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bitcoinmeister this is where the big
boys play we don’t fit into it little a
nice little category here as as
let me read you in a nick carter tweet
here bitcoin is a is totally distinct
from the cyberpunk libertarian Austrian
or anarchist movements it is a
philosophical movement in its own right
Bitcoin ism is a philosophical movement
in its own right I totally agree because
a lot of people going to be in Austria
and you’re a libertarian oh you can’t
say no this is where the big boys play
there’s all sorts of different
philosophies thrown into here we’re all
gonna have to deal with it Bitcoin ism
is its own philosophy it transcends all
those philosophies and its unique I’m
excited to be here be part of it
defining what it is at least defining
what it is for me because for you
bitcoin is imide be something totally
different so I love that tweet from Nick
Carter and he went on a tweet storm
today that was epic he’s been on the
show before and he’s just a great brain
I I knew of him before a lot of people I
he was on the show back in 2017 before
he got this nice big job he’s gotten
I mean he’s very well followed now so
I’m I am proud that III I you of him
before he was a super well known like he
is now but he’s he is so smart and
follow him it is linked to below I’m
gonna discuss the rest of his thread in
in a second but it’s one of those
threads because it’s thought-provoking
he says some things that maybe you don’t
agree with but then some things you like
I never realized that before and yeah so
that’s linked to below but I’m gonna get
into that in a second remember the best
can’t ever devised by man that is
Bitcoin okay that’s what he’s for me
whoo and uh deep here here’s the rest of
the Nick Carter stop why don’t we just
jump into it right down deep thoughts
from the Nick Carter I call it read this
entire thing and so I’m just gonna read
you some of my highlights Bitcoin will
end comment on what would I think about
these highlights because like they’re
really 30 entries it’s unbeliev I mean
this is what Twitter should be all about
reading stuff like it’s not getting the
petty arguments about who Satoshi is and
wasting your day away worrying about
that there are no women in Bitcoin I
mean my book this is what bitcoin
triptych Twitter is about found that
like button alright at least if you want
to be productive an MP in motion this is
a pro what where’s the Bitcoin will
never be universally adopted because
late adopters will always resent
enriching early adopters okay so yeah
people aren’t they’re not gonna accept
that bitcoin is the next Bitcoin they
want to have the next Bitcoin they’re
gonna think well it’s unfair I didn’t
know about it in 2019 so I’m gonna make
my own version and guess what they’re
free to do that that’s it that that’s
what this is about
they’re always going to be all corners
there will be people who are envious
that they didn’t get in the Bitcoin they
were no corners or they made a picture
so they’re gonna try to make something
better than Bitcoin let them try and
yeah there are just certain people out
there it’s unfair early people benefit
but then they want to be early people on
their own coins oh yeah whatever that
pits a great so yeah Bitcoin and but
there’s all these people out there it
says yes eventually everyone will
convert to Bitcoin no they won’t look
that with that mint out people will
always have that mentality those
mentalities that I just discussed and
that Nick put out there you got to
realize this they’re just that’s that’s
the way of human beings all right this
is a problem and here’s another one this
is a problem for mo yeah Bitcoin will
never be cuddly and fully regulated it
will be used by terrible people
bitcoiners need to be okay with that and
yeah I have said that before
people are like oh man I heard the
terrorists use it I’m gonna be
know that that’s one of the things about
the great things about Bitcoin and I’ve
said this many time to you you can’t
prevent your worst enemy from using it
and you’ve got to be willing to accept
it that’s a strength of its unsensible
moving on
big coiners need to be ok a world where
bitcoin is successful is one where
bitcoiners are demonized hated and
attacked now I would say we’re very well
on our way to success because big big
corners I mean you go to some of these
mainstream channels or gold channels or
I mean and they say oh they’re just
criminals it’s all a Ponzi scheme
there’s a lot of hatred and then from
certain all corners there’s a lot of
hatred towards Bitcoin and so it’s a
good sign it’s a really good sign that
the Bitcoin is getting very close to
being tremendously successful that
there’s so many haters out there if you
if you don’t know if he hears anything
you’re not controversy or not really
doing anything you’re just sitting in a
room maybe so this is great big Bitcoin
is is definitely gaining haters is being
