The 1 Bitcoin Show- The art of holding, Bcash thoughts, Ripple? Low time preference

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
November the 20th 2018 strong hand value
your wealth in Bitcoin offended by
selling yes I am be a unique beast I
said that in another video of mine once
alright let’s jump right into this show
my last show from Santiago before I fly
back to Baltimore later today so we got
to do it early wake up East Coast all
right so uh Andreas Antonopoulos had a
tweet that yeah he meant to be
inspirational and it’s linked below
everything I talk about in this video is
linked to below you get t-shirts trade
Wars all sorts of stuff affiliate links
below alright but what he said was
whatever your reason for being in crypto
now is the time for compassion patience
respect lots of people have lost lots of
money recently and it is not helpful to
make empty promises share bleepy means
I’m not gonna say that word or criticize
others you’re criticize others choices
hashtag be kind or shut up well I don’t
believe with that hat I don’t believe in
just tell people to shut up and my point
in sharing that is it yeah you should be
nice to people oh these I mean why I
mean if there’s a nice person be nice
bin you know treat a person has as they
treat you you know try to respect people
and and be nice but he says that lots of
people have lost lots of money recently
huh what what do you mean what do you
mean I know
what do you mean by that because now I
tell you something andreas I mean I said
I have more Bitcoin today than I had
last week actually so how did I do
idle I lost money if you still have the
same amount of Bitcoin that you had last
week that you didn’t lose money now if
you’re talking to people who are trading
Bitcoin fur and got Matt rekt that way
with losing Bitcoin but then yeah people
lost money but I have a feeling you’re
kind of talking to people you know that
value their wealth and Fiat and when
andreas you got a value about the
Bitcoin you that you get paid in Bitcoin
andreas so I you know I just want to
clear it up made maybe you didn’t mean
people who lost Bitcoin but I get this
feeling because there’s a lot of people
out there oh I’ve lost so much money
this week I lost someone if you saw the
same about Bitcoin
what’s the problem here I don’t
understand you see I practice what I
preach I saw I loved Bitcoin I know this
is the future and I have more Bitcoin
than I did last week actually I I for a
number for a reason a very funny reason
actually I ended up and I won’t go into
the whole story with some free bsv be
cash to Toshi’s vision is called it’s
appropriate that it’s little tag is be
it starts with BS you know BS because it
is BS toe but this total BS coin that I
got for free oh I turned that in the
first chance I had I turned that into
Bitcoin baby so I be this week’s been
pretty darn good to me I have more
Bitcoin that I did previously and I get
if you get caught up in the Fiat madness
then it won’t it will drive you mad
probably I mean okay you got it you got
to practice what you preach and I do
value your wealth from Bitcoin one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin I’m getting
uh hey man I’m always trying to get more
of it baby
so uh yeah even andreas is not perfect I
guess that tweet is showing unless he is
it but I mean yeah I’m pretty sure he’s
feeling bad
for the people who bought you know I did
15,000 and they’ve now it’s whatever it
is and they feel like the day I lose the
darn thing if they saw the same amount
of Bitcoin for God’s sakes palnet
freaking like button baby alright so
yeah I’m going up to Baltimore but
unfortunately the New Orleans conference
that was supposed to be on the 3rd and
the 4th got moved it it’s probably moved
a President’s Day weekend or something
like that I am you know the if you’re
going to that they’ll update you I guess
I’m not going to be around for the the
date they moved it to if it’s in
February I’m not gonna be around I mean
if they move it again then I know but
anyway there again if you if you’re
planning on going you probably got an
email that it got moved so I know I will
not be speaking in New Orleans because
there would be no event now on the 3rd
in the 4th of December I will be in LA
still in Los Angeles on December 5th to
December 12th and then I will be in Tel
Aviv Israel starting 13th the 13th of
December and I’ll be there in 2 2019 and
of course I’m pumped about playing I’m
pumped about every year 2019 20ml funny
yeah it’s good to be a live baby all
right so when Teresa Mara was on my show
the other day and you gotta check out
the archives below disrupt meister calm
follow me a tech ball tch blt on Twitter
it’s all linked to below he mentioned a
little gold compared a bitcoin type of
statement and X Zen tags actually
tweeted this out before trace mentioned
it on my show and you can check it out
below in 1.5 years and 1/2 years
bitcoins inflation rate will be lower
than goals for all you gold and holders
out there it’s just another way to you
know transition if you were if you had a
strong hand with gold all this time now
it’s time to upgrade to gold to point
out all right just so after yesterday’s
show you gotta check out with rocky
