The 1 Bitcoin Show- The Bcash war- the bigger picture, Ethereum, BTC is SOV!

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November the 11th 2018 a good day for a
bar mitzvah some would say if it was on
a Saturday like it was once strong hand
long-term thinking one Bitcoin equals
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Chile right now let’s start with some
positive stuff before we get into this
be cash stuff just to get you I want to
get you guys all warmed up with good
goodness first Marty Bennett who has
obviously been only this week in Bitcoin
show a few times check out the old shows
and the archives of course he says
Bitcoin has the strongest attributes of
any store of value the world has ever
seen this fact is not widely understood
when it is more widely understood
be prepared to witness a rotation of
capital the likes of which mankind has
never seen okay that’s pretty positive
yeah one day a lot of people are gonna
wake up
that is a huge great story about value
and there’ll be a great shift into it
will it be very sudden who knows how
soon will it happen who knows that’s why
you gotta have a strong hand a long-term
thinking type of mentality and not be
impulsive and not get a we can because
here’s something about be cash or
there’s some lunatic the saying he’s
going to destroy every crypto honoring
the stuff that’s coming out these days
you can weaken people’s hands but I’m
starting out with stuff
it’s just strength in your hands think
long term you know we’ve had we had wild
men come and go from this space before
we’re gonna have wild men come and go
again they are passing Bitcoin is the
constant bitcoin is the constant alright
pound that frickin like button if you uh
you want to hear another positive tweet
from someone that some of you might not
enjoy that much but hey I’ve learned a
lot from the guy over the years I he’s
maybe changed a little bit in his tune
over the years Vinny lingham of all
people yes he’s got a fun fact he shares
more wealth will be created in crypto
over the next ten years than over the
prior ten years think about that but
remember like any success story it’s not
going to be a straight line up keep
believing and just be patient well that
is good I’m glad Vinny says keep
believing and just be patient but
sometimes people I think they thought
that maybe he hasn’t kept believing and
that he hasn’t been patient maybe with
Bitcoin he has it but crypto he
definitely has hey whatever I’ll take
the positive keep believing and just be
patient and pound that like button all
right so this PCAST shop for coming up
on November 15th we’ve been talking
about it for a long time and now people
are really talking about it and it’s
becoming obscene on a certain level and
again the dirty language that think
Satoshi he’s gonna foul-mouthed he’s
really got a foul mouth
and it just makes you wonder but anyway
we did that that’s neither here nor
there I was just pointing that out I you
could talk anyway he wants to personal
responsibilities in new counterculture
okay but what does all this mean for the
crypto space in general was a lot of you
were saying I know about beach as we
cache it matters it does it at this
point it matters because you know people
have given the guy attention and oh you
know and I’ve said this is about king of
the troll is just ignore him that’s why
I don’t even use king of the trolls real
name and I’m not gonna use fake satoshis
real name either was I’m not gonna give
him that type of attention that he
craves and you know what I think it’s
becoming very apparent that fake Satoshi
a craves attention much more so than
king of the trolls and it means
something completely different for fake
Satoshi I mean he’s out for revenge he
is out to prove some point to get back
and you know he might just be a total
psychopath or sociopath also throw that
in there awesome but he’s kidding he is
like the little kid that isn’t getting
his way so if he can’t have the lollipop
no one can have the lollipop he’s going
to destroy the lollipop so no one can
enjoy if there’s something and this is
the you know he this is there’s a
childís approach I mean maybe he had
some childhood issues that he hasn’t
resolved yet I don’t know but they okay
so going back here going we’re not gonna
have a psychological analysis of thank
Satoshi that would be he should go on a
stefan molyneux show ah so what what can
we learn from all this okay we can learn
what a hash war if there’s ever gonna be
other hash Wars how they gonna turn out
the posturing involved this is an
experiment playing out in front of us –
it’s a it’s a learning we can learn from
it will it delay people from taking the
cryptocurrency space seriously or will
