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Listen a network, a network is absolute
unless you have the business and you are so far away from that I mean come on
that’s just ridiculous even to even come
to me with that
okay we’re going to the
World Blockchain Forum that’s happening
here in London in the old Billingsgate
fish market and why we are going there
today is that we have a podcast
interview what myself
Charles Storry are going to be talking in
length about SVK Crypto and also
connecting with the crypto and
blockchain community here in London and from abroad
Ok buddy I’ve only got about
five to seven minutes
how are you raising money on the token
is it an E or C 20 token okay and where
are you what regards any type of
regulation for this type of product just
so I can be really clear where are you
currently at with regards that type of
submission with the FCA
what do you need what do you need 25
million dollars for I got it so what
type of equity is on offer here
a 1% permeate so what you’re valuing
your business at this point in time
without eglee to any ton of regulatory
approval at 100 million dollars alright
are you guys fucking nuts
no I’m serious I’m serious come on I’m
absolutely serious like a listen network
is absolutely bullshit unless you have
the business and you are so far away
from that I mean come on that’s just
ridiculous Stephen it’s even come to me
with that well I’d have to go look at
your valuations but just come on look I
mean look at what you guys are trying to
do you don’t you have very little done
right now you’re building it all out
you’ve got an idea right and it’ll be
wrong for me to even justify any type of
valuation until until I take a proper
serious look but when someone says to me
an applied valuation of 100 million
dollars in this market where where you
guys are at I mean seriously
no I’m talking I’m from the reality side
like look at where the markets at guys
like look look at what’s happening and
you guys are coming to the market
looking they’re looking to have an
applied valuation at a hundred million
dollars and raise money off the backup
that stuff’s get that scares me
okay I got a jumper send me over what
you got and I’ll give you my word that
we’ll look at it but hey just before you
go have you come to any of our meetups
have you have you come into our
community okay I’ll be looking forward
to seeing that thing thanks very much
send it all over and I’ll circle back to
you thank you very much all the best
have a great day bye bye he had a pipe
dream and he had my phone number I
should have given him yours I think it’s
our job to you know spend the time and
you know move through the projects and
help and support listen we’re in London
and I believe it’s it’s you know really
our responsibility to help and support
and grow the community like what we’ve
been doing since day one
at this building is the new Bloomberg
building by the way and they’ve done a
great job and the most advanced building
a university doctor okay
so how do you keep in contact with your
ever-growing community is that if a
telegram is it a website is how do you
do it can you stick me on the newsletter
if you like to see it hey thanks very
much I really appreciated for the
t-shirts although although they’re very
nice but um I don’t want to carry
anything with me yeah I’m done but they
look they look very beautiful but hey
thanks very much I appreciate your time
but please put me on that newsletter
okay thanks a lot
hello I’m Shane Keough nice to eat oh
yeah Roger I met before
thank you nice to meet you mate how are
you are you
my name is Shane Kehoe I’m one of the
cofounders of svk crypto which is a
london-based firm we are very community
driven me personally vestment
professional by nature but now I’ve left
the dark side of Finance behind and I’m
fully focused on crypto and blockchain
we’re big believers in EOS we really do
love it and we also know we’re only
getting started
of course our gateway drug was Bitcoin
it was the first cryptocurrency that we
bought and then of course aetherium but
we believe that the whole space will
continue to grow
hold on for dear life because you’re
gonna need it
educate educate educate you cannot you
cannot learn more in this space just
keep on reading networking connecting
and also just adding to the overall
community my name is Charles story I’m
head of strategic partnerships at svk
crypto which is a london-based community
firm back in 2014 for a mutual friend
who beat me to it but we’ve been working
over hard since Olly us we believe
that’s the future it doesn’t matter when
you come in always do your own research
and know why you hold what you do I’m
super excited about the EOS IO protocol
and all the daps that are coming out EOS
bet is one that has me the most excited
at present doing over 200,000
transactions per day in the first two
weeks of business hey nice to meet you
how’s things go what are you working on
good I mean we kind of run the new site
we’re adding more exchanges adding more
coins right all right so data right I’m
racing this party with Thomson Reuters
right congratulations by the way do they
have many other feeds for data they do
they I mean we’re the biggest Script I
can’t see data Friday they have right
and we’re also planning something to end
index with them but as well and on the
