The 1 Bitcoin Show- Rocky Palumbo talks Bcash fork & future, Shark pool, big blocks, more!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
November the 12th 2018 just like the shirt says strong hand buy
and hold long term thinking unn confiscate a ball and very important for
this show very important to remember this line bitcoin is the next bitcoin
because we’re going to be talking about a altcoin out there and all common out
there that’s you know some people they think it is the next bitcoin or it is
the real bit of nonsense you hear about the beat cash so the great raqi Palumbo
is here I know everybody loves his down to earth technical chats that he brings
and I love to have him here rocky welcome to the show thanks for
having me back at him well you know for a long time now
you have been outspoken about beat cash you have been warning people about being
cash and let’s start from the beginning well why have you been warning people
about be testing how does that play into the current situation well you know it’s
just not a good project from the get-go and you know Bitcoin is all about
consensus if you have a good idea it gets consensus and it gets implemented
into Bitcoin if you don’t have a good idea it doesn’t make it in and you need
to think of a better idea or you know like you said about Craig right the
other day in your show I think was yesterday you know he just you know
stomped his feet and did a temper tantrum and just is you know coming off
with his own set of rules and for the the be cash chain this is what you know
Roger and Jihan did with Bitcoin cash they couldn’t get what they wanted into
Bitcoin through consensus mechanism so they just fork the software and
forked the blockchain and did you know just went their own way which is
perfectly fine in the world of you know open source software but you know it’s
not Bitcoin indeed and let’s let’s go back in time and talk about the way they
forked off and this is from Matt Odell he says the beauty of minority forks and
all coins is they provide a real-world test bed to prove our theories when
debate stalls we warned that bigger blocks were a massive attack vector we
debated for years finally be cash crew for golf now they are experiencing it
firsthand so they wanted bigger blocks they forked off pic peacefully now they
have bigger blocks and it has brought about this situation explaining how it
has brought about this situation well I don’t know what you mean by that
question you know explain what about it he says that he implies that this that
the bigger block situation has given me Craig Wright that rule but it’s eternity
they’re opening to do to do this that if this was a small if it if this was
smaller book this couldn’t be done the big coin laser no not really I mean it
has been attempted in between many times I mean I could show you I plan to show
you here some different projects that were you know started in 2014 16 17 that
we’re basically doing the same thing to Bitcoin is what fake Satoshi is trying
to do in in Bitcoin cash but it’s not really the block size that is allege
that somehow allowing it to happen it could happen anyway I mean all you have
to do is not like what’s going on in Bitcoin you you you write a node with
your own rules what you think they should be and put it on the network if
you can get enough support you could sway the network could start
following your rules this has happened many times in Bitcoin it’s just that the
they never gained any ground at all because of hash rate and stuff which
which we’re going to talk about here in the bigger blocks does not give them the
way that he’s having this wants to have his hash for war this doesn’t help him
in any way the bigger blocks was that has been implied and I wanted to clear
that up it might in some way I don’t know but the overall way he’s attacking
the network or really trying to sway the network to to work by his rules what he
thinks be cash should be that that it you really don’t need big block small
blocks medium blocks it doesn’t really matter you just need to have enough
nodes with your rules and enough hash power mining by those rules we don’t so
I’m interested I want since you said you wanted to show how this has been
attempted before Bitcoin I want to see this I want to
understand why it was not able to succeed and if such attack and attack
would be able to succeed in the future but again a lot of people say there’s
some people are saying oh this is such an original idea what he’s doing
this is but but you’re saying this has been tried before exactly I’ve been
hearing the same thing there that you know Craig Wright is a genius for
thinking this all up and what-have-you and no this is all this is old norman
armani guy said that he was a genius for this yes in fact you’re so yes show us
show us the that this has happened before in bitcoin okay so so in 2015 in
august of 2015 there was this project called Bitcoin XT and Roger supported
