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acting i mean being in motion here and being part of the team anyway here’s a
guy in the comments section interacting with me that’s the word I was looking
for sitting in the sky said probably the best savings account ever devised by man
I love that line sitting in the sky you left them in the comment section about
bitcoin probably the best savings account ever devised by man 20
percenters need to wake up to this now okay so many people are enabled with
defer gratification and they’re not going to eight they’re not gonna be able
to appreciate such a lie the best savings account ever devised by man that
is Bitcoin that is what we’re sitting on right now that is you have a chance to
be part of it right now so a lot of people that’s not very glad
to them they want the all coin flavor of the month they want you can do magical
things they don’t care about savings in deferral gratification they don’t know
they’re not 20 percenters 20 percenters they think long-term they pound that
like button they do what the shirt says buy and hold strong hand all right now
on that same note Jason a batur in in a tweet says you forgot the part about the
most secure form of wealth storage on the planet yeah a lot of people do
forget that a lot of people don’t care about it being the most secure form of
wealth storage on the planet okay so it’s it’s the greatest the best savings
account ever devised by man and a lot and it’s the most secure form of wealth
storage on the planet how can you avoid this if you were a long-term thinker how
can you not be a part of it and he also points out you can move it across
political boundaries seamlessly yeah that is also a bonus a lot of people do
not understand that because a lot of people have only lived their entire life
in the United States or some other country where they cannot even fathom
having to flee with all your wealth and not having to worry about it being
confiscated so transit 98 says bitcoinmeister I love you my goal is to
buy 10 Bitcoin over the next year dollar price average or buy in a thousand
dollar chunks any other advice well they’re just a dollar cost average
dollar cost average it why not I mean or do you have um I mean if you happen to
have 90 if you have a seventy six thousand dollars sitting around you
should just do it right now why not but if you don’t then yeah you have to
that’s the only thing you can do is its dollar cost I say it my goal is to buy
Tempe over the next year dollar price average or buy on a thousand dollar
child yeah well well I mean that’s a thousand dollar chunk if you bought a
thousand dollar chunks that would take seventy six weeks well at this point it
would but that is dollar cost averaging that’s
you’re buying it’s the same dollar karo dollar price averaging or buying of the
just whatever you feel comfortable when I only compare it I’m thinking either
you buy it in chunks over a spread out period of time you buy it all at once
there’s those are my two options right there okay so if you happen to have a
seventy six thousand dollars laying around you should just do it now you
know again I don’t give financial advice I’m just saying theoretically type of
stuff but what the heck pound that like button dude thank you for the thank you
for the question and aunt who’s this says and gummy bear says please define
20 percenters verse 80 percenters 20 percenters produce up most of what you
see in the world 20 percenters are the ones that don’t sit around complaining
all day doing not eighty per eighty percent twenty percent the rough numbers
are twenty percent of the people in any industry produce eighty percent of the
products there’s just in general in the population twenty the top twenty percent
produce produced a heck of a lot control a lot of the wealth and that there are
reasons for this and you want to be part of them you want to be in the productive
class not in the eighty percent class that is sometimes not smart they don’t
do smart things they get 20 percenters make plenty of mistakes too they make
plenty mistakes also but you just always want to be with that 20 percent
mentality long-term thinker you know the ability to to to not be impulsive so
there you go that’s a rough thing and it’s you can there’s all there’s all
sorts of different theories about it minds a very simple one that people can
get just try to be try to be in the top tier okay you want to be in the top tier
of everything in life in terms of protective activity so you don’t have to
deal with some of the lower tier issues and again not in a it would be nice if
the society was split up in a different ways thirty percent of the people
produce the seventy percent you know because it’s the top thirty percent was
productive it’s a the current top 20% but that’s just
