The 1 Bitcoin Show- Dubious IOTA, Anonymous BTC, I prefer Trezor, Litecoin, Korea

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 10th 2018 strong hand
conviction Adam Meister is dr. hold
alright and of course I’m bitcoin
meister on steam it and tech ball Tec HP
alt on Trez or you can find me there
check out the notes section below for
all the important links to get your
treasure or ledger t-shirts all that
stuff I just announced I’m gonna be in
Los Angeles
speaking on April to 17th April the 17th
I’ll be speaking in Los Angeles once
again it was so fun the first time I’m
coming back a second time we’ll talk
about that later check out the links
below for this week in Bitcoin that show
was yesterday oh it was awesome Balaji
turn was on from India giving us insight
about India Andy Hoffman was just his
general awesome self and Paul was
explaining the Lightning Network to us
all it was just a very diverse show and
people was enjoyed it if you like
information if you like originality then
check out the links below this weekend
Bitcoin yesterday’s show do check it out
I thought it was a very lot of people
that was a very interesting one and
speaking of India Elijah said on the
show he he mentioned that in the
Zeb paid and we’re gonna have to get
familiar with this exchange in India I
think we’re gonna hear a lot about in
2018 I think we’re going to hear a lot
about India in the Bitcoin ecosystem and
the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2018 but
he said that it was a pumping ripple and
sure enough there’s an article I linked
to below that talks about Zeb pay and
the pumping of ripple so yeah we were
breaking stories yesterday I guess over
there now there’s a guy out there named
Anders there’s a few guys out there
named Anders actually put one of the
Anders that I know
who travels around a lot he is he I
mentioned his blog before it uses a
dirty name in the blog so I can’t really
say it but it’s linked to below and he
does critiques of altcoins and different
aspects of cryptocurrency that are
somewhat controversial and anders
contacted me before he posted this
article he wanted me to read it it’s
about iota and I read it I knew right
away I was like this is a very good
article it got he got very technical
about iota but I said people are gonna
love this and it’s leave 2 below it’s
been retweeted by a lot of people
already iota it’s been ripped on by a
lot of people in the past for just for a
lot of reasons for into those reasons
but his reasons some of them are very
simple reasons that are really
disturbing you can’t if you reuse an
iota address you can lose your funds I
mean that’s like that’s ghetto and I
well what kind of cryptocurrency is that
and he goes into a lot of technical
reasons why it’s it’s a lot harder to
use than than most of them it’s hardly
anyone’s you know ones really using it
hardly any was even playing around with
it so it’s like the perfect example of
this really hyped up coin where
everyone’s like well the technology is
so awesome dude once you start to mess
around with the technology you see how
messy it is how no one’s messing around
with it and it’s just a bunch of hype
and it’s it’s supposed to be for the
internet of things it doesn’t it doesn’t
even work for the internet of things yet
apparently read Anders Anders his
article it’s linked below but then
there’s another and then someone else
was inspired to create another iota
article iota does not scale I linked to
that also I mean these it just shows you
again you’ve got these big and again it
was being pumped because it was so cheap
in price and because people are like
Internet of Things Internet I mean it’s
got a good gimmick I guess you could
just throw around one simple little word
iota internet of things and people get
excited but when you dig into it when
you try to mess around with it it’s a
it’s a cluster F I mean
to put it nicely it’s just it’s a
cluster of nonsense and ran just
complications and if you if you reuse a
dress you can lose your funds that’s
all right pound that like button enough
about all coins for now
oh no not enough about all coins because
on one of my email addresses I get I get
all sorts of email I don’t know how
these people find all my email addresses
to tell you the truth I’ve got a lot of
email addresses somehow I’m on the
litecoin foundation’s newsletter all of
a sudden I’m subscribed to the litecoin
foundation’s newsletter well it was
interesting so I linked to the like
litecoin – foundation org is linked to
below I know there are a lot of litecoin
freaks out there so if you want to learn
more about litecoin you can sign up for
their their newsletter there and check
out the litecoin foundation and learn
how to promote litecoin because that’s
what the lake foundation does I guess uh
I guess that’s what they do benefits
being bilingual I talked about in when I
visited Korea I said there were a lot of
entrepreneurial opportunities and
entrepreneurial opportunities out there
for people who could speak Korean and
English and there is a quartz article
that I link to below
how one korean trader used linkedin to
skirt the law on arbitrage and
cryptocurrency prices okay I don’t
recommend doing everything that was said
in this article okay in vow it involves
people taking advantage of the price of
Bitcoin being quite high in Korea
compared to the United States back in
December and it does like what it boils
down to is if you knew English and you
knew Korea Korean you were in good shape
they were using English teachers as part
of their little network of taking
advantage of the Korean premium but I’m
not saying to do what they did I’m
saying to do what I have done said in
other art in past articles you
especially if you’re an altcoin pumper
you can pump your altcoin there if you
know Korean so bilingualism pays off
in the real world there so if you are a
Korean speaks English and you should get
the cryptocurrency alright so uh so by
the way how long this we’re people are
saying we’re in a bear market I mean to
me well so when I think a bear market I
think about two years I think about 2014
and 2015
I mean that was a bet it was a big
Bitcoin wasn’t going anywhere okay it
was just going down it was total
negativity for two freaking years so
people think all of this bear market has
let how long has this been so-called
bear market that were in lasted since
since December I mean calm down people
think long term I don’t even consider it
I guess so yeah the price of Bitcoin in
terms of dollars yeah I got cut in half
whatever it’s pinching it’ll be back how
long will it take
I don’t think it’s to take two years
people two years will be 2020 think long
term don’t get caught up in these
terminologies and obsessed with what’s a
bear market what’s not a bear market how
long how that what’s the how much has
gone down in dollars again try to get
more Bitcoin value your wealth and
Bitcoin someone asked me before the show
started where I am I am in Taipei this
is my last day in Taipei I fly out of
here like in five hours or so cleaning
up this Airbnb and I’m going to be in
Darwin Australia for the next until
March the 4th and then I would March the
5th I will be in Johannesburg South
Africa and that’s going to be rocking so
if you’re in Darwin let’s hang out but
so yes right now I’m in Taipei for a few
more hours then I’m in Darwin to answer
another question people have been asking
me a lot but I yeah I think I make I
thought I made it clear in the past I
prefer the Tresor over the ledger okay I
have treasure products I have ledger
products I have a digital bit box
I like the Tresor from talking with
clients from talking with people who
deal with their own clients Tresor is
better okay you can make up your own
mind but I prefer the Tresor and I know
other people who prefer the Tresor – it
doesn’t give people as much stress
create as much stress situations as I
have heard about and now you know I want
to start fuck I’m sure Leger is great
also but for many people I’ve spoken and
many people agree with me but a go you
go your own way as they say you can go
yet um alright so this guy no pyro 73
has an article about Bitcoin the way the
people second layer people developers
are working on making Bitcoin more
anonymous okay
and I it’s a it’s a it’s a complex
article I linked to below if you’re a
tech person you’ll like it but it’s good
to know people are working on this you
have to understand when you compare
Bitcoin to these all coins there’s so
many more people experimenting with
Bitcoin working on ways of making more
anonymous making you faster doing all
sorts of cool things building upon it so
this is just another example that end
I’d link to that below but everyone
always like to talk about anonymous
coins and then I say to them well you
know what Manero is they’ll be able to
do with Bitcoin one day well that
they’re working on there they’re working
on that okay but hey I’m still excited
that when all of us Bitcoin holders are
gonna get be private I’m excited about
that I got to start hyping that up some
more bags that’s the February 28th and
we haven’t heard from big tracks yet
have we we haven’t heard from Trevor yet
we got to put pressure on them and I
really gotta get my act together and
make some videos about that put pressure
on me to do that people remind me all
right here is a tweet from Eric thinman
it said and it’s linked to below Society
says go forty thousand in forty thousand
dollars into the deck at the beginning
of your adult years what could go wrong
Society says so what so what you can’t
afford to live after college just put
everything on credit Society also says
stay away from Bitcoin don’t throw your
money away like that
don’t listen to society seriously people
don’t listen to the 80% listen don’t go
to the flow there you gotta go your own
and think about life if you follow that
cookie cutter machine lifestyle you’re
just gonna end up a cog in the machine
welcome my son welcome to she alright
yeah Pink Floyd can be pretty good pound
that like button but I don’t agree with
him on all his politics when I would say
him I mean Roger and I don’t mean I mean
the Roger of Pink Floyd anyway so um
people who care so much about the price
but he I mean Pink Floyd it was a great
band oh very good bad very very very
good song and you can make make your own
meaning out of a lot of their songs
they’re deep deep songs alright I want
to remind everyone so many of you were
complaining back when Bitcoin was worth
so much 19,000 it’s too expensive it’s
so it’s on sale so where are you big
talkers are you buying it up or I mean
are you just talking a big game put your
money where your mouth is come on people
you can talk to talk can you walk the
walk now this is the time to walk the
walk when it’s on sale baby so remember
people to pound that like button
subscribe this channel check out the
notes section below that’s it that’s it
I want to get out of here I’m a demotion
Vick for most of disrupt meister i’ll
say hello to you guys in the chat have a
great hopefully i’ll be i’ll get one of
these out soon enough it’ll be a little
hectic going from airport to airport
continent to continent bye bye

