The 1 Bitcoin Show- I don’t follow Winklevoss rules, Ethereum Classic attack, Segwit FUD

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at least one of the guests is going to
be a new person hey if you’re in France
email me Adam at Tresor help calm Adam
at resident help calm I want to talk to
France people I’m not going to France
but I got a question if anyone is in
France right now I watched a very
interesting video by air it’s a talk by
Eric BOE school squeal come that’s his
last name I’m pronouncing it correctly
it’s very unique Bitcoin talk and it
talks about the government censorship
the black markets some darker sides of
Bitcoin Bitcoin avoiding government
it’s a very unique video it makes you
think a lot so do check it out now that
video is basically the opposite of what
I’m about to talk about the Winklevoss
brothers had a big advertisement in the
thing it was in New York Times today I
have it written down here I’ll correct
that if that’s incorrect but they also
emailed a bunch of people including
and they sent out a press release and
I’ll link to that below and well let’s
let’s see was revolutions need rules
that was the big title revolutions need
rules oh that’s not a good start there
is it yeah
principles for the crypto revolution so
they share rules they think are
necessary for Bitcoin how to run their
exchanges how how you can buy Bitcoin
how they are very very willing to
cooperate with the government how
everyone should cooperate with the
government that it runs a Bitcoin
business you can read it it’s it’s
what’s expected from a corporate entity
like them like the wincle vie
they want to play by all the rules and
they want more rules and the reason they
want more rules is because that blocks
competition new the people that compete
with them that want to sell Bitcoin if
there is a bunch of rules no one’s going
to want to compete with them who’s gonna
lose gonna want to go through the long
process of building a company that’s
they have to follow all these silly
rules that only very wealthy established
companies can can follow and so of
course the wincle by and coinbase want
to partner with the government and make
it harder for there to be competitors
now obviously that doesn’t sound very
good but you can avoid all this you
don’t have to worry about their rules I
don’t worry about their rules I don’t
have any Bitcoin with them and I control
my own Bitcoin
I don’t buy all coins I don’t trade I
don’t have to worry about what they’re
gonna report the who and if they can
just shut me off and take away like they
coin take away my training and so don’t
don’t Center your life your Bitcoin life
around a third party like the wincle by
like Gemini like coinbase they’re not in
it to help you they’re in it to help
them they’re in it to build their
business and the best way they can build
their businesses is to get rid of the
competition best way they can do that is
make it harder for there to be
competition in the first place and
that’s a partnering up with the
government so no I don’t I don’t like
that there in the rules in the long run
Bitcoin doesn’t care what your rules are
Bitcoin will find a way if you want it
you can get it you don’t have to use the
wincle value middleman or the coinbase
middleman so right now whether or not as
many rules is there might be eventually
get your Bitcoin before some of these
dudes trying to make it complicated but
again you’ll be able to get your coin
you don’t have to fuck once you have
that Bitcoin then you really don’t have
to follow you not to worry about all
these rules and whatever the wincle
buyer are proposing but I did think
revolutions need rules no I mean they
said such a sellout type of saying how
Matt like button people and yeah New
York time we they they ran a full page
New York Times ad so yeah they got the
moolah me a man it’s worth their while
to spread the word about all but again
you know I’m gonna say this that
traditional investors traditional
financial people they like this they
like reading things like this whoo
they’re gonna do it they’re gonna follow
all the rules of all 50 states and make
up new rules and love the SEC it’s gonna
be regulated or that they it’ll be
custodial accounts I won’t have to
patrol my own private key so yeah okay
let that let that traditional money flow
in through the wincle bye
I don’t
you know what that’s there but that’s
their personal responsibility they might
be on some unwanted list one day and the
Winkle I might could confiscate their
Bitcoin for the state of New York or
whoever wants wants the Bitcoin for
these okay that’s that’s our thing I’m
warning I’m here they’re probably not
watching right now so yeah you might
feel comfortable with the wink of eye
rules if you’re some traditional
investor bitcoin is not about
traditional investing I will tell you
that it’s a wild wacky ride but if
you’ve got that strong hand you control
your own private key you’re in good
shape all right and you know like the
shirt says doesn’t is that what my shirt
says today I came and say yes strong
hand but very night you can get shirts
link to below Matt Odell has a tweet out
there and he this is good this is he’s
talking about some fun that has again I
say it’s all cyclical lately there have
been some people talking about segments
fought again I mean what is this 2017
pound that like button so it all comes
around again but Matt’s got a great
tweet that that fights back against such
Fudd he says I store all my Bitcoin in
seg with addresses we’ve listened to the
Segway funsters for years now it’s been
a waste of time
put up or shut up steal my money yeah go
ahead I mean they talk about all these
theory I mean there was one guy that
popped up again and I hadn’t heard up
for a while who was talking about some
issue with seg wit that was just
purified steal Matt’s Bitcoin come on
steal my big coin steal cuz I’ve got
some it I haven’t moved all of mine you
know I admit it there’s some I’ve got a
complex system and some of it’s still at
some old school just but I got it at seg
