The 1 Bitcoin Show- Ethereum Classic to hurt Litecoin on Coinbase? In BTC motion in Boca Raton!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
june the twelfth 2018 deferral of
gratification strong hand long-term
thinking hey what was a Jay Simpson
doing on this date in 1994 anyway so I
was just in Boca Raton we had a great
event eight actually linked to below on
Steam it I’m gonna upload it here
tomorrow so some of you already heard me
speak for like 90 minutes tonight what a
blast I mean these people are in motion
here in Boca down there I’m not in Boca
right now some great questions
afterwards let’s see an ethereal classic
question we’re actually going to talk
about that tonight so I I do want to
thank David Alena Jason mark Damion
Richard you all played a role in making
tonight possible and everyone enjoyed it
I enjoyed it it was great to meet
everyone we’ve got some tweets out there
on Twitter following me a tech ball you
can see some of the pictures people talk
I link to them below always check out
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t-shirts like this also link to is the
world crypt of network podcast that
corey works really hard on I’m on there
Thomas is on there Andy’s on there
vortex hey I’m gonna be in Calgary let’s
talk about County that’s the next event
Calgary Alberta Canada the ninth and
10th of July Bitcoin rodeo calm BTC Ben
you’ll be there vortex we’ll be there
I’ll be there francis polio will be
there other great
we’ll be there but yeah being mobian
motion you Canadians these Floridians
are really in motion tonight and we some
guys were talking steam it with me
afterwards speaking about steam it they
were interested they wanted to you know
monetize their content so Alistair
Melanie has a tweet out there talking
heads find it easy to trash-talk Bitcoin
while it is in a bear market these
hindsight heroes will sit in disbelief
in denial
during the next bull run just as they
miss the prior bull runs basically I
just read that out because I like that
term hindsight heroes pound that like
button yes there are a lot of hindsight
heroes but history is repeating itself
we went through this in 2014-15 everyone
saying oh crypto is dead bitcoin is dead
Oh were they it’ll never get back up to
1100 oh yes I remember most of you don’t
remember you weren’t around back in 2014
and 15 have a strong hand because you
know that Adam knows he’s already
already seen this before all right Matt
Odell has it a great tweet about cool
bass heading aetherium classic new user
signing in the coinbase will be greeted
by two bitcoins to athenians and
litecoin I’m sure they won’t get
confused at all
all right no they are going to get
confused but again this is about
personal responsibility this is what I
warn people about who want
diversification for the sake of
diversification learn how to send your
first Bitcoin and know what a Bitcoin is
then buy a little bit of Bitcoin at
coinbase if you don’t know how to send
the Bitcoin don’t try to buy the other
things because you’re just gonna mess up
somehow yeah I want that aetherium in
the end up buying etherion classics
through an ethereal address and messing
things completely up
take your time people I talked about
that tonight now something else that
Matt brought up which is a really great
point he and and others have said that a
part of the reason lay coin is pumped
you know it pumped earlier I guess at
the end of last year was because of all
the newbies coming to coinbase who had
don’t under unit bias okay
they thought that Bitcoin was fifteen
thousand dollars I want a cheap version
a Bitcoin well this aetherium is pretty
expensive – I want the cheapest thing
they got and litecoin was the cheapest
thing so all these people piled on in
the light coin thing well this is the
cheapest thing out there not knowing
they could buy you know point 1.01 of a
Bitcoin and so unfortunate was again
they rushed in they they probably never
sent the Bitcoin before and they they’re
liked it in private practice and in
trying to learn again it’s per source
but it’s not coin basis fault coin base
has got is gonna do what they’re gonna
do they’re a private company I mean if
you can’t get the cryptocurrency learned
Bitcoin first for God’s sakes and but
but going going back to show light coin
a lot of people bought like coin was it
was a cheapest thing on coinbase well
now light coin isn’t going to be the
cheapest thing old coin base anymore is
it once the theory am classic is on
there the default for all the people and
they’re gonna be a lot of them still and
there will be a lot of people coming
back to crypto a lot of newbies
eventually I don’t know when it will
happen but it will happen and they will
in America they will come to coin basis
that’s the easiest place and they will
say I want the cheapest thing possible
I’m not paying so much for these other
ones the cheapest thing will be
aetherium classic and who’s them all
those people that were just buying light
coin because it was the cheapest thing
that that’s not gonna happen anymore
so we’ll light coin recover as fast as
Bitcoin and aetherium will recover I do
not know but ethereal classic could hurt
litecoin depend
how big of a role coinbase plays and
that I do not know I don’t know how big
of a role coinbase really plays in the
altcoin market I think I remember that
perhaps 10% of all like coin was bought
at coin base at one time might be
mistaken I don’t know but I think you
get my point
litecoin won’t be el cheapo on coinbase
anymore at the end so that’s that’s
bullish for aetherium classic though
because the people again I’m not saying
that’s why you should buy a theorem
classic but a lot of newbies are gonna
that’s where they’re gonna buy they’re
gonna pump the price and I said tonight
when I was asked if someone asked me
randomly about a theorem classic and
