The 1 Bitcoin Show- Jack Dorsey mania! LightningTorch, MimbleWimble on Litecoin? Positive vibe

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on the East Coast United States Sarah
will be on for tip from Tel Aviv and I I
have my second person booked the always
enjoyable and maybe controversial Laurie
and gammer off from South Africa he will
be on and he said he’s up to debating
people you know I am not I don’t set
these things up to be debates now I know
Sarah and Laurie aren’t gonna debate I
don’t think well you never know what’s
gonna happen on the show now if you want
to debate Laurie and contact me maybe
you could Lauren said it debate this is
not about debating this is about sharing
information peace but so many people out
there just love to see these battles I
don’t you know and that’s the thing with
these shows you never know what’s gonna
happen the time the last few times I’ve
had Laurie and on they’ve turned into
debates and they haven’t been planned
that way at all so it’s it’s fun doing
these shows yes have a strong hand like
to sure says buy-and-hold and of course
what else do we say on this show trying
to keep it positive pound that like
button so yeah cryptocurrency big
this is supposed to be this
revolutionary new time that we’re living
in and it has been quite and it I mean
if you’ve been in this is 2013 like I
have I mean it’s been a roller coaster
and it has been revolutionary and it is
reminiscent to my youth when the
internet was exploding and it’s just
it’s so exciting to be an adult during
this this time I’m so happy to be alive
now and it just feels like this is all
meant to be and I’m not gonna get into
all the deeper spiritual meanings but
yeah this is supposed this is supposed
to be fun is the bottle is what I’m
trying to say here and I’m always having
fun and we’re always having a fun time
on the show I think hey you know
sometimes I could get a little angry and
I mean we’re all guilty of a little bit
of anger but no right and right now in
the in the crypto space in the Bitcoin
space and you don’t have to be happy I
mean I’m not forcing this on you but hey
I’d like to be a happy person but the
vibe in most corners of crypto now is
it’s not positive and it seems like
they’re there it’s in many people’s
nature to pile on with more negativity
you know there’s a little bit of
negativity and then they just they get
caught up in it and there’s name-calling
you’re scapegoating and I mean is this
like I I wonder for some people it’s
probably of some kind of form of
projection I guess but I mean you can
again this is where the big boys playing
and you should act like an adult I think
you should act like an adult and I’m
sharing this with everyone today you can
criticize people I mean that’s great
but bullying people into submission or
cursing at them I mean I don’t think
that helps I really I don’t I don’t
think that helps the vibe I don’t I
don’t think that helps adoption I don’t
know how I don’t think that’s very
welcoming I don’t think we’re gonna get
a lot of new people into this and I
don’t think the revolution is gonna go
as fast as it as it could go and
ensalada and it’s going to cause people
to drop out and that’s unfortunate and
people will become weak hands because of
the negativity and I’m all about being a
strong hand and even some of the people
to get I mean I I I’ve seen
both ways you know people people get
attacked they may attack back then they
attack others it’s a vicious it’s a
vicious circle here and I I think people
should slow down a little bit and be
long-term thinkers and before they type
something before they attack before they
scapegoat they should just think like
what in the in the long term is this
good is this good for my health is this
good for the crypto space was i I don’t
think this this helps the negativity
helps be a grown-up and you can you can
ignore it grown-ups can ignore things I
ignore a lot of things out there you
know on my Twitter I don’t block anyone
but at the same time I don’t respond to
people at all when you know a lot of
people do at tech bought this I never
respond never respond but I let I don’t
block people so I still read it but
whatever I’m a grown-up I can ignore
I can also constructively criticize and
bring up other coins on here and and
point out other problems and say you
know talk about decentralization without
centralization with decentralisation
versus the centralization without using
curse words and that’s something I pride
myself on this show I think everyone
knows I do not curse on the show I tell
everyone only this we can play course
you don’t curse but people end up
cursing and sometimes it’s just in
passing but you know the thing
name-calling with the cursing it’s just
I don’t think it’s very adult and I
think I think we were there a lot of
smart people in this space is sometimes
they don’t act very intelligently and so
it fitting in is is being negative crude
and bullying then this is not going to
help speed up our bigger mission or the
bigger mission which is to change the
world and it’s not going to you know if
if you feel like you need to fit in you
need the bully and curse and criticize
