The 1 Bitcoin Show- LIVE from the Tel Aviv BTC 10 Year Anniversary Party!

Well hello everyone you probably can’t
hear me real well yet don’t worry about
the sound yet this first part of the
show is just to show you this party okay
we got a lot of people here already at
the party got some cool background here
and I’m just gonna I’m gonna walk you
around house thereby doing
I do want to remind everyone if you’re
watching this taped you can play to chew
X sometimes to speed through these parts
where you know maybe you’re not
interested but this part of the show is
just to show you the scenes now here’s
the special you can’t see that can you
this thing is pretty cool here oh you
can’t see that either man that’s not
coming out all right so we’re gonna get
into the main room here say I’ve got the
mic setup bar yes so bar is the guy that
set up my microphone which I have but
we’re gonna
we’re gonna set it up in a second I just
want to show everybody like how many
people are here now what do you feel
about 10 years or you have music seem a
little weird that’s incredible
the Moses of the third house in years
new generation of Moses just celebrating
10 years and it’s amazing it’s the
phocion of the month of God
to scare people
all right we have technical difficulties
alright alright
we had some internet went down on me
all right
hey anybody hear me
okay coming out you guys do you hear me
out there
look at these guys ER okay here you hear
me yes you don’t see me though because
like I see
oh wow this later
police must have a bad internet
my word
oh yeah that might be I think you should
do that
dictionary yeah
wait where’s that where do you want me
to be
yes where-where’s i just walk up the
all right we might have a chili
all right
let’s see maybe I get not there’s candy
up here you know what we’re live right
now we hang on let me handle this one
second see how it’s coming in you okay
this is better you guys hear me pretty
well can you hear me you’re me all right
they hear me
all right many this is Manny all right
what do you have to say about ten years
I don’t know I just don’t know seven
years huge party here so yeah it’s been
10 years since VidCon is the first day
that walked and it’s been making a lot
of progress and yes so it’s really a
unique network and here I should have a
bit cone with the lighting overlaid on
top of it
yeah all right very good but thank hotel
tell them I’m in this room if they want
to this well I guess I’ll interview
people in here or something yeah we’ll
figure it out
very interesting well thank you there’s
all this what is this stuff here dude
someone’s been all these treats in here
man what’s what’s going on okay let’s go
back to the chat here oh wait Benny I
got a question
oh man ah all right
sorry about that Houston observer he he
left but I mean there’s there’s some big
exchange in Israel they all buy it from
the same exchange look I see I see okay
you guys said oh wow look everyone you
can see the computer that I used oh god
oh god ridiculous okay so there’s a big
party going on down
stairs but my Wi-Fi isn’t working
downstairs that kind of sucks and I
can’t sit down because there’s all this
candy here all right let’s put this down
oh wait there’s beer it that could fall
that’s not good
hang on all right I think they have an
open bar here tonight so uh as the night
progresses I’m praying I can be able to
get anybody to to help me out with this
Wi-Fi but that’s good that’s fine we’re
having a big party it’s awesome what are
you guys doing for the 10th anniversary
of Bitcoin are you partying wherever you
are around this world my voice is double
spending how can it be echoing at this
point oh oh wait I might know why is
that going that would be really bad no
it’s not echoing because of that all
right let’s see what we got on that I’ve
got relatives emailing me here we got
people on Twitter spreading the word we
got people on Twitter okay
Marad is looking forward to tomorrow’s
this week in Bitcoin show guys remember
tuna this week in Bitcoin on this very
channel at a look at security cameras oh
hang on all right so yeah this weekend
Bitcoin this week a bit closer tomorrow
at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time but look at
this look what I’ve discovered in this
room there is a video there’s a TV
showing a security camera everybody
pulling in outside look at the high-tech
gadgets you can have when you’re in the
office let’s see what this is is this oh
is that okay looks everyone say is a
better connection Oh God I don’t know
how many people gonna watch this on
replay at this point we got a we got to
figure out a situation where maybe I’m
just gonna have to take and you see I
didn’t bring my good camera either which
is unfortunate I might just have to
interview everybody and post it later or
something like that because this isn’t a
Adam nobody wants to see Adam in a room
filled with candy and computers when he
could be partying with the whole crew
out there you guys would want to see
that tape maybe it works I had two tabs
open uh-oh you see someone had two tabs