again I don’t tell people to buy these
things for with fiat but I did say this
if you already own a theory implies
sell it now I mean there there’s a big
upside with all the the etherium issues
and everything that money trades brought
up on this weekend Bitcoin a few months
ago everything that’s a must-watch show
everyone that was on the show was
shocked at some of the things ease the
connections between rocket man woo Barry
Silbert he meant and in my tricks even I
think mentioned that coinbase would
eventually have a theory in class stay
tuned if you own a theory in classic I
guess yeah I’m usually saying dudes if
you got all corns turning the Bitcoin
that one no not so much where they’re
gonna be some more pumps in the future
with Ethier I mean they’re all cyclical
they all pump around but there’s some
logical reasons that a theorem classic
has a pretty big upside well they’re
logical based on illogical people trying
to morning the cheapest coin on coinbase
not understanding they can get it a
fraction of a big point or a fraction of
it and aetherium oh yeah then then
there’ll be some people that’ll just be
like I heard about this aetherium thing
etherion plastic that sounds classier
that’s the real ethereal that they’ll
get confused that way too but again you
got do your own research people here or
watch the bitcoinmeister channel I post
a new show here every day this weekend
Bitcoin was great on Friday
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bitcoinmeister okay so this at coinbase
their blog has an announcement the coin
based index fund is now open for
investments of 250,000 to twenty million
dollars we’ve seen overwhelming interest
from investors since we announced the
fun earlier this year at this stage we
have opened the fund to those who wish
to invest two hundred fifty thousand to
twenty million dollars coin based index
fund gives investors exposure to all
assets listed on our exchange waited by
market capitalization as we announced
yesterday the fun will be rebalanced to
include etherion classic and more assets
when they are listed by coin basis in
the future so first of all they’re gonna
be more asset they’re gonna be more
coins who will be next after aetherium
classic will they’ll be a cheaper
calling than etherion plastic on their I
don’t think so
and who know and it’s gonna take you a
lot ELISA theorem closely but I imagine
so who knows after theme class of how
it’s going how long it’ll take for them
to list the next one but here you go
the people want it they obviously if
Qantas is doing this they know their
people out there with tons of money 20
million dollars that are lazy and don’t
want to buy their own crypto currencies
want someone to mix it up and create a
portfolio for that you could do this on
your own now after add a lot for you
know such a large purchase I don’t know
if you’re anybody you know it’s some
regular exchanges I think you’re able to
well 250,000 what’s a big boy now okay
no no no
yeah you could buy there’s a certain
point in between 250,000 and 20 million
where you’re gonna have a hard time
buying that at certain exchanges if you
just want it in Bitcoin but but most of
that range you can just do it regular
anyway that the point is is that yeah
they know there’s a lot of dudes out
there that want to spend a lot of money
and the type of dudes that just don’t
want to do it on their own
that one as simple as possible that
don’t want to hold it either they’ll
probably hold it for them
so to me this is a bullish it’s that
they’re reaching out to those you know
wealthier due to want to diversify into
something beyond the traditional
traditional holdings and just don’t want
to learn any technology and don’t want
to know the difference between the
theory above here in classic that quite
like coin and be cash all right again as
I mentioned listed below our tweets of
photos taken tonight earlier on tonight
also remember I’m going to Puerto Rico
on the 20th of this month I’ll be there
till the 28th then Baltimore Dan Calgary
then red what’s it called in Alberta and
and with the other mm Edmonton
now being Edmonton for quite a while van
Lausanne and then boys either in Los
Angeles then maybe Philadelphia yeah you
know his links are below with you one of
them the exact schedule there’s a guy
Alex Alex vets V he’s got a tweet in bla
the blockchain not Bitcoin debate this
debate only comes from people who just
don’t understand and in his B’s replying
to you know Andrea has had a great video
about that that I talked about
beforehand he says this guy says
blockchain is like the information
superhighway you sound cool saying it
but it means nothing I like that I like
that people used to say information
superhighway and yeah didn’t mean much
there was there was a lot you know the
only Internet
there were a lot of specific awesome
things Bitcoin is the specific awesome
thing on the blockchain so yeah I think
it’s the end the show i’m adam meister
the be there’s already I guess link to
below you can see me talk for 90 minutes
below answer the question answer session
was great i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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oh I forgot one thing okay I look at
this look at this glad you stuck around
here’s another tweet from dere GG
bitcoins energy consumption a shifted
perspective this is a good article that
you guys should read that that you know
completely beats into the ground all
those energy bud stirs the people that
scream oh bitcoin is the energy monster
it’s so evil this this this is a good
smart article with a unique perspective
it takes it from a completely different
angle so it is it’s linked to in that
tweet below ok I’m Adam I should
bitcoinmeister disrupt meister remember
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