
culture which is the same as blockchain
not Bitcoin except 100 times worse time
that like button suits love that dude
yeah this is a new trendy excuse for for
no coiners or for all coin pumper saying
you know what i love the bitcoin
technology you love the bitcoin
technology i just can’t get into it that
community it’s it’s it’s toxic I can’t
get into it
so hey I’ve got my own coin here it’s
got the same big chrome technology and
it’s got a better community so up I
might my coin or just a no corner saying
yeah yeah I’d like the technology but
that it’s so toxic I don’t want to do it
just any juice again new trendy juice
sounds kind of neat
like blockchain not Bitcoin but in the
end of the day they don’t get because
first of all some of these people are
referring to the community on Twitter
that’s not the whole Bitcoin community
the Bitcoin community guess what it’s
made up of your worst enemy and your
that is the glory of the Bitcoin
community you gotta love the Bitcoin
community okay you’ve got a love I mean
not every debt the Bitcoin community
cannot exclude anyone someone that’s
using Bitcoin it can be ayatollah
khomeini or whatever and you can’t stop
that is the strength of what bitcoin is
so ignoring the community aspect of it
you’re not getting it you’re not getting
in it up okay so with these again with
decentralized off points their
communities can be altered if a powerful
organization tells them to alter it
bitcoin community uh-huh you send it to
someone you it can’t be stopped it can
be sent to a horrible person it’s
several so again yeah great day and the
technology is awesome that’s great
that’s great but community is a
tremendous part of this and downplaying
the community or misinterpreting what
community is again it’s it’s a little
trendy excuse and it’s a way to pump an
altcoin or just to to give out an excuse
err to be sad that you know or that
you’re that you don’t like you don’t
like where the big boys play you’re like
oh they’re mean on Twitter thus I don’t
want to play you over there no and again
if you think Bitcoin community is just
the Twitter community you don’t
understand okay you don’t you’re
limiting yourself there okay so how
Casey says Mitch Rey is okay in small
doses I need me some bitcoinmeister
Blues mix Rey who’s made sure I might
like miss my mispronounce he spelled it
like Mitch Rey who’s made you who about
this I I’m probably missus all right I
mean I don’t know all those uh I don’t
know the fancy sesang graphics people I
literally do not know who this devotion
may be that’s someone I just have no
idea I don’t know it all I don’t know
the youtubers I know the big pointers
pound that like button all right bye
don’t make says bitcoinmeister hello
from the UK dude you sound like you’ve
got like a Serbian type of name I’ve
always wanted to visit Serbia by the way
and again yet again you’re in the UK
that’s awesome and if you’re like
Croatian you probably know about serving
a break
okay I didn’t mean to mess up your
original nationality if I messed it up
but yeah go UK hello Brian the UK big
four masters they’re also diabetic says
the biggest difference between Bitcoin
and s coins is that Bitcoin can’t get
kidney stones yeah all right that’s a
good way to say hey I want to say
something you actually typed out the
word s – coins I like that I don’t like
cursing I mean that’s just my I did you
can you can use what language you want
to use there are a lot of people that
get turned off by bad language I will
say that and you know in our space it’s
a new space there’s a certain level of
professionalism among certain people and
then a certain level among other people
you know pick your own path you know
purse responsibly is an encounter
counterculture I’ll put it that way and
for me I think me not cursing I think
that duh it gives that a good vibe and I
think it uh it helps that’s part of my
system where you know we’re scott adams
talking about systems part of my system
is new show every day no cursing strong
hand long-term thinking okay that’s
that’s it I’ll talk about that on my own
podcast probably okay what do we got
here I’m reading to me rocky be 73 your
ancestors were discriminated against
because of their success
well the jealous 80 percenters come for
our tribe of bitcoiners well yeah i mean
that’s just the way of 80 percenters
they’re they’re always there
they’re always envious of successful
people so already i mean if you go to my
the video that i retweeted up another
one from 2016 where i said that a lot of
people were saying bitcoin was racist or
bitcoin was only for white people it’s
it’s envy it’s it and again anyone can
get in the big coin so the envy is
already out there and so they try to
pick call bitcoin the worst thing
possible any sex race creed they can do
great in bitcoin so yeah there are there
are people are pretty jealous of it but
let let the 80 percenters be envious
don’t just don’t waste your time with