you see there wasn’t an echo all right
good well I got dudes in the chat room
now if you got any questions I can
answer some questions real quick before
I go off the air I guess cause I think
we’re gonna I think the livestream hey
no it’s alright this oh here someone
said Bitcoin means today sent twenty
twenty Norwegian kroner he said happy
10th anniversary 2019 to having is near
that’s a good attitude to have man we
are that much closer to the year 2020
Houston observer and thank you for the
support Bitcoin means today you always
are a good supporter Houston observers
please find out what is the cheapest way
to transact Bitcoin in Israel exchanges
charge 5% to withdrawal oh well I mean
sorry that’s the cheapest way I know but
how about this I mean what’s that uh
well uh yes there’s they used to have a
at the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv they
had a Bitcoin ATM that’s got to be less
than 5% local bitcoins is less than 5%
this the guy who’s asking this question
are you an Israel man
Houston observer you got people I know
you have you people in Israel you get
this rare Adam is just conversing with
everybody in the chat right now this is
a rarity for the show yo dude you got
good questions Houston Observer I’m very
interested here they gave us a stamp
it’s the lightning does that make sense
to everyone okay yes I don’t know I
would I would say if someone travels to
Israel a lot I’ll just get the big point
outside of Israel but what is no I’m
sure many Israelis are wondering what is
the cheapest way because the exchanges
are expensive here I will uh I’ll say
that in a future show actually let me
write that down
you know it’s funny I everyone knows
there was a contest to get a free ticket
to this party for anywhere in the world
and I said an Austrian woman won and the
first person I met basically when I
walked in was this Austrian woman I
recognized her right away she does a
German Bitcoin show a German Bitcoin
podcast they got a yeah I mean they get
also see I’m in the security room I
guess here we got the walkie-talkie on
and everything uh oh yeah cheapest
what’s the cheapest BTC in Israel I
don’t know we we shall find that out for
you Houston I’m gonna find that out for
you I am excited about tomorrow’s show
to the ice with a Marad in Maxim oh
that’s very good combination
oh that beat the Bitcoin ATM cost five
it cost 5% the embassy also man you know
we’re spoiled with the Wi-Fi I guess I
guess the Wi-Fi is based in here and as
I get further away from this room that’s
when the problems start
hmm look I’m learning a lot here for in
this chat when we need–we this is Ken
withdrawal u.s. dollars to new Israeli
shekels from Israeli ATMs no transaction
fees huh okay
I’m not gonna you’re looking all right
so should I uh hey it’s good we do you
want to say you want to say hello to the
viewers you know yo yeah we’re on air
hey everyone happy birthday so you’re
putting this party on say your neck say
who you are I’m know I’m from the
Bitcoin Association which is a very nice
NGO in Israel and aiming to promote
Bitcoin and we focus I you see there are
ladies that are into Bitcoin rare do
these I see right now on my chat it’s
just a bunch of dudes in there I think
so that was a rare treat if there’s a
there’s a lot of ladies at this party
actually we’re bringing it I got to get
out to that party in a second man what
we might do is just uh we might just
tape from the party and then post it
later or oh oh but I’ll need the stance
I need to stand still for that – you’re
saying if you set that up in the you’re
gonna sip a router in here something
like that it’s gonna be easy
– book that’s maybe wait till people
enter because we are free body with the
gathering actually what I’m doing okay
guys you gotta hear this whatever the
line is so long
I need another tablet to let people in
so we were very we knew it was gonna
happen so maybe I don’t know but people
are coming in saying and it’s gonna be
crazy yeah I mean there was a line when
I got here like at 8:30 so it’s the
biggest party at Tel Aviv tonight dude
so I’m just this guys want to see the
party no doubt no doubt
all right what we got here
someone says saw it’s not a sausagefest
down there Spencer bitcoin generally is
a sausage fest but down there it’s not a
Spencer’s in the B rhodium there too
Spencer’s into a lot of things I don’t
think he’s in the sausage fest usually
what someone brings up sausage fest
state they don’t want a sausage fest
hello sir Oh Oh sir let’s see let’s
let’s really interview you now
let’s this is one of the we’re here come
come over here come on
well yeah I showed the kid what’s the
candy for you well because I got that
blocked hang on
we forget oh here hang on all right what
are we good there’s the candy we know
what’s the candy for we’re gonna do
interview we’ll just do it standing up
is this like we’re like I’m alright this
is Sarah state your uh okay so you’re
like one of the big people at the big
coin Embassy in Tel Aviv correct alright
so and this part and we’re here to
promote and look she’s wearing the same
