The 1 Bitcoin Show- Ethereum Classic to Coinbase, BTC as health insurance, PotCoin

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
June the 11th 2018 deferral of
gratification strong hand long-term
thinking thank you to the guy who sent
me some – recently yesterday he’s a
viewer trying to make a point about –
being better than B cash alright dude
you put your money where your mouth is
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answer all your questions it’s going to
be an energetic blast South Florida is
awesome it rains it’s humid but I’ve
been running the lives been healthy it’s
been nice and it’s beautiful the pool is
nice the people are great Thank You host
and I’m looking forward to meeting some
people I’ve been talking to over the
internet for a while but never met in
person tomorrow ok so you’ll see me
tomorrow let’s jump into the news
oh yeah you know coinbase they we are
pleased to announce our intention to add
support for aetherium classic on
in the coming months so aetherium
classic price pumped on that Congrats to
money Trig’s he predicted something like
this was going to happen back on this
very show are all in this weekend
Bitcoin show again tune in every Friday
for that this we
Bitcoin should I bring you the best
freaking guest in this entire space
people like money Triggs who you should
know who he is follow him on twitter
town that freaking like button if you
like the door best guests in this space
coming to this show baby
but anyway many Triggs has been you know
talking about eath aetherium classic for
various reasons Barry Silbert stuff
mining stuff they integrated in the coin
base stuff so it happened alright so by
the way if you’re an old school person
and what I mean old school is like from
2016 and you had a G Dax account and at
your G Dax account you had a theorem and
so you were about you were there you had
aetherium at your G Dax before the
etherium classic fork and you never got
your theorem classic well now you’re
gonna get your theorem classic so some
of you old school guys who were trading
on GTX with the theorem
you’re gonna get an aetherium classic
present very soon value your wealth and
bitcoin guys wink wink
alright remember one big coin because
one big coin there is a lot on the
social media speaking of Twitter again
I’m tech vault there on Steam and I’m
the bitcoinmeister there’s all this
ripple insanity on social media lately I
mean the whole thing is a big joke to me
and it just makes me wonder again how
you know when I had that poll I think
was like 60% of people said they like
tripled more than than B – I mean do you
still think that after all this stuff
that is floating around Twitter now
again B cash is just Bitcoin and you got
it for free if you had Bitcoin it’s like
the complement of Bitcoin it’s
reinforcing the greatness of Bitcoin
they have to use the Bitcoin name they
have to try to pretend to be Bitcoin and
there’s some people try to pretend to be
a Bitcoin
but ripple is this like a centralized
bank point of some sort so again those
dudes with their centralization they’re
up to some social media loudmouth
thing I guess you can say but hey to
each his own do what you want to do have
a strong hand people and just holding
that Bitcoin
don’t let the crypto noise distract you
again I’m gonna talk about crypto noise
how to hold on to your Bitcoin at the
book or at an event 6:30 to 8:30 Tuesday
that’s tomorrow time at like button
alright so what else do we have here so
a theorem classic pump today of course
you know in altcoin news and what else
pot coin pumped hmm why did that happen
well link to below you can see Dennis
Rodman wearing his popcorn t-shirt in a
sin us sing a poor news article
Singapore straight Times article and
then the Twitter or Dennis Robbins
Twitter he tweeted out to Dennis
Rodman’s in Singapore because of the
summit that’s going on and he’s wearing
his pot coin stuff and you know
spreading the word about crypto to the
80 percenters out there who are like oh
well we need separate crypto currencies
for every little thing out there for pot
for Dennis Rodman for Trump
you need a trump coin a Romney Koyna who
knows a meister coin that’s what the
eighty eighty percent are gonna say come
on dudes
20 percenters no there’s one Rock
there’s Bitcoin but hey Dennis thanks
for spreading the word about
cryptocurrency maybe don’t you know I
know I get some more 20 percenters
involved who never would have heard
about it anyway remember I’m going to be
Puerto Rico soon Calgary at the Bitcoin
rodeo calm Boise Idaho check out the
links below it’s all below alright what
is this oh here you’re Carl Tanager own
market ticker has an article about well
how the health insurance system is going
to fall apart and the health insurance
is going to become very expensive and or
or a hell you know going to the doctors
are gonna become incredibly spent did a
lot of stuff is about to go bad with it
you know we’ve had it the leeches on
society have had it very good with his
health insurance for quite some time
while the producers have had to pay for
the onion the healthy producers have
been paying for these unhealthy leeches
for you know during the definitely
during the second term of the Obama
presidency but it’s going to come to an
