Tether didn’t destroy Bitcoin, it inspired fractional reserve coins! Why BlockFi? CFTC altcoins,Bisq

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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to the one bitcoin show today is October
the 21st 2019 strong hand because next
bitcoin sorry about the bitcoin offended
by selling uncut the skateable personal
responsibility is the new counterculture
relentless alright my unique beast out
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hello my elite friends I got the shirt
it is bright in this room it really is
it’s annoying me kind of but hey pound
that like button there’s more to life
than just the bright rooms in the white
room with black curtains alright so
check out the links below I am speaking
there’s an informal event on the 23rd
here in Sydney Australia it’s linked to
below last night’s event the crypto PIA
film debut I will be talking about in a
moment but I want to start out by
bringing up a tweet by Jeet who’s been
on the show before of course many times
remember how all of the wealthiest /
smartest investors and in the know
journalists were convinced that tether
would collapse Bitcoin have they
adjusted the way they process
information since then I’m glad you
brought this up G there we’ve forgotten
this why hasn’t tether crushed a Bitcoin
the complete opposite has happened in
fact we had this mysterious stable coin
o how much
it really exists is it backed by
anything it will bring down Bitcoin it’s
what’s pumping up bitcoins price
bitcoins still here tether is still here
and now we have something called fracks
that they’re talking someone wants to
create what is fraks fracks is a so
called fractional reserve stable clone
okay so they’re not hiding anything
there’s a it’s not a one-to-one ratio
backing up this fracks thing so they’ve
taken it to a whole new level all the
rumors about tether they’re building
into this fracks thing so I say this is
great if people want to create a stable
coin that’s backed by nothing that’s
fractional reserve I mean it’s like
we’ve come full circle here that sup
some people got into cryptocurrency
because they didn’t want to deal with
the fractional reserve nothing backing
up their money anymore okay but hey in
cryptocurrency you can do anything you
can you can create the old system in the
new system good luck to fracks I
wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole
but I’m just it’s a tremendous ecosystem
and to say that because a lot of traders
value their wealth in dollars and
they’re using and they’re loving
something called tether that it could
bring down Bitcoin it didn’t happen it’s
not going to happen and everybody seems
to forget about the so-called experts
that said it was going to happen what
would happen to all those big talkers I
mean they just move on to the next fine
clickbait title and hey they take it
from there so pound that like bun I see
we I can do QA and I’m actually gonna
answer a question from the other day –
Val sent to Canadian dollars thank you
he says hello my delete friends well I
say hello to Val I say hello my elite
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bitcoinmeister I appreciate the support
though that was very nice fiat freaked
someone says yeah
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some of the oranges that I had back
there that you get a different view of
as I was trying to avoid all the bright
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guy says any updates on me on the aussie
strong hand i mean i’m gonna talk about
Australia there’s some strong hands here
there I definitely met some struck you
know Adriana’s a strong hand she’s got a
strong hand Tess has not cast ass has a
strong hand why am I thinking about Cass
Elliot alright alright let’s see oh look
someone’s talking about death crossed in
there dude
charts that’s for the 80 percenters
pound that like button if you’re worried
about death crosses you’re losing all
your money so moving on
again this is just a fancy term people
forget about death crosses either they
promote death cross oh the charts look
bitcoins going down and then when it
doesn’t happen totally forgot about it
not a bow it’s not a measurement we
should care about yes it is a
measurement it isn’t a stat you should
care about death crosses ridiculous oh
there’s your charters you just paid but
the charts that’s the fancy set of
graphics that’s what gets the 80
percenters that’s what gets that’s
popular but hey it’s this is fitting in
is overrated
this is insider information no no death
cross nonsense here all right so we
talking about G we talk so crypt opium
movie yes so I guess people ask about
the Sydney strong hands I had the
privilege of seeing the debut of the
Crypt opium movie no it’s not about the
Crypt Opia exchange it’s about let’s go
it’s about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
and I linked to the crypt opium movie
link so you can check it out it’s
debuting all over Australia and me the
guy who put it together is his team
they’re gonna be feedback and people
gave some interesting feedback in the
