The 1 Bitcoin Show- Don’t FOMO on altcoins! SEC ICO nothingburger? Boltz

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chat right now alright vengeance in the
chat right now also and I had a quote
about vention coming up so prepare
yourself vention it’s hilarious is from
somebody else who’s in the chat right
now it’s a good one also yeah this shirt
is from the guys in Melbourne the
blockchain centre
good job Melbourne Australia they love
Bitcoin in Melbourne Australia pound
that like button Australia you’re all
asleep right now but if you’re awake
moving on the sec everyone’s talking
about the sec nonsense about the icy OS
and first off it is a reminder why
sticking with bitcoin is just so
relaxing you don’t have to worry about
the sec cracking down on the ico that
you own and it being illegal or legal or
the the person who started the IC o—-
going to jail or just scamming you or in
90% chance
said the ICO is a total just it’s never
going to actually happen but the I give
on a certain level the SEC tried to
clarify the situation with I SEOs which
you can and I try to interpret things in
a positive way add some stability for
traditional investors when they look at
the overall cryptocurrency market
because sadly I SEOs are part of the
overall cryptocurrency market and if
those who are on the sidelines who are
freaked out by seeing I SEOs being part
of this crypto market and aren’t buying
Bitcoin because of that maybe they’ll
feel better that the SEC had a statement
and and maybe these were good first
steps in in toward making sense of the
IC o—- situation I’m trying to spin it
in a positive way but we’ve got a we’ve
got a link below it says crypto lawyer
se C’s IC got IC o—- guidelines just
illegal nothing burger I mean it’s a
government institution of course half
the time they’re just gonna shoot out
nothing burgers don’t hold your breath
with the SEC making like a real firm
statement and a really justice a clear
definition definition on I mean it
nothing much changed but maybe
psychologically some things did change
yesterday found that like button so
booth o Suginami
III butcher your name I’m so sorry I
just I recognize your name I know you
because you’re always in the chat and
you’re awesome
he had a great quote yesterday a great
strong hand quote I will sell my Bitcoin
when vention gets married now if those
of you familiar invention and his
YouTube channel which you should check
out that means you see Tommy’s got a
really strong hand he’s not saw this
Bitcoin until bench he’ll never sell his
Bitcoin beat and that’s a great attitude
to take it’s a great attitude of taking
I’m never selling this stuff that’s yeah
you know some people yeah well south
after 2024 having uh for me again you
all know
I’ve said for many a year now the
earliest possible time that I would sell
any of my precious Bitcoin for Fiat
would be after the 2020 having because I
just I’ve always wanted to place it in
people’s minds had that long-term goal
their 20/20 having and look it’s not
that long away it’s not that far away
but you know the goal of that sound
until then she gets married that’s even
okay but not I I do everyone’s got
personal situations everyone’s you know
meet your own goals just be a long-term
thinker and don’t react to all the crazy
stuff that goes on day to day in the
that’s impulsive and we talk about that
a lot
now speaking about things going on day
to day in the market obviously there
been Fiat freaks and I guess have been
freaking out today because you know
after we had a beautiful you know that
the Fiat price went up by a lot so it
goes down some too it’s to be expected
welcome to Bitcoin you rookie if you
don’t know about that already
but but yeah it’s it’s you know you
gotta have a really strong hand when it
comes to dealing with the prey but but
what would I want to bring up is that
big for Furyk for a while during the
ramp up in Fiat price bitstamp
and bid Finex were almost equivalent in
in their in their price of Bitcoin bid
Phenix as of late you know the Lex last
month or two the big Phoenix price is
like $100 like $80 $75 higher than the
bitstamp one and the bitstamp caught up
for a bit now this might mean and is
it’s good when they’re closer together I
think anyway again it adds some
legitimacy to the market people don’t
people look away so why is one of shades
more than the other now we know we all
know about tether and that’s the reason
why but not ever ever not everybody who
looks at Bitcoin knows about tether and
they’ll just say well why are two big
exchanges that are listed everyone
either price is so different well they
might have come together a bit because
people were buying a lot on bitstamp the