them you can bring up points like if
they if they’re spraying a lot of fun
mp5 just say no there’s why be envious
join us there’s nothing stopping you
from joining Bitcoin at all no no reason
to be envy try to uh try to be imitate
don’t envy all right so uh oh and I’m
skipping up all around here so we talked
about the community exacts tweet all
right Andy Hoffman has it an article out
there when he steamed it about what’s it
called here maximalist no fork at any
cost blind spot causing them to ignore
the improvement okay so he’s talking
about middle Wimble obviously Andy
promotes middle level because he works
for remember Wimble coin and again that
was a crypto dividend you should have
got for free in an airdrop but because
he works for them he got at least he’s
taking it to the next level and saying
how great it is for me you know my I
already got it so we shall see what
happens with what happens happens but
the the term that he used is here no
hard forked at any cost
let’s break this down a little bit
because he’s saying that Bitcoin for
eventually half the hard fork to
incorporate the middle limbo protocol to
you to having a layer of to be more
private to be simply private it’s just
it’s inevitable it’s inevitable and that
in a hard and that we shouldn’t you know
we shouldn’t wait for a software
solution that the hard fork solution is
and then he talks about how there are
people that are hard hard for no hard
fork at any cost and I am I’m one of
those people basically because I lived
through the be cash thing what was going
on there well originally they said yeah
we have to expand the block size now it
must be done now but it really didn’t
have to be done now now again you don’t
want to hard fork in total it’s like you
when there’s look like because there’s
like some error it has to be fixed
immediately like there’d be no reason to
continue the other chain okay there
would be no reason to continue doing you
you’d only continue the hard fourth
chain but here’s the thing
wait what you’re gonna even if there
were tremendous supporters of the
minimal rimmel thing just like there
were it was very vocal back in the day
there were many vocal people said oh
we we should as Bitcoin hard work off
and say you know this is Bitcoin and
we’re we’re increasing the block size
okay and if the majority of us say and
that’s fake coin the problem is is
there’s always going to be a slim
majority minority that’s going to
continue the old chain so you’re gonna
have this issue where you’re saying okay
we forked off we’re the real Bitcoin but
then you’ll have the original chain
people say no we’re the real Bitcoin and
that’s you’ll have a Bitcoin classic
scenario which I’m referring to
aetherium classic okay a theory I’m
forked off from there was once one a
theater then there was an issue so they
forked off they had to bail out some
people and they forked off that was a
theorem but the hearing class of people
said no we’re not bailing out anyone
we’re keeping the old chain so they were
left there was an argument which one’s
the real now it’s become clear which one
is the real theorem but I mean of the
gym and all coin was was born that way
if you had this scenario the same thing
that happened with nimble wimple okay if
everyone’s like yeah we mean memorable
right now but we really don’t need it
and we really could maybe do a soft fork
of it one day if we figure it out
there’s really no rush then what you’re
gonna end up with is a the real Bitcoin
having nimble Whitwell but then other
people saying wait a second we’re
continuing this all we’re continuing the
old chain and this is a real Bitcoin and
you can’t have that happen in in
something that’s worth $10,000 I mean it
won’t just you just can’t have that
happy ah that way now what happened that
would be cash was just some so people
said okay we’re forking off this is B –
okay and we’re
Bitcoin but it was the same thing as the
majority of people saying okay we’re
forking off we’re doing this new thing
this is the real Bitcoin it was
different so again that and thus it was
just a crypto dividend when you’re the
other scenario the other scenario that
that Andy says we shouldn’t be worried
about know that that isn’t just a
decrypted your the original fork become
the original change you see becomes the
crypto dividend or doesn’t know it
doesn’t so that you make this argument
there you get this argument so this is
why hard fork and any call no hard fork
it is an insurance policy that people
who remember what happened before and
remember what happened with the Furion
classic a stick to and I think it’s good
to think there there are people that
stick to this like we are we are not
hard-working big we’re not having a
planned hard fork a Bitcoin to implement
this new technology just because it’s
gonna make it better supposedly we’re
gonna we’re gonna we’re only going to do
it when it must be done when it has to
be done when it’s a desperate if bitcoin