tone vases in the movie king of the
trolls was in the movie it needs to be
edited down still and lots of potential
and I enjoyed aspects they went into a
mountain way where they have where
they’re storing Bitcoin that was pretty
cool they toshi was in it that wasn’t
pretty cool that that was pretty lame
but hey you got it that you’re not gonna
like everybody that’s in the film now
what happened that the movie was
sponsored by a lot of local
cryptocurrency related organizations
amber came up with this guide to invest
in a Bitcoin very professional I mean
this is about being a strong hand
amber is about and it’s only available
in Australia now and alex has been on
the show before Chantal
hasn’t been on the show but she was
there last night she gave this out to me
she’s great she gave this the very
professional so hey they’re spreading
the word in Sydney with professional
material like this encouraging people to
buy the little bits of Bitcoin at
reoccurring intervals with the Amber app
and I respect that
I say aim high a lot of people are like
stat SATs okay
good slogan this is the one Bitcoin show
yeah I aim higher than that if you’re
just stacking stats yeah you’re
accumulates a big point it’s good to
start out with with satoshis so note two
Satoshi nakamoto’s and if there’s only
one Satoshi Nakamoto and nobody knows
who the heck that guy is just a reminder
for those who are a little confused
about that still but I say stacking SATs
you’re aiming too low there one Bitcoin
baby aim for one Bitcoin but this is a
great amber app is not you can stack
much more than stats on their SATs well
I don’t know how much more but hey I
like what they’re doing but at the same
time I’m saying aim high and I like that
they’re spreading the word now so
there’s something of course in the
Australian ecosystem you still have
people that are confused about
blockchain over Bitcoin and look here’s
a university or RMIT online change the
way you think about studying we have the
future of work starts here you’ve
probably heard of blockchain it’s the
technology that powers a hundred eighty
billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency
industry but the truth is
cryptocurrencies are only a small part
of blockchains potential we here we’re
here to show you the big picture RMIT is
the first Australian university to offer
dedicated blockchain short courses
developing blockchain strategy designing
blockchain solutions
developing blockchain applications and
more who find out more at RMIT OE dua
you alright this is a University and
then blood you guys are
I mean you’re still talking this
blockchain not Bitcoin nonsense but I
thought I would share it you get out the
flyer I’m just giving people a little
taste of the the ecosystem here as they
say and it was great to meet real people
in person last night we hung out
afterwards a little bit I had to get out
I had to go to sleep um but it’s but
everyone’s been very gracious here a lot
of strong hands here and I look forward
to Wednesday when I will be just will be
leisurely hanging out at some bar thanks
to two Hass and the crew and everybody
should hang out with the they have
events every the Bitcoin meetup here has
events every every month okay let’s see
if anybody else left any other notes
BTC mu guy oh he’s asking about the
strong handed winner of the Australian
Bitcoin auction from 2016 that those
2000 Bitcoin dude they’ve never moved
that guy is the ultimate strong hand I
don’t know who he is
hey dude I mean I’m in Australia mm
Bitcoin a strong hand er if you want to
hang out with me I don’t know where you
are but I’ll be in Adelaide starting
Thursday by the way I’ll be there for a
month so that would be fun
he mean okay yes everyone’s talking
about the the Australian with the mm big
one I collect I am glad that my my
inside information lovers here you 20
percenters remember that there are so
few people who do not remember that from
2016 that guy is such an inspiration
he bought 2000 Bitcoin at the auction
from Bitcoin was selling for around $600
the guy hasn’t moved it he also has
never moved his be cash or his be gold
that’s unfortunate he never comes her he
lost out on that so who who is that
magical dude who is that magical guy all
right we we shall never know perhaps
well we should we talking about stable
coins we’re talking about crypto Pia the
movie not the exchange pound that like
button and be cash having correction
rocky my boy rocky in the LA area
he sent a DM to me recently reminding
the information out there in terms of
the B cache having you go to these sites
they have the wrong information so it
had been calculated that Bitcoin the
Bitcoin having now was going to take
place before the B cash had having but
that was wrong and I an ice I goat I
share a link that shows that the be cash
having in fact will be in 169 days it
will still take place before the bitcoin
having maybe it will add to the Bitcoin
having hype but rocky is worried for big
cash that it’ll have it’s having first
it will in 169 days and by the way the
site that lists the hundred sixty nine
