The 1 Bitcoin Show- Litecoin & Beam? Value of BTC is greater than attention! Ethereum, ErisX

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 7th 2019 strong hand
offended by selling value your wealth in
Bitcoin uncomf escapable
I’m not going anywhere personal
responsibility is the new counterculture
Bitcoin this game is not rigged be in
motion ok I just went through a lot of
my sayings there and you can hear even
more of them tomorrow at 1 p.m. London
time 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time in New York
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tomorrow I do a new show here every day
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Friday so it’s Friday tomorrow oh yeah
you can tell a pumped weekend all right
so let’s let’s start out with do you
value your wealth in attention or in
Bitcoin I think there are a lot of
people out there in social media land
they get caught up in the the social
media attention and Bitcoin
communication and debate it’s based in
social media here on YouTube on Twitter
and Facebook with all these little
groups here and there what discord I
don’t even know all these darn things
but what ends up happening I think is
that people say radical controversial
kind of mean-spirited stuff sometimes
and they get a dopamine hit because they
get a lot of it attention and it
reinforces them to just be more and more
outrageous and kind of get making it
into almost a clique
and be almost exclusive and be willing
to attack anyone that goes against what
they believe because if they say
something outrageous in that attack like
you’re honest you’re a scammer then you
know they’ll get more attention and it’s
kind of this vicious loop and I think
they’ve lost track of what word I mean
they should be valuing their wealth in
Bitcoin now about valuing their wealth
and attention try to get more Bitcoin I
mean there’s some people out there that
are trying to get more Bitcoin but then
it ends up that some people are hooked
on the rush and attention so they’re
just trying to get more attention and
they’ve forgotten like what’s what’s
wrong with getting Bitcoin why why are
you attacking people in their ways of
getting Bitcoin or they’re not as
Orthodox about Bitcoin as you are and
again so I mean I’m analyzing the
situation that’s out there I think there
are a lot of people who value their
wealth and attention more so than in
Bitcoin and I just want to remind
everyone that sure there’s an attention
economy out there if you’re if you are
running a I guess a business that
depends on social media then yeah you’re
gonna want you’re gonna want clicks
you’re gonna want a balls but in the end
of the day value getting Bitcoin is much
more important to getting that attention
okay much more in the long run the
bitcoins gonna last you a lot longer
then that there’s extra few retweets you
got on Twitter or the X extra Pat’s on
the bat that you that you got from
people saying oh yeah you really you
really beat him in that argument there
and everybody let everybody loved it
you’re fitting in great here value your
wealth in Bitcoin do not value what your
wealth in our value your wealth in
Bitcoin more so than inattention all
right I might do another video about
that one day
just had that on my mind earlier yeah so
yeah I do I I’m a guy I’m just trying to
get more Bitcoin and if you defend some
people oh oh well you know what
so here we go what is this here oh yeah
yeah sorry I only read this in a few
different places I happened upon Charlie
Lee who I believe retweeted this and the
following is is not it seems really good
for litecoin I guess but this is going
to take a while apparently and you know
let them keep on innovating and
experimenting over their own litecoin
and maybe bitcoin once they’re done
bitcoin can somehow implement this if it
makes sense so this is a medium post and
litecoin foundation and beam cooperation
announcement we have started exploration
towards adding privacy and fungibility
to litecoin by allowing on chain
conversion of regular litecoin into a
minimal Wimble variant of litecoin and
upon such converse upon such conversion
it will be possible to transact with
nimble Wimble litecoin in complete
confidentiality so okay they’re not
there yet this is just the start of this
experimentation i guess and cooperation
all right so good luck to them and I
hope that you know this this memorable
thing a lot of people are talking about
it flavor of the month baby I’ve said it
before but let’s let’s see what it will
how it all ends up maybe it’ll of maybe
it’ll help Bitcoin in the long run and
on that note Andreas Antonopoulos has a
video out there and it’s it’s a short
one is it long Bitcoin
question-and-answer differences between
was this between green and beam well so
he talks about it for a little bit and I
all I gotta say is Bitcoin is the next
Bitcoin but so if Andreas is talking
