The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC is not about fitting in, MoneroV, Ethereum, Puerto Rico

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April the 2nd 2018 bitcoin is the next
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alright fitting in is overrated
yeah people it is have some conviction
be the very definition of a 20% math is
math 20 percenters will never be a
majority they’re never gonna fit in and
they’re the ones who have the conviction
they they bring success remember that
and speaking about not fitting in
forking off is definitely an act of not
fitting in and in the land of Manero
they have their the Monaro v people and
there’s all this shaming and social
pressure and peer pressure and scams
words being tossed around conspiracy
words being tossed around about Manero v
oh you you can’t talk about that you
can’t talk about that and the funny
thing is is that I’m not here to fit in
I’m gonna talk about it I think it’s an
operative people have Manero why not you
know get their free Manero be I want
them and then turn it in the Bitcoin I’m
about helping people get Bitcoin here
I’m not about being shamed into going
you know fluffy pony isn’t the king of
the world I mean if he doesn’t like
manera vite that’s his opinion I think
it’s an opportunity for people so um so
you can you can fit in with the Monaro I
mean and you know what if you like if
you like fluffy and everything yeah fit
in with him that’s cool but I mean it’s
not life isn’t about fitting in it’s
overrated and that’s what this is an
love and the Monaro V people they say
they’ve got a tweet out there our
community and ambassador program is now
live manera v org slash community if you
are passionate about privacy and
blockchain join the Monaro V movement
and take an active role in our community
and okay so I’ll link to that below so I
know there are people out there who want
to be in motion there are a lot of you
out there who I mean maybe you don’t
have a job right now maybe you’re you’re
in the financial purgatory I I don’t
here’s an opportunity I’m always hearing
people say oh I can’t I can’t do this I
can’t do that I have no money
well here you go here you go be in
motion I’m just trying to I’m trying to
help trying to hook you up all right
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uh always be hoarding it had that
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alright so and always be closing if
you’re a Salesman right so you know
people are talking about Airbnb they’re
they’re fighting Airbnb you know
threatening lawsuits
we’ve real I love Airbnb but because
it’s centralized there can be lawsuits
there is a target there and the people
who don’t want you know that hotel
industrial complex people they’re gonna
they’re gonna rag on Airbnb and so we
need a decentralized version of Airbnb
that cannot be sued and hopefully that
will come out of a Bitcoin one day
something like that
I’m Noah I’m no master of the technology
or the technical know-how to do
something like that but I’m just like
man I love this I love the Airbnb but
it’s getting hit from all sides and
people are flooding it and it’s it’s the
evolution it’s it’s um it’s also the
evolution of exchange is also that there
will be a decentralized on you know a
lawsuit immune that’s what I mean that’s
part of what decentralization is about
and becoming lawsuit a moot immune so we
need an Airbnb that’s lawsuit immune and
we need changes that our lawsuit once
your lawsuit immune oh my god I mean
you’re you’re a pleasure to deal with
and you’re very efficient you don’t have
to worry about being brought down by
frivolous lawsuits I’m just thinking
about all this right now all right
and remember I am gonna be speaking in
Los Angeles Century City April the 17th
that is coming up Anders you’ll be
promoting that soon enough
and of course Denver is the world crypto
Network event are the bee world crypto
Network guys they’re like Andy and
vortex and Thomas and who knows who else
is gonna be there in Denver on May the
25th right yeah April 25th anyway it’s
like 2 below I just totally messed up
the date of it yes it’s April 25th and
then Los Angeles is April 17th it’s all
linked to below if you need to get
tickets to the events check that out
please get the correct date yeah follow
me a tech ball tch be alt on twitter and
on steam it bitcoinmeister yeah all
those things are blown up alright so
there’s an article end desk article out
there by this like social justice
warrior valley rich soul she’s a no
coiner like steam I think I believe at
the end of the article in the disclaimer
says she has no cryptocurrency so I mean
she’s coming from that prerogative maybe
she’s a little bitter I don’t I don’t
know but the title of the article is I
survive the eternal boy play
we’ll Puerto Rico and it talks about a
crypto currency event in Puerto Rico it
talks about the people who’ve moved to
Puerto Rico who are involved in
who are legally legally on you know
trying to minimize their tax burden and
this article is basically a no coiner
trying to use guilt and shame on
successful men and trying to make use
words like colonialism and trying to
make people feel bad about success in
capitalism and Bitcoin I’m shading
people for legally trying to minimize
their tax burden I mean it’s clearly
this she is she’s not a person that’s in
motion I mean should should all of these
successful men that she’s writing about
you know calling them boys saying
they’re colonialist in Puerto Rico
taking advantage of the poor Puerto
Ricans should they just give all their
wealth away I mean is that the answer is
that what you want should they just feel
bad and just kill themselves and what’s
what’s the end goal here I mean should
everyone aim to be a failure is that
what we should all we shouldn’t try to
try to be in motion we should just
we shouldn’t aim for success just forget
about those ideals just you know be
toxic be bitter and complain and just
worry about for people and you know and
try to just you know don’t better their
lives so don’t bring wealth to their
Island don’t eat just avoid their Island
totally you know they were doing things
great over their shows just left them
alone I mean I don’t know I don’t know
what the what this is this is all about
here but you know as a take down of
capitalism who knows
so coin desk can publish whatever they
want by the way and this is just an
example of what the mainstream crypto
media does seems to like they like to
virtuous signal you know have a have a
woman complained about wealthy men you
know as wealthy men or evil they were
taking advantage of the poor poor Ricans
you know that this is like such an
innovative thing that’s going on in
Puerto Rico guys who are well
you’re going down they’re taking
advantage of this legal tax loophole
bringing cryptocurrency business down
they’re bringing their wealth spending
their money in an island ravaged by a
nature and the people in Puerto Rico
they’ve had years to make their island