people buying on bitstamp board using
dollars obviously because you don’t use
up tether there
and maybe a lot of people sitting on the
sidelines decided well I’m gonna use my
dollars now so they flopped they didn’t
people who don’t have tether people who
have tether our veterans okay people who
have tether our traders they are traders
so they didn’t really ramp up ramp it up
as much as maybe people who are not
every day traders so some people might
have FOMO dab it and set up time to get
in now and of course we know we know
that the big buyer that you know played
a quite quite a role in the price going
up you know eight hundred dollars that
that person was not using big Phenix
that person was using bitstamp so that
alone probably helped propel the price
up toward the the BitFenix price now
they’re slowly moving away again so I
guess who knows things that the dollar
the traders are taking over again the
veteran traders are they’re playing
their large role as usual but hey
sideline people with your dollars coming
this is the time you come back in you
don’t come in when the FOMO is going on
yeah anyway you’ll never learn if you’re
a FOMO person if you by doing FOMO
you’re never going to learn or maybe you
maybe you will okay but it’s harder for
them to learn they’re impulsive
generally I don’t like to make
utilizations about people but I mean
facts or facts check out the stats now
okay the price went down of course the
prices went down and and you know
freaked out people this is when you have
your strong hand and if it’s a weak this
is a weed out moment it’s a weed out
moment again oh well some people say
it’ll never go back up to 5,000 again so
I better sell them better sell that
no no that’s not the attitude you take
you’re being weeded out you will regret
mycenaean if your hand is starting to
get weak and you are a fiat freak if you
think about the feeling you had on April
2nd when you saw that like $1,000 candle
okay how the exuberance you experienced
think about that feeling
for a moment and yeah you’re not feeling
it now the price has gone down but you
will feel that again you will feel that
again and the way you will appreciate
that feeling the most in the future is
if you don’t sell your big if you have
your big coin then because if you sell
it up you might not have it it’ll be a
horrible feeling if that thousand dollar
candle happens and you’re stuck in fiat
Oh God
you know feel like that candle is going
up well you know pound that like button
and don’t get pounded by that thousand
dollar candle oh that would hurt anyway
so let’s let’s move up to some Lightning
Network innovation here
Lightning Network innovation this bolts
what is this bolt thing I’m not even
quite sure this bolts being built on top
of the Lightning Network is to help him
increase the liquidity of the Lightning
Network because there’s been some issues
with liquidity and at the same time you
can own this uh well let me read you the
tweet by the bolts people and again this
is linked to below if you want to check
out what this bolts thing is it’s
innovation on top of the Lightning
Network we are excited to announce the
Alpha be careful people it’s now bomb
the the Alpha release of bolts a trust
minimize account free exchange built on
top of the Lightning Network check out
our blog for more info or try a swap on
bolts dot exchange okay so it helps with
lightening liquidity issues it’s it you
and honestly an honest remove the
anonymously swap Bitcoin for litecoin
and again I look at something like this
and it’s a reminder that uh well I love
to see the innovation first of all that
you know but at the same time it is the
involving litecoin a little bit here and
it reminds me that litecoin use it has
you can use the Lightning Network a
light light point also and that in the
medium term this will be good for for uh
for like coin I mean I mean we’re gonna
see some major lightning Network
expansion on Bitcoin and it might become
like a flavor of the month but a
legitimate flavor of the month it’s not
an off coin lightning Network
you might people really might start
talking about it hardcore
and it really might innovate a lot of
things for a lot of people and if
lightning Network like excuse me like
coin will be picked up in that glory
because people give away a second like
that litecoin also has Lightning Network
and again I’m saying medium term is I
don’t know when people are going to
start freaking out in a good way about
lightning Network on the big on Bitcoin
I don’t know when that’s gonna happen it
might not happen till 2021
but at the same time like coin will
still have it at that point and it’ll
probably pump and but at the same time
eventually I think they’ll become