will die it’s just
and that’s you’ll be able to tell when
that situation arises so yeah i think
there is no harm being in the know hard
fork at any cost
party in the Bitcoin community because
yeah you don’t want to end up with a
Bitcoin classic just with what happened
with aetherium you don’t you don’t want
that but again if people have new ideas
the naked for go sure I think I love
print of dividends I I freaking love
crypto dividends
I don’t like when the suppose of almost
unanimous almost unanimous majority says
okay we’re forking on we’re going to
fork we’re gonna have the hard fork now
and the old chain everyone just forget
about it because that’s it’s it’s not
that simple someone will continue that
little chain and they will call us
issues real issues
alright so pound that like button now we
saw we talked about Annie Hoffman is
pumping MWC yeah that’s his job
but then
there are these people out there and
they people complain about it even
though I mean he straight-up says that’s
his job he’s an off point up a promoter
the coin consultant it’s his job but
then I get these people going crazy that
minuchin the the Treasury secretary
they’re putting him on this pedestal in
what they’re doing he’s pumping the
Dobler he says the dollar is the best
bitcoin is bad etc etc that’s his job
dudes he’s the Treasury secretary what
do you expect him to say
I mean he he’s kind of hey he’s the
dollar pumper he’s got to say that so
people are so how could he say this
about the dollar how could he lie about
the dollar that it’s not used for bad
things I mean that’s his job he’s the
dollar marketer and again it’s a big
story and I think last week or like we
he had said some good things about
people okay that’s a story that’s his
story when the guy who’s supposed to be
pumping victims who’s supposed to be
pumping the dollar says good things
about big coin okay that’s a story I’m
not gonna put him on a pencil anybody
this is ridiculous all the people
looking how could he say all this these
lies about the dollar how come you can
do this and say bad things about people
it’s his job so don’t worry about it
though it’s noise as those dudes
alright so speak about something is not
noise and a dude who does not make noise
Aaron Vaughn weird of Bitcoin magazine
he’s been on the show before he has an
article about state chains okay this is
actually from June I just got around
with reading it again you gotta have a
little bit of technical knowledge which
he does he does a good job of explaining
it to people of not a lot of technical
knowledge okay it’s a solid article and
it is a it’s a second layer solution
that is supposed to increase the number
of transactions per second in the
network and it does seem like it might
end up relying on the reputations of
larger players and company
in the space it is an interesting
solution read the article yourself okay
remember disrupt meister comm over 13
150 of my old videos are there whoa I’ve
got quite an archives going here its
conviction dude that’s a that’s part of
my system
alright emulate the Winkle is what I
wanted to say before ok it’s already
percent up well here wait a second we’re
actually at the end of the show and I
before I get to the last point of the
show let me see if there were any more
questions that no yeah there was there
was a right here either rockin said okay
yeah yeah yeah bra capes he actually
summarizes it very nice he must be he
says rocky rocky of 73 were you born in
1973 Orioles came in first place that
year I heard no hard for consensus
unless critical bug there you go baby
there you go I that’s a good way of
saying what I took like 10 minutes to
say O Brien UK big boy master said budge
and I met up last week for a little bit
coin meet up and it rocked badges
actually English out of respect for you
guy Bennett says out of respect for you
big for Meister out of respect for me
yes yes thank you for the respect dude I
respect you too got Bennett and everyone
all the long-term thinkers all the guys
that take personal responsibility all
the strong hands on here
the ones who compete and don’t complain
I I respect all you’d use barefoot
burying down in New Zealand says a wise
person invests their money then spends
what’s left
a poor person spends their money then
invests what’s left strong hand Bitcoin
haptic one Westar thank you this one do
9 named il says XRP well il does that
says il science in Stanford
International League which is a minor
league of Major League Baseball
just like XRP is a minor league
coin I mean it’s there’s only one big
coin as the major leads then you have
the minor league so I can see why you
call yourself IL international league is
a minor league to the major leagues and
it’s a similarly I understood so that’s
why you said XRP I guess okay
rock rock 873 said bitcoinmeister will
be the greatest transfer big coin will
be the greatest transfer of wealth in
history but it’s about its it’s about
