The 1 Bitcoin Show- Crypto campaign finance? German wealth tax? Bakkt, Tel Aviv Blockchain Week

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
August the 28th 2019 strong camp unique
beasts value your wealth in Bitcoin
having hype I’ll talk about that I’m
confiscate both one Bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin that’s what you got
to remember on a day like this and of
course offended by selling and be in
motion five-digit realm yeah it’s the
five-digit realm oh yeah you’re gonna
look back on this video one day and be
like people were worried about the
4-digit realm anyway hello my your leap
friends this is your home for Bitcoin
insider information good to see all you
dude you guys can do the super chat you
can ask questions we are live and it is
happening right here and I want to start
with a tweet because I see some weak
hands out there I see some weak hands
out there people what is why are we in
the four digit realm I thought it was
five did you around we’re on the border
dude it goes when you’re getting used to
the five digit round you still go back
to the four digit realm you’re gonna
look back on this one day and smile just
like a smile on the old three digit
realm town that like button but here is
a tweet from II watch sherbet and follow
me on Twitter at Tech ball tch be alt
vis i retweeted this i’ve retweet the
good ones dudes come on people you
retweet me i retweet you crazy thing
happened today bitcoin in terms of fiat
a bitcoin dropped in terms of fiat and i
can’t even say that and i still have the
same amount of bitcoin one bitcoin
equals one bitcoin strong hand okay so
this really today today
explains what
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin but that
concept is all about
if you can’t grasp it after today then I
don’t know what to say dude it’s about
long-term thinking your system your
system is you’re getting more Bitcoin
that’s your system you’re doing things
that get you more Bitcoin you’re in
motion you’re getting more Bitcoin
you’re thinking get more Bitcoin get
more Bitcoin because you know that in
the next decade in this golden age baby
in this golden age and again I’m saying
Golden Age but I don’t mean it’s the
time to hurt hold gold I mean it’s a
time to hold gold 2.0 which is Bitcoin
town that like button but in this next
decade the people with the most Bitcoin
they’re gonna be the wealthiest so a
price drop in 2019 in terms of Fiat what
does that mean you’re trying to get more
Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin
you still had the same amount of Bitcoin
when something happens in the fiat
market you’re thinking next decade when
you’re gonna have you know your yeah man
I’ve got a 122 Bitcoin haha so yeah I
dropped at one point in 2019 or at many
points of 2019 tellers of fiat know who
cares I got 122 houses I can buy now or
you know whatever one Bitcoin but we’ll
get you in the future
but that’s the thing when we have these
price drops that’s what that’s what you
gotta put in
you gotta get that long-term thinking
into perspective that okay again there’s
turbulence in terms of fiat but you want
to have as much Bitcoin as possible but
you want people the all the the success
shamers of the 2020s and don’t worry the
80 percenters aren’t going anywhere
they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do
they’re gonna try to shame you on your
success and that success is going to be
based on how much Bitcoin you have it
doesn’t matter that what it was worth in
in 2019 in terms of fiat so on August
the 28th so there you go one Bitcoin is
one Bitcoin trying to get as many of
those one Bitcoin as possible and that’s
the name of this show the one Bitcoin
show and alrighty what is next year you
know you’re
old-school okay we all the the altcoin
is out there we I talked about the the
altcoin flavors the month and dudes we
have had some ones that people have
totally forgotten have you guys ever
heard of pivots
pivots that was like the altcoin flavor
of the month like in April of 2017 May
of 2017 I don’t know something like that
so they come and go
most of you are like what the heck’s of
pivots well it was something that copied
– from what I remember and there was
this drama between the – people and the
pivots people look guys think of pivots
the next time someone tells you that
they have the the newest thing and
greatest things in terms of Bitcoin in
terms of cryptocurrency okay it was a
flash in the pan
it was Friendster it was whatever
Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin pivots
wasn’t even the next fricking – for
God’s sakes okay moving on but it does
bring back memories it shows yeah how
long you’ve been around in the space
when you cannot you can put a big smile
on your face and there’s a guy named the
great Oh fear is here oh yeah dude pound
that like button dude I’m really talking
about Israel in a second at the end of
the show I’m talking about Tel Aviv
blockchain weak call where are my
questions at people you got to have some
questions today
and you have long ago some people think
of April 2017 was long ago it really
wasn’t an etic a lot has happened since
then but in terms of you know months ago
what was that twenty eight months ago
so a little over two years ago and
that’s that’s where you have to keep in
perspective you hold that Bitcoin
imagine what’s going to be going on in
two years from today in 2021 it’s all
cyclical baby so we should be living
through if 2017 taught us anything 2021
is going to be a wild and wacky
time and you got a hold over that
Bitcoin I’m offended by some the
bitcoins going up I’m offended by
something when bitcoins going down so
it’s very tempting tempting during those
crazy Fiat moonshots
for people to try to diversify for the
sake of diversification they buy some
pivots and then they regret it two years
later or they get some Fiat and then
they they they get a letter from the IRS
a few years later you know how it goes
alright so let’s let’s talk about some
some players in the space some names in
the space bat on September 6 our
warehouse will begin offering secure
storage of customer Bitcoin to prepare
for the launch of backed Bitcoin daily
and monthly futures when they’ve
launched on September 23rd these
contracts will enable physical delivery
of Bitcoin with end-to-end regulated
markets in custody so dudes we’re
getting you’ve got you’ve got dates to
look forward to all you backed freaks ok
I know there’s some of you out there
I’ve been looking this has been the talk
of the town for a long time and it’s
gonna actually happen now
and that’s the thing you just got to be
patient with all of the things that we
know or act you’re gonna happen
eventually yeah they get delayed but
they happen so there are some dates for
and there were something oh you know
it’s funny September 23rd also I think
Caitlyn long will probably be on the
show that day so there’s a little sneak
peek for you people found that like I
know yes you’ll return don’t worry and