obvious to people like well if lightning
that works on the Bitcoin in it’s so
awesome why do we really need to be
messing with litecoin also but maybe
someone will create some innovative
tie-in where lightning litecoin will
always be important because it’s tied in
the Lightning Network and Bitcoin I
don’t know
cross atomic swaps all this stuff is the
future I cannot predict the future and I
look and and I’m happy I cannot create
the future I want to live in the future
I want to experience the freakin future
baby and I miss you could tell I’m
pumped about the future I do know that
bitcoin is the rock and it’s the king
and it is the one that they all shoot
for and it’s on the top and that
there’ll be some top tier all coins in
there like pointer private talk to y’all
okay speculation versus utility what
bercy’s need in the Bitcoin space we’ve
got a guy passport capital has this
tweet at passport capital we continue to
observe a divergence between local
bitcoins volume in developed and
emerging markets and pay attention
volume in Devon develop markets is
tracking price that’s speculation
while volume in emerging markets has
stabilized and is growing despite the
price and that’s utility so let me let
me explain in in develop markets like
the United States when the price starts
to spike there’s all the volume goes up
quite a bit people get this FOMO there’s
excitement it’s you know there’s a bunch
of speculators that’s it’s all about the
price it’s that’s what people care about
in the in the Western world in the
developed world but in developing in the
emerging markets
they need it okay so when the price goes
up it doesn’t matter they’re still but
the volume is the same as it is when the
price goes down they’re actually using
it to protect their wealth okay they’re
actually using it to get money out of
their country to get value out of their
country all right they did Derek so it
doesn’t matter what the darn price is of
a Bitcoin in Venezuela they’re still
buying it at the same rate now something
horrific happens in Venezuela did that
make some wanna buy anymore they they
need Bitcoin even more you see the
difference you see that once versus need
here and right now in the Western world
we want it we don’t meet we don’t need
it right now we really don’t need it I
mean definitely need it like they do in
some of these countries now yeah in the
long term you need it to protect
yourself from inflation okay you do you
do in that sir but like right this
second I gotta get my wealth in United
States no you don’t need it right this
second they’re confiscating I know you
don’t either word to say but I mean it
can happen at any moments but very
interesting Queen and made me think and
I thought it was a good way of excellent
explaining everything all right BTC
penny has a tweet out here what’s this
about 2017 was just a tip of the iceberg
in terms of irrational exuberance I
don’t think we’ve come anywhere close to
our dot-com moment over the next few
please try to use your head and don’t
get caught holding bags full of pets
calm when s hits the fan okay and under
it is a screenshot of Doge price
dogecoin price jumping and it being
number 24 on coin market cap
you know he’s repeating something that I
have said all along yeah I don’t I don’t
think 2017 was a dime we the
cryptocurrency space has not experienced
this calm moment yet we are into the
future we’ll bring some incredible pumps
but again you do not want to be holding
it off cool you don’t want to be holding
the equivalent of pets calm when when
the music the game of musical chairs is
over okay now again at the same time
saying you know there some of these all
coins are going to be are going to spike
again but that doesn’t mean they are
legit that means that doesn’t mean
they’re not pets calm some of these
things and you don’t know
the musical chair game ends and that’s
why you know FOMO on all coins okay yeah
sure there there are gonna be plenty of
pumps they’re gonna be plenty of Doge
pumps don’t feel you need to get into it
don’t feel like you’re missing out on
anything what’s happening if you FOMO on
all coins and you get into all kinds
never FOMO on all codes then in what
you’re eventually going to miss out on
is Bitcoin FOMO on altcoins leaves you
the missing out on Bitcoin pound that
blight button yeah that’s what my new
sayings okay now we’re gonna go or if
I’m an Allpoint because it’s a crypto
dividend of Bitcoin and people asked
about it and people you know people rag
on it because Andy Hoffman’s behind it
and everything you know Andy – he’s a
controversial figure he’ll be returning
to the show soon though he’ll be back on
the show soon but yeah be rhodium which
you know he’s a big promoter of dare