what addresses steal it come on you
gotta talk a big game put up or shut up
but again they’re not they’re gonna keep
on spreading there’ll be fun he’ll go to
some other tired fund that hasn’t been a
drug dragged out for a while soon enough
but yeah maybe a seg would fund will be
in fashion for the winter of 2019
New York runways of Winkle island all
right know it again the Winkle I aren’t
spreading segue defied it’s just some
some Twitter people but Matt calls them
out good job there Matt speaking about
Twitter there was a funny tweet the
other day by this guy in Armenia who’s
got a lightning node and Lightning
Network doubt and he’s okay I wouldn’t
become on the show but he wants to be
anonymous I’ll read you his tweet he’s
was his name real Ludwig art that’s not
his real name because I mean he’s from
freaking Armenia I’m almost positive
lissa but he wants to be anonymous
anyway I project that my single
lightning Network Black Lightning
Network node will have more transaction
volume than the entire be cash network
by the end of this year whoa now those
are some big words right there I don’t
know if that’s going to happen or not I
just thought I would share the guys
tweet clearly someone’s very excited
about Lightning Network and having his
own Lightning Network node that would be
kind of cool dude and I’m glad you’re
watching the show he does said he does
watch this show and I’ve won gonna
become on the show and I want to visit
Armenia one day and no that’s not just
to see those girls in California that
are Armenian I came to think of their
Kardashians now I don’t want to see some
Kardashian we’re out because there’s
there’s a fake I don’t know if all the
Armenians Armenian ladies have them like
that out there no I I’m fascinated by
that part of the world you don’t hear
that much I know it’s very cold there
right now you know in Armenia and I will
I’ll visit there one day it’s a weather
they called Central Asia I mean I forgot
what’s with the regions at Kazakh stands
they’re Kyrgyzstan Turkestan tremendous
thing quit in Armenia which is easy to
pronounce I die I’m gonna be easy to
pronounce place actually for number I
picked that for some other reasons also
but yeah I they’re doing some tech stuff
they’re doing this a Bitcoin stuff if
you’re in Armenia now
that like button you can email me also
because I will visit you guys one day
probably not in 2019 though I almost
understand sure that in 2019 I have some
travel restrictions this year people I’m
starting to realise the cold hard truth
about about that actually and I’m I need
there to be he we will get him do this
on the Saturday show I need there to be
a synthesis in agog a well-attended
synagogue where I’m going to be and you
know Israel that’s easy and in Baltimore
that’s easy New York Los Angeles and
then it gets a little harder everywhere
else on the planet this so I got to do
that for um until about November I don’t
know the exact date alright but we’ll
get into town the Saturday show so and
who knows maybe I can figure something
out but and yeah so you can tell I’m a
little disappointed I’m not gonna be
able to go maybe everywhere that I
thought I could go this here but hey I
love it here and as Tel Aviv is great
Israel is great and of course I always
and shouldn’t enjoy my time in Los
Angeles and Baltimore is my home so and
know I’m probably not gonna visit New
York for a long period of time or
anything I’ve had my share in New York
in my day the block crypto has a article
out there a theorem classic has
experienced multiple 100-plus reorg
attack the official aetherium classic
twitter account
recommended that all exchanges and
mining pools increase their confirmation
times to over 400 blocks on aetherium
classic withdrawals and deposits oh
right so something’s going on over there
and why is this going up why are they
being attacked suddenly what the heck
Matt Odell has a great theory out there
he says
makes sense to me that stakeholders the
etherium stakeholders are attacking
aetherium classic ahead of the
Constantinople and Prague proof-of-work
Forks to discourage minors from
switching when their rewards are slashed
by 33% complete speculation but that
makes sense to me yeah that makes sense
to me to destroy aetherium classic so
miners don’t want to mine it when the
time comes that they might think they’ll
be able to make some more moolah for
mining aetherium classic this is an
interesting story to watch if you’re
into watching etherium and all coins and
all that and remember a theorem classic
gets an attack just another day where
bitcoin is the rock doesn’t have to
worry about such things
it’s on the top it’s the apex predator
etc etc but hey that’s it’s a new story
it’s it’s very interesting anyone have
any questions in the chat because this
show is gonna aim real soon
oh wow people are talking about the
etherion classic there
yeah strong hands alright dudes that’s
it rumors are saying it’s a theory I’m
trying to prevent yes and that’s what I
said and I wouldn’t be some wouldn’t be
surprised if there are some major
etherion people that don’t want to see
the possibility of a fear in classic
getting us some of their miners will say
again why worry if you hold Bitcoin this
is just a sideshow this is just the alt
coins are just an experiment where you
can learn so that hey man it’s just
another reason the whole Bitcoin sit
back relax and enjoy the show i’m adam
meister and as you can see i fixed the
microphone but i’m only gonna have it
one more day
what happened tomorrow and then i have
to give it back on wednesday i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this
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guys in the chat right now bye bye

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  1. Wow …really? The Winklevoss bros. e-mailed everyone on their email list. Keepin true to your brotherhood I see. Nice try though…..

  2. Cool vid thumbs up and just subbed. Just wrote a Bitcoin song. Check it out when you get a minute. Thanks.

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