The 1 Bitcoin Show- The Cryptopia hack continues! Bakkt & altcoins? Schnorr

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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January the 29th 2019 Val your wealth in
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let’s get into this and yeah I think I’m
gonna have 12 rotmeister calm really
soon if this is not the 1200 1200 I
don’t even know I’ll have to check that
out after his show yes I talked a lot
about Bitcoin don’t I I love it baby I
love it
I got that strong hand and I’m giving
you guys the strong hand power too
so Matt Odell gives us another reason to
have a strong hand
she says nor those are snore signatures
should make coin join transactions
cheaper than regular Bitcoin
transactions the witness a did he say he
said it should not it could it should
make that let let that sink in for a
moment sending a transparent transaction
will be more expensive than sending an
obfuscated one that’s my kind of
incentive it actually happens if you hit
if it’s cheaper to send a private or
semi-private transaction one that’s
obfuscated than a regular one then yeah
everyone’s going to try to out into the
obfuscated one
then let’s I’ll believe it when I see it
that bring all these snore signatures
all right
also we’re elite remember that it starts
with one Bitcoin then you get ten your
elite who knows when you really these
days I made a video a long time ago
about be having ten Bitcoin being elite
but you know one of these days you’re
gonna be elite with one Bitcoin so why
not get started right now I just like to
say the word elite okay so here is an
article that’s pretty deep it’s from
Arjun Arjun has been on the show he’s
been on this show before and he’s
getting into it what’s called a conflict
of crypto visions why do we fight a
framework suggest deeper reasons so he
really gets into this some like deep
beyond Bitcoin reasons why people are
fighting over certain aspects of Bitcoin
and crypto currencies so passionately I
gotta say it’s a long article and it’s
probably not for everyone
and I would recommend if you’re into
those type of things in the
philosophical arguments read it but the
bottom line is and I’ve stated this many
arguments waste of time waste of time
don’t get into the drama land trick
Twitter okay it’ll all work out have
your strong hand some of these things
can be very distracting some of them
just turn into a bunch of crypto noise
and weaken your hand but read the
article anyway some of you might want to
read this deep article hey there’s not
that much going on today so I had to
share that although there’s always a lot
going on in Bitcoin it just depends what
I stumble upon during my preparation is
what you get here you know what it’s
original stuff you get this kind of
stuff nowhere else I’m not reading coin
desk in fact I forgot to look at coin
desk today just remember that pound that
like but I do look at it whatever you
know but I didn’t look at it today being
a busy day here and yes I know a lot of
email me a lot about a lot of different
things a lot of projects they want me to
be involved in dues it takes me a while
to get back to people I’m sorry there’s
a lot of stuff going on in my life and I
do appreciate it always feel free to
email me Adam at trees or help calm but
it’s just if people are sending me to
and I can’t you know it’s hard I can’t
give everybody the full response on time
that they want a plan in this weekend
big coin just a lot of juggling a lot of
things here but baby in the end of the
day you’re gonna get a new show every
day that’s what you’re gonna get from me
pound that like button and you’re gonna
get this weekend Bitcoin every Friday or
maybe Thursday night I’m still working
on some other ideas okay now here is
something I want to bring up I didn’t
realize that on the the ice page there
is a backed product description ice
futures us offers physically deliver
daily future contracts on Bitcoin traded
in Bitcoin US dollars subject to
regulatory approval okay so yeah I
didn’t know this page existed you can
read a little bit more about what the
back to what the product is and about
ice futures on this page now when when
thinking about didn’t it be bring
approval and and and you know this is
going to happen one day
i knows when i don’t you know i don’t
try to say what day the back product is
actually gonna be in existence again you
can read about it there but one day it
will happen but then i read this uh this
block stream comm post okay and it has
to do with ice and of course ice is was
as IntercontinentalExchange and they’re
the ones that are bringing us back ok so
just keep the connection involved in
your mind here so here we go this is
what block straight stream had to say
the cryptocurrency data feed is a
partnership between block stream and
IntercontinentalExchange and that’s ice
delivering best-in-class
time and historical trade data for the
world’s leading cryptocurrency venues 58
crypto assets and 19 fiat currencies
supported now what the heck is this
what is it black stream is giving us a
has created some product with ice that
updates traders or individuals
interested in crypto currencies with the
58 crypto assets prices of 58 crypto
assets why these 58 crypto assets why
ice now I always thought you know that
they would have their Bitcoin products
and they probably have some top-tier
eventually I mean is this part of the
planet are they gonna have 58 different
crypto currencies soon enough once a
pact is launched or they’re gonna be is
there gonna be a lat and a rat and a
Manero what’s going on here hey so yeah
check that out maybe it’s just
coincidence maybe uh maybe ice just
likes to be involved with crypto Kurt
with all coins for the heck of it I
don’t know what that’s all about
check it out black stream they did with
black stream you know every everybody
says everybody comes up with our
conspiracies about block stream man it’s
usually has nothing to do with all coins
and I’ve just I think that the