demonized an attack and it’s a positive
it’s a positive way of looking at these
the negative vibes that come from others
into the space hey if we did that that
means Bitcoin is doing something and
that it is successful that it’s getting
all sorts of while the tax a great point
many bitcoiners lack I love this one
many bitcoiners lack the metal to
continue to support Bitcoin when the
going gets tough and it becomes more
regulated criminalized and so on well
dude I have to agree with you
I’ve seen many so-called bitcoiners
leave when the going has so-called
gotten tough in terms of the Fiat price
imagine when some of the other things
that you predict are going to happen you
hard core regulation hard core
demonization heart first of all you know
what you know what I say here I’m not
going anywhere found that like one but
there are people that are that they were
going to leave so there are plenty I
don’t know if I would call them big the
ones who have the mettle to continue to
support Bitcoin those are the true
Bitcoin or so I
say many bitcoiners lack the metal I say
many people lack the metal to stick to
stick around and support Bitcoin when
the going gets tough when the going gets
tough the tough get going baby
all right so that’s enough from the
Carter very inspirational stuff follow
him on Twitter read the whole thing I
love it okay we talked about we did a
public service announcement for crypt of
dividends already got to do one of those
every day to remind everyone to a they
encourage people to hold their Bitcoin a
lot of people to olds that glamorous
behold my Bitcoin I’ve got to do a
glamorous a crazy set and we’re gonna
talk about the Asian gambling in a
second actually a lot of people in Asia
they just wanna gamble
David what’s the point of holding they
act the aging dudes over time they’re
the ones who actually buy the big to be
diamond oh my god
why buy something like that and you can
get for free but they wouldn’t know
who’s they keep all their they keep all
their coins at exchanges and they just
trade a gamble you know had they had a
treasure and store their Bitcoin they
they could get the all sorts of crypto
dividends alright so look we’re gonna
get to then say all right so there’s a
Bloomberg article and just this put
these put a huge smile on my face
because it brings me back to four or
five years ago just I knew what litecoin
was obviously but so few people knew a
Bitcoin was back then and today
Bloomberg has an article specifically
talking about the litecoin Haven and
everyone can remember back in 2016 when
I was saying eventually it here in this
year 2016 the mainstream media is going
to talk about the Bitcoin had and sure
enough they did there was Bitcoin having
hype etc etc now we’re in an era where
the mainstream media talks about the
litecoin happening where the mainstream
media actually talks about litecoin this
is the article and again it brings us a
Bitcoin habit which is great too and we
knew that one day this was gonna be
hacked this would happen okay it was all
theoretical at one point that all coins
would be discussed by the media the
mainstream media that all coins that all
coin having’s would be discussed by them
but we’re there now we’re there and this
was just such a wild dream back in 2014
in 2015 so yeah it is positive that
Bloomberg is talking I mean whatever
they’re like oh like point is there’s a
very reactionary Bloomberg o litecoin is
up you know that’s great yeah in terms
of Fiat it’s up that’s that’s a
reactionary type of article we’ve known
about the like when having for some time
I mean I can remember being in 2015
people saying well maybe this will save
light calling this light point having
thing that’s coming up but again this
it’s good that form burgers getting the
word out that such things exist as
guess what it’s still not gonna be
priced in the Bitcoin even though many
people were reading this article about
the like I’m having they’re still gonna
be people in you know December of this
year January February next year oh my
god there’s a cutting of the new supply
a Bitcoin better by now better by now so
but but but still I this this Bloomberg
article if you put it in perspective if
you’ve been around for as long as I have
it’s it’s it’s pretty amazing and it
definitely you can see right now I got a
big big smile on my face but hey I
always a big smile on my face found that
like button you gotta love light all
right ah it’s the hottest crypto this
year they said typical mainstream media
but still okay roma chooses
bitcoinmeister the quality of your shows
guests are reaching all-time highs but
the high definitely the high is
definitely not in we have inside
information tell that like button you
better best guest in the space here and
yeah they’ll be they’ll keep getting
I’ll keep combining them differently
here’s some real insider information for
you guys there’s a there’s a ten week
rotation I am I don’t let a guest come