thing I was wearing the other day yes of
course so I’ve been wear these
chocolates yeah
oh they’re like Hanukkah gelt but
bitcoin gelt very fun very good okay
even part of the organization for how
long yeah like I like arrived at the
bottom of the bear market like Wednesday
because I’m stealthy where the basically
embassy is and so they needed because I
was the bear mark everything was dead so
I started there was a place the
volunteers like so so like I’ve been
saying like the community like like
there was a community obviously very
active like before and stuff but I’ve
seen it since like the like the bear Mar
bottom and so I organized events and
became more active in the community and
and yeah here we are
well you’re putting on a big party this
is the biggest party in the world and
Adam back is here yes lizard that is
that’s pretty amazing how did he find
out a bit piece here that means this
must be the most important big actually
we asked from blog stream to give
sponsorship they said no which may be at
the back it’s probably is the most
important when I lived in Isis one also
maybe the lizards are congregating there
the lizards I don’t know like he has a
like lizard no I shouldn’t say that I
don’t know what’s going on we’re getting
all social inside information all right
well very good you’re hard at work do
you have any other questions how does it
feel to be a woman in Bitcoin it’s very
hard but because I deal with so much
bullshit it’s made me a stronger person
Oh interests it’s really hard it’s
really hard but it’s worth it and like
if you’re like me the woman and you
don’t like I also wanted me to women a
so she doesn’t know about Bitcoin
understand about it but because I’m like
I think about them whereas people do
same thing to me I’ll just even pretend
that she does know because I guess guys
it was an accident I organised seats
comes to mean he knows me and just
explained with a full note is like this
looks like assholes out there like if
you see women in a meet-up like help or
be nicer or like you know per second of
all these assholes some of the women are
like a really smart that’s why they can
even do it this kind of bullshit why do
you have a handcuff did you get lost did
you bring the scammers suits so I only
have like the mask so the reason you had
the scam the hand customers you think
the scammers get handcuffed eventually I
put in prison the chains of the scammers
and the losers aren’t even as they as
they walk around very interesting
what’s this water no it was water okay
okay all right thank you Sarah for your
your insight yes hopefully we will oh no
no what do you want to show this oh I
could show you look at these here those
uh freaking bikes that everybody has
until Aviva the fire
fireworks the what’s that I’m asked all
anonymous mash yeah that’s one yeah I
you had it the other day only water yes
you guys are seeing it’s real life
someone offers me coffee it’s the only
water that’s the way that’s the way I
okay what do we have here all right okay
there’s my I wore my my formal teach no
tuxedo guys here that I do it’s for the
walkie I know I know but people people
get to hear a little Hebrew there right
actually and I was gonna ask her about
she spoke in an event just go to the
televi Bitcoin embassy she’s in charge
of the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy Twitter
feed actually look at what a gypsy tree
said hey gypsy tree gypsy tree I want
you to tune in next Thursday to this
show I got a real special show for you
next Thursday gypsy tree we’re gonna be
on location I’m gonna be on location
next Thursday if all goes well and gypsy
tree you will just love where I’m gonna
be located next Thursday Oh hopefully it
all goes well and we’ll have a really
nice we’ll have a really nice link it’ll
be real nice and smooth
– all right there Sarah yeah they said
do you have a website you have Twitter
what’s your Twitter my Twitter is
internet hello that’s what it is
Internet hello yeah you also got Twitter
pretty early well that’s not that early
but still it’s pretty good oh that’s
earlier but wait when did you get your
first big all right there was an hour
question so this is one that there’s a
one in very important question I keep on
forgetting to ask it houston keeps on
asking this question can okay wait we
Hugh stand said please find out what is
the cheapest way to transact Bitcoin in
Israel exchanges charge 5% to enroll and
then also in the cash market there’s
probably people selling for premium but
if you find a like person like a person
you know who has to sell they’ll sell
you like regular but also in the teller
I’m graphic like the likes on physics
changes it’s also people like take three
percent premium but like I know like
someone who gets paid in Bitcoin so
he’ll sell you about a premium but but
we would sit the Telegraph rupees a
little on the trust where I mean I’m
getting some food yeah I mean you meet a
person you don’t know they’re gonna be
make sure you know you’re not getting
yeah but other that’s like five years of
pre me at all the exchanges yeah you
guys are stuck in 5% lab yeah yeah I