in an in an ad hominem
then um you know what you you’re not
going to be increasing your wealth
either most likely if you’re taking
those negative straight so you know we
can point out that there’s many
different paths in crisp cryptocurrency
there are many different paths in
increasing your Bitcoin stash okay in
valuing your wealth
Bitcoin and I just I think we should
have it I think it’s it’s I enjoy having
discussions with people about it I don’t
enjoy getting into curse filled tirades
with people or reading cry yeah you know
it disappoints me when I see other
people meaning to rip on another project
another coin another way of looking at
things just to boost up their way of
looking at things and if you’re if
you’re right you should know you’re
right and you shouldn’t need to rip on
people in a malicious type of way and
with me that that’s why I don’t call
myself a Bitcoin maximalist I call
myself a bit going first or I know the
Bitcoin is the one I know it’s gonna
it’s your Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin I
don’t need to ripple and curse it ripple
or something like that or our iota
ensure I bring them up I bring up their
I bring up stories when you know they
talk about there’s too many no one knows
how much ripples been printed or when a
university finds out problems about iota
but I don’t go around calling them curse
words I don’t go around calling them
curse words and I think this whole
opening is just I mean I try to set an
example out there and I think everyone
knows if you do watch this show a lot of
people get a kick out of the positivity
about have the strong hand and I I’m
trying to spread it I’m trying to spread
it out there and yeah I mean if you want
if you want to curse at me be my guest
but I don’t think that’s I don’t think
that’s helping the situation we are any
feet in the in terms of Fiat yeah
there’s a lot of negativity because
Bitcoin isn’t worth as much as Fiat as
it was before but value your love the
big coin I said I got more big than I
had before I mean you always gotta look
on the brighter side of things and so
yeah again people they ask you why do
you allow people with different opinions
than you on your show I mean they don’t
stay all state it that way but they’re
like why is X allowed on your show why
is why allowing your show because I’m
not gonna be I’m not gonna if everyone
agree with me 100% of the time it’d be a
really boring world and it’d be a really
boring show too it really would be you
know when you have guests on your show
if you’re just gonna have a carbon copy
of you
there was a tween of Adam Meister it
would be pretty boring no it would be
pretty insane though what I know that
that high energy level like the computer
would explode town that like button so
yeah but I mean I have respectful people
I have people that I’ve met in person I
have people that have a minute I I don’t
I don’t have trashy people I try and not
you if I find out that someone’s a kook
I don’t have them back on again and I
don’t even you know there again I have
mentioned in the past there be people on
the show that I’ve had this total turned
out to be really negative people people
that I don’t want to associate with and
so they’re not on again I don’t call
them out I don’t say hey XYZ is a total
whatever no I just move on you know I
there’s no need for me to get a revenge
on someone if if you feel that need to
like you know after you’ve dismissed
some for your life but you’ve got to
bring them up again then you what you
might have an issue too there might be
some projection involved so with all of
that with that little intro out of the
way and maybe that will inspire people
maybe again because again you know after
sometimes I I read things for people
that I respect and they just bluntly
insult people blindly what’s the point
of doing it what’s the what’s it adding
what is it adding this is supposed to be
fun let’s make this fun so whenever
you’re about the posts are negative
their thing is this making life fun
because you know when you post something
negative you might begin a little like
adrenaline rush for a second but I don’t
think it’s making your life better I
really don’t think it’s making your life
better better so again we can and we’re
and no one’s perfect no one is perfect
I’m not perfect either okay we all we
all say things that we regret definitely
so yeah moving on Jack Dorsey mania I
mean that’s positive it’s positive that
Jack Dorsey is the biggest story of the
day on a crypto Twitter at least and I
mean he’s meant he’s gotten into
Bloomberg and I’m gonna read you some
things here it’s clear that he likes
Bitcoin okay it’s clear that he likes
Bitcoin but you got to take this in
stride you cannot get carried away and
but I mean you you can derive some
positives out of it I mean I’m not I
don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade
here anything like that I just I just
went on the big did you know talk about
staying positive this is positive but
it’s this isn’t gonna there’s not a
magic answer to end end what’s going on
here it’s like I think a lot of people
think well if Jack Dorsey is tweeting