on twice in a 10 week period they hat
there has to be at least 10 weeks
between each guest and then I don’t like
a guest to be on with the guest that
they’ve already been on before with and
I haven’t been perfect with that but I
love the different combos and everything
like that and I love my guests I learned
a lot I learned a lot from them so and
then you get the insider improv the so
called him sign or information that
everyone should be getting by you know
the following dudes like that on Twitter
and everything but though people were
rather you know gamble and talk about
some fits here altcoin and in the Lohr
they’re learning nothing you’re learning
the real stuff you get the insider
information found that like button
and tighten boss says I put 85% of my
light LTC profits into Bitcoin last
night Cheers
very good idea Titan boss its value your
wealth and big just just value within
Bitcoin it could still go up in terms of
you don’t want to get get stuck and I’m
gonna talk about that in a second
actually you’ve read my mind dude I
think this is you Titan boss that keeps
talking about this I’m not sure I don’t
wanna I don’t know I’m not I don’t to be
wrong about this but there is a guy out
there in the comments a good guy
actually and you keep saying he’s gonna
sell his light coin for $250 and get
lots of Bitcoin and I say and and to
this I say no do not wait around the
$250 set yourself a goal in terms of
Bitcoin if you haven’t had like point
now first rate and you want it to
increase more in value value of the
Bitcoin say I am going to sell my likely
when it is 2% of a Bitcoin because if
you if you set a Fiat goal like $250 you
might end up selling your light coin
when bitcoin is worth $25,000 and thus
you you will be a terrible situation
like will only be worth 1% of a Bitcoin
so again why even play these games why
even be holding like coin I’m you just
got your Bloomberg pump again but but
but it’s for the if that was you that
was saying I’m going to sell my big my
litecoin when is $250 a very bad idea to
be thinking in terms of BI with that
you’ll get into a bit say I’m gonna sell
my life long when it’s worth 2% of a
Bitcoin value worth of Bitcoin that is a
real-life example of valuing your wealth
in Bitcoin all you all corners out there
who is this module module says bitcoin
meister i learn how to make to have a
strong hand from your channel I’ve never
sold big coin ever only buys dude pound
that like button was that very strong
hand we’re going to talk about that in a
sec about never selling a Bitcoin and
once you three noscope says big or
meister people who think bitcoin is
going to be made legal in the US need to
think logically about what’s happening
with financial institutions like the
duality and others very good point but
there still are some aspects the Bitcoin
that could be made illegal but you’re
you’ve got a good uh you’ve got a you’ve
got some logic there because we’re gonna
talk about that in a second would back
to be getting in a Bitcoin if they
feared a United States making it totally
illegal yeah you’ve got a very good
point now again other countries are
gonna probably do it they’ll probably be
some type of criminalization and around
Bitcoin in the United States maybe not
probably maybe you just gotta keep that
in the back your head that there are
going to be some unexpected pitfalls
when it comes to the government saying
things about Bitcoin but I mean they
will be temporary blips and that’s why
that that just strengthens your hand to
know that some countries are not going
to go down quietly in terms of Bitcoin
they really should because they
shouldn’t they should embrace
cryptocurrency in Bitcoin ASAP but they
will be they will benefit they were
better but again our government’s
logical no they are not okay so we’re
talking about the light coin in Iowa so
a point from speaking about governance
and do the logical things something that
I I don’t know I made completely clear
yesterday about the protests that are
going on in Hong Kong
obviously it’s China is cracking down on
Hong Kong so you can protest and
everything that’s good that’s good
they’re in the streets trying to stop
this but get your Bitcoin if you’re in
Hong Kong use that as your insurance
policy I did not make that clear when
trying to tie in the situation to the
Bitcoin it is again it is an insurance
policy against overreaching governments
like China which unfortunately is
overreaching into Hong Kong
I wish Hong Kong was Toby independent of
China that that’s not the situation but
yeah for the people in Hong Kong get get
that Bitcoin now okay and again this is
good it’s a sad situation in Hong Kong
but it is good for Bitcoin because when
you have when you need insurance against
your government you buy the Bitcoin in
that that will help the fraud your Fiat
freaks well they’ll be less Bitcoin out
there on the market because the smart
Hong Kong people will be buying it the