this project he said Bitcoin XT was better than Bitcoin and or I’m sorry
king of the trolls alright so he supported this this project and it you
can see it did get up to about eleven hundred nodes but they couldn’t get the
hash power to mine by these rules so it just kind of you know Peter way and went
off to zero or I think there’s there might be one I think actually where
there was one still running this yes on the Bitcoin
chain I think there is a yeah yeah okay so but what so they would have needed to
convince a bunch of miners at that point yes because you not only need like the
nodes out there enforcing the rules you need to have miners mining by those
rules and so that’s the traction they never got which is different in the case
that we’re looking at next or this week on the 15th with with fake Satoshi and
we’re going to talk about that in a minute but let’s look at another example
here after a Bitcoin XT came Bitcoin classic and this was came out in January
of 2016 and you see it got a lot more nodes you get up to like the 2300 nodes
and but you know it couldn’t get that hash power to mine under these rules and
so it just kind of fell away again to zero and that’s not the last time then
came along actually this started before that last one this started in December
of 2015 but it didn’t really gain any traction until the summer of 2017 and
now this project really made a lot of noise in the space I heard way more
about this than any other project it yeah this has become unlimited that’s a
king the troll support that one too I believe yes it’s not the one it’s the
one of many he supported anything that comes up that says it’s better than
Bitcoin Rogers right there to stand behind it and so this one although they
made the most noise about this one you could see here that it got the least
amount of node support and again it couldn’t get any minor support and it
dwindled away once again to zero so that’s kind of the history there I just
wanted to go over that to show that this is nothing new in the crypto space so
now let’s look at oh go ahead well then you would think I think they’d never got
to the point that he claims he’s at now where he’s going to attack the other
side I think some people are saying he’s a genius he’s going to destroy any other
side he’s gonna fill up their there their blocks or whatever he’s proposed I
mean you do like it never got to that level
before it was nothing close if that’s what they’re saying I’d agree cuz it
does seem like he’s taking it to a new level but it’s it’s an old game but he
is going taking it to a new level but I saw chatter about it being a new game
and it’s not a new game no it’s good to clear this all because I mean it yes
it’s pretty clear because a lot of people just there’s so many different
things going but continue so you can continue on the beat you’re about to go
into the V cash okay so here we’re looking at the Bitcoin cast chain and
you can see here these Bitcoin ABC nodes those are the the regular if you want to
call it to regular Bitcoin cash nodes that Rogers always supported and Jihan
and you can see that there’s almost 1200 of those and then you got a hundred and
sixty of the Bitcoin Satoshi vision which is fake satoshis nodes going by
his set of rules that he believes this chain should should be under so like
we’ve been saying that in Bitcoin those other projects that threaten Bitcoin
were different because they never had any real hash power but this one seems
to have hash power behind it because let’s go look at the hash power in
Bitcoin cash here and you could see here this SV pool that’s Craig a right that’s
a fake Satoshi’s poll and he’s got 16% over 16% of the total network hash rate
in Bitcoin cash and he’s also involved somehow it’s like CTO or something like
that of BMG pool that has 11% and in the video that he just did with tone vase he
said that he’s got the coin geek pull on his side with almost 32% so if you add
up these numbers here you’re getting real close to 60 59 60 % there so we’ve
never seen this kind of hash rate supporting an opposing set of rules
before okay that that that is so we’ve got this hash rate supporting and
posing set of rules now they could just fork off do their own thing and
peacefully go their way and say clearly where the where the real be cast as
we’ve got the most support but that’s not what they’re going to do there’s
going to be this fork ABC is going one way they’re going this way and then
they’re gonna try to destroy ABC I don’t think so because there it’s not forking
they’re not forking the the blockchain right where there would be a coin split
and and you could see this here in the sea do I have it here yeah there’s the
chart of Bitcoin caches price history since December of last year and so right
here on November of this year November first you see there’s a spike in the
price here this is because people thought that fake Satoshi was going to
split the chain and they were going to get two coins they were going to get the
