The 1 Bitcoin Show- Veritaseum- Ego coin gone predictably wrong, Dan Tapiero on Ethereum ecosystem

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we’ll talk about that later but I know
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podcast version of the show okay movin
movin on movin on ego coin gone horribly
yet predictably wrong back when I was in
Perth in July of 2017
that’s the winter for all you northern
hemisphere yeah it was the winter in
Australia and Nathan and I otherwise aka
the Fundy we were at a get-together with
some ladies and the ladies were asking
us about veritasium oh it was the
greatest thing they said it was the
hottest and latest flavor of the month
and Reggie Middleton was behind it and
they said Oh Reggie and I said what is
this thing you were gonna happen I mean
and they’re all he’s been talking about
it for so long I’m like dudes dudette
just buy Bitcoin don’t be complex and I
went through the whole spiel about how
bitcoin is the real thing that this is
an IC o—- thing that a lot of people
are getting behind this veritasium
because of Reggie because they people
love to get behind these these leaders
in crypto these famous people with these
uh with these gimmicks and you know
Reggie was all over social media
Reggie Middleton you know he was the
dude II total ego coin but it was gogit
was built all around this one
personality what was he really
really explain exactly what it was oh
well oh well today we found out the
truth didn’t we are we really already
knew the truth I mean the 20 percenters
did pound that frickin like button and
you know I could you know those ladies
that were that we’re at the meal with us
I know they’re not they’re not listening
right now they they’re still searching
for the next uh the next Bitcoin they
haven’t learned their lesson yet still
searching for the next Reggie who knows
I wish them well they were nice ladies
and that’s just the way most people are
going to always want to be in the next
Bitcoin they don’t understand bitcoin is
the next Bitcoin and this ICO thing was
so predictable and when these dudes
these fast-talking guys that are cool
you know so cool to hang with egos and
some of them have good intentions but
they’re centralized beyond compare
they’re not Bitcoin who know what the
heck are they even and Nick Carter says
so the SEC finally plunged the dagger
into one of the most comically stupid i
ciose to ever exist veritasium we all
knew it was coming it was just I was
just too optimistic on the timing it was
on my list of coins that I thought would
die him from the 18 coins Eska had an
article on this if he wants a mainstream
about it the US Securities and Exchange
Commission is seeking to freeze assets
of Reggie Middleton organizers of the
fourteen point eight million dollar
veritasium initial coin offering the
block crypto goes on I mean this is all
linked to below SEC files emergency
lawsuit against manatees IAM to stop
spending millions of dollars in ICO
money the sec alleges that veritasium
knowingly misled investors about prior
business success and investor demand for
tokens so again there were people that
were talking old would wretched he’s so
smart he’s been this has been so
successful you know I I don’t I don’t
really care if the SEC is getting into I
think people should learn the darn hard
way they already learned the during hard
darn hard way and this it’s but at least
the supreme recce
attention to one of the biggest icos
that was out there and definitely one of
the biggest that revolved around one big
ego and that it learned her lesson
people really learn your lesson but you
can also go back to my video link to
below from I believe in September of
2017 the 13 to 16 minute mark I should
make a tweet clip of this where I
basically say everything I’m saying
right now about Reggie that’s an ego
coin and that people wouldn’t be cool
Reggie’s cool better buy this thing and
have the 80 percenters we’re gonna keep
on buying it oh so predictable
soap and yet baby what was the price of
Bitcoin back when I was in Perth less
than three thousand dollars what was it
when I was back in when I made the video
in Quebec City than I’m alluding to here
it was less than half of what it is
right now okay but people were tossing
their money in the verities iam it was a
flavor of the month that’s why it’s a
flavor of the month it only lasts a
month dude it doesn’t last it’s not long
term thinking like Bitcoin okay so I
feel bad that people lost with verities
him I warned them you learned the hard
way dudes yeah Reggie Reggie was quite a
marketer there wasn’t he and quite a
marketer and 7 that’s perfect example of
an ego coin found that like button if
you’re gonna fall for the next one I
don’t know what to say I don’t even know
why you watched my show if you’re gonna
but I mean 80% of you gonna do what
they’re gonna do dudes
you just got to keep it simple no fancy
sets or graphics just a Bitcoin strong
hand Bitcoin to the minimum all right
pound that like button and what is this
here is true store some I okay true
story tweeted this out oh this is very
Bitcoin has long been a beacon of hope
for many cypherpunks but is Bitcoin just
recreating the financial disparity we
experienced today tomorrow at 1 p.m.