end pretty soon most likely so you got
to prepare people first of all be
healthy but second of all use your
Bitcoin and you know stop you first of
all if you’re a healthy young person
you’re gonna stop buying in health
insurance because the prices going up so
much next year so instead of you know
paying $500 a month get yourself some
Bitcoin use that as your backup just in
case some horrible thing happens to you
and or not
Sammis again we can’t that that’s that’s
a sad thing here it’s catastrophic
insurance doesn’t exist anymore so use
your Bitcoin as your catastrophic
insurance you can also if you need to
cash it out god forbid i mean if you got
real sick you you could use it for
health Torre’s health tourism also yeah
be creative with your Bitcoin and use
the money you’re saving on not buying
this ludicrously expensive health
insurance it’s only going to keep going
up I mean who knows how this is all
going to end I know
I’ve set myself up in a good way I mean
I’m a healthy guy and I’ve got my
Bitcoin just in case something went
incredibly wrong and it reminds me of a
perpetual insurance I don’t know if you
guys have heard of that in Baltimore
there’s a Baltimore equitable insurance
not comment link to it below for your
house you can get something called
perpetual insurance where you when you
buy your house you give them a charge
lumped son to begin with you get you buy
a $300,000 house you you put doubt you
give this company $30,000 that’s it
you’re short your house isn’t short
that’s it and then when you sell your
house to give you the $30,000 back okay
that kind of reminds me what how I’m
trying to say you should use your big
coin just a different approach to
insurance and Italy check out the links
below to karl damages article to the
baltimore equitable insurance com I
don’t Bitcoin is perpetual insurance for
your health who knows definitely Bitcoin
can be used as
that’s traffic insurance and god I just
get in shape people if you think the
government you know if you’re getting
some free type of insurance now you’re
getting any government benefits now
don’t count on it you’re not planning
well you’re not a long-term thinker and
you’re don’t live off the government’s
plan ahead don’t be impulsive alright so
here is a lady who planned ahead but
there’s a catch to it there’s this
teacher in New Jersey she died she left
a million dollars to hearse due to her
school and she left some more money to
other charitable organizations now
here’s a quote from the article it took
a while to distribute the money because
it was a sizable estate and it takes
time to get the federal government in
state government to approve and
finalized estate tax returns this woman
died in 2011 by the way and now seven
years late so again she says she had no
she had to do her passing on her wealth
through the government look what happens
when you deal with the guy and they take
a huge cut also that wasn’t I mean where
they take 40% of this little this little
old woman was saving money all her life
for these four though her old students
from the schools and I mean that’s her
business when she left it to she she
taught up a special dye I don’t a
special education I forgot what it was
that’s not the point the point is this
guy’s if you put it if you control your
private key do you you don’t have to
worry about stuff like this you know you
tell the people you want to give your
money to you tell you tell them how to
get the private key having access to
Tresor the letter Nano which you can get
below at the crypto a show you on comm
use my affiliate link and it cuts out
the government it’s not gonna take seven
years for your loved ones to get sixty
percent of what they were supposed to
get it’s gonna take them one second to
get all of what you wanted them to get
okay so we’re talking estate planning
Bitcoin revolutionizes estate
okay that what happened to this woman is
archaic and ancient and it’s disgraceful
– and hopefully a Bitcoin can already
change this for people this is something
big point can already do avoid what
happened to this woman you know she
didn’t she didn’t want to wait seven
years for people to get her money and
for the government to take 40% of their
all right so speaking of the past I
found an email that I sent to a friend
in on December 3rd 2013 subject Bitcoin
have you heard of this Bitcoin thing
lots of people were tossing money into
it and my friend said yeah I’ve heard a
little about it I don’t think it’s
stable enough for me to invest in
especially not a thousand dollars a pop
hitch and had recently did just going up
to $1,000 I’m not exactly sure about how
it works though I guess one day it could
be successful why are you thinking why
are you thinking about getting into into
it in on it he said and then I said I
got you know minutes $650 or so I am a
big believer in it I thought you would
have interest because at worst it is
just a gamble and you have gambled money
before I bought mine from coinbase
which is very which is a very reliable
site you can buy less than one you may
be able to even buy less than point one
so there’s a lot in that old message
first of all you can see I’ve been in
this game for a long time and this was
written you know during the mount talks