about it coin then the value of Bitcoin
is going to go up in terms of a fiat and
that’s not it’s not the magic answer
it’s not the magic answer the magic
answer is long-term thinking you just
got to be patient
there’ll be a series of things over time
and we’ll bring up the value of Bitcoin
yep but that’s why you don’t you gotta
better your life in Bitcoin so Bloomberg
what is this here Jack Dorsey yeah
when asked just how much Bitcoin he was
holding Norse he responded with a simple
enough well is it really enough he and
he only has Bitcoin he only has Bitcoin
so he says I mean hey I’ll – I’ll take
his word for it for now I think it’s
positive that he he believes that you
know bitcoin is the next Bitcoin it
appears now hey don’t get disappointed
one day the dude says I like like coin
now are so I mean anything can happen so
you don’t want to put him up too much on
a pedestal
you don’t want to put him on a pet
because he could say something one day
it’s gonna be like oh my god it’s the
end of the world that was he’s totally
he was the he was the king of Bitcoin
and now he’s this can’t get it taking
this try but you’re right now he only
has Bitcoin but hey dude you say you
have enough Bitcoin Kimmo trying to get
that big coin dude keep on yeah you know
you’re he’s like almost a billionaire
right I encouraging the buy more and
more big coin
take it off the market man you got all
the money in the world turn it that Fiat
in the big coin pound that like button
alright so that that’s good
yeah I have enough Bitcoin all yeah all
right I don’t have I don’t know how much
to do
all right breaker magazine says he Jack
Dorsey celebrates Bitcoin then drags be
cash aetherium and altcoins
okay so yeah he did make some points
about aetherium and B cash in all coins
he wasn’t very positive on them but he
did he never said that Bitcoin would be
the only crip
currency he said it probably would be
the native currency of the internet so
he’s not a person’s you know that says
you know dye other coin died you know
he’s not the she’s not the shop shark
pool guy it appears you know that that’s
that’s going back to my original talk
right there shark let’s go out there and
destroy all the other all coins that’s I
mean that’s not a positive that’s not
about that’s a negative that’s a
negative addition to the space I really
think destruction destruction of or
wishing destruction of other coins and
so will I mean it’s some will disappear
eventually that but going out of your
way to destroy coins that’s not what’s
the point of that if again if you’re
confident enough in Bitcoin and again
I’ve totally gone off of Jack Dorsey P
if you’re confident enough in Bitcoin
you shouldn’t need to destroy any other
coins you should I mean let them be
let them be ignore them they hate me
that is that’s what I do
I um and Lisa it but when I get him for
free I’m going to turn him in the
Bitcoin baby I’m going to turn me the
Bitcoin alright so Arjun had it really
well first of all before I get to origin
who was a guest on this week in Bitcoin
show before
Stephan lavera in Australia has also
been a guest only this weekend Bitcoin
show before and he during this you know
Jack Dorsey on all these twiggy’s tween
out all the stuff about Bitcoin Stefan
lavera is in motion and invites the dude
on his show and he says yes and so this
this Saturday on 1 p.m. Pacific Time
Jack so if you want to hear more about
Jack Dorsey you’re he’s gonna be on
Stefan’s show with Elizabeth Stark on at
1 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday I that
is mentioned in the breaker magazine
article also so that’s that’s great good
good job Stefan laverra very you know
that put some put the pressure on the
dude you know keep on walking the walk I
guess I get some is Twitter go to adopt
Bitcoin get him to say
so Arjun Arjun had to tweet about all
this and I love this take on it because
again this this involves long-term
thinking and it shows you just how big
this could be you know if if Jack Dorsey
and Twitter really got behind this would
be big news but again this will take
the year is 2024 these evita a musk like
maneuver cash app and Twitter have
morphed creating a Bitcoin native
millennial Bank on top of the most
important communication platform on the
planet to offer unsensible speech and
payments Jack wins a Nobel Prize okay so
that is uh what’s this a oh yeah and so
yeah that that’s that’s a that’s a good
dream on sensual speech and payments
well is Jack really into unsensible
speech though because you know Jack’s
Dorsey has people have a banned from
Twitter people haven’t that bammy we
have gab gab wouldn’t exist if if
Twitter was a truly unsensible so let’s
see he can he clearly believes
uncensored will money if he’s a fan of
Bitcoin but does he does he believe in
unsensible speech on his own plan we’ll
see maybe maybe he’ll Bitcoin will give
him the freedom to change Twitter in a
different direction because right now
Twitter is going into the censoring type
of direction I mean okay again
everyone’s trying to put Jack Dorsey on
this platform he’s like the king of the
world he’s guilty of some things that I