that’s just not the way it is the the top when you’re the top 20% they’re
producing an incredible amount of the productivity in any industry in any
society so and then even the top 20 of the 20% they’re like uber productive
those are the big corners right all right found that like button and I want
to speaking about interacting here with everyone thanks for the people who try
to get me on the Joe Rogan show that someone tweeted it out it’s linked to
below you can retweet it okay you know anyone can dream but I gotta say there’s
another atom that would really do the trick okay
I mentioned the the boxer Adam Adam Cal Mackey who is a huge bitcoin fan well
that dude just like the Joe Rogan fan show is on the border of mainstream 80%
of society and the the 20% are society where people were long-term thinkers and
make good investments he’s he’s definitely attract people from both
because he’s in the Bitcoin he would be a great guest on Joe Rogan show because
he’s gonna be talking about boxing and fighting which in all the 80 percenters
just love that kind of stuff but he will bring up Bitcoin and he will introduce
you know it’ll help his career to I’m sure and Joe Rogan likes to talk about
fighting and then Joe realize oh I got that Bitcoin so I nominate that guy as
like the perfect dude for the Joe Rogan show to talk about Bitcoin no he’s not a
he’s not a Bitcoin genius like Andreas but he can talk the talk with the 80
percenters who also watched the and get them enthused and maybe turn some of
them in the 20% to nuts you never know but so yeah I like I just thought about
that and moving on here the biggest supply shock in the history of financial
markets that is the having that is coming up in 2020 and Tour de Meester
has a tweet that is about one of my favorite subject matter script of
dividends he he says someone pointed out also consider free dividends in the form
of bitcoins forks BCH btg 20:17 indeed these should be added to
bitcoins returns you see he’s got that insider information he understands
people were valuing their wealth and Fiat and they were saying well this this
altcoin did better the Bitcoin during this time period but they were not
factoring in that you get interest on your Bitcoin through crypto dividends
and of course toward a Meester who is a genius who is I mean he knows what he
other stands that he’d get crypto dividends in 2017 especially you got a
lot of tripped of dividends a great return on just holding Bitcoin and again
why do I love crypt of dividends so much because it encourages logical people the
20 percenters to hold to not fall into those tracks and to be impulsive they
are it rewards all the important the savers the holders the holders of last
resort they make them they are very important in the whole big Bitcoin
ecosystem okay and a lot of people don’t want to be it because there’s no there’s
any glamour involved they don’t think there’s a they can’t see the benefits
there you go that’s a very easy benefit to see crypto dividends interest so yeah
you get that’s your public service announcement of the day toward a mr.
understands what insight that this is the cryptos are reporting he know crypto
dividends are important he knows the insider information I know the insider
information do you understand insider information I hope you do by this point
if you’ve been watching this show long enough you should know that grant it’s
great to see Tour de Montcalm Easter talking about crypto dividends he’s
you’re talking about it more may be good insider because we don’t talk about it
enough the the the intellectual Bitcoin elite like Tour de Meester they should
fish it bring it up more they don’t but hey if personal responsibility is a new
counterculture mentality it is out there sometimes the information does not come
easy you got to do your own research you gotta find shows like this again if you
want fancy stuffs and graphics you’re never gonna find out about this guy and
anyways that’s your own thing you can end up complaining and being a no
pointer for years later that’s it’s not my fault it’s again personal
responsibility is a new counterculture that’s how we do it on this show baby
anyone can go any way you want to there are long term
consequences and it’s your own fault if anyway a note and so speaking of Tirta
Meester he has a great new report out there just just stop watching this show
right now and we need the report it is it’s good he’s always got a note on the
Bitcoin rally it’s called in our previous update well I’m gonna read you
a bunch of it now so maybe you don’t have to stop the show yeah and again a
lot of people can’t read so maybe they’ll understand this a little bit
better if I read it to them in our previous update we suggested these
medium term price drivers for the Bitcoin price accumulation by family
offices and institutions yeah I think that’s going on I think that’s one non