my buddy
and says would you ever buy a home again
I’ve been thinking about that Jim and I
am Not sure I will but I never say never
never say never again James Bond’s
alright so but a city of James Jim Jim
bond James Bond Jim pound that like
button alright yeah I’ve never seen that
in it I mean renting is pretty cool
there you don’t have to pay those uh
well first of all it’s the Fiat system
keeps them going the way that it’s going
in slowly
you know inflating and government’s
slowly taxing people more and more you
know the boiling frog type of thing
we’re in all the 80 percenters are
poorly frogs they don’t notice it that
yeah so property taxes will keep going
up keep going up in many different I
mean in Baltimore City they said they
made the property taxes lower but that
water bill doubles every nine years or
something like that I mean that’s
unbelievable so they’re paying more and
more to the government every year they
don’t even realize it and so I don’t to
be in a situation like that where I’m
tied into a house where I could be sued
where yeah so now I at this point I
don’t see a good reasons to buy to buy
real estate anymore in terms of places I
mean if there was a country that had a
that didn’t have property taxes and
didn’t allow people just to shoot people
for tripping on their sidewalk I’d
consider it but again that’s that’s why
I love Bitcoin so much if someone trips
on my Bitcoin they can’t sue you no one
can shrimp pulling your big point no one
can there’s no property taxes on your
Bitcoin I mean it’s great it’s it
doesn’t tie you down like a house does
there’s no maintenance oh you just got
me on a real estate rant there Jim come
on now
Bitcoin fremitus says what about a
for exiting tyrannical regimes I mean
that’s one option but there’s we’ve had
rocky Palumbo on the show warn people
about bringing a lot while it’s you
really got to know what you’re doing
I think getting out of some situations
if you’re just running across a border a
treasurer will do pretty darn well there
and some some all sorts of storage
devices will do you need pretty mean but
again that’s one option if Bitcoin in
itself gets you out of the tyrannical
regimes that I don’t worry about your
storage device
at that point as long as you control
your own private key that’s gonna get
you out of the tyrannical regime and
here is a tweet about Bitcoin volatility
now again mostly you’re familiar with
that we’re gonna keep on having
rollercoaster of days but are we gonna
we haven’t has many rollercoaster days
as we used to
that trend seems to be continuing we’re
still gonna have volatile days but there
is a chart below that shows this year
has not had what’s it say here
Bitcoin volatility in a clear decline as
its monetization advances okay so this a
lot of people are like one can I use
those money well when it’s not as a
volatile right so it is clearly the
monetization is advancing because it is
in this volatile extreme daily returns
are less frequent and less extreme than
in the past okay
again shaded areas mark the 2019 range
it is linked to below so yeah there have
been less extreme days and they have not
been his extreme but still there will be
very extreme days in the future just you
got it you’ve got to be ready for it and
hopefully there won’t be as many but
there will be quite extreme days just
prepare but the trend has it it has
become less volatile though there is no
doubt about that now let’s talk about
backed real quick I gotta say that there
blah I like that they have this blog
that they update and keep us aware of
what’s going on over there I think
that’s a really good sign and so they
have a new date out there we always get
these dates to look forward to in
Bitcoin well we got a new one let me
read it to you another another magical
crypto date to it to know I say okay on
July 22nd two days after Apollo 11s 50th
anniversary okay back to will it’s just
amazing we use its we should be going
back to the moon so often it’s sad that
it’s 50 years but back trill initiate
user acceptance testing for its Bitcoin
futures listed and traded on ice futures
us and cleared at ice clear us okay so
that’s a big day their game you’re gonna
be able to do that on back on that day
they’re getting closer to becoming fully
operational and so hey will there be a
pump leading up to that date I don’t
know will they actually come through on
that day I think they will so one day
closer to institutional adoption here
people where here comes the
institution’s it’s one more date to look
forward to there so they start talking
about that today you can read you can
read their blog post their blog post are
always very good I appreciate they keep
everyone updated on their situation all
right so here is a condensed tweet from
W on the heavy gap gambling mentality in
the Asian crypto community and they
shared a popular crypto term and this is
a translation of it the trap of