there be
articles that are going to confuse
Bitcoin and be cached because of all
this and I say yes to both okay and I
say they’re going to be people get very
confused are you gonna want to be in a
new financial paradigm where a guy
claiming to be the creator of this
paradigm he has a foul mouth and his
threatening destroy something that he
calls Bitcoin because he’s saying big I
mean if you’re not in this face like we
are you can interpret this misinterpret
this in many different ways
there will be articles that what it is
craziness actually happens and the the
face of toshi side of the chain messes
up the ABC side of the chain they’re
gonna say that Bitcoin was hacked okay
you don’t believe ya people were totally
confuse it so know that he’s didn’t put
on this pedestal that so much attention
has been paid and again if there was a
point when it was all intriguing but
it’s gone too far at this point and so
this is not helpful for the crypto space
on the in the short term it’s not it’s
not people are not gonna want to buy
cryptocurrency when they start to see
this guy and all the stuff that’s been
out there watch the tone base interview
that I linked to below is a very good in
tone interviews him okay so and I and so
here doesn’t my notes from this some
things that I took from the interview
the fake Satoshi calls tone brings up
some developers names or something and
immediately think Satoshi gets very
defensive and he calls other people con
men he calls this dude a con man and
says that the con man just wants
he just wants Fame this Cod fake
September she calls someone a con man
who just wants Fame just think about
that for a second there’s a lot of
you know the sociopathic psychopathic
people they will accuse people of
exactly what they are exactly what they
are so I mean I mean that there’s a lot
of variables out there that somehow that
a kid the the ABC side could win this
semi right now it looks like the SV side
has more hash power okay but there ways
that they could trade that the ABC side
could change the mining out drive herd
all of these suggestions and what fake
Satoshi he has is his bluster during the
interview you know seeing that he’s done
just yelling at Rocketman room saying
you know that basically he’s got more
money than him he’s got a bigger amount
than him basically I mean and so I think
and I know that this Calvin dude that
fake Satoshi has somehow piled up with I
mean this is what these type of people
do they pal up with powerful people and
they use them for their money and then I
mean without Calvin I guess I mean this
fake toad is there any proof to think
still she has any money
besides this Calvin dude and so he just
keeps him like really using foul
language toward a rocket man woo just he
has to have this bluster that that’s
part of this hash for psychology I guess
now we’re bigger than you we’re gonna
crush you everyone should support us but
at the end at the very end of the tunnel
baby’s video he reminds everyone even
though he’s the richest dude in the
whole world and then he can crush the
rocket man woo and he can crush ABC and
he can crush everybody and he can crush
other altcoins
that he encourages people to join the
SVP sv the SV pool if you want to stick
it he says this I’ll even say the guys
name if you want to stick it to Jihan
join the SV pool so he’s the richest
dude in the world he’s so rich he’s got
all the money he can crush jihad on his
on his own but hey guys just a case all
you gonna do is out there come join us
when we need you shortly okay
so I get so this his blood is definitely
bluster the guys got an inflated ego he
I mean he wants to win he wants his
eager to crush all the other pretty good
who’s out there
okay so it’s sickening it’s sickening on
that level it really is because it does
the space really need this type of
activity just to see what a hash for one
end I don’t know
again in the short term in terms of Fiat
price the the price of beef hash has
gone down since he’s really since he’s
ramped it up the price of beef hash has
gone down and when this could have been
a brain free crypto give me that he
could have been great fun for all but
know that he wants to crush the other
side he wants to do he’s got the real
beat she’s got the real because okay and
so out of this other others not so nice
stuff is born okay there’s something
called the shark pool and I linked to
this shark pool shark pool miners will
addictive it to the tweets you took a
sharp pull miners will exclusively mine
empty blocks on alts and sell the
profits for Bitcoin it says and then in
parentheses it says BCH so this is one
of those people though again sign up
free releases and get hundred percent