one two three no scripts said he just
got a security deposit back from its
college housing today instantly put it
all in the Bitcoin for the year 2032
whoa that’s pretty hardcore right there
good good a treatment of your Fiat there
value your wealth in Bitcoin and
long-term thinking now here are some
fake news but so I didn’t retweet this I
took my time and researched it people
got excited here was the fake news
Bernard or not he was a French guy the
world’s third richest man
has set up a management company in
Belgium to invest in crypto not true it
wasn’t true the third richest man in the
world did not set up a investment
company in Belgium to invest in crypto
but and this is a big but something like
this will happen one day you know one of
the 20 richest men on earth is going to
do something like this it doesn’t make
it doesn’t make a difference if it’s
number 50 or number 3 ok it really
doesn’t make a difference what makes a
difference is if you do it before then
so the question is this the question is
until the third richest man set up a
management company in Belgium to invest
in crypto because he it’s going to
happen one day the question is have you
set up your management company which is
your Tresor or your ledger and invested
in big coin found that like button but
as if you have it you’re gonna end up a
Doomer and a gloom er and an 80%
complainer crying about why the eighth
richest man in the world has a bunch of
Bitcoin and you didn’t know anything
about it or you just were like too busy
paying attention to some crypto soap
opera or some nonsense
all right the biggest supply shock in
the history of financial markets coming
up 2020 having you probably want to get
in before that I’ve been say that since
2016 but hey you personal
responsibilities new counterculture you
can wait and see what happens after the
2020 having you can wait and see what
happens after the world’s richest men
set up management companies for their
their Bitcoin do do what you’re gonna do
hey remember soft launch of
slash disrupt meister it’s linked to
below for the people that are interested
in me being in me being on facebook i
haven’t worked on it at all but people
like me being on facebook and maybe you
can get updates that way and it gives me
another operative if I can make some
facebook only videos maybe that’ll be
live and it’s easy to do Facebook live
videos anyway but I have not done any
and if I do I’ll announce them
advanced unless they’re total link yeah
I’ll probably announce them in advance
can’t promise it’ll be definite all
right so voting uh you guys in your
elections that for 80 percenters voting
is like up it’s a total false God that
they worship it’s just it’s just an odd
Idol it’s not sacred okay voting isn’t
gonna solve your problems elections
aren’t sacred of religious institutions
in fact they’ve become bloated
bureaucracy because all the regulation
around campaign finance rules I’m
talking in the United States but I’m
sure it’s everywhere they’re just at the
state level at the national level all
these people are paid to check all the
candidates to make sure they cross their
eyes across their t’s dotted their eyes
pounded that like button and did
everything that they’re required to do
you know keeping track making sure
people didn’t give more than two
thousand dollars the regulations only
help the big guys probably okay that’s
that’s the way the world usually works I
don’t believe in any campaign I think
you should be able the wealthiest dude
in the world he can give as much money
as he wants to to a campaign who cares
that will that will give the little guys
chant a chance to financially innovate
and poop disclosure of who’s giving you
money why force them to do that if the
public cares if the public care is about
who’s funding campaigns then the
campaign’s who voluntarily give all
their information they will do the best
but the public generally doesn’t
probably doesn’t even care about that
stuff with funds campaigns but why am i
bringing it this up is because I believe
that there’s an article on coin desk
today about some dudes some organization
that wants to do an ICO type thing for a
campaign and I think that’s totally fine
I say compete don’t complain this will
give you all the all the guys that say
oh we’re little guys we can’t raise
let them print their own money let them
let them create their own
cryptocurrencies let them do their own
dividends off a Bitcoin with their super
PACs or we won’t even have super PACs
again I’m a dreamer okay I’m an I think
we should live in a world without
regulation but on the realest level yeah
we’re gonna keep on having some
regulation on the elections I think they
should be open to allowing crypto
currency and Bitcoin to help disrupt the
space because I do think it will help
the so-called little guy and this is not
some sacred institution it’s so blown
out of proportion try something new here
but anyway cryptocurrency can shrink the
u.s. election bureaucracy and allow
so-called little guys to have to not
have any excuses I did a obviously I did
a video back in February that’s linked
to below where I discussed my idea of
super PACs to encrypt of dividends a
Bitcoin but the coin desk thing I
comment on that and I said at the start
of the year I said that one day there
would be a Bitcoin related funded crypto
super PAC and now according to the
following article political token is
trying something like this for the guy
in North Carolina and yeah the political
group launches ICO support House
candidate and yeah that’s about it for
it for that subject matter it is it is
amazing that people get so obsessed over
oh it’s it’s unfair so it gives more
than five thousand dollars to a campaign
this is we’re talking about let’s let
cryptocurrency Bitcoin create election
funding innovations yeah I don’t it’s
not a sacred process people and it’s in
again control your own destiny control
your own destiny and don’t they’re not
gonna they’re not gonna change things
for you but many people the 80
percenters think that their vote is so
sacred that it’s gonna met it’s a
magical pill that will solve all the
problems it will not and in order I
don’t like tax funds being wasted
and a lot so many tax funds are wasted
to police elections and all this
nonsense police the campaign finance so
with cryptocurrency with we’re just
getting rid of some of these rules and
just letting people do their own
icos or they don’t crypto whatever you
want to call it there of their own
crypto related innovations with
elections it will it will get rid of a
lot of bureaucrats who are just employed
by us to you know make sure some Chad’s
aren’t hanging or whatever they do they
do nothing okay they do nothing
productive so cryptocurrency innovations
are productive compete don’t complain in
Germany this is an article and this just
shows how envious people are of wealthy
people and the the success shaming that
goes on acting SPD leader
Thorsten Schaefer Gumbel has drafted a