great and in some ways I guess they have
but you know it these guys have every
right to go down there be private
landowners do what they want to do and
they all want to be successful people
and why I feel like people out there
want successful people to waste all
their trying time trying to fit square
pegs into circle holes anything
mainstream Western society is all about
that these days that you should feel bad
people who are you know that don’t have
the merit who don’t have the skills that
they can’t succeed and you should be
forced to figure out how to get them to
succeed and if you can’t get them to
succeed you should have money stolen
from you or you should just feel bad and
kill yourself or just you know give me
money yeah just just give it give it all
away you you should be taxed at 90%
there’s something like that maybe I mean
not everyone’s gonna be successful like
that that’s part of it and if you are
successful in life you should feel great
about yourself and you should serve as
an example and the people who are less
successful should look up to you and try
to to be just like you
it’s not my responsibility to solve
other people’s issues I have personal
responsibilities and so everyone should
have personal responsibility okay it’s
not my responsibility to take care of
them but it’s that not their
responsibility to take care of me we’re
equals we are equals in that way we all
have personal responsibility and seems
like we’re in a world where it’s it’s
glamorized to give up your personal
responsibility and then to punish the
people who have personal responsibility
and this article just it boils down to
that I mean when you read this article
so Porto Ricans they could have bought
Bitcoin they’d have had years to manage
their Island properly and should I mean
should they just bleh
blame like I mean should they blame
everybody like this woman says or should
they be in motion and partner up with
this amazing crypto opportunity that has
dropped into their laps I mean and for
me I mean I try to look at it if I was
there I would look at it as a positive
thing like Wallace and all these rich
guys are here let me try to get a piece
of the pie let me try to learn from
these guys these guys just all of a
sudden are here they’re having events
here there I mean so you know this woman
was free to write her article that’s my
critique of the article
that’s my critique of the mainstream
crypto media the direction the virtue
signaling that seems to come out of some
of these organizations and some of these
people who were familiar with I mean
just take personal responsibility it’s a
new counter culture people pound that
freaking like button alright so
something I found funny out there and
flattering the the New York dude on on
steam it he made a cartoon like a Happy
Passover cartoon of me it’s pretty funny
i link to it below it’s like me sitting
on a throne with kind of like a menorah
or something to my it’s good it’s good
thank you thank you very much
New York dude up both that one everybody
up both that one by the way I contacted
the Monaro zero people and they were
very responsive new though they said
they would answer questions and stuff
and I thought my I thought door was
magically opening down but uh Dow so
yeah check them out Manero zero I know I
mean maybe I’ll get him on the show they
were pretty cool with me at least they’d
be yeah sometimes been email someone
it-it-it’s he’s a very long time yeah I
understand people can be busy but they
they were very receptive all right so
yesterday of course was April Fool’s I
had a little April Fool’s joke but it
seems like the metallic deuteron over at
aetherium he had a he had an April
Fool’s joke – and the Matt O’Dell
retweets it and he Matt Hodel also says
when you’re cryptocurrency is run by a
24 year old monetary policy is an April
Fool’s joke
okay so basically vitalik said as an
April Fool’s joke
that it would be nice to earn he
proposed a 120 million dollar cap 120
million aetherium cap on aetherium that
will only be a hundred twenty million
aetherium ever there is no cap right now
and so then he said that was just a joke
but then he said that people were
interested in it so that it should be
considered people want to do it they
should do it well III you know it’s not
you know these centralized crypto
currencies it’s it’s just not it’s not
good when you’re joking about a serious
subject like that this is serious
subject it’s a serious subject and again
when when guys that are like the
figureheads of their cryptocurrency do
something that people feel is obnoxious
or unprofessional it’s just a joke for
some people but really serious for other
people then you get people to fork off
and hey man it’s not about fitting in so
I mean again in in in the land the
Monaro they you know is a similar thing
you know so Vitalik should look at
fluffy and say like you know how many of
these little jokes can I pull until the
a serious group of people were just like
okay we’re going our own way here we’re
going around way we’re doing our own
thing we’re not fitting in with you you
do your thing we do our thing now the
theorem is it’s on a tremendous scale
much larger scale than Minero but hey it
can happen so the talaq your time parent
he’s 24 I thought he was even younger
you know maybe you don’t want to make
such April Fool’s jokes in the future
because the a hundred twenty million
thing is serious and you kind of turned
it around to make it seem serious but
you did say it was an April Fool’s joke
so hey you know whatever people want to
get into those altcoins
it’s their business I’m the
bitcoinmeister I’m about buying and
holding Bitcoin town that like button so
remember subscribe to this channel like
the video share the video check out the
new section below I will say hello to
you guys in the chat I hope I covered
everything bye

8 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC is not about fitting in, MoneroV, Ethereum, Puerto Rico

  1. Puerto Rico is debt ridden and destroyed by nature. Crypto involvement on Puerto Rico is like winning the lottery! Anyone who does not see that is a fool.

  2. I had a friend come over this weekend and we were discussing Bitcoin. He was interested in buying some but he had to consult his girlfriend first, what a bitch.

  3. The best thing about Bitcoin (apart from the fact that it can't be sued) is that feminists can't mess it up like they've messed up absolutely everything else they've got their hands on.

  4. The Crypto and Blockchain industries will help Puerto Rico's economy but it won't rebuild the Island or make that big of an impact that some people are pretending. That said, most Puerto Ricans see this positively and the local Government is supporting this industries. It's win-win situation. But please have some respect for Puerto Rico and if you don't understand our history and the reasons we are in this situation just STFU, don't be assholes because we might change our opinion very fast.

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