off the block rewards for a year and the
linckia shark pool – hashtag empty your
blocks pull cash okay so that there’s a
guy this this dude wants to have a pool
that destroys other or the destroys all
coins well that’s fun that’s real nice
stuff there you know I like Bitcoin I’m
confident enough in my Bitcoin in the
real Bitcoin that I don’t need encourage
people to go destroying other people’s
all coins I like experimentation okay
I’m not I’m not here to destroy other
people man I mean again his purse was
from personal responsibility is a new
counterculture if you’re acting like the
crypto jerk of the world and you’re
inspiring other people being crypto
jerks it’s not good that’s the path
you’ve chosen I’m telling you it’s not
gonna be something end well for you it’s
probably not gonna end very well for you
and if you don’t in a lot of different
ways and I don’t care if you don’t you
know about having friendships or
whatever fine you don’t have any friends
that’s great that’s great but
financially it’s not gonna turn out well
for those dudes either that are taking
this that are that are into the
destructive nature it’s just not a
positive thing and it’s you know and
they can do what they’re going to do
because I am I am confident that good
people and logical people and people
that aren’t sociopaths I want to destroy
other people out of jealousy or because
they had a bad childhood or something
and that the good will prevail and all
of this but now this sharp pool and he
even met tone asked um and again shark
pool is not fake Satoshi’s thing it’s
another guy’s thing but he seemed to
like it he was down with it
and this is this is the thing with it
with a guy with it did eat was an ego
that has no end okay
or so she had her psychopathy or
whatever you want to call them dad
you know if he destroys beat he’s gonna
want to destroy other things he’s
discouraged you know show to the world
he basically was to show that he is
Satoshi that’s it that he’s so powerful
that he could say my power means I’m
Satoshi even though I’m not really
I’m the equivalent of Satoshi in power
so he in the long run he’s gonna it’ll
it’ll ramp up to where he is going to
try to coordinate if he’s successful
with all this stuff and I don’t think I
don’t know if he’ll be successful to be
cash thing he’s gonna try to attack the
big coin or he’s gonna threaten he’s
gonna posture in a way just like he’s
faking it until he makes it okay fake it
until you make again
he’s got Calvin and apparently Calvin’s
a billionaire or whatever but it’s
another level of thinking it until you
you could use something similar to big
and I didn’t know I don’t know all the
technicalities because of the block size
limitation on Bitcoin apparently it’s
protected I’ve been told that such a
thing could not happen that this whole
scenario would not play out as some
people are for seeing it to play out
again I’m not concerned about thank
Satoshi doing anything bad to Bitcoin
what I don’t like is the psychology here
he’s winning the psychological war
leading up to when he starts to try to
threaten Bitcoin okay
that if he builds himself up on this
false pedestal of power okay and again
and too many people are obsessed with
power I didn’t care about power he will
put himself in a position that he was
scared people won’t be scared of the
dude that he can do something too big
point which he can’t I see my 90 will do
anything to beat Ash and for all we know
okay so I’m just I’m giving you a little
black this is why it’s interesting to
study all of this and this is why it’s
interesting to bring out all the truth
on all this and to not you know some
people are like the enemy of my enemy is
my friend a lot of people dislike Rocket
Man woo and and what’s-his-face can’t
even troll so much that they’re like
yeah let’s support SV even though we
like Bitcoin and really don’t care about
because you know I wouldn’t go down that
road I wouldn’t go down that road at all
to give this fee disguise ego in any in
any other way you know the way I see it
if you have some be cash left hope that
both of them actually is a fork and you
know and so Lindner is also saying this
simple solution to all of this is if is
if that ABC just calls off the fork and
then says to all the exchanges hey
there’s this there’s a bad actor who’s
trying to fork off where the real big
cash don’t listen and I would believe at
that point they know it would list this
maniacs coin at all but could they still
destroy the be cash
and I again I don’t know that answer but
again Ansel Ansel is just laughing at
all this which okay Ansel has been right
many times in the past and you know it
is a laughable situation on a certain