fundamental investment it’s commonly
used to warn whoever still believes
there’s a price felt fundamental in
crypto so in China they have a popular
term the trap of fundamental investment
because to them is just a trap they did
it’s just people making is safe giving
excuses why these off coins actually
have a fundamental investment
proposition they don’t there is nothing
fundamental but behind most of the
there’s no reason fundamentally to
invest in these all coins it’s all about
gambling there there is so they left
that there’s still a price fundamental
in crypto they don’t realize that a
Bitcoin there surely is but of course in
6-tier all coins in 80 are all coins and
crypto dividends that you should have
gotten for free a bike by holding your
Bitcoin there are no there’s very
there’s little friend there’s no price
fundamentals so keep that in mind I mean
III talked about you know when I was in
Korea South Korea that I was told about
you know there’s so many people in South
Korea they just kept they didn’t know
how to hold their own Bitcoin hold their
own coins they were just gambling that
there is a gambling mentality there
ain’t th that I mean if that’s gonna be
them in tally let him play that game
over there okay it’s fine there’s a lot
of great people in China ker
there are people that consider that are
holders I mean my host in South Korea he
was a holder town that like button dude
I know you’ve been watching lately
Thanks welcome wouldn’t with a thread of
time South Korea I had when I learned so
much back then it was the Wild West and
you know get crazy there again no doubt
but with all of that in mind here there
is a there was a coin desk article about
AI e iOS iOS exchanged whatever they’re
called initial exchange offerings and
initial exchange offerings are proving
big returns but why and then they were
like venerable wire
ayios doing well will see the above when
i I just talked about above there’s a
bunch of ancient people that looks love
the gamble and stuff that have
absolutely no fundamentals they have no
investment fundamentals I mean so yeah
it’s based on gambling
that’s why ayios are doing well is there
a lot of people that put Americans
aren’t allowed to buy those darn things
I mean where there’s unless you can hide
your IP address and everything like that
so yeah who who’s buying it the gamblers
are buying it there’s nothing to yeah
that’s why the ayios are doing well it’s
just an IC o—-
issued by a freaking uh by an exchange
it’s it’s just as crazy as what was
going on before they it’s ridiculous
that’s why they’re doing it that’s why
they’re doing well 80 percenters are
gonna do what they’re gonna do
gamblers are gonna do what they’re gonna
do gonna do you shouldn’t be a gambler
you shouldn’t be an eighty percent you
should learn to have a strong hand
get your crypto dividends or your
Bitcoin let it be uncommon skateable
because in those you know in Korea or
wherever where there we’re doing the
gambling and stuff and keeping all their
coins on the exchanges they’re gonna
lose their coins like they have in the
past when there’s a hack that comes up
but hey gamblers don’t learn it’s a it’s
an addiction it’s a terrible thing all
right Romek juice is bitcoinmeister in
the future there may be a time it’s take
to ask why ayios are doing well that’s a
naive question
you don’t realize why they’re doing well
why did I CEOs do well okay in the
future there may be a time when more
Bitcoin are lost each day than newly
mind this will be true deflation yeah
there has never been an asset so scarce
yeah that is a very interesting theory I
mean I really hope people don’t lose the
big yeah
if they’re still gambling on exchanges
with them darn right you’re darn right
about that I would think by the time
that there’s so little Bitcoin being
produced daily that people will have
learned by that how to properly store
their Bitcoin they won’t be gambling it
on exchanges and they won’t be keeping
their keep it on exchanges again I have
talked about the days in the future I
believe it what is it 2036 when they’re
only going to be 56 big new Bitcoin mind
every day was that what it is yeah 56
new Bitcoin mind every day so if you
have 56 Bitcoin you’ll have more than
it’s mined every day I mean that is
freaky not that that’s a goal you know I
said you know your first goal is one big
one into the three to ten then 17 I’ve
been 17 than 21 then 56 say okay that’s
a logical number right there but thank
you Romek you you you’re thinking long
term there long term thinking all right
for you golden holders who haven’t you
know gotten fully in the Bitcoin yet
here is a reminder from Tour de Meester
maybe why you should Bitcoin is arguably
more politically neutral than gold
because it can be stored in the cloud to
win a gold bar is by definition stored
on one nation’s territory
whereas bitcoins collaborative custody
allows for non or multi geographic
storage so that kind of goes back to the
