The 1 Bitcoin Show- Initiative Q is not a cryptocurrency, Stellar & Blockchain, Bcash, Bitfury

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
this first Tuesday in November what happens in the first Tuesday November
yes November the 6th 2018 strong hand long term thinking personal
responsibility is the new counterculture culture uncomplicated and of course of
course offended by selling so we’re gonna jump into this some good news at
first block stream dot info they the people at block stream tweeted this out
we’re excited to announce a new block Explorer Explorer
block Street got info certs and view data on Bitcoin blockchain and liquid
network oh no analytic scripts no tracking native support for seg whitbeck
32 tor onion and other modern BTC features ok so those of you who don’t
like going to blockchain that info for your Explorer well you can go to black
screen dot info now because we’re gonna get into it black
what blockchain dot info is doing I mean black J dot info is doing something so
crazy that they got me having says stellar and my frickin title found that
left button if if you like Bitcoin and you’re like whoa meister what’s this
stellar in your title why you gotta bring up i gotta bring up stellar
because it’s in the news I mean it’s like these these pre mines centralized
coins you know they want to make me they make me vomit but I got to mention
it later in the show so stay tuned ok and then stand set $5
in the super chat I’m going to answer your question invention at the end of
the show thank you very much my brother alright here’s some other good news now
this is this is again for the people that are like bitcoins just the passing
fad I don’t think this is very bad like
bitfury has closed an 80 million dollar private
placement led by choreo capital and joined by our mat group and all these
other ones and incredible firms okay thank you all for your support they say
that is from someone at bitfury that is linked to below okay you know bitfury
the chip made maker there they’re bringing to a lot of things in the
Bitcoin space and they just got a lot of money no bitcoins no fad this is where
the big boys play baby and they’re positioning themselves to be one of the
big boys for a for a long long time long term thinking on their part and of
course they they battle in business competition against everybody’s favorite
Chinese miner those dudes I won’t I won’t name them partially because up big
it mean we’ll just go the Big Bang the pit main IPO yeah we’ll talk about that
another day hey didn’t mean IPOs good for the space
too if they pull it off if they pull it is it is just this I mean you don’t have
to like bit maybe you could like they purity if you already got money –
alright alright number now speaking about centralized centralized currencies
because ripple ripple and stellar they’re centralized crypto currencies
apparently well I have mentioned on the show now a couple of times and you have
seen it in all the spammy comments left on Twitter and under people’s in
people’s comments section initiative pew now first off breaker mag calm I need to
there article below they did a very good article on
initiative queue it explains everything about it
and they are not a cryptocurrency I repeat and they’re not trying to be a
cryptic day centralized digital currency Jeff you
wanna buy a centralized digital currency put there get your initiative queue I
guess but here we go initiative queue is all the bad parts of crypto and none of
the good ones by David’s amorous initiative queue is exploding on social
media by hitching a ride on the lingering crypto hype but there are
plenty of reasons to be skeptical yeah I mean they go on to say it’s not a
cryptocurrency okay centralized digital currency I read the article for yourself
you can make up your own mind again the way they are selling this is in a
pyramid scheme type of fashion is it a scam now I will it break up and break
into a scam one day who knows it’s it’s it’s not cryptids they’re not even try
to be the next Bitcoin they’re trying to be the next Fed coin pal that like
button yes initiative to the next Fed coin bit
coin the next Bitcoin what would you rather be in alright so follow me on
tech ball on Twitter to e CHP ALP tech ball comm see all that this week in
Bitcoin shows disrupt meister comm see every show that I’ve ever been on over
1100 of them I post a new show here every day tomorrow we might be on a
little bit early and maybe they’ll be a surprise if not it’ll just be a regular
show but it might be a special show tomorrow where do we have what else is
there to talk about don’t work oh yeah I’ll be speaking New Orleans of course
on December 34th you link to the Eventbrite discount page type in mice
you get 20% off digital currency con-com alright so now let’s talk about a
centralized coin called stellar alright and yeah stellar apparently is like in
the top 10 when I see it there I don’t even see it so I don’t even recognize it
as being a top 10 core now unfortunately unfortunately but fortunately for
stellar they made a deal with blockchain that info a lot of people have Bitcoin
wallets there and that you also have blockchain that into there you can
fury um and be cash well now you can have stellar yep yeah there there Mickey
that’s a top-tier type of move I know you want to stick your finger down the
throat your throat just like the who’s singing that song put your finger down
my throat what is that behind blue eyes yeah all right yeah that’s behind blue
eyes nose it is I don’t know yeah behind blue eyes oh god that’s all anyway okay
so anyway but but going back to the shuttle