level again that all of a sudden all
these people are like oh yeah thanks of
Coe she’s so great he’s so great it just
shows you how fast people can get behind
a strongman type leader a guy with a
bunch of bluster a guy with a just just
put poop poop on his chest out air show
how big he is sure how great he is you
know again collectivism is that is the
default of humanity when they see some
big talk and there’s so many people
there oh he’s so right he’s so great
he’s super smart this guy came out of
nowhere saying he was Satoshi Nakamoto
for god sakes and in more you know more
and more on one side we’ve got some of
the stragglers like king of the trolls
are like oh yeah maybe he isn’t uh is
this Satoshi but then we’ve got all
these other people that are just getting
behind his cult of personality here and
he’s just if you watch that tone Bay’s
video I don’t see honey anybody in their
right mind can get behind such a person
you know I don’t see it at all so
foul-mouthed individual who is just
statin called sane other people want to
become famous he’s the one and I just
watched it again watch the video and you
know it’s clear the guy there’s a lot of
bluster and it could be a completely
fake it until you make it type of
situation yet you’ve got all these
people on Twitter that yo he’s
definitely the right this is how you do
it this is how you do it
the fake Satoshi with yes and so yeah no
doubt when a guy who you go like that he
wants to take over the real Bitcoin you
will never do but you know then the next
best thing I guess he thinks his be cash
but it puts him in a position you feel
he will people one day if he gets his
way to be cash if he gets his way to be
guess he will threaten Bitcoin would
they he will threat it won’t be a
legitimate threat but some people will
consider it
again it’s just amazing how many people
and and this is again and this is
getting into politics like it’s a little
bit but again you can like Trump as much
as you want you but from this situation
can you see why certain intellectual
left this out there don’t like don’t
like to see this blind pile into people
getting behind Trump what they what they
fear they have seen it in the past
before where these strong men come along
and they can tell the people anything
they can be the biggest liars in the
world and propose the most drastic
horrific final solutions possible and
normal people get behind them and start
killing their neighbors that’s I mean
again I’m no leftist or anything like
that and it just it just boggles the
mind that people can get behind so
blindly leadership like this how I can
people who have such bluster and who
really are just talking a big game and
it’s total BS but they can get people to
do anything for them and that is a
really scary aspect of humanity and and
I should be talking about I’m talking
about that on yesterday’s show and again
I’m not ripping on Trump or anything
like that I’m just I’m just showing you
the other side why some of these
intellectual leftists
you know they have a there is a fear and
we’re seeing in our own crypto community
but people getting behind this dude like
this I mean it’s it’s reading some of
the tweets under his stuff his stuff now
and your and listen to like Ryan X
Charles and people like that and the guy
up for the Nakamoto Institute what’s
that guy’s name it’s ridiculous that
they get behind such kids such a person
but again I mean you got to give the guy
credit he leaped on to this uh this
Calvin guy some you gotta have a money
guy I guess I mean he might not be he’s
got such a cold person now I know he
might not need any any money he could
just pretend he’s got a billion dollars
of people are saying he’s got a billion
daughter because he’s pretending he’s
unbelievable all right so I mean I’ve
almost given this way too much attention
here but again when Outsiders look about
you know we’re talking about bakbox
bactin the financialization of bitcoin
yeah when they see something like this
going on it’s something they’re gonna
speed up the process okay it’s not it
this isn’t gonna make people look more
eager to get into the crypto space it’s
gonna make people more hesitant so
before you think oh yeah you know I I
don’t like I dislike King the troll so
much let me get behind this dude think
think long and hard about that because
it’s it’s not helping it’s not gonna
help the progress of Bitcoin but hey
first responsibility is the new
counterculture I want you Jen it’s your
own decision maybe this weekend Bitcoin
will also be at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time
and it looks like that’s one of the
Kemba will be on from Zimbabwe and money
Triggs will actually make it this time
at 11 a.m.