B cash in the SV coin then when they found out that they weren’t they they
now understand it was around November 7th they understood that it wasn’t going
to be a coin split it’s just kind of a like a almost like a corporate takeover
right of the chain it’s just like forcing in these new set of rules and
it’s not going to be a split that’s when people looks like they started selling
it to get out of it because they you know they couldn’t take advantage of the
split well I think people who think there’s not going to end up being two
coins now because ABC is splitting from the main B cash like this was a
scheduled for November 15 is a scheduled fork it is the ABC for paid that pass
the day they were changing their rules also and he I think they were just gonna
do a block size increase but it wasn’t enough for fake Satoshi he wants like
unlimited blocks yes this is true but they were also adding something that was
ICO friendly like it is it is they are going whatever you want to call it that
bit mean the head of bit main is going to rocket man whoo it’s going to fork it
off they are forking it off they are I mean ABC is forking it off well they
were just going to like fork them right from what I understand they were
just changing they were just doing a hard fork within their network to change
their roles just like they did in the past when they wake from a saintly 8 meg
blogs that’s what they’re doing that’s that that is what they’re doing but he’s
Craig oh she’s going is forking in his way I mean they all know he’s just from
what I understand the way I understand it he’s just taking whatever they’re
doing on the fifteenth and just running with that but changing the rules in that
Network to meet his rules okay so what and then and then have the hath power to
just to mine it his way but what so what is the hash war then what is he putting
well he’s playing his mind empty block since the only ABC side okay so so if
going back to this pie chart here he said he’s got you know the backing of
these three polls but then he said there’s also some other polls that he
could have he hinted that some of these other polls would also be supporting his
version of it but they weren’t you know didn’t want to be so public about it so
if he does have even more it besides this 60 if he can get another 15 he’d
have 75 percent of the hash rate right now if he had 75 percent of the hash
rate he could use 50 of it to you know attack it attack be cash with you know
the ABCB cash with the satoshi vision and then the other 25% he could mine on
the ABC side but just mine empty blocks you know forcing you know the people
that were supporting that to never have a transaction go through okay okay so
let’s corn Adam this let me fun to watch yeah so I do want to say this well first
of all I want to say thanks to the super chat who said Bitcoin is the modern-day
piggy bank that is from James Dell Jericho pan-african like button
like button James thank you very much okay so what are you there’s there’s a
lot of bluster out there so from from what you see you you think that the SV
people are going to get their way that’s that’s the way it well it looks like it
to me I’m you know real curious is to see how this turns out by me but what
are we fighting over here I mean this goes back to your question earlier what
is V cash to begin with is it should it even be here anyway now if you look at
this chart here this is a chart of hash rate in B cash and Bitcoin since be cash
started in August of 2017 and you can see here with these numbers up here as I
point down here I get that right on there okay so you can see on the you
know the very beginning B cash had 4.85 exa hashes when it very first started
now today as I point way over here on the far right it’s got four point five
nine extra hashes it actually has less hash rate now than when it started
fifteen months ago okay so what happened to the this so this red line here it
represents the the Bitcoin cash a hash rate so this blue line is the Bitcoin
has rate what happened to it it on that same day in August of 2017 Bitcoin had
6.4 exa hashes and today it’s got 52 okay so well bitcoins hash rate went up
over eight times Bitcoin Cash’s hash rate has actually gone down so when you
hear these two miners Jihan and Roger scream and yell about how great Bitcoin
cash is what do the miners in general think well this chart here is telling
you they’re kind of quiet right they’re too busy mining away they’ve got their
own business just to take care of mining blocks right but the the vast majority
of miners is telling you bitcoin is the real bitcoin bitcoin is the next Bitcoin
bitcoin is the real deal bitcoin cache is a big heap of steaming garbage okay
now if fake Satoshi gets control of be cash if he gets his way there’s
something saying you’ll look toward a Bitcoin next and is it possible what
would he need what type of backing would he need to do such a thing on Bitcoin