pump and my friend Mike the excuse is my
friend gay then or the excuses that I
did what he gives now let’s just say I
don’t think it’s stable enough for me to
invest in I said and then he especially
a thousand dollars a pop well now people
say especially at 7,000 dollars a pop
I’m not exactly sure about how it works
and then people say that now – I guess
one day could be successful yeah yeah I
guess one day it could be successful my
my friend and so I went all-in obviously
and it’s you know changed my life
completely and it’s just been an
incredible experience my friend never
bought in any big point but he is happy
about my success and yeah he knows
anybody he’s a close friend of mine and
he knows a little bit more about the
story and how much I might and might not
have or whatever so yeah that’s a that’s
a little history lesson for you people
there the excuses the song remains the
same as Led Zeppelin mache for the no
coiners okay the song remains the same
and again I was in motion back then if I
had just talked about the stuff that I
want to be in the position that I am now
and now I’m the bitcoinmeister then I
was just a guy telling my body about a
to big point I owned or whatever at the
time alright so here’s a guy who’s
speaking about you know teaching new
people was back then I was I was a new
person trying to teach a another person
to be a new person but he didn’t want to
be a new person Bryan UK Bitcoin masters
old steam it with his latest he mentions
me I haven’t got to watch the whole
thing yet but that dude is in motion
again when you’re emotion and you send
the something to me that I think is
worthy of mention you know it’s not like
it’s family-friendly I mention it I
appreciate when other people are in
motion and you know tomorrow at the
event here in in Boca Raton it’s just
it’s going to be great you know meeting
real people seeing the people who are in
motion maybe outcome you’ll have a story
to tell me and I’ll share it on the here
when I get back home after the event so
you expect the Late Show tomorrow too it
might be real late cuz I’m gonna do it
after the event and we finally finally
someone sent me a link to Satoshi’s dot
place again it’s linked to below
everything you know Brian you can become
masters link to below Satoshi’s that
place is linked to below so Toshi’s
place is a Lightning Network powered
online collaborative art Burke art board
inspired by reddit place and the million
dollar home page these are the features
of the game there are 1 million pixels
on the canvas each pixel cost one
Satoshi to paint pixels can be painted
over indefinitely Satoshi’s place is a
great way to experience the power of
microtransactions through the Bitcoin
like lightning Network watch for new
features in the coming weeks as well as
documentation for the API get your BOTS
ready alright that’s cool lightning
Network real use case right there are a
fun use case hey going back to a theory
of classical coinbase again that puts it
into that up top to your all point level
there you know I talked about that their
thing is we’re one day there’s
definitely gonna be a very clearly
defined top tier level of all coins and
a lot of its going to depend on you know
I have the storage devices like Trez or
which ones they make easy to store and
you know mainstream sellers of
cryptocurrency like coinbase who they
choose I mean these are kin makers right
now and their King making a theorem
classic in terms of a top tier off coin
so I’ve always thought I think in
classic was a top-tier one you know
Mineiro with your classic litecoin be
cash is one I mean a theorem is one I
probably leaving something out – anyway
I’ve talked about this before i’m adam
meister that again i only buy bitcoin
people only buy bitcoin with fiat that’s
that’s what i do it is the rockex the
king sure they’re only a top tier level
of all coins it’s just something to
mention pound that like button i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this
channel like the video share this video
check out the notes below I’m gonna go
say hi to you dues in the chat bye-bye

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  1. I don't like Ripple also, but I'm holding some just in case. I'm an advocate of privacy since Dash reached $1500 ATH. If a decentralized exchange that uses Tor, like Bisq, is combined with privacy crypto that also uses Tor like DeepOnion, SpectreCoin or StealthCoin, this can make cryptocurrency immune to regulations. What's your take on privacy cryptos?

  2. Great update Adam! Just clicked like button up there! Do some more videos about privacy-oriented coins! I just moved there coins there are so much attention to it. Especially to those coins that are still undervalued right now and with a huge potential in the near future. Thanks! Cheers!

  3. You are the man Adam. Keep it up. We will see another run soon. We are sure about this, the rest will see soon. Thanks for your work.

  4. I also bought my very first 2 BTC exactly at the same day as yours and around the same price you mentioned and from coinbase. I paid $666 for one and $633 for the other (I'm not kidding). The only difference, you were in Detroit, and I was in DC 😉

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