Pacific Time Pacific time not a shot in
California well uh we died into this and
more in a live true story debate
right so that they’re complaining
instead of competing okay they get are
they’re encouraging that mindset to
complain instead of compete because
they’re worried that the five same
financial disparity that we see in the
world today is going to be happening in
Bitcoin how odd
because anyone can buy Bitcoin right now
and prevent themselves from falling into
that financial disparity from being –
from worrying about income inequality or
net worth in equality okay you’ll have
plenty of darn network net worth if
you’re getting the Bitcoin now okay
so I did a little math for all you
people out there that are that are
worried about it was this exact term
here the financial disparity we
experienced today in the world okay
finance so then the the total wealth
from the planet Earth it totaled total
worth well from the planet earth is over
a quarter of a quadrillion dollars
that’s 200 over 250 trillion dollars
that’s how much all the wealth is on
earth all right imagine imagine if you
could own 121 million of that wealth you
121 million of all the wealth on earth
that would be worse what would that be
worth $1 to own 121 million of 250
trillion dollars oh that would be worth
twelve million dollars your net worth
would be twelve million dollars if you
could own 121 million of all the work
wealth on earth so you have an
opportunity today and that would put you
in the top one percent of net worth of
all Americans okay okay of all Americans
if you were to have be worth twelve
million dollars that would put you in
the top 1% of all Americans so again and
and so buy one Bitcoin is today buy one
Bitcoin today is is putting you in the
it’s owning 121 million of all of the
Bitcoin out there all right so on the
world level of world disparity you’re
be you’ll be in great shape you’ll be
like a rich a super rich American if
today you buy what so where’s this
disparity and yeah and if you only can
afford point one Bitcoin today that
would make you worth one point two
million dollars on the world scale okay
if you owned 120 million now 1 210
million excuse me of all the wealth on
earth that would be one point two
million dollars putting you I’m making
you one of the 10 in terms of households
in America the top 10 percent of
households in America okay so you this
income but this is the thing not not
everyone people are hearing about
Bitcoin so people are looking at I’d
rather spend on some coca-cola or a trip
to Disney World
or whatever and that’s their that’s
their prerogative okay but again you can
spend today what is it where’s big claim
worth right now like eleven thousand
dollars so if you spent $1,100 a Bitcoin
oh but that would be like owning on a
world scale if you were extrapolate that
onto the world scale you would be one of
the 10% richest Americans by just buying
point one Bitcoin so this this is
worrying about financial disparity you
have an opportunity right now bitcoin is
your tea you won’t be one of the poor
ones you’ll be one of the rich ones if
you get point one Bitcoin okay you’ll be
you’ll be in great shape so you won’t
have to be jealous of anybody at all
okay are you going to still complain why
do the wiggle by I have a hundred
thousand or whatever a hundred sixty
thousand bitcoin something like that I
mean you can still complain about that I
guess if you want to that’s not very
healthy but freedom is not fair dudes
freedom isn’t fair so yeah you can
complain about it or you can compete
right now get your point whine to
Bitcoin get your one Bitcoin and you
will be in great finance you’ll be in
great financial shape if you can hang on
to it if you can put it away on your
dress or if you really control your
private key okay all right and you get
crypto dividends by holding it and
I’m not even mentioning that that
additional wealth infusion that you get
okay but indeed freedom is it very in
this work Bitcoin is a world of freedom
you are free to ignore it
but you’re free to get into it to it so
and you’re and you’re free to complain
also and say that oh it’s not fair I
didn’t get into it I didn’t III didn’t
believe it was going to be worth that
much I I didn’t position myself in order
to be one of to make sure that hardly
anyone could have more Bitcoin than I I
could all right whatever it’s open to
anyone so this whole debate that they’re
gonna have I think it’s ridiculous
I think it’s virtually singling I think
it’s trying to fit in you know trying to
get rid of young people have because
they found out about it early supposedly
okay doesn’t feel guilty you’re a you’re
a 24/7 you’re smart you did the research
and together you’re getting rewarded by
getting your piece your substantial
piece of this limited supply truth
machine okay security truth and so
you’re getting a bit and again it’s
still it’s still reasonably priced in
Fiat to get point one or to get one okay
I mean yeah you could watch my own
videos when it was you could get 10 for
$4,100 and your plane that you can’t get
in anymore or you can go over the
statistics that I just gave you and see
what type of position you’re going to be
in in Bitcoin or owning a certain
percentage of Bitcoin what you would be
what it would be like to own a certain
for that same percentage of world wealth