well he’d leave a lot yeah he need a lot more support he’d have to have support
from the user support from the nodes its support from the miners and then getting
that kind of support and Bitcoin is not easy that that would be many times
harder to do in Bitcoin than be cash I mean cuz of this right here look at this
chart I mean he’s he’s overtaking this hash rate way down here okay so he’s
doing that he’s doing it pretty good but taking over this hash rate up here that
is a whole nother game and that sharp it basically answers my question I saw
that chart earlier today yeah that that answers it’s a whole new it’s a whole
new league it’s a whole new you know to try to attempt that it was such a such a
difference so you’re you don’t see a bright future for BK here what are they
fighting over is basically what your line was what what are they fighting
that this thing you don’t you don’t now again your well that they’re fighting
over a big heaping steaming pile of garbage have you looked look what the
miners think of it the miners think it’s garbage otherwise they’d throw more hash
rate at it so I mean I mean you know it’s pretty much consensus that the what
they wanted to do did not make consensus so Roger and Jehan stomp their feet and
and threw a temper tantrum and started their own chain and obviously the miners
in in overall do not support it and you know the vast majority of users do not
support it and the vast majority of nodes do not support it alright let’s
let’s go move on to something that was brought up in that turn-based video and
this is a quote from a guy named re all alts including Forks and splits or acts
of war against Bitcoin and are going to be treated as such if
you’re in this for the right reasons join shark pool dot cash and oh she
seemed pretty keen on that so what is this shark pool thing well I looked into
this a little bit they’re trying to show that all these alts do not have the
proper amount of ash rate securing their networks which I agree they don’t I’ve
been telling people I’ve been talking to people about hash rate for over well
over two years now how these other coins that people like to invest in their
money’s not safe there they could get attacked at any time but because it
never happened before they all told me uh rocky you’re worried about nothing
there’s no financial incentive to do a 51% attack and earlier this year we saw
five fifty one percent attacks on three different chains just a few months ago
and now there’s the shark pool thing that’s threatening all these other coins
that don’t have the hash rate that Bitcoin has and so I mean if you think
back to that chart I just showed about the Bitcoin cash in Bitcoin hash rate I
mean you can see that even Bitcoin cash would be susceptible to such an attack
but what’s funny is on their website they talk about paying out their miners
if you if you have some mining hardware you could join this pool and they talk
about paying out their miners in Bitcoin parentheses BCA eh yes so he’s got some
I mean yeah maybe yeah yeah but that’s pretty funny because all arts including
Forks and splits are acts of war against Bitcoin there I mean but but he he’s
confused and thinks the be cash is Bitcoin I guess
that’s the ironic part there is that banker that Craig Wright this dude
they think that Forks are acts of war against Bitcoin yet they are supporting
a fork I mean they are supporting be cash isn’t awful yes that’s the
hypocrisy death but also look at the hash rate they’re
showing how the alts don’t have the hash rate that Bitcoin has the real Bitcoin
okay so they’re trying to show how these all these other chains are so vulnerable
to attack when the chain that they call Bitcoin
beat BCH they’re calling Bitcoin which is completely wrong it doesn’t have that
enough hash rate to secure its network and it could be attacked in the same way
so I mean if you have a glasshouse you shouldn’t be throwing stones right and
that’s exactly what they’re doing yeah and so maybe some mysterious entity
one day will come and attack them to Hoonah I mean I don’t like this whole
attack type of stuff I really I think the outside of the crypto bubble when
people hear about this stuff it’s gonna stare them away from cryptocurrency
I mean they’re gonna see Bitcoin got hacked who knows what they’re gonna
think I don’t I don’t think all these uh this bluster and threats it’s not good
for the space in a long term everything will be fine but this just will cause
some turbulence and I don’t see how this situation once every once November 15th
passes and who knows what happens I I don’t I don’t know why anyone would want
be cash at that point to tell you the truth but enough people get into things
for all sorts of different crazy reasons I will see how well done I see how it
plays out let’s see how I don’t know why anybody would want be catch after seeing
the chart I just showed it’s not secure it’s not secure it doesn’t have the hash