hey I’m saying early we’ll have a
surprise too I think there’s gonna be a
– person Oh it’ll be it’ll be a while at
Wacken time okay here’s a the bigger the
block the more of a head start the minor
creating it has fake Satoshi will not
mine empty blocks you will mine 32 MV
blocks full of junk to favor his own
pools I guess be cashiers need to learn
the danger of big blocks the hard way
and that’s from guy rid guy or Vic yeah
there’s a there’s a lot of big point
people out there saying if you book
these are the dangers of big blocks now
you know that this guy is able to have
these legitimate threats and everything
yeah that it’s good that bitcoin did not
go down to be cash path let’s I mean
we’ve known that all along but I guess
now it’s really uh it’s really playing
out there okay we talked about uh what
ansel suggestion was via normani this
VIN Armani guy has a video about the
situation and I’d link to it below you
check it out on your own
he he considers a very very serious
situation again I and and he brings up
the point that they’re gonna start to
attack other altcoins also and I think
he mentions like pointed – by name now
he’s not saying he’s due he’s saying
that these guys are going to do it
the fake Satoshi dudes because their
their ego so yeah that’s another thing
for that for the all coin people sitting
on the sidelines saying oh yeah let’s
let’s let’s get behind this strong man
yeah you’ll get rid of a he’ll get rid
of a king of the trolls and uh like a
man whoo but then Daniel and then you’ll
attack you’re freaking all coin dude I
mean they can do with everybody that
they can do what they’re gonna do
I mean we’ll see how this all plays out
I think it’s I think it’s ridiculous to
threaten other altcoins right why do you
got to do something like that I mean
what if they have the hash to do it then
I guess they’re gonna do it they got the
money I guess they’re gonna do it maybe
but I I think with the sensible members
of the crypto community will get behind
all solutions to save legitimate all
coins that are being attacked in this
fashion with you know and there’s ways
to encourage exchanges like not to
especially with this be casting not to
list the the SV version of be cash
there’s there’s there’s ways there in
this ways you know to say hey if if
they’re being attacked and they switch
their mining algorithm then that is the
real litecoin or that is the real
whatever that they got attacked that had
to change its mining algorithm and and
everyone will accept that and so that
they’ll they’ll stop doing these type of
and again these attacks have not
happened yet this is all theoretical and
it could all be bluster it could all I
mean there could be nothing behind this
I mean the thing that is curious is that
this Calvin guy is a billionaire so he
he wants to waste a lot of money and it
is just
and here fake Satoshi saying we will
first of all be tax isn’t gonna work at
after this fork and not that many people
use it but if he is warring on he’s
having a hash war or be cash it’s just
not gonna work
you’re not gonna be able to move it or
you might lose your B cash it is going
to be y will throw your be cash holders
out there that are because users that
need to move it around it’s like you if
I can’t have my way no one can have it
no one can have it I’ll destroy
everything like a big baby a big baby if
I can’t have my way that I’m gonna fall
I’m gonna have a big tantrum and say
that I’m the biggest the best and I’m
just gonna stall everything said no one
can have anything we’ll just be a big
stall Festa no one will get anything
done until I get my way Thanks at oshi
so if you’re interested in the prices
you can even look it up a coin market
cap now the futures and since he was on
the tone base show actually he the the
price of the SV still the ABC version is
favored by everyone like a lot but the
SV has moved up a lot in the futures
again so there’s a lot of traders out
there that think this is a bunch of
bluster that that they’re not gonna have
the miners to do this it will be
interesting to see how it plays out but
this guy is just a rotten part of the
crypto space there is no doubt about it
just a rotten part and I know since he’s
around for he will eventually fall off
and go away how long will that take what
damage will be done in the meantime
again if be cash stops working on the
15th eye he could be good for Bitcoin
there but I think it could cause stories
that come out that bitcoin is not
working so it might be bad for big again
dude I don’t want to see me Josh
destroyed I don’t get it’s just an off
coin for God’s sakes it’s just an office