the who were great talent African Lakeland so yeah Stellar’s made a deal
with blockchain that info and what’s gonna happen here is you can get free
stellar oh yes oh yes just sign up for your blockchain dot info account and you
can get your free stellar but you got to give your first low info and if you
already have a blockchain 19-foot wallet and a lot of us have blockchain 19-foot
wallets I got my blocks hanging down info wallet in freaking 2014 so I’m
thinking to myself oh they’re gonna give me some free uh they’re gonna give me
some free stellar and I’m gonna turn that baby in this Bitcoin alright that
sounds great no no no no no it’s not that simple
even for user people like me who’ve had accounts since 2014 the only way I get
my stellar I give my my identity info over and I have obviously I’ve never
done that before it’s an it’s an anonymous account at this point so this
is a way for blockchain dot info to get people’s personal info that’s it that’s
good for them it’s also a way to get them to sign up because people will be
like woo free crypto it’s a way for stellar to make themselves seem like you
know a top-tier altcoin it’s a way to get stellar at the hands of people to
get news ring about them so this really it benefits stellar it benefits black
shade on info I mean here here’s and I link to the articles and I link to the
links that explain all this stuff blockchain to airdrop 125 million in
stellar to users you people who are buying that stuff have boosted up the
value of stellar so much that they can just print up some stars
they’ve got some stellar in their reserves the decentralized stellar
people and they could just drop airdrop 125 million dollars worth of it hey
dudes your personal responsibilities new counterculture you people who’ve been
buying that stuff you’re the ones that have given them this power or the
opportunity to give away up supposedly 125 million dollars parts of this
centralized Ripple coin or whatever it is and so the people who won’t benefit
are the people who give away their well I mean it’s never too cool to give away
your personal information sign into your existing wallet and verify your identity
once your identity has been verified you’ll be on the list to receive your
xlm and future opportunities to get access to free crypto so they’re saying
they’re gonna have other airdrops – they’re gonna make deals with other
centralized uh cryptos also hey I mean if you have to
when they’re saying verify your ID right verify who you are I mean that that
makes me think they want you to scan in your driver’s license not maybe they
won’t maybe maybe they want your social security number
dude it is it’s not worth it to give your social security number over or your
driver’s license to get a free stellar not not not at all in my opinion I will
not be doing that because I get to hat block shakedown info wallets that I’ve
had since 2014 because they get me good the cool thing about blockchain that
info you could you can send Bitcoin there you can say you could practice
sending we do a lot of I I mean at times I mean now there are a lot more online
wallets like that that you can you know send to because you guys know how to
send your first big point before you really dive into this stuff I was gonna
say send your first Bitcoin before you buy your first light coin of course but
you don’t have to buy another cryptocurrency
remember I had only bought with Fiat bitcoins pound that like button and
because of only buying that with Bitcoin I got a lot of be cash and be goal all
this stuff is floating around out there now because all you know a while ago
people were like oh there’s a $500 Bitcoin so expensive I bought a lot of
big I bought big point yeah anyway so so with us here’s a video from a guy
who’s still he’s he’s still stuck in the stock market a paradigm here economic
invincibility he’s got some great videos i linked to his latest video how i am
investing in 2019 he briefly meshes bitcoin in all coins and any kind of
pushes them aside i mean he knows the difference between
bitcoins and all coins but he he knows they’re said but he still gives some
respect all i mean he bought ripple this new bought ripple in the past so I don’t
think he’s completely learned his lesson yet and he uh he doesn’t he doesn’t know
that much about cryptocurrency other than you know Bitcoin can be separated
from all coins which is a good first you know that’s some knowledge there but but
if yours I want to talk about stocks and that’s a point he will learn eventually
he will learn a lot eventually so I mean again I pointed that there could be
smart people with informative videos out there financial videos out there but
they’re not perfect they’re gonna they’re not they’re gonna be behind
they’re not gonna be open to the insider information that we have received okay
it’s out there for him he can be an insider if he wants to he doesn’t want
to he talks about traditional stocks you know teaches own but the funny thing is
the comments left under there are just the best because remember he is not a
crypto channel and it’s not just the financial Channel either it talks about
a lot of men’s issues a lot of social issues so you’ve got all sorts of dregs
of society in the in the comments section okay and it’s just all these
scapegoat coders you know when they when they see there’s a video about how to
invest in 2019 they start making up excuses about how they’ve not been able
to properly invest their entire lives they blame Soros and all the usual names
for their own lack of financial success in life they’re just they’re on this
