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Hello and welcome to today’s video, I want to show you how to properly reforge your talismans to do the most damage with them. But first you have the chance to win 250.000 Coin if you write your ingame name in the comments. Of course I would be happy if you subscribe to the channel. The winner will be drawn on Wednesday 18 December and the winner of the last giveaway can be found in the video description. To find out how to reforge our talismans I can only recommend the tool of notnotmelon, because it calculates for you exactly how to reforge your talismans for the best possible damage. I will now show you how to find out how to reforge the talismans for your equipment. For this I used the download version of the program. You can find the link in the vdeo description. But first of all I want to say that you can use the program on your own risk because the program is classified as safe by most virus scanners but with 2 of 69 tested virus scanners there was a message which can also be due to the fact that the program is not from any major manufacturer. After we start the program the program asks us for which weapon we want to optimize our talismans. So just write Sword or bow here. I will show it to you for the sword. Now you have to enter the damage which your weapon shows. So in case of my Aspects of the Dragon I have to enter 265 by the 245 from the sword itself and +20 by the hot potato books. For the next steps you have to put all your talismans you have in a box that they don’t influence you and now you have to equip your armor for which you want to optimize the talismans. Afterwards you have to enter with your sword in your hand / sbmenu to see your current strength but also to make sure that no potions or beacons affect you when you read these values. There we read 340 from me and put that back into the tool. As for the strength we must now also read our Crit Chance while we hold our sword for me that would be 70% in the program but you only have to enter the number without the percentage sign, otherwise you get an error message and afterwards you also have to enter your Crit damage in the program with the same setup. That would be 194% for me. Now we come to the talismans. In the following steps the program asks us how many talismans of each rarity you have. In order not to lose the overview I can only recommend the Spreedsheet of TheBrickBear. Because there you can tick off every talisman you have and the Spreedshett will also tell you how you can get every talisman. Also the red mark shows you all talismans which have a higher level and where the Reforges don’t stack and the orange mark shows all talismans which you can only get once and which will be upgraded to a better version. The link to the Spreedsheet can also be found in the video description. In my case I have to enter in the tool that I have 10 common talismans, 11 uncommon, 10 rare, 4 epic talismans and 2 legendary talismans. Afterwards you have to enter your Combat level which you can check in the game under your skills. In my case I now have to enter 26 here. After that you have to decide if you want to have a permanent 80% or 100% Crit chance. Since I still like to drink a Crit Potion I enter 80 here. Afterwards you will be asked which version of the Red Claw Talisman you have. There you have to decide between the four choices. Since I own the Talisman I also enter Talisman. After that you have to say if you have the Day and Night Crystal, because I have both I enter yes. If you only have one of them you have to no. In the following steps ask us which mobs you want to fight. Since I assume for the example that mainly against Endermann fights I give with the following questions first of all no since one is asked here now whether the mobs you fight by smite, bane of artopods, implaing, cubism or ender slayer are influence. Only at ender slayer I enter yes. After that you have to look at your sword again to see which level you have for the enchantment. Since I want to fight against Endermann I have to enter the Ender Slayer level of my sword, which is level 5. After that I have to enter the level of Sharpness on your sword. In my case I have to enter 5 here as well. Now the tool asks you if you want to mainly oneshotten or if you want to fight bosses with the setup. Since the example was about Endermann I enter oneshot here. Afterwards the program calculates the optimal reforges for you and offers you three possibilities how you can reforge your talismans whereby you would do the most damage with the first and the third a little less. But the differences are minimal. The tool also shows you how much damage you would do if you reforged your talismans as it was meta. Namely the common and uncommon talismans on godly or zealos and the rest on itchy. Now you only have to reforge your talismans to do more damage if they are not yet optimally reforged. You can write comments on how much more damage you would do if you reforged your talismans. Otherwise you can also subscribe to the channel to see more tutorials about Hypixel SkyBlock in the future and until then I wish you a wonderful day and Ciao!

19 thoughts on “Talisman Reforge Guide | Hypixel SkyBlock Deutsch

  1. Bei Schaden vom Schwert müsst ihr nicht noch extra den Schadender Hot Potato Bücher dazu rechnen wie ich es bei 1:33 gemacht habe ich hätte dort nur 245 eintragen müssen

    Würde sich das Reforgen für euch lohnen oder fehlen euch eh noch zuviele Talismane?

  2. Beim 1:33 sind hot potato Bücher nicht schon mit einberechnet beim damage Anzeige? Also wäre bei deinem Fall 245 damage anstatt 265 damage. Ign: _ReLoad76_

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