T.A. With Bitcoin | Bitcoin and Friends

Hey everyone, Bitcoin here doing some
technical analysis.
I got some, a lot of good indicators for us today.
We’ve got a rising wedge.
A special triangle.
I see a bullish garlic pattern.
Um, lots of good indicators and on all this malgam, and the amalgamation of all this
leads me to a full moon.
The full moon is
a really good indicator and I would
recommend that you invest all your
savings and everything you have into Bitcoin.
Um, sell your shoes, especially the
expensive Nike ones.
Sell everything. If you don’t have a mortgage, you know, maybe you should get one.
If you already have a mortgage maybe get a second one, you know, double or nothing.
“B” you are in a financial advisor. You can’t
give financial advice to people.
I just think people should grow a pair.
“B” you can’t say that it’s not it’s not
gonna fly these days okay it’s 2019.
It’s not inclusive of all the genders out there. Okay?
I just think because I don’t have a gender maybe I can say whatever I want.
Fine. This isn’t this isn’t financial advice.
Perfect. Gary that’s good. Uhh, let’s tail slate it.
Bitcoin and Friends, take
42, tail slate.
Invest all your money in Bitcoin!
Damn it “B,” come on!
But you know I can’t lie. I mean, telling people not
to invest in Bitcoin is bad advice.
I’m just trying to help people out here.
Jake was the camera still rolling?
No, I cut.
All right, let’s take it from the top.

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