don’t think a lot of us are happy about
his company it has banned plenty of
people and Twitter does not again it’s a
private company he can do what he wants
to do and you know there’s all point
comments he made made clearly you know
I’ve said many times it well may be big
cash will bribe him to make me cash the
currency of Twitter well from his
comments it doesn’t look like that’s
going to happen but you never know it
was so good but hey I’ll say this those
comments clearly take away that
theory of mine that maybe one day but
again still be cash or some other
centralized currency cryptocurrency
could ride some platform at some point
to adopt them so be ready for that it’s
just a Bitcoin still the next Bitcoin
but being at these all coins are
somewhat centralized and have
figureheads that they can bribe and
whatnot it’ll happen maybe Facebook you
know there’s talk about Facebook getting
in the blockchain again I’ve heard this
story many it’s on but hey maybe they’ll
develop a partnership with be cash one
day I had you know crazier things have
happened in life so finally this is from
and this is an interesting point Jack
and get on gap which is the guy in
charge gab are examples of the diversity
of Bitcoin and I agree I agree Bitcoin
doesn’t lean left or right this is true
this is true also it leans to the
individual Miami I agree persona ideals
opinion don’t matter in this space only
two egos okay yeah I mean if you got an
ego then yeah you’re it can get hurt in
the space but but there is no Bitcoin
itself does not have an ego all right so
pound that like button
now inside at well first of all I see I
see a super job let me can read that
molotov caucus on two dollars he said is
recognizing your daily YouTube webcast
Thank You Molotov cocktail I really
appreciate that you recognize that yeah
there’s new show here every single day
and thank you for the two dollars in the
super trend I do appreciate all the
support and the positive feedback that
you dudes give me it’s it’s it’s great
man you know we might go in some
different directions soon maybe a couple
shorter shows a couple extra shows maybe
an outside show just it kind of talking
about the the positive aspects of of
this or how to stay positive in this
time and how to get more Bitcoin just
not to be in attack mode all the time or
being tattletale mode all the time oh my
god alright so inside of the
cryptocurrency world which we I mean
most of the people watching this video
or deep inside of it this lightning
Network it’s big it’s important this
lightning what is this thing they’re
passing around the Lightning torch it’s
a big thing it but I gotta tell you the
truth guys outside outside of
cryptocurrency which is like 99.9% of
the world and even some people that are
in cryptocurrency and you know our
golden holders or just they don’t want
to know about technical details this you
know this isn’t a selling point this
isn’t a selling point this lightning
lightning torch people are not going to
get this this is that and this is one of
the unfortunate things about the
direction we kind of go in in this space
we really get them we get in this we’re
in this little loop in our own little
world here and it is a little world
where we’re really excited about letting
that we’re really exciting look how cool
lightning lightning torch was all these
people passed around little pieces of
Bitcoin to each other and it’s adding up
but and and then you think that’s going
to change it’s good
that’s gonna be the thing that’s gonna
bring people in and all these people
gonna buy a big clip but it’s not and
but on the other side when something you
know when there’s a negative story it is
very easy to understand from the outside
world a Canadian a Canadian Bitcoin
exchange goes down because the owner
lost the password to the coins and again
it’s a little bit more complex than that
but people people eat that up and it
really and it scares away tell it wait a
second the biggest exchange you can I
can’t keep their Bitcoin how could I
keep my Bitcoin and you know that that’s
pretty simple to explain you know that
it’s it’s and so again going back to the
positivity let’s you know let’s create
some easier
stories easier stories for regular
people to understand and I think maybe
the jack and this Jack thing Jack Dorsey
think might be like hey Twitter might
Bitcoin to post like oh that’s something
that is something that regular people
can understand and be like well maybe I
gotta get on it get in on this Bitcoin
thing but what I mean what’s your like
talk around well Jack Boyd adopt
lightning that works because he would
lightning Network because he was playing
around with lightning torch
well that’s people were like what the
heck are you saying it makes no sense to
me I don’t know one liking network out
on those lighting torches but the
speaking of lightning tour stuff hey for
us insiders what started as an impulsive
experiment in the community and
community trust has turned into a
movement so hot that even Twitter’s
co-founder Jack Dorsey took part in it
and so yeah if you understand like me so
all these people are like they send me
information about lightning that work in