days away that we are from the be cash
having it still lists the wrong date so
we are so early in all in all this in
this space that people create these
stats with statistics and they still
don’t have the correct stats they they
don’t they don’t fact check their sites
correctly which is unfortunate but it is
a hundred sixty nine days away it’s not
having May 20th the date they have
listed you know proofread dude proofread
we don’t have proof readers in this
space but Rocky is worried that it’s
having when the be cash having happens
that all the miners will then go to
Bitcoin and it will create havoc or be
cash I’m not too worried about it we’ll
see what happens I’m more so interested
in like hey they’ll have they’re having
first and then people that that month
beforehand more it will help hideout
type the bitcoin having so Bitcoin
having height remember you can do your
part have remind everyone that it’s
happening because most people have no
idea what the heck of having is or that
there’s going to be a Bitcoin having etc
etc we’ve been through this before if
you were here in 2016 like we will see
it all happen again should be fun
and come okay let’s talk about the CFTC
the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
in the United States of America their
head talbert’s chair Talbert was
answering questions at an event in DC I
guess it was today and Nick Carter
tweeted about this I don’t care about
that people who were articles about this
I like what Nick Carter was there he
tweeted about it he’s and he quoted
Talbert was saying he says he expects
there will be other crypto assets that
they give the etherium bitcoin treatment
to labeling them as commodities and
their speculation is is it going to be
cash isn’t going to be Ripple how does
it seems to me they’re picking winners
and losers here if you say an altcoin is
a commodity your permit you’re allowing
them to really get into all this magical
financialization make all these products
around them and be involved with a be a
commodity be a commodity that you can
play all these games with and what what
makes some of these alt coins that
you’re going to deem a commodity worthy
what makes them worthy of being
commodities and not being uh you know
not allowed to take this next uh this
next jump into the world of but because
if you’re deemed the commodity a lot of
people you’re you’re you’re a super
altcoin at this point okay you’re an
altcoin to the next level you’re I
should say a top-tier altcoin so how do
they decide what’s the top two your
alkaline that’s that’s worthy of being
deemed the commodity all right what goes
on on the back there so that that’s I
mean that’s the old-school way when of
dealing with the government’s how do
they make how do they make these
decisions why why won’t be cash be
chosen or why won’t it be chosen we
don’t know we don’t know interesting so
that this is part of I’ve said they’re
gonna be tough to your halt coins and
this not so clear system is part of the
the crowning of a top-tier altcoins
that’s why you value your wealth in
Bitcoin you don’t value your wealth from
the winds of a federal authorities who
for some magical reasons pan they’re
holding some of them maybe they deemed
some to be top tier all coins in
commodities all right moving on this is
that some people one person is
completely complaining about block Phi
and I have warned people you know these
loaning organizations for Bitcoin and
giving you interest they might be they
might have great guys behind them some
legitimate backers but why give up your
you don’t when they control your private
key you don’t control your Bitcoin more
okay when you know why even risk it so
that there was a guy who had some
serious problems with with block by and
you can read his tweet he said I’ll
never use block Phi again for a personal
loan why why are we even doing it in the
first place and the best reply that I’ve
retweeted like which Bitcoin ur in their
right mind would send these guys Bitcoin
a hundred percent risk for 6% return bad
trade hold your keys wait for moon found
that like fun but that’s I mean I it’s
personal responsibilities a new
counterculture the dude didn’t he didn’t
end up losing his Bitcoin but he ended
up very frustrated okay you learn your
don’t gamble on these interest-bearing
sites these loans sites
just hold your Bitcoin so you don’t need
loans you don’t need the loan and other
people Bitcoin and once your three News
have said my friends and I just
graduated college this past May we have
been accumulating non-stop since 2017
dude and now we actually have jobs from
my perspective Bitcoin is huge
among my generation I hope it will be I
i-i think it will be among the 20%
mindset guys III I said I hope it will
be I know it will be among the 20
percenters but there are so many young
people today that it’s gonna take them a
while to even wake up to the fact that
they are 20 percenters when you’re young
when you’re under 25 you want to fit in
and all sorts of social justice nonsense
out there that of wasting people’s time
and I’m glad you didn’t let that get in
your way and you’re not trying to fit in