selling by Bitcoin miners as profit margins recover yeah I also think that
is going on Jordan Easter and that non selling buy Bitcoin miners is going to
increase as the having height comes closer as the heaven gets closer
some minor fear of missing out from real retail investors that’s probably going
on I don’t exactly know about that but a good good point and then he says
however it appears I afraid skip something there he says it appears we
underestimated one factor capital flight from China okay and maybe that’s going
on I’ve always thought the China thing has been hyped you’re starting to think
maybe it isn’t again a lot of you always are look for reasons why why why is this
happening well there there are some wise right there he gives some reasons why if
you care about it again over time I’m gonna tell you right now the one thing
that’s unavoidable is the Lamont the non-selling by miners the accumulation
of the big instead of just mine in a Bitcoin and then selling it right away
just keeping more and more of it so less if it comes on the market so that is
something that we saw leading up to the to be having in 2016 and we will see
that again now another quote is from there is what
we found is remarkable bitcoins current parabolic curve
represents the fastest increase in unrealized profits since 20 2012 and
again that’s unrealized profit that’s the interns talking about Fiat value
he’s talking about Fiat value it is uh let me read you that again I just lost
my place we found is remarkable bitcoins current parabolic curve
represents the fastest increase in unrealized profit since January 12 so
yeah if you do a if you do one of those nice fancy graphs you see it’s well it’s
it’s the biggest slope or quickest biggest line just sudden upward movement
since January of 2012 but hey and is that sustainable who knows but it is a
it’s a noteworthy observation on his point johnstrom eNOS says greetings from
Malibu Malibu dude you’re living the good life if you’re Malibu I have never
I’ve never been there before it’s not far from where I am right now it’s a
good good life out there deep very very good for you but again value off the
Bitcoin not in a beachfront property because that can always fall into the
sea if there’s ever god forbid an earthquake your Bitcoin will not if your
bitcoin is earthquake resistant your property in Malibu is not pound that
like button I just made that up and pulled that out of my all right now
Monsieur Mahmoud oof he says when Bitcoin hits $20,000 soon and again
value your wealth and Bitcoin not in dollars not in Malibu property but again
he’s talking to the basses here the world will wake because we’re one day
closer to 20k for all you free F freaks the world will wake up to the fact that
bitcoin is here to stay many high-profile people will start being
vocal about owning Bitcoin as everyone who ever bought Bitcoin will be in
profit so yeah there’s a lot of closet Bitcoin holders out there that might
have bought like at 15,000 16,000 and they don’t want to talk about it very
much and they might be like popular people that you’ve heard of that in the
mainstream again we know that uh it’s all about the counterculture here that
personal responsibility but still there’s some mainstream
got in the Bitcoin and they’re probably silent but once it gets back to that
all-time high terms of Fiat everyone will be a genius again and they’ll be
they’ll be bragging about it and that will help fuel more people to get in and
those people will complain that you know they bought it a hundred thousand and it
fell down to forty thousand cetera cetera in the future we’ve been through
the cycle many times look up the two hundred ten thousand block theory I
talked about it on the show in the often so check out this runway show calm to
see those old ones alright vention sent five dollars in a
super test thank you very much Adam you should be fair about this and share your
pics with the proletariat if you share you’ll make eighty percent part of the
one percent oh yeah I mean there’s so many people that that want me to do
something like that there’s so many people and there’s that that that that
are envious of people who have made smart decisions and they’re like no it’s
that’s unfair that you’re doing well you should have you should have to share
with everyone else you should have to you should feel guilty about that
you should be you should be guilted in shame because you’re wealthy and you
need to solve the poor people’s problems it’s your responsibility to do that even
though they never listen to you and no it’s yeah it’s total it’s total nonsense
Fenster total nonsense and they’re actually people in the Bitcoin space who
think that way and that’s awesome you know what
because you the space does not discriminate you can you can bring