it and they want me to talk about it and
I got I talk about letting that work a
lot but this isn’t in terms of long term
thinking this isn’t the this isn’t
what’s gonna get new people into it okay
this isn’t now in terms of the long term
thinking is this something that people
will appreciate later oh yeah
once they understand it once you know
people are buying stuff a Bitcoin once a
car you know artificial intelligence is
buying stuff from each other with
micropayments yeah this is going to be a
really tremendous thing but it’s not
it’s it’s not the spark to get people in
or I mean maybe and again maybe the
Twitter thing will be the spark to get
more and more people in but again I get
excited I think people can tell that I
get excited when more traditional
financial paradigms are incorporated
into Bitcoin that can be easily
explained like I mean I remember telling
my father and my mother when I coined
that crypto dividend term I’m like it’s
you all you do is you’re holding this
one coin and you get these free ones and
then you could turn them into more
Bitcoin and they’re like what it’s like
getting interest it’s like getting a
dividend that is something they could
grasp and that that is something that
you know people that’s a positive thing
it’s a positive thing when we hear about
these crypto dividends it’s a pump of
debt you know then you get these people
that just start screamin scams yeah
and everything’s a scamming I mean look
at you know the same people that scream
everything’s assess some I mean I don’t
make generalizations here but so many
people hold that you know scream about
scams are the same people who watch
they’re so smart and they’re so
technically sophisticated and then they
start to talk about all these
technically sophisticated things and
they think this is also this is gonna
this is gonna help this is gonna help
the environment any might like the
environment to a certain extent but you
gotta be able to talk the language of
everyone you got it and if you can’t
talk the language of everyone and you
refuse to talk to let live the language
of everyone then you become this elitist
and you’re cutting almost in almost
becomes a cult and were you’re turning
people off and again in the long run in
the short run a lot of people going to
be turned off by people acting like an
elitist by people screaming scam by
people just insisting on talking on a
technical mumbo-jumbo level because they
can this isn’t going to change the world
if we’re if we’re all speaking this
techno techno mumbo-jumbo and so and in
whatever its sophistication it is sure
you’re technically sophisticated you
you’re awesome keep working hard
I appreciate the technical people
working hard but if you’re into this
mindset where you’re like I’m a
technical genius
I don’t have a lot of Bitcoin I’m kind
of angry I don’t have a lot of Bitcoin
and thus I’m going to project and just
attack everything that’s not good you’ve
got a tress you got to address your own
issues that they if you don’t think you
have enough Bitcoin it’s your fault you
can still get out you can and and if you
feel like it’s unfair that someone
that’s not as technically sophisticated
as you has more Bitcoin than you that
you’ve got an issue and I think that is
I think that’s an issue here I think
that is an issue here and I you know I
think every times even with I mean I
admit that I’ve seen people take time
they’ve done so well with
a lot that nonsense nonsense projects
let’s just call nonsense of projects and
they’ve clearly attained a lot of
Bitcoin and they’re not that smart
people and some and I reacted negatively
to them and you know what you know what
they did it so what they got a lot of
Bitcoin from doing what they did I
cannot change it I have to be
comfortable with that we all have to be
comfortable the people that we think are
not as smart as us not as talented as us
they’re gonna have more big crime
they’re gonna be more successful that’s
the way of life that’s you and you gotta
be you just gotta ignore it you got to
move on you cannot become fixated with
it and you cannot present an aura of
anger about it okay and again we’ve all
been guilty of it we don’t be not we’ve
all said you know what wait a second how
did that happen what what about you know
but just you and again so it’s
projection so you address when you’re
projecting and then you you should
you’re like wait a second come on I can
still get Bitcoin I can still you know
let that person do what they’re gonna do
I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do let’s
keep it as long as I keep this thing
positive or get more and more people
into this thing so yeah I again we’re
all we’re all no one is perfect out
there no one is perfect out there but I
have made the point not the curse of
people I made a point to try to be as
respectful as as possible to people with
completely different again I want people
to get to not join certain movements and
you know to be careful but there’s I
can’t be their mother I’m not the
Bitcoin mommy I’m not the Bitcoin mommy
and a lot of people try to be the
Bitcoin mommy
and III again they have it and I think