actually on corn market Capcom right now
so yeah another another another point on
corn market cap but it’s one a lot of
you have heard of you got it for free
and because it was an airdrop on it was
a crypto dividend a Bitcoin for those
hope and again I I do like crypto
dividends a Bitcoin I like to get them
and I like to turn them in the Bitcoin
and then I found that like button so and
finally what is oh no yesterday as
something that I forgot to mention
yesterday I was talking about be cash
pumping and something that I said before
but it’s not dying people and but it
shouldn’t matter to you if you’re if
you’re a true believer in Bitcoin you
shouldn’t care if be cash dies or stays
alive but well you know when we
experienced yesterday both of be cash
and like coin both of them aren’t going
anywhere okay and well we’ll be cash be
a top-tier one forever and ever I can’t
say that but they’ve got a guy who
markets them a big name a huge name the
mainstream media still love that guy
they still call him Jesus sir and he’s
king of the trolls but in this in this
small little crypto world that we live
in that’s enough right there to keep it
he’s got plenty of followers and there’s
plenty of 80 percenters out there that
think it’s the real Bitcoin I mean the
fact that there’s something called bsv
with followers shows you that Beach B
cache itself was PSV fork from can
survive quite a bit and that’s fine
that’s fine people don’t let it bother
you don’t let it bother you that that
that you know B cache does well in some
days that’s great that’s wait for them
good good for them but it’s it’s not
dying it’s it’s not going to just
disappear off the face of the earth it’s
just not can used to it I mean that’s a
puff love from the from the
bitcoinmeister but you shouldn’t buy it
shouldn’t bother you you should just be
happy with your big point strong hand do
we have how many more topics here yeah
one more this is it conclusionary
thought here this is from I know a
Twitter dude I don’t know I don’t think
it’s linked to below I think people
underestimate how many holders have been
diligently cost averaging every week for
the last year and a half well I have no
proof of this I I would hope that there
are some guys that are holders that have
that mentality or long-term thinkers and
that don’t have enough Bitcoin yet and
have been cost averaging every week and
what what will happen is if there were a
lot of people that did that there were a
lot of guys it has three Bitcoin to
Bitcoin one Bitcoin five Bitcoin and
that all this time during the so-called
winter they were dollar cost averaging
and they were slowly acquiring more then
in the long run it’s a case of the rich
getting richer okay
and that is a great thing because it was
holders it was you were doing the smart
thing you had your savings you and you
wanted to save even more during these
supposed down times and you will be one
day it’ll look like man that guy has ten
Bitcoin he is so wealthy and then people
bicker play yeah man he was acquiring
during your 2019 and 2018 when no one
knew to do it and he was already rich he
already had five back then it’s so in
fan and someone who had five back then
has eight now or has ten now dude the
rich can
richer you see how it’s a good thing
when you look at it in that perspective
it was a the smart get richer the people
who are diligent the people who have
strong hands get richer
so I do I do hope that people who had
five six thirty to one Bitcoin this
entire time we’re acquiring more little
little pieces every single week and
became ten bitcoiners or fifteen
bitcoiners or whatever so that in the
future all those funsters are going to
say the rich got richer back in 2019
those people who had eight now they have
15 those people were too and it’s not
fair well guess what it is fair pound
that like button i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister this rum nice to remember
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  1. In your spiel today you mentioned that you will soon have Andy Hoffman on your show. To that, I say that you should not have him on your future shows. It's painful to hear him speak. Please don't have him on your future shows.

  2. Dear Mr Meister, Do you have a Trezor referral link that in the past you would normally include with each show? I couldn't find it here in this one. I am trying to encourage my buddy to get his btc's off of Coinbase. He's lazy. I keep telling him he is giving up his "crypto dividends" and, even though they are in the "vault" there, he is more at risk than if he (using best practices) takes soverignity of his own coins.

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