point before of avoiding a tyrannical
regimes your but you really don’t have
your Bitcoin on your treasure work it’s
not really there it’s in the clap it’s
in the ether as all the haters like to
say but it’s true yes so if you’ve got a
way of remembering your private key
somehow you it doesn’t it’s it’s nowhere
it’s in your head that’s it and so you
could go from South Africa Zimbabwe to
the United States and Canada the North
Korea or whatever and you’ve got your
Bitcoin with you and it’s not really in
those countries is in your head but the
gold yeah
that’s its not multi geographic storage
it’s in one place your gold is is in one
place moving on let us talk about and
there we go borderless as Andreus that’s
one of the five colors of Andreas for
open blockchains borderless and who is
this one two three no scoop says when do
you envision the first
on tree announcing that they have
Bitcoin as a part of their reserves
announcing it is a very very interesting
question when will it leak first I think
is a good question
20:21 that there’s my guest suggest it’s
just a guess
seems like seems logical 2020 after
afternoon to having the first one
analysis then all the other ones gonna
pile in and that country is gonna be in
great shape
but they’ve got to be they’ve got to
feel comfortable on that well it’s gonna
leak out all right a bit be primitive it
coin primitives I caught him be
primitive found that like button that’s
how hardcore I am in the Bitcoin that I
can’t say if something even looks like
it’s a crypto dividend a Bitcoin even
though it’s someone’s name I’m gonna say
be that instead of a Bitcoin that Wow
man I’m into this thing initial scam
offerings i ceos 2.0 bunch of trash yeah
I totally agree I agree with the UH with
the initial exchange operas II it’s a
total I CEO 2.0 thing and you’re
completely naive if you don’t realize
that and you’re completely I mean you’re
a noob but if you like analyze that
stuff and you you talk about that stuff
you’re like oh you’ve got a total new
mentality questions for you guys not to
rip on anyone but as CNBC Africa talking
about i IE OS by any chance just just
what i don’t i don’t watch it i
sometimes i check out brands uh i check
out lands twitter feed sometimes get a
big smile on my face and you know ran
heads ran was on the show before I was
on ran show a long time ago but I advise
everyone to watch the old show that ran
was on check out tech balls calm you can
find it in the archives follow me at on
tech wall on Twitter by the way and
you’ll get them you get a big smile on
your faces you you see some of the
things that ran sat on my show back back
in the day it should come as no shock to
people who are familiar with you know be
the very impulsive mentality of that
show it’s pretty duh
put it nicely but hey yeah people people
love impulsive these people don’t don’t
know about you know is it’s glamorous
they got fancy sets and graphics there
instead of you can’t have a cable TV
show about holding you can’t let’s face
it I mean that’s the very definition of
she is 80 percenter type of stuff so be
primitive sex what is this by Nance
leverage trading you know what it’s it’s
for freaking gamblers who want to get
totally wrecked and it’s something I
don’t even want to like talk about on
the show because it might tempt people
to it’s something that the ultimate
gamblers do you get a high when you win
and you like go to jail when you lose I
guess because you have nothing left so
now I done moving on
but it’s glamorized it’s so glamorized
in the by the 80 percenters and or by
just people who I don’t know people who
are impulsive okay we’re almost over
here I want to eat soon guys like I’m
doing this show early instead of like a
3 in the morning
pound that like bone if you do Oh what
is this I think I hear is it speaking
about impulsive now this ended up not
being true this is from this is from
Brad Mills he says I think I just sent
$200 in Bitcoin to a friend who gave me
a be cash address not realizing it
wasn’t Bitcoin okay the the lesson and
it wasn’t the guy got confused he saw
these be cash warnings and then he
thought oh my god did I just give my
friend to be cash address he did it but
be very careful people because some old
be cash addresses look exactly like
Bitcoin addresses this is why you have
to be very familiar just you got to know
how to send a Bitcoin know how to send a
Bitcoin before you get you the altcoins
but Vijay who has been on my show before
had a great reply to this this tweet
moral of the story never send Bitcoin
only accept it he’ll Matt like fine
that’s a strong hand right there and I
alluded to that earlier in the show that
I was going to talk about that yeah of
course I know some people have to send
big you gotta send Bitcoin between you
know your addresses and stuff of course
of course but you know sending it as
spending you earn for selling I’m
offended by something of course but yeah