alright so this I I don’t see what these
people are worrying about financial
disparity again compete don’t complain
the workings not free no he’s not fair
yes some people are never gonna find out
about oh oh well you found that about it
do act at Ted you can talk the talk walk
the freakin walk people be in motion
town they’re like mine alright but again
people are free to have debates about
that if you waste your time on those
instead of buying Bitcoin then you get
what you loser comment you can feel good
about yourself that you you didn’t
become rich if that makes you feel good
what kind of world is that again
my world is the world of success if you
want to be in the victim world and I
guess you can feel good and you didn’t
become bridge that you were you were so
true that yeah I didn’t want to give it
I didn’t want to become rich I’m hard
hardcore stupid whatever you wanna call
oh so let’s talk about someone someone
who is hardcore whose true whoo whoo Dan
tap Hierro
again now he’s got something to learn
oh and beforehand link to below is my
let one of my most recent podcasts only
episodes you won’t get it here only an
audio format link to below but going
back to Dan tapi arrow he’s only been on
Twitter for two weeks I found this
Twitter it is linked to below if you
want to start following him he is still
learning it and stuff he’s definitely no
expert on the entire cryptocurrency
space he’s definitely tempted by some of
the severe him stuff that’s out there no
doubt about it he is he’s got an
interesting perspective on it and I’m
gonna share it in a second but first of
all make sure you look at see you can
send them info on Twitter if you want to
tweet Adam on Twitter he’s out there and
he said he’s only been on there for two
weeks although it says he’s been signed
up longer whatever I’m glad he’s on it
he is I mean again he had the best video
of the year in terms of non-technical
talk a Bitcoin that I mentioned last
week numerous times but this is what he
says about aetherium so shows that not
everyone is perfect
or maybe just maybe I mean to me it
really doesn’t matter a theorem is here
to stay and again I don’t care if the
theorems here stay or a theorems not
here I mean there’s so many people love
the rag on it
I mean tom was on my show on this week
at Bitcoin link to below and Friday tech
both back on thb and he’s still ripping
on huh he’s still ripping on aetherium
and there is a tremendous ecosystem
built around that there is no doubt
about it
that there’s a lot I mean I I just met
I’m walking on the streets of Tel Aviv
or I was in synagogue I made as in
etherium developer I mean there are a
lot of people working on it again and I
people are like oh he goes could easily
overtake atheria know I think etherium
is the next in theory I think it’s kind
of a hence whatever is trying to do you
know the world computer or whatever is
trying to do its
way ahead of the supposed people they
could easily replicate it I don’t think
it’s that easy to replicate it tapi era
has this the same love charts and max1
chart on one page of an entire and it’s
an ethereal ecosystem most of my macro
investment contemporaries have never
heard of any of these entities within
five years they will be building their
own charts owning many of the companies
it’s still early for crypto and then he
goes on to say in another tweet
another great visual how can such an
ethereal ecosystem be worth zero as many
on crypto Twitter suggests so I wanted
to take out of this he says most of my
macro investment contemporaries have
never heard of of these entities in
within five years they will be building
their own charts and owning many of
these companies so we can interpret this
as that there are a lot of people in the
huge amounts of money and I brought this
up to town to who maybe they just they
don’t know this crypto stuff at all but
they know it’s the future and they want
to diversify for the sake of the
aetherium is the number two coin they
know or they think that some of the
companies are going to spike so why not
get into them and if thus if they get
into them they add to the pump and with
Caitlyn long said on my show that she
said there will be funds with some of
these top tier all coins in them tone
kind of doubt that I’m more on Caitlyn
sign on that and I’m I’m not saying I
think most of these etherion companies
will fail of course some will succeed so
if you’re some rich billionaire type
friend of a dance why not throw your
money at that stuff it’s the smartest
thing to do which Dan mentioned on that
famous interview was just buy Bitcoin
keep it simple but again some of these
dudes are so fricken wealthy and have
funds that need the diversify for the
sake of diversification what’s the first
thing they’re gonna diversify into
something that’s got a nice huge pretty
chart they don’t understand the huge
ecosystem it’s only second to bitcoins
he do it so he there’s a little bit of
an illusion in there
you know to the future he’s alluding to
the future and his guys they can’t learn
all this stuff okay it’s going to be
overwhelming to them they can’t get to
the simple bottom of of it of it that
the bottom the simple bottom is Bitcoin
okay it’s that simple just hold Bitcoin
instead of giving you the etherion
companies okay these really that simple