power it has less hash power now that it did 14 15 months ago bottom line there
people found that frickin one button okay any thoughts on bit main player in
all this obviously well you know they were very important to the growth of bitcoins hash rate over the years but
then they kind of you know they turned to the dark side they they put all their
chips behind be be cash and so far they’re massively
losing that bet and who knows maybe this IPO that they’re doing my bail amount if
they could find people to invest if not they’re done but we really don’t need
bit mean anymore it was good that they were there when they were because
they’re the ones that you know took the chance and started making these Asics
when no one else would but now we do have several other companies making
Asics and other ones that are you know looking into making them coming on board
soon so we really don’t need bit mean anymore and since they turn their back
on Bitcoin that the you know the one cryptocurrency that made them millions
or billions of dollars Wow you know how could you do that to the
you know the coin that that put you on the map just turn your back like that
and go with this crazy idea that obviously the vast majority of miners do
not support all right let’s uh let’s let me bring up something that actually a
Laurie Gandalf kind of talked about it on my show or maybe he told me before
the show I forgot now but this is again something I think that some be cash
people or gonna be throwing out there as Fudd toward Bitcoin warning about the
twenty twenty having actually that miners will not want to mind Bitcoin
after the twenty twenty happy have you heard about this this this form of
attack this form of FUD no but I mean my own research shows that nobody’s going
to want a mine Bitcoin cash after they’re having I mean that they’re on
the same schedule as Bitcoin yeah well I mean the same having scheduled right the
same at the same block height they’re going to have just like Bitcoin does but
they’re way ahead on the block Heights because of their emergency difficulty
adjustment they’re there EDA when they first started they had to have that kick
in to lure the miners that come over because
falsely make the coin profitable to mine otherwise the miners win at my tit right
it’s such garbage that they couldn’t just have the difficulty adjust
naturally they had to lure the miners over with 50 60 70 blocks per per hour
you know where it’s only supposed to be six you know so that’s how they got the
hash rate in the beginning and so by doing this they produced all these
blocks way ahead of schedule and so now they’re like over six thousand seven
eight hundred blocks ahead of Bitcoin so they’re gonna hit they’re having about
two months before Bitcoin does so they’re going to go from twelve point
five to two to six point six point one five where that was a point one to six
she’s once you bought yeah yeah whatever it is well it’s twelve point five now
it’s twelve point five now so it’s a six point two five – yeah yeah six point two
five so they’re gonna go to six point two five two months before Bitcoin does
so who’s gonna mine Bitcoin cash I mean at that point if you’re a minor you’re
gonna make so little money I mean unless they because they they either adjust it
or got rid of it’s not even clear to me they somehow did something with the EDA
so it doesn’t work so drastically anymore and but they needed that in the
beginning if they don’t have that no miners will mind that coin and so it it
will die off probably I mean even if it makes it that far right who knows what’s
going to happen later this week if it makes it through all this
how could anyone mine big Bitcoin cash for those two months when they had their
having first I don’t know by the way don’t imagine that shark pool thing do
you think that’s actually gonna happen that they’re gonna be people hunted
hunting down these these all coins I hope so you know it just it vindicates
what I’ve been saying for years that these coins without the hash rate are
not secure I would not store a single penny on any of these other
chains that don’t have the hash rate secure and I’m like Bitcoin does a coin
is the rock it is the world reserve cryptocurrency clearly by by by that
metric right there are the gold standard of crypto exactly but Bitcoin standard
all right what do we have here there was one other question I had okay let’s say
uh SV I mean you probably don’t care of others but then if SV wins care Sona
says changing proof-of-work is somewhat of a nuclear option I’d be reluctant to
use it but it always has been considered the option of last resort in case a
large portion of miners become hostile so we should be ready this is like an
ABC fan talking so could you could you see that happening well maybe but again
I mean this is a whole lot of worry and work to save well I mean what are you
trying to save here of it keeping style a pile of garbage right so what’s the