I understand that if something with the
name Bitcoin and it gets destroyed that
he’s not going to be good at least in
the short term for the big coin space
for the Bitcoin it’s just going to cause
a lot of fun and I don’t like to see
people who are you know have nothing to
do with all this man this get freaked
out by all this madness because they
don’t understand it and then lose their
Bitcoin and then watch this darn video
in the year 2025 and be like oh my god
it really was just a blip on the radar I
shouldn’t have you know worried no well
if you’re watching this in 2025 I hope
it turns out I hope it’s smooth on the
15 but I’ve got a I don’t think it’s
gonna I think it’s gonna be some there’s
gonna be more ridiculousness
leading up to it how about that so but
the VIN Armani again and Ansel ripped
make made a remix of the VIN Armani
video also which is pretty funny that
you guys check out so be ok let’s get
back let’s get back but I knows people
don’t want to hear probably a lot of you
don’t want to hear about this too much
but again he does affect the holes it’s
rotten to the core we don’t need
something that rotten so close to us
have a strong hand and hold Bitcoin and
only Bitcoin Selby trash that’s from the
great Craig ship calm Craig ship calm
out at his undisclosed location near
Camp David Maryland he sent five bucks
Thank You Craig I was actually thinking
about you pretty recently I hadn’t heard
and heard from me for a while that’s
good then I’m glad to see you and the
super Jack when we have here
BTC sessions has a good tweet out there
and it’s used many of you may be looking
at this list and wondering what the f
are all those someone will be doing the
same thing to a list of your bags in a
couple of years and he’s a list of like
the top 10 all coins from probably 2013
and a lot of newbies are like what the
heck is this well you know in a few
people look back on the ouvea current
top 10 and they’ll be like what the heck
are some of these not all of them no I
think that some of the top tier ones
will stick around but who knows
alright but it’s a good tweet check it
out here is a video stefan molyneux
interviewed he what is this guy the guy and i’m bringing this up
because the minds dot got caught but dude they have their own token
on aetherium and and they’re definitely
believers in aetherium so you’re going
to keep this is one of the reasons that
ethereal will publican is that you’ve
got these tech guys out there that
aren’t necessarily crypto guys but have
used aetherium in a major way on in
their business and they’re going to talk
about it in interviews where people
don’t know about crypto and they’re
going to hear about a theorem they’re
gonna be like wow this is pretty this
sounds pretty legitimate it’s powering –
comets you know and other interviews who
knows so when I just you know I’m always
happy to hear about cryptocurrency on
non cryptocurrency related shows but it
didn’t make me think like yeah a theorem
has enough people that have played
around on it with tokens that they’re
all over the world
being interviewed by people and they’re
gonna mention their token and then I
mentioned a theory on and it’s just the
seeds of aetherium have been planted in
a lot of tech people and semi tech
people that get interviewed and are
gonna use the word of theory um and it’s
got a public it’s just it’s already out
there that cats out of the bag and again
will will it succeed in everything that
it wants to do in the world I don’t know
but for now they’ve got their name out
there and people are gonna keep talking
about their name and people who don’t
understand a bit
is the next Bitcoin well here the name
of theory I may be like I can just go on
coinbase it by this aetherium thing
because the guys use it yeah
that was my theorem thoughts of the day
Soho well Panda this is from last week
and I don’t know this is true or not and
what this meat you know because it says
bid Maine is urgently deploying ninety
thousand s nine miners in a desperate
move to try to win the upcoming hash
hash war on beat ash this news was
already picked up yesterday by Chinese
media but I haven’t seen any reporting
yet on Western news sites I don’t know I
don’t know again I I there’s only so
much that it Maine can do because you
know they’re gonna go public soon and
they have limitations apparently on what
they could even spend money on the fight
I mean if you’ve got investors in your
company they they don’t want you
fighting a hash for probably I I don’t
so that that was I meant to share that
last week that sweet but I thought I