about nimble Wimble like should I call
him a name and like tweet it out and
then I’ll get a lot of attention
does that make andreas a bad guy this he
well I don’t know all right I do know
he’s a he’s an awesome guy you know we
did there gonna be some people oh how
dare him speak of something else even
though I mean Bitcoin is the next
Bitcoin Sami no matter what anyone says
about it and yeah again I hey you know
what if litecoins somehow enables nimble
Wimble on top of it you still gotta buy
litecoin if you’re interested in this
member wendel thing that member Wimble
corn crypto dividend is coming out we
had a show on that on Saturday actually
Chris he’ll be on the show tomorrow
maybe he’ll talk about that because he’s
with the MWC he’s with the MWC people
and again you know you there’s an air
drop of some nimble window poin to all
Bitcoin holders
let’s see it baby I’m trying to increase
my wealth and Bitcoin you give me that
MWC I’ll turn it into some some Bitcoin
because I value my wealth and Bitcoin
found that like button all right so now
coin desk I don’t usually talk about
coin desks or articles or what I do my
god I hope everybody get it I hope this
is coming out uh look this is coming out
clear yeah it is coming out clear
something looks a little different here
on my my screen you know YouTube is what
whatever it’s free but how am i
complaining so coin desk which I say I
never talk about but I I guess I do I’m
always saying I don’t talk about them
coin this has an article about the
terrorist organization Hamas I think we
mentioned this before that this that you
know your worst enemy can use Bitcoin
and you can’t stop them and some bad
Jews are gonna use Bitcoin so there was
a rumor that Hamas was raising funds
through Bitcoin but apparently there’s
been research on the addresses that they
listed on various sites and one of their
Bitcoin addresses goes back to coinbase
and then another to an another third
party and to another exchange if you’re
a cut to reversal organizations like
that all right
you don’t you don’t store your Bitcoin
on a third party if if they have raised
funds and if you if Hamas has a coin a
Bitcoin address at coinbase it’s not
theirs and if it can be proven coin that
coin base will confiscate it but they’re
out of their base the united states and
hamas is deemed a terrorist organization
by the United States of America it’ll be
confiscated immediately so I don’t know
what these dudes are thinking over there
you know in Hamas land they must make
their crypto expert must not be much of
an expert if he was coming up with
Bitcoin addresses that are at third
parties and they do and I I’m assuming
the third because they said one address
was that coin base another was an
exchange then whoever came up with this
over there they don’t value the wrath of
Bitcoin they clearly thought they were
gonna get Bitcoin and we’re gonna be
able to change it into fiat I assume
because it’s again there’s there’s no
point if they value their wealth a
Bitcoin that would just create a Bitcoin
injury they get a trace or you get crew
create a Bitcoin address and they pay
whoever they need to pay in Bitcoin and
clearly they want it they just wanted a
way to you know convert and again I’m
sure wherever even if they had it on a
trace or and they got the Bitcoin sense
of them I’m sure they could someone
would give them cash in person for the
Bitcoin instead their kids pretty it
seems to me that they they want to get
there they were just using it as a way
to get cash you know getting through
whatever restrictions they have that the
banks have against them but it’s not
well thought out at all clearly not well
thought out at all if they’re they’re
keeping it at a third party that will
confiscate it
so again that’s a really obviously the
terrorist organization is as
controversial as it gets but again if
you are if you’ve been someone who’s
been you know deep person or whatever by
various organizations by paypal and
youtube and you set up
Bitcoin address no you don’t stand up at
a third party that’s not your Bitcoin
you got to control your own private key
just get a trace or or paper wallet
whatever you got to do I mean that’s
paper wallets I think I’m more complex
than a Treasury in a sense we won’t get
into that right now
all right so there we go so the great
tour de Meester and remember people
pound that like button hit that
subscribe button awesome and yeah check
out the links below of course t-shirt
here is from a all good lab you can get
this t-shirt over there at all good lab
those hipsters in New York so I prefer
boring boring so-called boring Bitcoin
to what I’m about to describe I just saw
Colonel on junior set the super dad I’m
really in a second I’m laughing at it
all right uh-huh
I know what it says it says what the
other two said so yeah I’d rather have
boring so-called Borg Bitcoin that would
then with tour de Meester describes
below the state of aetherium 2.0 in my
