The 1 Bitcoin Show- In motion with a strong hand on the streets of Seattle!

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
May the 14th 2018 strong hand long-term
thinking people found that like button
right now I am actually taping this on
Friday night here in a beautiful Seattle
you guys love to see awesome scenery we
just add the cryptocurrency meet up here
in Seattle that Vlad put on I met some
awesome people and that’s what I want to
talk about being in motion and getting
too involved in a community like this if
you’re in Seattle you’ve got to come out
to this event every two weeks okay it’s
here in the Queen Anne community or at
least down the hill from it today I met
a dude from Venezuela okay a guy talking
about be private and dude from Africa
people who knew my show wanted me to say
pound that like button people who are
talking about race fair and Lori and
Gavin off from earlier today
again today’s actually is Friday but I
got to do a little extra show for you
guys to see on Monday anyway being in
motion is incredible and standing and I
hear this / up and we’re standing in the
middle of the street here it’s really
awesome I think this person was let this
person try to parallel park let him
they’re gonna try to parallel park this
is awesome I’m gonna get a little closer
to the camera here okay so also if
you’re interested the the show that I
did was a periscope was periscope not
this show when I was talking about
cryptocurrency after the event which was
a great event and then at the pizza
place we were just that and of course I
didn’t eat any of the pizza people but
it was periscope by the great Gary who’s
actually taping this right now and I got
to give him all the credit in the world
for telling me about this event so if
you hear me coming to your city and you
have an event like this tell me about it
I’ll come do it we get in motion we have
all these I mean again we’re gonna have
a new guy from Venezuela on the show
today late later on maybe this week
maybe next week just because I was at
this event you don’t know who you’re
gonna meet
in this cryptocurrency world that’s why
you should just get out from behind your
computer and meet some people now the
one final thing I wanted to say is that
there were all different sorts of
knowledge levels here what I did find
and people still do not store their
Bitcoin properly they’re storing it on
exchanges a lot of people are so very
they have unit bias they don’t
understand any by a fraction of a
Bitcoin a lot of people were enamored
with these low-level all coins they want
to make quick flipping x’ there’s some
people that are borderline
they’re getting caught up in scams like
there were some a guy today that was
like shocked that Bitcoin big connect
ended up in the scam and I was like man
we’ve been talking about that for so
long warning people so and you’ve got to
you’ve got to get yourself involved with
some smart channels out there with the
Bitcoin at the Bitcoin the intelligent
Bitcoin elite Bitcoin delete whatever
whatever that’s saying is that I made up
the other okay it’s pretty tasty
responsibility that’s the new
counterculture so get out there be
careful people and if you’re a newbie
take your time do not be impulsive learn
what the big we’re having is again at
this event the majority of people were
newish and we’re making some mistakes
that a lot of you familiar with my
channel we like people actually make
these things yes they do and there’s
nothing wrong with making these mistakes
well and you’re gonna lose some money
basically to make some of these mistakes
so learn how to store your own private
key do not store your Bitcoin on
exchanges get a treasure or get a ledger
nano come to events make sure you’re
watching the world crypto network type
of people people who are 20 percenters
if you can’t figure out who’s a twenty
percent IRR check out the links below I
actually have an old video of mine that
says who’s who in Bitcoin that’s I mean
that’s a good conclusion of this video
today because this has all been all
about learning I want you all to keep on
learning I want you to pound that like
button because it is about personal
responsibility you got to learn there’s
a lot of opportunity to learn out there
but be careful you’re not learning from
the wrong people thanks a lot I will see
you guys in Norway

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  1. Behind the Scenes with Adam Meister.. periscooe video

  2. You are a man of your word about producing videos. Good social relationships produces Bitcoin adoption!

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