Palumbo we were talking about storage
devices and talking about how Trey’s
mentioned very complex a very good
and very safe method of storing your
Bitcoin but one that if you can make a
lot of mistakes on it it’s really just
for experts like trace for now so we’re
talking about storage devices and then
rat right I think during the show
coincidentally enough traceur sent out a
post warning people that there are fake
treasures out there right now they’re
not sending them out so if you order
your traceur from the tresor company
you’re in good you’re in good shape but
they have a blog post about the fake
ones that are coming out of China and
they show you the differences you do not
want to get a fake one not at all oh you
do yeah this week a big point is it’s
gonna be good this week I love Americans
are already starting to take off so a
lot of you international people who are
watching this ring that was all the
Americans are asleep unless you’re in on
the East Coast I guess you’re gonna see
Americans kind of drop off the scene
this week because they’re already taking
off for Thanksgiving
oh no Adam Meister will be here every
day of the week even though I’m getting
on a flight for like 12 hours
very soon but the point of me even why
the heck am I talking about Thanksgiving
well I just lost my place in this darn
why was I gonna bring up things oh yeah
this weekend Bitcoin yeah I’m still
doing this week a Bitcoin it’ll be a I
think on a noon I believe it’ll be at
noon or not on Friday I’ll update
everyone on that it’ll be in a
reasonable time a freak for the East
Coast people is it 11 or I know I don’t
have written down in front of me but
good guests good guests are gonna be on
bTW cbenni is going to be on so I think
exits at noon but yes we’re gonna be an
international crew of guests Americans
don’t want to like the day after
Thanksgiving they don’t want to work it
well I am NOT gonna make generalizations
but it’s harder to get people day after
Americans the day after Thanksgiving and
the next Friday will also be very all
all-star I know every every week our
best guest in the space on this show
best freakin guest in the space I mean
trace me I ripped it up baby but we did
these next two weeks are gonna be a lot
of fun a lot of fun on this weekend big
okay where oh so all these people for a
while there’d be all these sideline or
tight no pointer people say well
bitcoins too expensive dude it’s too
expensive I’m waiting till it’s to five
thousand four thousand okay okay
no coin er excuse person are you buying
now are you buying I see a lot of people
selling are you buying but this is your
chance or are you just gonna like heaven
you know it’ll be the year 2021 and
you’ll have an excuse why you didn’t buy
it now yeah are you just an excuse maker
I mean this is this is you know put your
money where your mouth is you know for
all the people who were talking about
when Bitcoin was ninety thousand dollars
saying oh it’s gotta be fourth of this
purse fifth of this price that’s when
I’ll that’s what I’ll get in okay here
you go
or in 2021 you’re just gonna be making
up there’ll be some other story like I
didn’t like the shirt Adam was wearing
so I didn’t buy for a year I mean okay
Chris black who will yeah Chris is gonna
be on this Chris black will be on my
show soon I forgot it’s this he’ll be on
one of them this week in Bitcoin shows I
think it’s actually yeah in two weeks
Chris will be on the show but he’s kind
of he has a tweet out there showing a
newsweek cover that’s talking about
consensus there’s an article in Newsweek
and it’s on the cover
hey so crypto is slowly seeping into the
mainstream there good good yeah that’s
great it’s good covers I don’t even know
Newsweek even I don’t I don’t swear they
sell Newsweek no magazines old school
magazines like gold they’ll still be
around but yeah you know people read
their articles in the internet now just
like cow they’ll be digital gold it
points all right Simon Dickson who was
on the show recently check out the
archives he’s always a blast to have on
the show and he has a tweet about he has
a series of tweets because I had this
feeling that people asking about
specific Kryptos all the time so he just
decided to have a series of those people
asked me about like what do you think
about like point he has so he’s a series
of tweets just saying what do you think
what he thinks about these coins
and he said and remember I see there’s a
lot of people in the chat I only see the
super chat so I mean I see a bunch of
people are in there but if you want if
you a question do the super chat on
yesterday but yeah this is what he says
about XR about Ripple
so here we’re gonna talk about a little
bit of ripple here I find this hilarious
some of the ripple stuff going on but
Simon really sums it up nicely
XRP in between a token that allows
ripple the company to pretend it’s in
the crypto sector in full banks into
thinking they are cool by using a
blockchain the company may disrupt Swift
but XRP has very little to do with that
speculators think XRP is the company so
they buy I mean who would even want to
buy why would you want a centralized
company crypto it is so like 1997