it’s stems from their own issues I don’t
know if you feel it you know it’s
personal responsibilities a new
counterculture here so again I warn you
I tell you to put your stuff on your
trizol and you know not keep things at
on exchanges and not to trade if you
don’t understand it but hey people are
gonna do it I can’t be their mommy I
can’t be their mommy
I’ve given constructive advice
I’ll continue to give constructive
advice but I’m not gonna go I’m not
gonna take it to the next level and
shame them and say you XYZ you you
shouldn’t have done that you you know
you’re loser and haha
alright so guy Bennett says beginner’s
guide to watching the one Bitcoin show
always keep a strong hand playback all
YouTube videos at Truax and pound that
freaking like button dude guy Bennett
that is so true because especially this
show where I have talked a lot you got
to pull you this thing a 2x man you got
to get through some of that stuff that I
just talked about me I’m just I mean I’m
making up a lot of stuff as I go over
how long was you know I’ve got a lot of
thoughts on what has been going on you
know I’m trying to turn miss a again I
see a lot of negativity out there I wish
I didn’t have to say I saw a lot of
negative you but I got tell you the
truth I see a lot of negativity out
there and I’m trying to come up with
ways to keep this even more positive on
this channel to just spread to spread
that positive word because again if this
is all a cyclical as I think it is and I
lived through 2015 is this if this is
the equivalent of 2015
daddy’s then this Fiat bear markets got
away a little bit little way to go it’s
got a way to go it didn’t mean this the
financial situation the the FUD that’s
out there could last this entire year I
want people be ready for that but you
know there’s there’s positive aspects to
all of this let’s when we find in a
positive aspect let’s share it
let’s share it as I did the other day
with the Crypt of dividends as I will
continue to tell people how to get more
Bitcoin as I said I post this stuff at
steam it I post all my stuff in steam it
I earn this thing called steam I turn it
into Bitcoin well I haven’t done it for
a while but I keep earning the steam you
can see it is the book record is on
there it shows you how much steam mo I’m
earning so I mean again we’re again
there are glimmers of hope and they’re
good glimmers of hope there’s a lot of
hope and there’s a lot of happiness and
positive aspects of cryptocurrency that
are going on to that are going on during
the so-called bear market and those of
us who take advantage
of this time of cheap Bitcoin and they
can acquire more Bitcoin during this
period oh my god when things are on the
other side when everyone’s you know mad
happy like at the end of 2017 it’s gonna
oh my god you’re gonna be so happy that
you value the Bitcoin it’s just I mean
if you feel down now I can tell you like
try to think of what the opposite of
that is times a hundred and that’s how
you’re gonna feel in 2021 let’s pay and
you just got a defer gratification for
now get just and just people stacking
that Bitcoin then and yeah let’s let’s
all talk a common language of respect
and try to just try to think like about
what what an outsider would think of all
this and if what you’re doing you
thinking outside be like yeah this is
cool I understand it then then awesome
then people do what you’re doing man
people are doing what you’re doing and
again you know again this is where the
big boys place you can go your own
direction you don’t have to say what I’m
you not have to do what I’m what I’m
saying here and people are gonna be
negative this is where the big boys play
but be an adult anymore them that’s
that’s the best advice I can get that’s
on my mom my dad always told me you know
if someone’s just ignore it ignore you
gotta be able to ignore and that’s
something hard it’s it’s it’s a skill
that’s gained over time young people
cannot ignore and it seems like in this
day of social media that it’s becoming
more and more adults are just finding it
hard not to engage in intro lished
behavior in in arguments and it just
it’s just wasting your time you’re
better off just getting more Bitcoin if
someone says I like the way you’ve got
Bitcoin that’s hilarious that’s actually
hilarious I don’t like the way you but
that’s what that’s what it boils down to
a lot sometimes is that people are
saying I don’t have a lot of Bitcoin I
don’t like the way you got your Bitcoin
oh well no one’s keeping you from
getting big coin that’s the beauty of
this thing
Satoshi let’s talk about Satoshi like
Charlie lead tweeted this out and I had
to mention this is people who asked me
about like calling all the time
team has been chatting with beam privacy
team about Min Belen bow on litecoin
with extension blocks so as we all know
this nimble Wimble thing is like uh is
definitely a flavor of the month and
maybe yeah they’re gonna test it out on
like core point hey dude I’m telling you
if but when I you know you gotta pay to
buy your light coin and that’s great you
know Satoshi if if Charlie Lee wants to
and he somehow Commission’s the light
coin people to experiment member with