point really I mean but hey if you could get that to work more power to you from
their perspective date I mean there’s a battle to be the real be hash I mean it
means something to people in that in that community to be the real be cash
and so they the ones who support bit main and king of the trolls and that
side ABC guys they they want to come out of this victorious they don’t want to
see a fake Satoshi run with the be cash flag so I mean it today I mean hey
you’re I mean you’ve got the long-term thinking perspective you don’t you’re
saying that in the end of the day this is not gonna last
it’s gonna get it it’s gonna it’s not gonna exist basically in the future it’s
it’s doomed to failure and I mean you basically believe that with all the all
coins in there all doomed to failure well most likely yeah I mean I see them
as they’re really just testbeds litecoin did have a use case there for
short while you know they were kind of the silver to bitcoins gold because they
were this cheaper faster transaction right because their block time was two
and a half minutes as opposed to 10 minutes on Bitcoin but now we’ve got
lightning lightning is instant okay so if you want small transactions to be
cheap and fast there’s nothing more fast than instant and and the the
transactions I’ve been doing on lightning are extremely cheap or free
in fact I bought these with lightning Bitcoin these embroidered patches from a
company in England that have a campaign going that if you bought their patches
with lightning transaction they’ll double your order for free so I took
advantage of that and I opened a channel with with their node so it didn’t have
to do any hopping and it was a free transaction and the other transactions I
did from the same node of worth from the same channel it there were some hops so
I had to pay on each one of those I paid about thirteen one thousandth of a penny
so you know that totally destroys light coins silver – bitcoins gold now the
only use case for like coin is a test bed for new releases once they’ve been
tried and tested over and over again on test beds without any value they could
go to light coin which does have some value before it goes to Bitcoin just
like Sega did and they kind of got like mean like right around the same time all
right now fine final question for me and then you can just take over and I know
you’ve got some other things to say going back to the basic formation when
the reason the beef hash came about personally was the the big blocks they
weren’t a big blocks Bitcoin did not want to they wanted to take it slow to
say say the least what do you think that now he wants it to even be larger blocks
do you see a point in all this do you see a decision in tremendous blocks that
even I mean it seems like Bitcoin is just doing fine with its
small blocks well you can’t have big blocks and have a decentralized network
like Bitcoin it’s it’s impossible if you understand fourth grade math you
understand that you can’t have the block size big enough to handle worldwide mass
adoption of your coin if that’s your in goal that’s your in gain worldwide mass
adoption which is what Roger said his in game is you would have to have I mean
even to think about worldwide mass adoption I mean even a percentage of one
percent of every you know retail outlet in the world accepting your coin and
people actually using it to buy things there you would probably need about a
you know a hundred thousand transactions per second just to even think about
going there well to do a hundred thousand transactions per second by just
keep doubling the block size you’d have to go to 32 gigabite blocks okay so
imagine the nodes having to download a 32 gigabyte block validate all the
transactions in that block and then propagating that block to nine or ten
other nodes that’s a process that would take about seven or eight hours but wait
a minute blocks are coming in every 10 minutes okay so I mean you know it’s
fourth grade math so anybody who understands fourth grade math
understands you cannot go to worldwide mass adoption by purely doubling the
block size so you have to do it off chain you have to go second layer
solution lightning or side change solution like liquid which liquid is
live on the network now all right that’s a good explanation in that situation and
yes thanks to tow she also says it’s going to be I mean he was pretty adamant
about that all interface was interviewing him that that’s what he
wants it to be his worldwide worldwide money that was yeah but he doesn’t want
it to be decentralized you know the decentralize is everything
is the everything’s decentralized from the developers to the nodes to the
miners right so he says forget these raspberry pi nodes right there’s
thousands of them all around the world that’s hard to shut down he was to have
three or four data centers with you know 2030
thousand dollar computers running as notes that would work that would that