try to send up a Bitcoin as few times as
possible you know
but but again if you’re selling it to
yourself at that point you you know how
to send it and you know you’re giving
yourself a real Bitcoin address you’re
not making mistake and giving yourself
an old-school P cache address Bryan the
UKB kick Bitcoin master was in motion he
entered he interviewed Stephon Lovera
speaking about Australia’s because we’re
gonna have an Australian on the show
tomorrow and hopefully I’m gonna meet
Stefan lavera when I am in Sydney
October 17th to toe for 24th hope to
meet a lot of you guys in Sydney and
then in Adelaide after that and yeah I’m
supposed to meet ya I’m meeting Hass
McCook definitely it seems like between
October 17th and 24th when I’m in Sydney
hit the like button says crypto angels
he sent 499 crypto angels is also in
motion check him out look him up on
Twitter and he’s I met him in Long Beach
and again we got UK big boy master in
motion with his awesome the interview
that he did before so that’s linked to
below and you could follow him on
Twitter also all these guys I’ve I’ve
you know they’re in motion good for them
Joe black said $1.00 thank you and thank
you crypto angels for supporting show
with the $4.99 in the super chat and Joe
black said another dollar and he doesn’t
have anything to say that’s awesome dude
I appreciate the support and Bitcoin
primitives says bitcoin meister did you
leave california back home bitcoin
primitives always check out the notes
below the first word in the notes below
show where I am and no I am still in Los
Angeles won’t be in the I don’t have a
home anymore but I’m originally from
Baltimore and I will be visiting my
family in Baltimore from July 1st to
July 10th then I will be in Israel so
now I’m in Los Angeles right now still
and again if anyone ever wants to know
where I am
it’s the first word in the notes below I
always check out the notes below you get
the links you’ve got you know where I am
and everything it’s very very convenient
stuff you know what I’m going to talk
about and okay that is it
wait there were two more things here bro
and chooses I have an open dime with
name on it can’t wait to meet you in
person to give it to you that was very
very kind of you thank you for thank you
you don’t have to do something like
that’s very very very nice opened I’m
we’ve had a Rodolfo on the show before
found that like button I’ve met him in
person before in Calgary what’s up
Alberta again cut I was thinking about
Berta last night I got I was happy to
hear the Blues of st. Louis where I went
to college is watching ever since st.
Louis they won the Stanley Cup for the
first time ever let again don’t waste
your time on hockey and everything like
that but I know Canadians you love it so
the boys in Alberta are of course
disappointed that uh you know I guess
the cup is in the United States I’m not
gonna tell you which Albertan team is
the best because I don’t want to offend
any of my many uh albertans yes it has
boilers and flames yes taking the easy
way out to Meister there now that like
one I’d add a meister the bitcoinmeister
the disrupt meister remember to
subscribe this channel like this video
share this video check out the links
below and yes st. Louis people you have
suffered in many many different ways
sports really isn’t suffering but you’ve
suffered your city has had some economic
issues so have fun have fun you know
sometimes it is it’s fun to enjoy to
pastimes everything you got to take your
uh you got take your mind off of the
seriousness of life so I do have fun in
st. Louis people kind out like button
see you guys in the chat now

10 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bitcoinism, Bakkt, Nic Carter, volatility, gold, Litecoin halving, IEOs, Q&A!

  1. Really good point by Tuur Demeester from
    the links – hadn’t thought of that – worth a quote below also

    ‘Bitcoin is arguably more politically neutral than gold, because it can be stored in the cloud.
    To wit: a gold bar is by definition stored on one nation's territory, whereas Bitcoin's collaborative custody allows for non- or multi-geographic storage.’

  2. Finally got my husband to watch. He only focuses only on Bitcoin…good thing, right?!
    He loved your show! 🤗
    Keep missing your livestream, but glad you filmed early. Enjoy your day!

  3. In America today there are 11 million millionaires. For the next 9 years there will be approx. 5.2 million BTC created.

  4. $300,000 in a house will be taken in 30 years through $10,000/year property taxes -that is a 100% loss.. (and lets not talk about Insurance, Mortgage Interests and Upkeep) Smart people are going to live minimally and save $300,000 in Bitcoin which will be life changing in 1-5 years.

  5. Wow. I have seen so many of your videos that you have start showing up in my dreams when I sleep 😅👍 Strong hand 🚀🚀

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