intranet go back to 1997 and play on the
internet with your ex RP and pound that
freaking like button alright so again
but you’re not gonna do that there are
these people that are buying a ripple
people are buying the kids are buying I
don’t know I hope they’re kids if you’re
an adult you’re buying ripple and
stellar and all and maybe these non mine
Apple coins they’re like well they can’t
be attacked by fake Satoshi sharks so
maybe that’s the new thing centralized
pre mind coins yeah it’s just a blip on
the radar okay a blip on I’ve seen you
know these all coins all have ridiculous
pumps for ridiculous reasons and have
ridiculous hype around them again for
just centralized pre mind reasons
so yeah the ripple army is I think a
little louder these days for they need
to go down as much as big point great
you Val your wealth and empennage
apparently very nice you value your
wealth and your pennies out value my
wealth of my Bitcoin and we’ll see him
in the long term and thinking of the
opposite of long term that well that’s
ripple here
not surprisingly under a crypto man
and thread where he’s looking now he
likes ripple crypto man rad is like so
freaking impulsive show impulse or
everything’s just he talks about what’s
ever-popular he’s a guy on TV I mean
I’ve been on the show he’s been on this
my show he was nice on my show nice to
me on his show but I mean so he’s like
the kiss of death for some of these
things of me and you know whatever he’s
doing he’s doing well with the show
though so I think I think that’s what he
cares about but this tweet was under a
tweet of his and this is a real tweet
from a real person called railroad at
railroading mi so maybe he lives in
Michigan to just sold a portion of
etherium and Bitcoin for ripple not
missing this train would give up your
precious Bitcoin for ripple and then I
think this is the train you know you’re
getting now you’re about to get trained
if you know what that is I’m sure we try
to keep it up I’m family-friendly here
sorry for that reference but kids
wonders now anyway be this this tweet is
the complete opposite of long-term
thinking it’s the very definition of
impulsive but this should also give like
every sixty Roth coin or hope that their
coin will pump again also because
because such ignorance is out there that
people are willing to buy anything I
mean there is amazing 80 percent
ignorance in the space but hey and then
we’ll always be there it will always
lead to all coin pumps it’s cyclical you
know some of them are dead forever
yeah they’ll be alive but they’ll never
reach there I’m not gonna predict which
ones are gonna be rebuffed again that’s
not my job my job is the whole frickin
Bitcoin and have a fucking strong hand
to be the apex predator of crypto
currencies that’s bitcoins job aria
toward him Eastern has another tweet out
there and it is and I have actually
retweeted this in the past this is an
old tweet of his he retweeted his old
tweet I’ve mentioned it on the show in
the past but today’s a good day
the day before the day before
Thanksgiving is a good day to mention
this the hold attitude requires
psychological and emotional work the
unprepared investor cannot sit tight
only the one who has worked to imagine
the market relentlessly punching him in
the face
all right so that’s how you prepare
yourself to be a strong hand holder by
imagining the market pub relentlessly
pumping you punching you in the face and
you doing nothing most people have to do
something they can’t sit tight they’ll
give up their Bitcoin the 20 percenters
the strong handers that people who
aren’t impulsive the long-term thinkers
who they defer gratification I mean you
can in fiat terms you can keep punching
us in the face and we just smile and I
say stay beautiful and hey we got the
strong hands and in the long run we hold
so yeah check out that tweet if you need
to be Inspira inspired because I get
there have been people telling me this
week you’re happy people tell me they
have sold or they thought about salt
selling their hands have become weak
again you still have the same amount of
big coin tour so yeah we talk about tour
de Meester I know that we had our tour
de Meester here well first of all the
the the lovely Nouriel Roubini
he’s got another classic out there an
article this is an actual article of his
just came out why Central Bank digital
currencies will destroy crypto
currencies yes why the internet would
destroy the internet yet no but he no
but but but tor teeth trick he changes
it into why search engines created by
governments will out-compete the free
market solutions again that’s basically
what Norton Oriel is saying why central
bank digital currencies will destroy
cryptocurrencies it’s just like someone
saying why search engines created by the
government’s will out-compete
free market solutions now we laughed at
the way turf toward me stir-fries
phrased it but uh Nouriel gets published
you know he is it anyway we’ll look back
in Hill Matt in like three years and
laughing our butts off if not in like
three months well those of us that are
you know twenty four senators were
already laughing you laughing at it
within three seconds so Matt Odell has a
tweet out there in ten years the