ludicrous ideas here and it’s may the best man win here if you got a little
Chris idea be ready this is where the big boys play and it will be shot down
and maybe you have to rethink your premise but now I encourage everyone to
look out for yourself look out for yourself try to try to get more don’t
feel bad don’t feel bad you’re doing well if people aren’t listening to you
now and then you know four years later you’re a millionaire that you their
entitlement they have no claim against you they have nothing against all these
people out there and what we’ll talk all these gatekeepers the gatekeepers in the
world say well you can’t be accepted to our society unless you uh you pay the
price you you you have to be guilted and shamed and you have to give up some of
your wealth and then will like you sitting it is overrated totally
they don’t really that’s how you become poor you you won’t be a you won’t be
attorney for Senator long if you care about fitting in how about that alright
thank you for uh again if you like these type of subject matters that vention has
a brought out in me watch these Saturday beyond Bitcoin show
I think we’re gonna have a great one to Saturday I’ve got a lot of stuff written
down it’s always a fun time okay and we got to talk about gold we got to talk
about gold right now before and the gold money is this shift Peter Schiff in
charge of gold money they’ve got a tweet out there that Bitcoin is physically
heavier than gold they’re trying to fight back against Bitcoin with some
really convey convoluted thought process you a link to it below everything I
talked about is linked to below so check it out um anyway they’re trying to fight
back let them let me know and tour to Meester who I’ve mentioned a few times
today he speaks up he likes bold still I mean that’s his prerogative and he tries
to calm these people down and he says in my opinion you guys are too reactionary
this could hurt you I love gold as do many younger investors I don’t know
about that and I have a gold money I’ve had a gold money account since 2011
please give us reasons to continue loving gold without hating on Bitcoin
that is probably a good advice I don’t know good reasons to continue loving
gold to tell you the truth and so let them try to hate on Bitcoin if people
want to you know they want to have rocks still that’s that’s their that’s their
prerogative that’s it no it’s it’s not heavy it’s not
physically heavier than gold but they okay they’re trying to say it is so you
can believe it if you want now you can also believe the world is flat its it’s
ever seven it’s whatever you want whatever you want people now you it’s
just don’t come complain to me in four years that you didn’t understand now
that you’re poor and you that I owe you something I owe you nothing
I owe you that’s that’s what you learn in life you don’t know anything they if
they’re doing the wrong thing yo they ain’t gonna fix
personal responsibilities a new counterculture it’s that simple all
right Vitalik aetherium Vitalik has a comment
about the bsv and I’m always sharing this he because I don’t like the word he
uses as a theory a metalic booter in slams Bitcoin Oh slams bsv I almost said
something else obviously a complete scam alright so why I’m pointing this out is
he is not scared of the lawsuit machine over there he and that is good for him
not to be intimidated again he vowed he values his wealth partially in Bitcoin
he has a Bitcoin he has he knows his wealth isn’t gonna be taken away he
knows that he can’t be sued that if that if once it’s that if Jim Jones tried to
sue him if bsv tried to sue him he would laugh in their faces he’s setting a good
example there he’s he’s speaking his mind and he knows he’s not gonna get –
that would be great it would be hilarious if they tried to uh they tried
what are they gonna take from vitalik and he he could fight it would be yeah
that they would not bait they’re bullies they don’t pick on someone their own
size they don’t pick on someone that’s that bigger than them that they they’re
gonna they’re gonna try to make examples out of whoever to you know try to
intimidate that they’re the the lawsuit machine they’re there they’re compliant
the compliant coins I don’t know why anyone would even want to be a part of
that they’re like the tattletales of cryptocurrency you know this is a
compliant this is going to this is going to go away you know you’re not going
we’re government compliant this coin shouldn’t exist because this is this is
the bsp mentality it’s so weird that people want to be like so compliant and
follow I mean it’s their prerogative to blindly follow what the government says
there are the guys during world war ii who would report the people hiding
jewish people there that that’s that type of mentality that’s what the mall
is I got a report to the I gotta refer to the government we’re gonna be