concept for a wealth tax he is proposing
that this will bring the federal
government ten billion euro annually he
has argued that the rich have
disproportionately benefited from the
economic situation in recent years while
the average person has struggled he
claims many even benefited from the
financial market crisis of 2008-2009
therefore they should be punished with
higher taxes more than ten years later
for the rest of their lives so yeah and
that is where the wealth tax is it’s a
tax for the rest of your lives it is
sickening that this actually is accepted
and that people don’t say Germany you
want to be involved with stealing wealth
from successful people yeah it’s a
pretty bad look in Germany you know
going around just stealing wealth from
successful people have you tried that
before is I anyway but it’s it’s in any
country it’s a bad luck it’s it’s it’s
immoral to steal people’s wealth and
it’s totally success shaming yeah the
that the top 20% are always going to do
really well that’s just the way the
world is balanced you can still do well
for yourself just because they did well
and you didn’t do as well doesn’t mean
you get the right to steal from them
because when you take that to its
conclusion it gets really messy doesn’t
it you steal everything from them or
maybe you destroy them in a very bad way
hopefully this is just one freak German
dude and it doesn’t not pick up steam
there but one freak German did pick up
steam in the past with stuff you never
know we go but again it can happen in
Germany it can happen anywhere so my my
advice to the wealthy people of Germany
is yeah they’re trying to shame you do
not do not give in do not feel guilt and
sign on to something ridiculousness like
this but I would say try to get some of
that well phone out in the Bitcoin that
will protect your wealth they cannot
confiscate that and you can just take
your wealth and move to a nice place
where they’re not going to success shame
you or do a wealth tax on you so German
people I really help hope this is just a
minor thing that I was I I heard about
and that the wealth tax is not passed
because this is based on complete
success shaming in its that’s envy and
it’s it’s not right to steal from anyone
successful people aren’t villains okay
yep and so let’s talk about Oh will
conclude the show someone said Adam any
new dividends that one could split nope
I would bring it up I I get people
working on them like someone someone
notifying me of one that’s being worked
on in 2020 this is your home of insider
information once I hear about once I’m
allowed to talk about them I’ll bring up
the crypt of dividends again crypto
dividends or air drops and forks for a
Bitcoin for Bitcoin holders its interest
by holding your Bitcoin and its few
people know about it but if you watch
yesterday’s show I talked about MWC they
gave a schedule December 11th is when
people are going to be able to get there
we have their MWC but watch yesterday’s
show it’s funny I see people I see smart
people in the chat talking about the
nonsense that’s going on with I’m not
even gonna say the person’s name but
don’t worry it’s a way it’s such a waste
of time guys
you’re only you’re only hurting
yourselves by even paying any attention
to that – that guy – that liar all right
so Sunday night and that’s what we we
don’t we don’t talk about it on this
show we don’t talk about
so sunset uh and we definitely don’t
name the guys name but they just want
attention bitcoin is the next Bitcoin
all right
that’s that’s that’s the bottom line for
all the I mean they’re still freaks out
there that think certain altcoins are
the next Bitcoin it’s it’s so delusional
it’s unbelievable so Sunday nights at
the Tel Aviv embassy I love them but a
Bitcoin blockchain week is coming up now
I’ve linked to to the Twitter account
for Tel Aviv blockchain week and a
specific tweet they tweeted out so
follow them and their website Tel Aviv
blockchain week obviously I’ll be
speaking at an event on the 10th that
I’ve talked about and I’m gonna talk
about these events you know because it’s
hit here when I read what it says in the
tweet the events between the 5th and the
16th of September they’re gathering key
players in the blockchain space in Tel
Aviv for the first tel-aviv blockchain
week welcome to Tel Aviv blockchain week
gathering developers thought leaders and
entrepreneurs from all over the world –
the start-up nation which is the Land of
eight days of networking blockchain and
build and Bitcoin of course nine that’s
the ninth to the 16th of September or
the some say the fifth to the 16th of
September there’s gonna be all sorts of
stuff so come on down every Sunday night
during that time period I’ll be at the
Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv but there’s
so many different things going on so you
be a Bitcoin dude and you might have fun
there’s a theory of stuff going on it’s
all linked to below so check it out I
will talk more about it as I get more
information about it but I’m it’s great
that I’m going to be in Israel until the
25th of September so I’ll be here who is
the net who is the guest for the next
beyond Bitcoin show will be on Bitcoin
show that doesn’t have guests usually
but the next this week in Bitcoin which
is on Friday where we usually have
guests I’m working on the guests right
now for Friday’s show not exactly sure a
lot of things up in the air all right
dudes but thanks for asking
i’m adam meister the bitcoin might you
never know what you’re gonna get on the
show best guest in the space and I try
to bring it I mean guys that you can
learn from some of the people not
everyone’s heard of but they’re they’re
really smart guys and you there are some
guys that are known by the smart people
there insider information type of people
the biggest names there are some andreas
is awesome he’s a huge name obviously
but there’s some big names out there
especially the ones that are complete
that won’t be mentioned you should even
know their names is it a complete waste
of your time you don’t learn anything
for people who make up complete bogus
whatever and so yeah my show I bring in
people you can learn from true I’ve had
like over a hundred this week in Bitcoin
shows so they’ve been a couple mistakes
in the past people I didn’t fully
understand who they were at the time you
know people who come up with their own
ego crypto dividends that never actually
come out maybe it will come out
eventually who knows all right i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this
channel like this video shows you to
check out the links below and again if
the dude comes out with his ego coin
crypto dividend we get it for free we
turn the bitcoin whatever that’s fine
don’t buy it
definitely don’t all my lord that’s what
he’s trying to get you to do but
pound out life on bang that Bell button
and check out all the links click on the
squares I’ll say hi to you guys in the
chat fun time tonight see you later