difference between 0.005 one
dollars per Satoshi and point zero two
eight dollars per Satoshi will be so
negligible it won’t even be worth
mentioning so that’s you know that’s the
amount in that the Satoshi has gone down
in Fiat recently and he’s absolutely
he’s right in many years ten years from
now the point is we will be looking back
on this and insane good point went down
that or a Satoshi went down that much in
terms of dollars if people were worried
because he in the future a Satoshi met
and might be Lee it might be like a
penny or something like that
in terms of dollars asset oh she’s gonna
be worth a lot more if you value your
rusted fiat you know after 2028 having
you know the Satoshi it’ll be a people
be valuing stuff in Satoshi’s I’m
talking about that dining stuff a
Bitcoin so it’s a that’s a bright future
type of tweet format Odell I see are are
after mints sent me two dollars in the
superjet thanks dude I came up with the
way I came up with the way price is
valuable I came up with well tell me are
rafterman what what is I I came up with
the way price is valuable he says all
right well thank you for Barbara have to
be thank you for the two dollars thank
you for your statement
I also JC from South Africa is in the
freakin chat what’s up JC I’ve met that
dude in person when I was in
you do in South Africa this is a really
time for the show isn’t it you’re
probably not gonna get this too often
until I’m in Israel you’ll love it when
I’m in Israel was that’s the same time
basically the same time zone
all right so cracking the crack in
exchange they they’ve warned people
about a beat cash SV that it’s I mean I
link to their their blog post below you
can check it out and I and this actually
sums it up the whole SV nightmare
this guy Jose Angel tweeted this the
following thing out as a regular buyer
how in the world would I feel any
motivation to buy anything coming from a
person with so many titles and behaving
like this does anyone want to lose money
so he’s referring to fate Satoshi with
all his titles yet he’s behaving like a
and cursing like a foul-mouthed 13 year
I mean who who would want to buy a
product where the head of that product
it behaves that way I mean II I think
consumers make make pretty logical
decisions in terms of their products
they’re not gonna buy a lemon of a
product something it’s clearly being
pumped by a person that’s dirty almost
that’s offensive you’re just not gonna
buy a price so I I think SV people and
some of them are realizing that like we
heard our face can’t be this dirty face
no one’s gonna want our product if it’s
got such a you know even if we win a war
even if they’ve won even if they became
B cash and they’re not who would want to
be a part of that in the end of the day
so there was a the whole way of going
about saying we’re the real big cash
were the real Bitcoin was so
unbelievably counterproductive let
totally forgot that in order for your
coin to have value and for people to use
it they’re gonna have to like it they’re
gonna have to want it and if they if you
have marketed it in such a way that’s
not even marketing I mean it’s an Tamar
people are gonna be discussed I wouldn’t
want to touch it the consumer means
something in this space people have to
use your coin have to buy your point so
as I said on a previous video the only
person buy-in that coin is Calvin is is
billionaire Calvin because again I don’t
know I don’t think fake Satoshi Minh has
any money I think he’s just you know
leeches off of people like Calvin he’s
good at that I mean there’s sociopaths
are good at least leeching off of people
but anyway you know customer so what I
think is gonna happen in the long run
would be cash you know the whole eight
week well ABC is be cash there’s no
doubt about it and so yeah if you for
some reason got free s fee like I did
you should have dumped that thing right
away I mean I thought as soon as I saw I
had three SV and it could be sold I was
ripped I mean I can’t believe there are
that Calvin cuz I was not to say I can’t
believe they’re people but I can’t
believe Calvin is willing to give people
Bitcoin for sv I mean what a wonderful
world we live in where there’s a
billionaire that’s just willing to give
you real Bitcoin for this sv which is I
mean could literally fall apart in one
sec I mean there’s an exchange is
warning people not even to be very
careful um you you check out the you
check out the link e I didn’t quote the
link but it’s a the blog post is not
it’s not a friendly a blog post from
from cracking obviously so uh let’s see
the world is where trade or reality why
why not okay okay so what I think will
happen with P cash obviously one didn’t
please its customers with its story of
hate the other ABC stuck with what it
has been doing and really didn’t change
course and if they actually get their
they could totally turn them around I
mean they I mean right what’s a what’s a
let’s say a B cash worth now like five
percent of a Bitcoin which is obviously
terrible they could really they you got
a hand it to rocket man
he stuck to his guns he’s trying to go
aye he’s going I P Oh or bust
basically if he gets I Pia if he
actually pulls out an IPO I mean it’s