it’s a bit of a sausage fest a bit well
the ladies complained about the big coin
patriarchy they had their chance
no they already had their plenty of
ladies complaining again about it
they’re playing in ladies complaining
but then there plenty of the ladies like
Caitlyn Long who compete and don’t
complain and uh she’s probably got
plenty of Bitcoin but yeah bitcoin is a
tremendous sausage fest I mean it’s 95%
men around here it’s it’s the very
definition of sausage Chris but I mean
you know it could be I’m not gonna use
the term back we’re in Kali Babu area
college my high school friends denied
one summer in Baltimore we were so tired
of the sausage fest this one dude it was
so hot outside that one day and my
friend had a party at his at his parents
house they weren’t home and we’re like
20 years older so and it was like 95%
men all the private schools the boys
private schools of Baltimore
representing Gilman boys Latin st. Paul
we didn’t want that we were at Bryn Mawr
and rollin par with other girls schools
so that night we decided we were gonna
have the beaver fest one day and we
actually had a party called the beaver
fest one day there was gonna be a rule
it was where you’re gonna have to you
were required to bring a woman or
something like that it was whatever we
had to be Rivest in the December of that
year and it was it was okay I think we
had a I think it was like 50/50 which is
like that it wasn’t a sausage fest but
dude yes that that’s my this is the
thing I I love to tell stories from my
youth but like in today’s uh me too
society or whatever where guys have to
worry about losing their jobs if they
don’t have Bitcoin think their high
school date like someone if I was like a
big executive of some sort I mean and I
can’t name my friends who were obviously
at the beaver fest because then some of
them could lose their job ends that are
lawyers and stuff and if they someone
doesn’t like them so you act that beaver
fest that my sister was talking about
they would lose their job
it’s Ted but again that’s why you get
into the Bitcoin overlay baby that
because I can talk about beaver fest as
much as I want to I mean in fact I have
pictures from beaver fest there’s like
me holding a stuffed animal raccoon it
was the closest thing I had to a beaver
and like my friend again remember the
guy holding a raccoon that was very nice
all right guy Benison I spelled out s
coin in an earlier post and were spoke a
okay at respect for you that’s that’s
what he meant by respect and no cursing
all right enough Eva fest talk but again
I get to talk about beaver vessels I’m
in the Bitcoin overlay you work for
yourself it’s a good freedom that’s
freedom you know you have freedom when
you could talk about the beaver fest
party you attended in in college with
your high school friends alright finally
finally but yeah it is a sausage fest
here in in Bitcoin but the ladies can
join if they want there’s nothing
stopping them from coming here at all
and compete don’t complain and a lot of
people do complain adverse you signal
about it and that is that’ll turn off
some people from the sleeve that
shouldn’t turn you off from this anyone
can fit quickly not discriminate just go
back to with at the beginning of the
show were talking about I read and and
read in and apply it to women and
everyone okay Zack ball final thing here
this is a good thing to end it with 30%
of Americans visit casinos at least once
a year almost half of Americans play
lotteries betting on Bitcoin has a far
higher Evi
tell your friends the stack says yeah
how mad like fun 30% of Americans visit
casinos at least once a year and almost
half of Americans play lotteries Oh 80
when will you learn people when will you
learn it’s get get real assets get real
assets bitcoin pound that like button
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember subscribe this
channel like this video share this video
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like on bang that bell button and of
course click on those squares that you
see right there and i’ll say hi to you
guys in the chat

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  1. Hey Adam, just a suggestion. You should really get a better webcam to up the production quality of your videos. Nice content, keep it up!!

  2. Andreas Antonopolous says there's NO such thing as a Bitcoin crypto dividend. He states "A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, paid to a class of its shareholders.
    This is simply a bitcoin fork and bitcoin does NOT have a "CLASS of share holders"
    "Bitcoin is NOT a company period.
    Also, Dividends can be issued as cash payments, as shares of stock, or other property. Bitcoin is NOT a share or a stock!"

    So, you're simply pitching nonsense according to Andreas?
    Bitcoin forks are simply airdrops that actually harm bitcoins brand."

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