would work if you want to move 32gig blocks around but you’re not
decentralized now it’s easy for some powerful government to come in and shut
you down well you could see with an ego like his you can see why he doesn’t want
things he wants to be the master he’s definitely a person who at least enjoys
the attention that that all this is bringing him
okay well anything anything that we left out that you wanted to share about be
cash about this sister but fork situation whatever you want to call this
situation or or anything else you want to share I think that’s about it about
this what’s going on this week I just want to reiterate about seg wit right if
your wallet doesn’t support seg what it’s time to switch to new wallet Sigrid
has been out now for what thirteen fourteen months there’s no reason why
your wallet provider shouldn’t be supporting say good addresses they make
your transactions smaller so that they cost you less when sending it and it
allows for more transactions to fit in the block it’s it’s actually a block
size increase right now so what’s the block size in Bitcoin right now I’m
going to turn it on you Adam okay I’m asking the questions now it’s too right
it’s two not one what’s the maximum block size that a node will accept in
Bitcoin right now if the node came out you know after segment was released it
thought it doubled the block size right the maximum block size is 4 Meg’s there
the nose will accept that the node will accept as a valid block the problem is
with seg wit that we have now which is I’m calling kind of like say what 1.0
you cannot build a block bigger than 2 Meg’s or about 2 Meg’s I’ve seen blocks
a little bit bigger than to make so far and still have it compatible with the
old nodes see that’s what’s a what is it’s a block size increase but it’s a
soft fork it’s compatible with all the other older nodes that are still running
older software so now when we get segue 2.0 with snore signatures
then the blocks will be able to get to be almost 4 Meg’s and but a note today
will will validate a block that’s up to 4 Meg’s we just need we just need Segway
2.0 to do it that’s a pretty good explanation is something that snores I
can’t pronounce it signatures that provides there I didn’t know was
providing that that it was through through that you caught you’re calling
it segment to point out basically yes hey quit what I call segue 2.0 will be
segment with snore signatures okay yeah we think that things set in stone yet
they’re still working on it and hopefully there’s going to be something
out soon but yeah okay but I mean right now blocks aren’t very full anyway so I
mean we but they’re preparing for the future they’re preparing for the future
which is uh which is good well I think you know I think 2019 could be another
bull run year like 2017 and if it is if it is we could have another surge of new
people into the space which caused that backlog last time that drove transaction
prices way up with bitcoins much more prepared for it now but if you’re not
using segments you’re not going to be taking advantage of these bigger blocks
you’re going to be you’re going to be paying more for your transactions if
you’re sending more than one transaction every month or so you should be using
segments you said what all right then and that’s the bottom line you say well
I’ve got Rocky’s contact information below in this Oh check out the links
below there’s all sorts of other stuff by the sharp full stuff I’m linked to
below some stories about the turn-based video all that stuff if you want to keep
up with this be cash drama and but I think the charts that rocky provided a
really do tell tell the story and that the big coin is the the gold standard as
as he said well anyway thanks a lot rocky I’m not like what pound that like
button everybody well we’ll we’ll be back tomorrow at the
Regular Show I hope that Ray enjoyed this special you never know with the
special guests are coming on I post a new show here every single day i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister this is wrong nice to remember to subscribe
like this few shooters video check out the links below I’ll see hi to you guys
in the chat bye bye see ya

9 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Rocky Palumbo talks Bcash fork & future, Shark pool, big blocks, more!

  1. if we never had that silly bitcoin b trash fork last august Bitcoin today would still b over $20,000… stupid king of the trolls caused lots of fomo for many newbies and news media… hodl your bitcoin… strong hands…

  2. Good interview! Bitcoin is obviously no 1 coin – still there are many benefits re LTC not mentioned – for example sms encrypted mobile messaging off chain to the many millions of people worldwide with a mobile but no internet connection – ref lite.IM – many others such as Telegram, Facebook, importance of secondary network but not enough space! Good interview though. Smart guy!

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