know I think it’s probably like this in
a lot of small countries because it does
cause some loss but yeah all right tell
it go to your telegram group founded
like she said how about like but strong
thank you sir I hear the base the base
is calling me well where do the
fireworks okay I won’t miss it all right
so Sarah was very helpful there Houston
it looks like it looks like it’s hard
that they can avoid the 5% I mean
awkward it telegram group telling
whatever it’s called I mean you got to
meet somebody a person well in Israel no
one’s gonna Jack you most likely I just
meet him in a bank I guess Bank
it’s a market
you’re in Israel the mark Bitcoin
related technology related to
I’m fixing a half a million Jews or six
million Jews or something I don’t even
know I mean I’m saying like well I guess
weasel it doesn’t matter if you’re
Jewish or yes you serve it up again you
see this whole internet connection
sucks Barney yeah
it looks
but when I have to cut this livestream
short and come back a little later all
right well we got here
it’s so sad because we set up the
microphones tonight all right
maybe on some Saturday’s show maybe on
on audio this is where that the room
that I’m in is where the bit where
should be the best alright can you hear
me better now dude I hear that bass the
bass is calling me back in the day I
used to go to clubs a lot and stuff got
my earplugs here and everything ready to
party okay here here’s the thing I want
to see
no active stream what a YouTube
you vicious you this is monster hang on
you guys still my stream status is okay
the stream current bit rate is lower
than the recommended bitrate we
recommend you use a stream bitrate of 25
okay then how do I change my bitrate you
freaks how do I do that now I got a look
you can hear people speaking Hebrew
isn’t that fun all right here I’m you
guys are broadcast settings no okay
I’m trying to fix this freeware this is
live on our screen share no cameraman no
settings here we go here we go oh no
Stern it
that’s not gonna do it what’s that
what’s going on in my chat here we’re
good pal Matt stream audio is working
yeah yeah I know the audio is working
but this is this one night it’s not
about the audio you guys want to see the
I mean they got some good stuff down
there I got a big screen it’s just
Bitcoin tangy ears
gg-go before – now well you’re gonna see
how to meister who that you get to see
atomized arrow the darn time i don’t
want even see adam meister god too much
adam meister III I’m happy to see some
of the usual names and the chat today
it’s always uh you singing use us a your
back and clear yes I am because I turn
to adjust bandwidth usage okay dudes
maybe this is gonna be it maybe this is
gonna be now by the way remember that
I’m adjusting the bandwidth so tomorrow
I so tomorrow I adjust it back when we
have a normal okay
no that’s not good you don’t want that
why is it doing this to me okay Barry I
want very low Sun a book all right all
right dudes
prove to your head on one of those I do
own one nice camera but it only does
tape shows I didn’t bring it with me so
now as you can see the video quality is
not as good but that the reason for that
is so that we’d be able to perhaps go
downstairs so you guys can see me all
right I want you this is gonna be a
little experiment when it starts if it
starts to get bad type in there okay I’m
welcome this baby downstairs alright
back to the party alright we’re going
down USA you
all right you see me now you you’re
welcome Bitcoin now you’re welcome
Bitcoin not men
hey hey hey then I work to celebrate
bitch fine spent your anniversary will
be here in five minutes on the other
side of the club please exit the club
through the dance floor and keep walking
thank you I will do that
hear me
yeah I’m a YouTube first
like someone oh hey nice
you see this guy new to pound that like
mine that like mine alright alright so
we’re a little choppy out here okay very
choppy down I can’t go back inside
I don’t need to see the fireworks I’ll
bring it back inside
that is that’s an old-world Oh
English right out that door right out
that door
firework yay it’s not working out
alright wait so you guys saw that dead
that’s fireworks did you hear that sound
this virus
well I can’t I couldn’t be outside as
it’s choppy outside they’re doing the
fireworks now though that was pretty
he looks it is a bomb our fight
all right I don’t know what you guys
have been able to see again if you’re
watching this tape have played it 2x
there have been some funny moments
all right can you guys see it better now
all right dudes so now the fireworks has
just ended so you’re gonna see a lot of
people walk in the room I don’t know a
lot of you like to see people
– prices are fixed are miserly
and your medica little about how he
anticipated and it’s offensive in fact
I’m robbing a destiny or elephant I let
me gather every man alive
super mission s nostra me Lil Bow Wow
but Carrie Mae Lee s was her name
paid us so she noticed a steady walk
nearly as pretty blockage beeping Oh mr.

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