10 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Dubious IOTA, Anonymous BTC, I prefer Trezor, Litecoin, Korea

  1. Hey Adam- This my Hot Sequences for all that play pick four at your Local Lottery , or 5dimes – ( 1944 & 1466 )18k if you hit both straight

  2. Iota has teething problems Yes, but it's tech is solid. Your comments lack any real value. If you do any real research you will see why Bosch has invested and continues building solid real world applications with Iota

  3. You mentioned society giving bad advice. Society also tells young people without employer-provided health insurance to buy health insurance for $390 per month because to do otherwise would be irresponsible gambling. "You're not invincible because you're young." But even if you buy your Affordable Care Act health insurance for $390 per month, you still need to pay something like $4000-$6000 out of your own pocket before insurance starts paying for a large medical bill. The chances that you are actually going to need this as a non-elderly, non-obese, non-smoking male is very close to 0. Which means you're subsidizing other people. Mostly the elderly.

    Then we should consider the fact that $390/mo for 12 months adds up to $4,680 in yearly premiums. If you were to put that $4,680 per year into cryptocurrencies or software companies or biotech stocks where your average return per year is 20% or more, you would do very, very well within 10-15 years. Well enough to afford top-notch medical services anywhere in the world by the time you're old enough to need them. Yes, there is risk involved, but it is acceptable. Are we babies? We can't take small risks anymore in exchange for huge rewards?

    Adam, I think people who are following the conventional advice are going to get severely left behind. I see it everywhere. They consistently overpay for worthless degrees. They borrow the maximum amount of money that any creditor will allow to buy things they don't need. They are total victims. Even when they get into a good investment, they have weak hands and end up selling for a pittance. Even when they get a decent income, they immediately bump up their spending to waste it. Can they be helped? Will this comment help anyone? I doubt it.

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