disguise channel complaining about these mysterious entities Soros and because
they have not been financially and the funny thing is is that the answer is to
be in motion it’s right in front of their faces to be in motion with bitcoin
it’s right even comment into some of these guys and they immediately they
make nasty comments back whatever I did so that I don’t reply again I try to be
helpful but you get most choose to make excuses and
to blame rather to be individuals and do something okay because you’re just like
it’s collectivism its collectivist blaming you all these people gathering
together figuring out who the scapegoat is why they’re not financially
successful its Soros is bought in Soros has bought their screaming dude the
bitcoins right there it’s been around for 10 freaking years people would tell
you even the guy bet he even matches it in the video for the trolls that are
commenting on his video he even says the words big pointy crackers but they’re
still rather they still rather not be in motion think create scapegoat type
scenarios instead of being in motion and getting on the Bitcoin train hey
whatever personal responsibility is new countercultural they’ll be there if they
don’t die of massive heart attacks from their unhealthy eating they will be
there in ten years saying every all those Bitcoin people are lucky they made
insider deals with George Soros they’ll be playing blip Bitcoin on door service
because right George Soros will buy Bitcoin before these schmoes do okay
even though honey and the joy and all the other scapegoat or is the
traditional finance guys who hate Bitcoin right now they will get Bitcoin
before all these schmoes in the frickin comments section that got that blame it
on the firewall on all these financial people they just they just not emotion
there’s just not in motion it’s it’s a disgrace well for them it’s for me
whatever less competition I mean not the P P worthy competition all they do is
complain all day okay but everyone can change if you do
sit and come if you’re watching this and you’re one of those people who just
blames everybody else for your own lack of financial success and you’re willing
to say it’s my fault and I’m gonna do something about it they great
welcome to the twenty percent IRR Club being motioned getting the Bitcoin and
change of life alright so I want to thank vention again for the five five
dollars in the super chat he said he had a comment that’s kind of a good comment
but he says hey Adam I hear be cash is forking should I trade in all my Bitcoin
for be cash so I can get the crypto Givaudan
well vention of course you should never do something that insane but you’re
saying that isn’t actually well it is insane but there are people there are
people thinking that that debt will get caught up in this newbies who don’t have
that much Bitcoin and it’ll be like ooh I’m just gonna trick ya I’m gonna get
rid of all my Bitcoin out get this be testing business forking and I’m gonna
be able to make a lot of this does that guy of my wealth and fiat so there are
people as I can remember not again I remember last year right
around this time of year it was like November 10th 11th and 12th
we’re almost there again when be kept when well it was big core 2x went down
the toilet and after that since people knew there wasn’t going to be a 2x and
that be cash was the only script of dividend at the time well was the main
crypt of dividend at the time other than be gold that was using the Bitcoin name
everyone that was thought there was gonna be a 2x starts piling in the BT
cash and it went up to put like point four of one Bitcoin it was worth point
four of a Bitcoin he was I value my wealth Bitcoin and Simon Dixon came on
my show and it was just it was just craziness there were all sorts of people
saying be cash is going to become big money
there were all sorts of people selling all of their big point for be cash so a
veteran makes a funny joke and everything but just one year ago
all you newbie people there were people selling all their big coin to get be
cashed this really happened this is no lie so and then there were many regret
soon after because it didn’t it was over the point for for so some people paid
point for for that stuff now it’s all cyclical and so since it’s all cyclical
a year later we’re entering a time when be cash is going to fork and most likely
they’re gonna end up being too big a shit so that if you’re a be cash holder
for whatever reason you’re gonna get a be cash crypto dividend and right now
the price of B cash is moving up to its traditional 10% of a Bitcoin it will get
there it will get there of course and maybe got there during this show even I
have no idea but it’s all cyclical it will go it will go
okay how much so I don’t know will it ever get back to 20% of a Bitcoin it
might money I don’t I don’t know but there were plenty of people that said it
would never work it would never get back it’s down the toilet it’s dead now it’s
not dead it’s centralized it’s got a promoter it’s got two promoters it can
split you could come up with all sorts of gimmicks which bring the cycle back
again okay which makes it go through again and so we’re getting it’s it’s
going high it’s rising and Fiat value is rising in Bitcoin value right now does
that mean you should play around in it and get it heck no I would never do that
with your precious Bitcoin for that I don’t care if it gets them 30% and then
you’ll say well we’re here dude you told me to do nothing you got the 30% for two
seconds so on November 2 the 16 20 18 so what so you still eat the risk is
incredible just hold them to your Bitcoin if you still have the be cash if