opinion illustrates how we’re talking
about a scientific experiment and not
just software implementation and he
quotes it’s possible that new research
will invalidate or otherwise to reshape
the roadmap profoundly and this was a
they were they were someone doing a
report about the etherium so that
doesn’t seem very you know I like
Bitcoin not changing and being boring
but possible that new research will
invalidate or otherwise reshape the
etherium roadmap profoundly I don’t like
that but you know what and neither does
toward the Meester you can check out his
link below you check out his all his
tweets a lot of his tweets they were
about aetherium if you want to read more
about this again he doesn’t call it
names he analyzed he explains what he
thinks is wrong with the theory on them
why he likes Bitcoin okay it’s done in a
professional way and I respect him he
doesn’t go around screaming and
you know having a fit in screaming scam
scam scam scam and again you could do
that if you want to that’s not my style
that’s not my style again I’m in
yesterday video and I guess in today’s
video to either I think that the word
stamp it just it sickens me now it
really said was has just been overplayed
so much is it’s lost all its lost all
meaning and it it does add toxicity to
the space no doubt about it no doubt
about it but again even if you scream it
enough you get a lot of attention okay I
mean you know you can have your
attention I’ll have my big coin pound
that like button so but this Michael
Dunn work Oh first let’s read Colonel
Swan jr. what he had to say here he said
five dollars thank you very much and he
said he just sent me he just sent me
point three four four litecoin because I
choose the whole Bitcoin and use
litecoin as a daily means of exchange
well hey dude I appreciate that you sent
me that light coin you know that Bitcoin
is the rock you’re not you’re like I
don’t wanna give him my Bitcoin don’t
want to give up my Bitcoin as I know and
uh I send Adam point three four for
Bitcoin oh man that I might be able to
get a car with that for you soon or
something who knows well thank you
colonel Swan jr. I appreciate the
support and the support of all the dudes
out there who watch this show every day
new show here every day all right we
talked about oh no we didn’t read
Michael Dunn worst tweet well it’s
actually a photograph he took I mean a
newspaper clip from an Iowa newspaper it
appears from the 1990s from what I can
tell and that the new the newspaper clip
for the ninety nine is explaining the
readers how they can send letters by
computer to the newspaper enix late
here’s how it’s done and they it
actually mentions their CompuServe
address and copiers are CompuServe was a
big internet company back in the 90s so
I hear and what it’s a funny
check it out it’s linked to below it’s a
fun it shows how early we are in big
– because some of the complexities that
were involved in this newspaper
explanation of of the internet we now
have in Bitcoin but in time everyone got
the hang of sending letters by computer
but what do you what company do you
think will be the computer you know that
there are companies today in Bitcoin
that will just become comp user
CompuServe they will they’ll disappear
I wonder which ones we’ll look back on
one day and well I remember that one I
remember that one that that brings me
back to the old twenty nineteen back to
the teens just like copies Irv is people
love feelings
we’re feelings of the 1990s and but Bill
Clinton all right let’s see
CDs maybe with CDs big in the nineties
so the block crypto well we’ll end on
this note a lot of people probably let
off with this but this little clip it
says ehre sex Erie’s X whatever way you
want to pronounce it brings on new
partner from Barclays as it eyes the
launch of its institutional crypto
exchange the institutional grade
Exchange announced three new hires
Thursday as it prepares for the launch
of its spot marketplace for crypto into
two hour right dudes so IRA’s X is still
on schedule to launch an institutional
grade exchange in the second quarter of
2019 that could be as late as what June
June thirtieth and you know how it works
guys they’ll probably after that won’t
it but hey it’s still on schedule it’s
gonna happen eventually institutional
grade exchanges and yes some people who
cares about exchange so Trisha is I’m
not an institution they’re gonna ruin
everything they’re not gonna ruin
everything but instead of worry about
them ruining everything
think about how you’ve got to get in
before they get in so if you’re a no
pointer saying that I don’t know why
you’re saying that do you you should be
saying why don’t I have any Bitcoin it’s
early because the institutions are not
here yet in force all right
pound that light button bang that bail
button i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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