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  1. In the three digit realm I wasn’t even thinking of today. Glad I shook that off about 2 years ago . I’m not going anywhere ! Also took advantage of today’s sale from a job I don’t need . Thank you bitcoin 💕

  2. i wonder. I remember watching a few videos of you in early 2017 but I quickly stopped watching cause your channel stopped giving me any new useful information. So I just came back now, after thinking "hmm, wait wasn't there some guy called the bitcoinmeister? I wonder what happened to him and if he is still making videos" And there you are. Still making 1:1 exactly the same videos as years ago. And I only watched the first 5 minutes.

    But I wanted to ask, what is your motivation to make these videos? Is it a way to reinforce your own strength in believing in bitcoin? Is it that you like being in touch with your small community that are almost like friends to you where you are actually the important center of attention? Or are you hoping that in the next bitcoin bubble your channel will blow up again and you plan to make use of that somehow? or is it just a combination of all of that.

    Some geniune feedback:
    Even though I understand you are making there videos while streaming, I would say that your 30 sec intro is so repetetive and monotone and boring that that alone I think would scare off 90% of any potential new viewers.

    Also, your webcam keeps lagging like every 5 seconds, making it uncomfortable to watch, which also is already a fatal issue by itself.

    But anyways, good luck to you bitcoinmeister.

  3. "Stealing wealth from successful people. Have you tried that before? Uhm anyway" hahahahahahahah Adam🤣🤣🤣 dark but funny

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