you show your be cash from the fork then yeah then you’d make your own decision
on when to dump it and if they’re gonna really be two of them or whatever and
you know watch it with popcorn it’s interesting thing to to watch you shows
you that the everybody always likes a crypto dividend and here’s another thing
though there are people who are Bitcoin three big Bitcoin fans okay and this
kind of brings me back to some of the vinny Billingham oh it’s almost like a
mini Luo Han philosophy i me there was there was time he was saying it you got
a hold on the boat just in case just in case just in case and they get Bitcoin
is the next Bitcoin but but here’s the thing there are people out there who are
Bitcoin fans who are long-term thinkers who are men who worry who worry they
worry they want peace of mind at the same time they might have a lot of big
code they might have a good amount of Bitcoin where they’re very comfortable
with the amount of Bitcoin that they have but they want peace of mind they
want some sort of soothing reminder out there okay and I don’t agree with this
tweet okay but this guy is a fan of this guy’s a guy who follows me he’s a good
guy and again if I mean if you are a paragon of ways if you
our person who likes a certain reassurance at a peace of mind and and
I’m sharing this because this type of thinking does create kind of a some big
cash holders who don’t even like be cash okay there are be cash holders out there
that don’t like be cash and it creates in a bottom I mean some aren’t selling
and the reason is because they want to sleep better at night it’s not about the
money with be cash you just hold on to it for peace of mind so you don’t keep
thinking during pump and dumps what if B cash will take over one day by
the way I could have sold at 2200 this guy says okay Anna and uh I did link to
this the I link to this below I linked to Mike it’s Mike his name is Mike so
Mike is probably not the only guy that does that now again I know that bitcoin
is the next big point I don’t get freaked out when you know be cash pumps
but a pair I mean again I last year there were people who worked when they
saw be patched suddenly you know they it goes up to forty forty percent of a big
coin they start to worry and so people like Mike that then they they’re
reminded their hands are strengthened by holding on the big P cash I guess is the
bottom line of all the thing found that like button again I don’t I don’t agree
with that with holding on the B cash as some sort of because I don’t I don’t
mean that but my peace of mind is I know bitcoin is the next bitcoin one Bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin and I want to get as much bitcoin as possible
so I you know you turn to be cash in the Bitcoin alright so one final thing
Hoffmann mind strong baby auntie Hoffman has a new steam it post
and she talks about gold being bad as well as gold being confiscated Venezuela
a country they want their gold back I don’t know where the gold is where
they’ve been storing it but they want it back because they share is going to be
taken away and of course they’re broken you know gold has value and Andy and
Andy just reminds us that uh Bitcoin it can’t be confiscated even you
know even if you’re a country and you have gold it can be confiscated another
army can come in and just take it from you real easily if they wanted to and
again that can’t happen with your Bitcoin so it’s a nut it’s another
reminder if then as well I can have their gold confiscated you better look
in the Bitcoin because that’s uncommon skateable all right everybody I think I
covered everything from stellar initiative q2b cash oh god where was
this show going but hey there’s a lot it all effects you know we were reminded
one Bitcoin because one Bitcoin big font is next Bitcoin i’m adam meister big for
Malaysia just remember to subscribe the channel as you should as you check out
the links section below click on those squares right there bang that Bell
button if you need a reminder and to show my people early tomorrow so maybe
we’ll get a reminder okay see you later

8 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Initiative Q is not a cryptocurrency, Stellar & Blockchain, Bcash, Bitfury

  1. Why would we be offended by selling? I cannot see a down side to it. If someone sells 1 btc, I'm sure the buyer of that btc was more than 1 individual. If the btc keeps getting divided and split into many different hands, it will fall into some strong hands and some weak hands, so what. The constant dividing of the satoshis will ensure that the currency will perform it's only function, to be a currency. If 1 person owned all the btc, it would be worthless.

  2. Interesting and informative video as usual. Expecting ‘pump’ back into BTC after BCH fork in mid November!

    By the way I heard that Ukraine is introducing some positive Bitcoin and crypto legislation. Will look into!

  3. Thanks for the awesome show as always Adam! I would like your take on the following: should i inform my goverment how much crypto i have? Legally i am obliged to, and need to pay a wealth tax every year. Of course i can keep it black but that might also cause problems later on. I feel my privacy being invaded by the government though letting them know how much i own. On the other hand I do not want to commit tax fraud.

  4. Initiative Q is not even a real system. on the other hand is a real monetary system that uses digital gold and offers a high yield. Invest in KVT token to be part of the Kinesis revolution and potential 100x gains.

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