more likely then great let’s see how it
works but for now it looks like a spit
coin holders we’re gonna get a big the
middle Wimble coin crypt of dividend so
we’re gonna be able to experiment for
free and then turn that middle Whipple
coin into Bitcoin pound that like button
baby crypto dividends but uh
no so litecoin is talking number one
will to so I’m sure we’re gonna hear a
lot more about member Wimble you know
cry biz see I’m gonna talk about privacy
in a second here too right now I’m going
to talk about privacy in fact coin has an article it is we must
protect our ability to transact
privately online without without
cryptocurrency a cashless society is a
surveillance society and that’s that’s a
really awesome point there because we’re
going to get to a point where they’re
going to be every nation is going to
have its own fed coin and some people
really like all this so awesome I can
you know Trant I can change my USA fed
coin into my Japanese fed coin and I
could buy stuff with my USA fed coin in
Japan Japan so easily oh all these fake
coins are so great but and and now we
have a cashless society I don’t need to
use dollars anymore but they’re keep a
track of every single thing there’s no
privacy anymore that that I mean again
you can it you can have a world of
centralized crypto currencies or
centralized digital currencies whatever
you want to call and it’s a cashless
society and things run very smoothly but
you know then but they have attracted
your governments they have
they can keep track of every transaction
you ever made and you and you can be
like China where you get a social credit
score but with Bitcoin the Bitcoin it’s
that we need Bitcoin to fight that
because you’re gonna get some level of
privacy with that and again that we’re
people were working hard on making it
more private and again we just we just
mentioned one thing that involves
privacy is remember we’re going to be
the answer I have no idea
all right so here’s an article and this
goes back to Jack Dorsey it says
breaking news
Laura Loomer has now been banned from
Twitter medium uber lyft uber eats
GoFundMe Vimeo vent Mia venmo MGM
Resorts and now PayPal so again I would
advise to Laura Loomer to get a Bitcoin
address clearly clearly but it just it
shows you that you know everything can
be every centralized organization can
choose to kick you out and that’s the
beauty of Bitcoin it can’t kick you out
and so yeah but one of the again Laura
Loomer has been banned from Twitter so
there we will see what direction jack
goes goes in the future but it is
interesting that Jack likes Jack Dorsey
likes Bitcoin so he says and so does the
you know the what’s the one that’s the
opposite of Twitter did I don’t use I
bet you the guy before what’s it called
the opposite of Twitter I keep calling
you the opposite of Twitter what is this
thing god there’s a gap the gap guy like
and so yeah that is the beauty of
Bitcoin that and I don’t think a lot of
liberal type of people even understand
that yet people on the Democrat side of
things United States understand that uh
hey bitcoins for them to it’s it’s not
some it’s not some conservative thing
maybe uh Jack Dorsey I’ll open the eyes
on that side of the political spectrum
and I know some of them some of their
eyes have definitely been open
he finally we got a Chris black who’s
been on the show before and maybe he’ll
be on the show on Friday I tried to I
try to get in touch with him
cryptocurrency is well he someone said
this he didn’t say this cryptocurrency
is purely academic and not practical and
he said sort of like the internet was in
oh yeah pal Matt like button so yeah
lots of good things that become easy to
they start out purely academic and not
practical at all so let’s let’s every
day Bitcoin is taking steps to becoming
a less in the purely academic realm and
not practical okay but Allah and their
their ways of speeding that up and
talking in a language that is not
technical and focusing on something non
technical easy-to-understand aspects of
Bitcoin is going to speed up that
process because people are gonna what’s
going to get new people into the space
you feel comfortable and then who will
become technologically savvy with it and
you know if we if we talk in terms that
everyone can understand then we’re gonna
be more and more ideas are going to be
created and that killer app will just it
will be born out of I think it’ll be
it’ll be born from from people who come
up very practical ideas that are easy to
understand for like my mom even that
involve Bitcoin this again my mom can
understand aspects of Bitcoin definitely
there are you know store a value people
those are things that we can you know
crypto dividends even so okay that’s it
that was a long one today tech balls I
am on Twitter tch be a alt pound that
like button bang that Bell but now i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe
this channel like this video share this
video check out the links below and yeah
don’t worry be happy’ as was Bobby
McFarland was it was that his name as he
said tttt tttt don’t worry

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