and you jumped into this at ASAP and
yeah man 2040 well what’s up what year
is this yeah 2040 having you’re gonna be
in great shape
I’m not really and you’ll still be a
young dude that’s what that’s that’s my
point of bringing up 2040 having there
did no one else worry about that we’re
talking to a young college guy here and
someone had a question the other day
bitcoinmeister this was from Pfizer Inc
one bitcoinmeister and I see it till
afterwards don’t you think it’s worth at
least owning a little bit of an other
altcoins Bitcoin be cash for instance
all right dude all right dude you must
be new to this channel you value out the
Bitcoin you don’t diversify for the sake
of diversification he went on to say how
persuasive on king of the trolls is in
his uh mindless debates that he always
wins you’re falling for it dude you’re
falling for it you don’t buy something
that you get for free okay yeah he king
no trolls have been very persuasive the
entire time down the entire time down no
it’s not worth at least owning a little
bit of another altcoin and wasting your
precious Bitcoin on on it in fact it’s
and you lose the only thing that I guess
you’re gonna gain is the experience to
know that you got completely jobs on it
and that you should never try to do
something again so if you need to learn
a lesson a hard way yeah
then by waste your precious Bitcoin on
some alt coin and then end up very sad
that you lost your Bitcoin on it okay so
I don’t recommend doing that and
it’s not worth its I don’t believe in
diversification for the sake of
diversification and I don’t and I feel
bad for the people who fall for the
nonsense that king of the trolls
preaches out there but good luck to the
be cash people they can say what they
want to say and he’s very persuasive and
dude your question just shows that
people are going to keep on falling for
it you want me to say it’s okay to do it
it’s not okay to do it but there’s so
many people out there just like you who
are just tempted by the fruit of another
talent like button that’s a line I heard
somewhere okay so moving on moving on
any more questions yeah all right and if
you want me to see your questions dude
you got type of bitcoinmeister there or
do the super chat so we’re talking about
block by I mean for me buying an altcoin
actually is the same thing as giving
your money the block by their justice
they’re just as silly to me in my head
just as so you get free people if you
want interest you hold your Bitcoin and
you get crypto dividends you get B cash
for free that was interest for all ass
big coin holders yeah we have this it’s
Twilight Zone The Twilight Zone is is
real 80 percenters live in this Twilight
Zone where they they they do think so
inefficiently they waste instead of just
saving they spend over saving and saving
provides everything they dreamed of
through spending Twilight Zone is
probably the right the wrong word for it
let’s move on a delayed I talked about a
delayed oh here’s an unfortunate there’s
a video link to below about a guy and
this is going around the the men going
their own way circles and I saw it on
humans channel and maybe vention have
seen this guy – I am an who was living a
pretty frugal lifestyle but wasn’t
really saving my
and clearly hadn’t heard about Bitcoin
from I mean I don’t know this dude
unfortunately this this man found out he
has cancer and now he’s begging for
money on his YouTube channel and you
could say I link to his video below so
you can you can send him whatever
vention is here now vention you check
out that link below about the I think
you heard about the guy’s got cancer in
his leg he’s got her he found the tumor
in his leg and he’s saying how it you
know he is very little and that it’s
gonna end up costing him you know eighty
thousand or between eighty thousand a
hundred thousand dollars and if you can
survive and it’s not it’s bad it’s bad
and I’m why I bring this up on this show
and not the Saturday show because
savings is important this man had no
savings Bitcoin is the new savings
account there are so many guys in this
guy circle gloom and doom errs who knew
about Bitcoin for a while and God forbid
they get sick but some of these doom and
gloom errs just got so caught up in the
doom and gloom soap opera they never
actually acted so it’s still early you
can still create a savings account for
yourselves people
all right don’t don’t get caught up in
these doom and gloom soap operas be
frugal be frugal live a frugal lifestyle
but have a savings account have a
savings account so that if you do have
it because life comes at you hard
sometimes and yeah emergencies happen
that’s why you say that’s not that’s why
you don’t spend like a man man I don’t
that guy insane this guy is in a pretty
unique situation so again the base best
savings account ever devised by man the
most secure form of wealth storage on
the planet think of it that way and then
if you do God forbid get into a
situation where you’re ill one day you
you won’t be working you won’t be in
panic like this guy is I mean it sounded
like the guy was almost crying now