basically it’s called a bit mein IPO but
really it’s an IPO for B cash and it
will be a I mean the market that the the
investment market will be saying yeah we
support bit name which means we’ve been
support B cash so I think some people
will take that as bullish but again that
might not happen so if that doesn’t
happen be cash is in big trouble if they
if they don’t get that IPO but I think
they probably will but SV oh no it’s
just gonna be some but it’s gonna become
some obscure if it’s gonna exist at all
that might be the first off point
actually died and stopped completely but
it’ll just be some obscure all coin in
the future I mean it’s it’s well you can
see how what that approach has brought
to a coin and I don’t think any coin
will ever try that attempt again you
know to try to have a centralized
figurehead preach about destruction for
like 72 hours straight that’s that’s and
think that’s a good idea that old like
be good for the off point not a good
idea it’s been proven now all right all
hand holders of last resort are really
being defined these days I mean if
you’re a strong hand holder of last
resort I mean your your face your
picture is going to be in the dictionary
when you look up holder of last resort
very so my face is gonna be there trace
all these other dudes you do if you’re
if you your a strong hand it’s the very
definition of strong hand or holder of
last resort it is being defined right
now and you’re under these conditions
although we’ve been through similar
conditions before 2015 and for those of
us who’ve been around and again that’s
why we can be such strong hands
so some of you it might be a little
harder but it shouldn’t be harder it
should be its value wasn’t decline all
right our after ‘men said it is a
valuable currency in making the BTC
unable for people to buy or to
get out when they don’t deserve it okay
yeah yeah well you don’t deserve it I
mean that’s an interesting way of
phrasing it I think everyone everyone
has an option to get Bitcoin but if
you’re in the mentality where you’re
always making excuses then you have put
yourself in a position it’s your fault
that you don’t deserve it you
you’ve got the mentality that you don’t
deserve it deep down because again
everybody has the option to buy a big
coin so I don’t say no one the people
don’t deserve the coin they just back
themselves so much in the negativity
that they never get Bitcoin and that’s
that’s a fork that’s personal
responsibility it’s a new counterculture
so that would be negative don’t we now
we don’t be excuse me to be in motion
and I think you’ll be happy in the long
term no we’ll talk about long term
thinking in a second a right that’s for
Saturday’s show what’s it all right here
we go last tweet of the day before I uh
and and then rest part of the show of
the day Bitcoin is the apex predator as
I said before as tres mayor said check
out that that show is going Y 11:00 but
there’s some it’s majors there too but
hey I don’t censor anyone by the way
don’t sense it you can you can hate I
like it man whatever
I’m in motion you can’t take the Meister
down so fine final tweet before I clean
this place what this place is clean but
get ready to go back to Baltimore to see
me in Baltimore tomorrow Jimmy song says
low time preference people resist
temptation and have self-control high
time preference people do what they want
in the moment and are impulsive fiat
money makes a lot more high time
preference people bitcoin is the path to
virtue and prosperity that is linked to
below Rito
a few times it’s it’s what I talk about
on the show basically every single day
all right click on the squares that you
see there if you’re watching this taped
bang that Bell button to get a reminder
when this thing goes live
everybody have a safe traveling time if
you’re traveling during Thanksgiving
it’s you know I’m sure Atlanta’s Airport
tomorrow will be very crowded I have to
go through it to get back to Baltimore
pound that like well now that’ll make
sure the big home wasters disrupt
meister remember subscribe to this
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hi to you guys in the chat

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  14. C'mon man. get real. lol. Look at it from a more mainstream perspective… a lot of people are feeling a lot worse of.. even the hard core BTC maximalists are feeling it with lower prices.

  15. I don't mean this too harshly, but to tell people they must value all their wealth in Bitcoin is a bit… cult-like. lol. That said, I do enjoy your videos, content, and style.

  16. Let me ask you people, if you’d come to a financial institution and a representative would start by introducing himself like this clown, would you trust him?
    Yo! Learn how to talk first, don’t talk like an idiot!!!! Aren’t you embarrassed!?!?

  17. Why would you buy XRP? It‘s up compared to bitcoin over the last 7 days, one months, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months compared to BTC. So if you value your wealth in BTC than XRP would be much better than holding BTC. XRP is up +343% in BTC value compared to 12 months ago. You‘re just stupid!

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