compliant they were hiding Jews we have to we have to be compliance oh this is
again and that meant there were people like that there there were people like
that that’s the rule let’s report let’s be compliant
there’s this this is it’s amazing I can’t understand I I don’t understand
the nature of compliance in some people and then uh yeah there’s there some P
and that’s definitely taking it to an extreme the hair but it doesn’t end well
compliance all right we didn’t go says did you see did you
see vitalik rapping on Ed Khan I wonder he thought he no I saw people
were trying to tweet about that it’s just noise dude I don’t care what those
personal time you know that he’s he’s dorky he is dorky rap oh wow that’s
that’s surprising that an incredible genius there’s a dorky rap alright
he’s richer than everybody he gets the last laugh trust me
that’s III you know people try to pick on the metallic for like these totally frivolous reasons for less superficial
reasons totally superficial reasons it’s it’s envy it’s ten P of the guy I mean
but I’m not the biggest etherion fan in the world but he’s he’s clearly a genius
all these people are so maybe ik I mean that’s your artists on an argument
alright finally and I say you know speaking about altcoins real quick he
answer yeah centralized ones like PSV but even more centralized like ripple
now this might be better than brick bull the block crypto says let’s see Facebook
plans to create independent foundation to manage its cryptocurrency will charge
members ten million dollar licensing fee for rights to operate node okay that
will probably again that sounds they’re straight up saying it obviously they’re
gonna be very centralized know this sounds a little bit better than ripple
maybe it’s Facebook and that will probably get them into a top ten a top
ten coin even though they’re like supposedly a stable coin there they want
to be plans the to license out the right to operate nodes on its new Krypton
Network currency network charging companies ten
million dollars a piece for the privilege note operators will
also be allowed to send a representative to the independent foundation so they’re
coming up with some foundation I guess that’ll make governments happy that
they’re not that Center it’s independent Israel it really is in Facebook printing
their own money and hopes to launch its network with a hundred nodes generating
a billion dollars in licensing fees be amazing amazing the firm then plans to
use these fees to back its cryptocurrency with a basket of
currencies and low-risk securities from different countries you know what part
of this is gobbly gook I don’t know they basically found a way to raise a billion
dollars okay and they think they found the way to do raise a billion dollars
it’s going to have a lot of money it’s going to be big it’s going if they’re
able to pull this off if people are like oh I want a Facebook node whatever the
heck that is of this private blockchain well it’s off private is public cuz they
say it’s public this way cripple all right whatever they come about they’ll
be all they’ll be people toss in millions of dollars at a time let them
try let them try to do this I think it will be big from this space I think a
lot of it is clearly nonsense and some of you might not even know what they’re
talking about but hey it will bring attention to cryptocurrency if they end
up with the circulating cryptocurrency on their on their tremendous platform
that can be changed into Bitcoin on other platforms on exchanges it will be
good for the space if you want to buy a ten million dollar note node then hey
yeah you can do that you’ll be able to brag to your further might be rich
people and I’ll be like yes ten million dollar Facebook node whatever that is
and romic you finally finally sees I hope that newcomers find this channel as
opposed to the no coin hyper wavers who are telling people to sell their
precious bitcoins but 80 percenters will be 80 percenters no yeah I hope people
find my child too but they won’t they will find all the 80 percenter channels
before mine that’s just that’s the way it works that’s they know how to they
goat they clickbait titles that go with the YouTube
algorithm I don’t do this they do this I am a bit cleaner I am NOT a youtuber
thus the new people 80 percenters they will find the youtubers before they find
a big corner town that like button that’s just the way it is you’re lucky
you’re not lucky you’re smart that you’re here you’re 20% of most likely
well thanks a lot everybody i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video
check out the links section below pound that like button bang that bell button
click on those squares strong hand i will see you guys in the chat right now
crip them dividends

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