but some of these guys want you 10,000
extra turns or whatever and again they
don’t get he still doesn’t get it yet so
this is a little taste of the future
that ethereal probably real pump again
because of guys like this and because of
I mean they do a good job marketing
themselves a theory of the people like
this they always have okay this is this
doesn’t this isn’t do anything you know
because I’m telling you the truth about
what other people do you know not
everyone can be a perfect 24 Center I on
the other hand this is change my opinion
a big play at all I still say that I
would never touch this etherium nonsense
I would never touch these companies
they’re not so much of is nonsense old
man but there are interesting things on
there you know ether Delta or whatever
um where you trade that you forget
what’s even called um and I played
around there once it is kind of neat
some of the things you can do with
aetherium and the whole butyl a little
but make your own IC or whatever as it’s
a mint as as it became it’s kind of cool
and people are intrigued by that you
know there’s a lot of different
directions people can go with ethereal
compete don’t complain I say and I
welcome their competition I welcome them
to build products they’re not building
the ultimate security truth machine that
is already Bitcoin and that’s when you
want to build around but they can build
their own products and maybe they will
come up with also this is a
technological golden age and again it’s
not just in cryptocurrencies and
nanotechnology its health related stuff
space exploration so why can’t it be in
whatever back aetherium good luck to
them good luck to them bday eat a
Pierrot seems to have some interest in
it and seems to be implying that his
buddies will get into it one day
and you can hate all night if you want
to and fine
Adelman but just make sure you have
Bitcoin when you’re hating I think that
mental you know like hate on it and not
getting Bitcoin is a complete waste of
your time a over on Steven I’m so
posting these things live basic well not
lie but it Quinn Meister I saw him on
Steam it still hoping for some of the
one day build a a social media platform
that incorporates Bitcoin or
cryptocurrency in some very productive
way hey all right
you as what is this oh here’s an
Argentine tweet from Kruger contrary to
the popular belief Bitcoin awareness in
Argentina is extremely low outside of
the tech industry where it is high and
the Argentine Bitcoin market is
accordingly small or Argentina is a
quasi dollarized economy as I pointed
out that they very much love taking my
dollars instead of me paying for my bus
in in pesos when I was down there
Argentines are obsessed with and hedged
with the dollar and he goes on to say
that Bitcoin needs more marketing down
there that people just not enough people
know about it ok so the tech people are
in the Bitcoin they’re the elite holders
down there and I gotta say if you’re if
you respect the dollar more than the
peso okay you’re on the right track but
if you want to be the ultimate down
there dudes the Bitcoin will produc for
protecting wealth much worser than the
dollar dollar inflates too just not as
fast as the frickin peso obviously but
she points out and I saw this too with
my own eyes and Buenos Aires it’s very
easy to get how all the dollars down
there – you just got the standard
whatever you get dollars it’s not as
easy to get Bitcoin not as many people
know about Bitcoin doesn’t mean that
people won’t be into it does it mean you
know it’s it’s so low bitcoin buying
down there right now is true percent of
the population of Argentina wakes up the
Bitcoin that would be huge for Bitcoin
it can make a tremendous difference and
you know the way things are plunging
down there it might market itself real
soon who knows but if you’re in
Argentina and
we’ve had guests from our town here
before maybe they returned um Jorge we
spread the word spread the word it’s uh
more people need to find out about it
down there because it’s a better it’s
better than the dollar in terms of
preserving your wealth again here in the
United States the smart the smart people
we’re preserved we’re not preserving our
wealth and dollars were preserving it in
uh in the best thing possible Bitcoin so
Argentine Argentines you don’t have to
settle for second best again and it’s a
very interesting insight into the
mentality or the financial mentality of
people of the world they love the dollar
they love the dough in order to is that
I said it’s a serious company country
it’s gone through very serious economic
problems so a lot of twenty four
senators know what they’re doing it’s
got respect and that’s why the United
States the dollar isn’t going anywhere
people for those of you think there’s
look at this a major cut a major country
the smart hands the smart heads whatever
you want to call them are depending on
the dollar I mean it says a lot about
the dollars but again why settle for
second-best sound from the bat the best
is big time that like button what else
do we have that’s it yeah that is the
end of the show I believe I’m just
making sure all right i’m adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember subscribe this channel and like
this video share this video check out
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