TeslaCoin – The Currency to Finance Free Energy – “Nikola Tesla Vs. JP Morgan”

“All my money has been invested into
experiments with which I have made
new discoveries enabling mankind to
have a
little easier life.”
-Nikola Tesla-
(TeslaCoin Emblem).
“Throughout space there is energy …
it is a mere question of time when
men will succeed in attaching their
machinery to the very wheelwork of
-Nikola Tesla-
In 1895, Nikola Tesla changed the world
with the construction of the
Niagara Falls Hydro-Electric Power Plant,
Publicly acknowledging the
superiority of A.C. (Alternating Current)
over D.C. (Direct Current).
Soon after, Tesla was informed
that his lab had burned to the ground.
Though unfortunate for Tesla,
it was quite convenient for (J.P.) Morgan,
who had a large investment in D.C. Power.
Not to mention the wireless-energy demonstrations
that added yet another threat to Morgan’s
near monopoly on copper wires.
Due to financial devastation
Tesla’s work came under
the control of J.P. Morgan.
And his vision of free energy
for the world
would be crushed
under Morgan’s heel.
But should we be so surprised?
Is there any indication that
J.P. Morgan’s continuing ventures
ever sought to manipulate
the energy markets?
(Scandalous J.P. Morgan headlines).
The money markets?
(Even more shocking and scandalous J.P. Morgan
Imagine if Tesla had lived in a world
where money and energy
were not controlled by the few
but by the many.
What kind of world might we live in today?
Now you have the power to
bring great change.
Now we can finance
new-energy projects
around the globe
and not one tycoon
can stop us.
As tribute to Nikola Tesla,
the historically ignored genius,
send a message to the banksters (slang for
gangster banker)
and to the world.
Participate in the great transformation
and witness change
Faster Than Lightning.
Introducing TeslaCoin
Scrypt Algorithm.
30 Second Block Times.
299, 792, 458 Total Coins.
Send a Message.
Get TeslaCoin.
“Electric Power
is everywhere present
in unlimited quantities
and can drive the world’s machinery
without the need
of coal, oil, gas,
or any other of the
common fuels.”
“All peoples everywhere
should have free energy sources.”
(TeslaCoin Logo).
Jared Joseph Boice.
“Deity” by A New Ascension.
Sound Effects:
Digital System, Andy_Gardner,
nighthawk, suonho, ihitokage,
the_Very_Real_Horst, chauhans.

16 thoughts on “TeslaCoin – The Currency to Finance Free Energy – “Nikola Tesla Vs. JP Morgan”

  1. it's definitely a start for all the reparations owed to humanity and restitution owed to Nikola Tesla and his gift to the world ("tesla-vision") for the discovery to free energy, which he was ridiculed for and then was ultimately stolen from him…

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  3. this is the only exhange where you can buy tesla coin: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=lifestyler123

    (at the moment) to buy or sell you need first to click on a random order then you can precise the order by adding exact ammount what you want to spend.

  4. yeah but what is the cunt?? any way im sold, anything broad enough in scope to be unimaginable by humans must be good

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