conspiracies about black streamer
completely ridiculous of course but
again this is a real thing this is a
real product crypto currency data feed
is a partnership between block stream
and ice what’s it mean for the future I
mean are there gonna be 58 crypto assets
that are in the top tier of all coins
heck no I mean that’s that seems wild
but I’m sure Sophie I’m not reading off
all 58 of them you can check out the
link yourself I’m sure to get some
people’s hopes up point is the next
Bitcoin though remember that people okay
so here is a blog elementa CEO and it’s
about the crickets this crypto key crypt
hacker strikes again today 15 day this
was yesterday I guess today 15 days
after the initial breach another 17,000
crypto current trip Tokyo wallets were
drained of 1675 aetherium conclusions
and you can read the whole article the
whole blog post but here their
conclusions those are very important
all right conclusions though crypto piya
remains silent two things are now
apparent as we suspected crypto piya no
longer has control of their etherium
wallets and the hacker still does unless
and until the thieves are caught we
expected any fun sent to croteau piya
will remain at risk now why on earth
with people still be sending funds to
crypto pia two weeks after it was hacked
and what you can’t even see it anymore
Oh read on – despite the hack many
crypto BIA users continue depositing
funds into their Assyria wallets in just
the two hours since this hack took place
since since the hacker removed some
aetherium from those athenian wallets
many of the very same ethereal wallets
that were just hacked have already been
topped up with more either why do people
continue sending funds to crypto pia
despite their having been a very public
security breach most of the funds are
coming from mining pools presumably the
these payments are being sent on behalf
of miners who opted to receive their
rewards automatically via direct deposit
and have since forgotten about it
alright this is unbelievable i mean ii
well first of all that i mean the hack
is still going on it’s clearly cobia
does not have control of this over the
situation if the the etherium hacker
still has control over the the etherium
wallets at crypto via that is very bad
is also very bad that there are people
out there who say they are miners and
their that the etherium that they are
mining they foolishly sent have it set
up that once it’s mine it gets sent to
an aetherium address at an exchange they
could have it sent to their freakin own
a theory I’m addressed do they even have
their own aetherium addresses these so
called mud this dis baffles my mind and
that they still these people still
boggles my mind these people still they
don’t realize this hack even happen to
control your own private key this is the
ultimate in that lesson look how this is
the complete opposite of controlling
your own private key these dudes they
think they’re big-time miners and stuff
and all their aetherium that they’re
mining they think it’s that it’s it’s
not very important to them clearly
because they don’t have it sent to their
own address they’ve had it sent to a
crypto PIA address they think is theirs
but they better wake up soon and realize
that it’s not theirs and they’ve lost
all their freaking aetherium and they’re
still losing everything day this is
unbelievable and it’s just another
reason you know Pierrot I want to be a
miner I want to be this I want to be
dude look look at the complexities
involved in this look at how these
people these people are probably never
even send a Bitcoin before that that’s
that’s what happens to you when you
don’t know how to send the Bitcoin and
you get into a theory of mining you end
up being one of these coops okay this is
this is kooky this is crazy I can’t
believe it yeah just what it would have
been the prob what would have been so
hard back in the day if these ethereal
miners just would have created their own
aetherium address got all their theory
I’m sent there and then you know one day
they sent it to me you know they don’t
value their wealth in aetherium at all
they don’t value their wealth in a
theater and all these so-called ethereal
miners who have it sent to an exchange
to either turn it into dollars or turn
it in the Bitcoin I mean this is the
ultimate example of you know that they
they you think they care about a theorem
is there a theory of mind they’ll give a
darn they want to turn it into something
else as quick as possible and
greed has made them skip the very
important step of controlling your own
private key control Meredith your
private key they would not be in this
situation but even though the situation
is so public they still don’t realize
that they’re sending their aetherium to
an address they don’t have they don’t
control and now is controlled by a
hacker unbelievable good research by
these dudes lesson learned by some I
guess by some town that like button
alright yeah so yeah all these people
say yeah I’m part of a mining pool good
luck to you dudes good luck to you
another crypto complication buy-and-hold
Bitcoin don’t don’t don’t be part of a
freaking aetherium mining pool and have
your theory I’m sick day and you know
your mark here you want with you their
dollars you want Bitcoin clearly if
you’re sending it immediately to some
exchange all right that is it dudes
nobody had any questions out there I
should be commissioners disrupt meister
remember since friends channel its abuse
Shay’s video check out the links below
bang that Bell button pound that like
button click on those squares you see
right now and I will say hi to the dudes
that are in the chat and have a show
tomorrow of course

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  1. Good pumped up show as usual. Just read that Fidelity is due to launch its Bitcoin custody service in March – ref article from cointelegraph – on a more controversial note, the article below shows the increasing global appeal of Bitcoin

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