complain I don’t blame him I don’t blame
him to being an emotional dude getting
emotional like about this life-altering
situation you know and we have a guy
like vention who also he has cancer but
he’s p say
he was a he loved gloom videos but he
just didn’t treat it like a soap opera
he bought Bitcoin and vention is in
complete control of his destiny now even
though he’s got cancer people there’s
certain people that are like coal
vention off hope you’re alright and you
you should watch him he is so happy he’s
in control of his destiny he’s saved so
it shows you the importance of saving
and this guy’s so what’s this guy’s
video if you’re a person that doesn’t
believe in saving and you might might
change your mind
it might change your mind because the
dude is he’s begging now um and yeah
alright so what else do we have here
no one has it okay that’s it alright
remember god river god ah let’s see
oh this week a big coin I might have
this week a big boy shoes they might
it’s um in Australia that whole date
thing is messed up we might have some
earlier in the week as long as you have
it on a I’m gonna have a little fridays
anymore we’ll see how that goes I’m up
for change I’m up for change here the
bisque the bisque people sent out this
is very important if you guys use bisque
they’re making changes over there they
are making and they’re making good
changes I think bisque is a great tool
is a decentralized exchange no kyc stuff
over there people have been able to dump
very script of dividends over there
because of the new trip and I hope that
MWC will get on there they say because
it but click on this link if you guys
are using bisque right now because it
seems like you could make a mistake
because of the new trade protocol coming
in version 1.2 you will need to complete
all trades complete all disputes disable
open offers not delete just disable
before updating the version 1.2 this is
critical we will remind again so guys if
you’ve got stuff on this now don’t
blindly update it you’ve got to take
care of business before you blindly
update before you
and finally I like this thought theory
from Neil woodline who is going to be on
this week in Bitcoin probably this week
he says what some people still don’t get
and this is linked to below what some
people still don’t get is that this
market is driven by an ever growing army
of sovereign retail investors who buy up
the most scarce asset in the world and
sit on it they’re learning the truth and
checking out the system in waves
they’re also impulsive institutions
might buy some Bitcoin now and then but
they are even more degenerate than your
average bit mechs Pajama trader in the
in it for the flip they’ll pile in with
the rest they are not checking out any
systems they are the system alright the
old system I have to say this the old
system will survive and the institutions
in it are welcome to jump jump in and
out of Bitcoin it’s going to be fine
so neo points out very good point
there’s some people that are sitting on
it but there are a lot of people they
don’t care about this being a new system
and all they are in it they’re jumping
in and out of it in waves
they are very impulsive that is the
nature of the other traditional markets
to jump in and out jump in and out they
they’re not they could care less that
that system is going to be a revamped by
Bitcoin supposedly they’re using their
old systems and so this this analysis is
such as something good to take something
to take in something to keep in mind
something to keep in mind not everyone’s
got a strong hand in fact being a weak
and is very common even among the large
institutions and the traditional retail
investor or many many types of retail
investors all right check out that tweet
yourself I’ve retweeted a while ago
it’ll be interesting to talk more
with Neal would find about such such
matters coming up all right that’s it no
other questions i am adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember subscribe the channel like the
video share the video bang that bell
button click on those squares I will say
hi DG’s in chat now Bob

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  1. You should change the name of the channel to BitcoinFanboy. A Meister you are not, except maybe compared to the children that you patronize with these pep rallies. Let's be honest; You're a man-child. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  2. "Worried"??? I'm not "worried" about BCH's halving happening before BTC's. I'm excited about it.

    Currently… It looks like BCH's halving will happen about 26 days before BTC's halving. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

  3. I buy both bitcoin and litecoin. In about 18 months, litecoin will be worth just over 2 million sats. Then I will convert some litecoin. About as easy as predicting a Trump victory in 2020. Pound that like button.

  4. What do you think to Craig Wright saying in 2020 governments will be able to confiscate peoples BTC because there is a flaw in the segwit code that will be exploited?

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