would bring it up today since it
pertains to the subject matter uh but
who knows who knows how this fight will
go me it’s ridiculous the whole darn
thing they should just go their own ways
and just let there be QB caches well
somebody wants to be the Genghis Khan a
frickin be cashed and let him be a yes
what are you got oh this Matt Odell is
tweet I meant to mention last week also
buddy it shows that there’s a lot of in
the Bitcoin space you know not everybody
gets blindly behind you know the latest
and greatest thing and this is actually
about liquid that the liquid network
said they were trustless apparently and
Matt Odell says the recent strong
criticism a block streams marketing of
liquid is a perfect example of how big
corners have high standards for everyone
bit corners included and he says also
liquid isn’t trustless less trust than
an exchange but you still have trusted
third parties all right so I do I do
like that point you know become people
aren’t going around saying everybody in
our space is freaking perfect and if
someone says something that’s wrong and
is in exaggeration
they’re gonna get called out okay it is
in a blind worship of a block stream of
lying worship of a big point which a lot
of people accuse the the space of being
and again one big point equals one big
point value your wealth and big coin you
know this is drama on the periphery
there it you know it might seem a little
bit into the Bitcoin community but it
can never it will never be thrown
Bitcoin and it will never cause the
havoc that is being caused in the be
cash community because bitcoin is taking
the slow and long-term path no crazy
steps no crazy hard forks to increase
block size which has was wise it limited
the influence of the possibility that
someone could come and cause this much
havoc that that’s going on now in a
top-tier altcoin which might not even be
an altcoin for much might not be a
calling for much longer at all might not
be talked to here at least because again
I’m at the one the one the final point
if he gets his way if if fake Satoshi
gets his way and SV wins and there’s no
more that’s it that’s P cash you know
they even in Rocket Man wound starts
mining that speed there’s no more av he
totally got his way the baby got his way
and now and it still even called because
it’s using the SV rules so then the
whole world knows that this guy who for
the last few days has been spouting his
foul mouth
destroying all other coins that now the
whole world nor not knows that this
sociopath is in charge of B cash what do
you think that’s going to do the price
of B cash seriously what do you think he
wins B cash what’s going to happen he’s
in charge a beat cash that’s what it’s
going to be it’s it so it’ll it’ll be a
central it’ll basically be a centralized
corner with a dictator I mean a true
dictatorial type of strong man
personality – what will that do what
what will he win in the end there what
will he we will see what the market
thinks maybe that will be the alternate
lesson in all this the ultimate end of
this experiment that if he does win and
that be cash continues on that it is
like a worthless third-tier type of coin
and that’s what this this whole war was
over to bring something down from the
first year to the third tier pound that
frickin like button i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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sevilla shooters where you check out the
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only the never murder 11th we’ll see
what happens when on November 15th I’m
sure more and more people will be
talking about it click on those links
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10 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- The Bcash war- the bigger picture, Ethereum, BTC is SOV!

  1. People who get behind Faketoshi are no-coiners, butt-hurt no-BTC-coiners, alt-coiners, shit-coiners, and some hardcore speculators.

    I agree, there is risk MSM spreading fake-news about BTC because of that Bcash shit-fuckery. One the other hand, for those in the crypto space, it confirms what we knew and were warning about all along — everything is wrong with Bcash.

    Hopefully it will knock some sense into Bcash'ers and make them sell their coins for BTC before it is too late.

  2. You are one of the 80% if you can’t understand that on chain scaling is a possible legitimate solution. You keep disrespecting the bcash crew, without comprehending they are actually most likely correct about the issues that differ them from btc.

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