new side of stuff em how do you guys go
and generate content is just what you
hear true your network and true your
they see like to sort of keep really
close to the community soon as anything
kind of mix waves okay great last week
then nice to meet you you’re with a
younger guy and I was really interested
to see what he was doing hi how are you
just I’ve got a great memory yeah he was
he was looking at launching his own
token token so I’m really always
interested in the younger guys and where
their heads at because it’s kind of our
job you know to do that
yeah okay
hey I’m shaky maxis Charleston and this
shuttle Minh say I’m sorry
this is our friend from Korea okay so
see really good friend well that’s
putting on a crypto show at the end of
October 29 okay ladies go Roger there
confirm okay okay so he got yeah okay
I’m very familiar with our a vinegar
okay yeah he’s a great guy
yeah listen I’m very aware of Civic and
everything was done as much – where’d
you come from well listen I think with
us with us BK crypto it’s not just about
contributing to that event it’s been
actually what we’ve been contributing
for the last two years since the
inception okay absolutely it’s more than
that and let me give you the elevator 30
second pitch we’ve been involved since
2016 we’re investors by nature at the
core of our business we have probably
the largest venture capital fund here in
London it’s not about just check writing
okay and previous before I setup svk
crypto I worked for a blue crest capital
management I was a partner there are we
around 35 billion dollars right and when
you see the likes of Alan Howard and
Lewis bacon for more cap and brevin
coming in they’re going to do the same
thing let me write let me get a check
and write it it’s not about that it’s
about community right and what we’ve
done over the last two years and how
we’ve built our business is by building
at a community and how have we done that
with added value we hold the largest
monthly meetups in London we do them
every month for free but if he’s the man
like he’s the man right he’s bridging
crypto crypto to finance and everything
in between
ready okay anyway which mean it’s been
long preparation really right than being
away for the last five months okay was
actually a glass of beer with the
beneath yes that’s shame you know in
this country
it hasn’t been an event of that caliber
okay okay very something okay seriously
we’ve got seven ministers confirmed okay
well listen we’d love to be able to come
down the opportunity to speak on a panel
would be wonderful we record all our
video content we’ve got a blog no no no
but we would be able to spread the word
through our London community
oh absolutely beforehand yeah under
great community and we speak to
everybody and we’re like by everyday
because we’re not selling anything we’re
not asking for anything we’re literally
all about giving back of course that
helps me feels like even being your own
event marketing is dead we want
community and it’s fitting question is
that you getting community if you don’t
do anymore well I tell you how you it’s
it’s it’s giving back and giving and
adding value to people and not asking
any return on so many other I SEOs have
it the other way around right it’s
coming down and networking and it is
listen it’s only the start
thank you very much for pitching me I
really appreciate max listen it’s a
pleasure to meet you and I wish you all
the best
okay okay I’ll send you over all my
details tomorrow I’ll give you all my
PAS details and we’ll go from there okay
thank you very much thanks a lot
nice to see you how are you welcome to
Shane Kehoe Nicholas nice to meet you
Nicholas anywhere I’m Jerome Jerome nice
to meet you Shane Kehoe and you are Alex
nice to meet you all welcome to London
so where is everyone come from well
you’re from Holland yeah right I know
where I know you’ve come from okay cool
go and yourself okay so has it been this
far you’ve been hanging out with this
guy okay great so who’s setting up a
fund the Belgian dudes
how’s it going so far the problem we
have a structure in Luxembourg I’ve seen
some funds coming out of Luxembourg as
numerous different structures see calve
structures I don’t know much about the
structure and Luxembourg I just have had
people come to me saying that they were
doing it for four svk crypto you know
it’s really nice to actually be here in
London we travel all over the world and
we need the most amazing people yeah see
the most greatest projects but it’s
lovely to be back in our hometown or
home turf believe PF world blockchain
forum and you know what it’s been
actually really refreshing we didn’t get
the chance to spend much time here today
but what we did do is we came down and
we connected with lots of different
people that we know and lots of people
that we really really liked and it’s
great to welcome into our community and
it’s great to see them put on a great
event like this today absolutely and I
think what’s more unexpected as the
people you didn’t think you’d see here
yeah the people we respect all around
the world now and you meet them all
behind corners of the event wherever
they may be from Amsterdam from the
career and it’s great to have everyone
in one place
and the vibe it’s only positive vibes
here well do you know what’s really
interesting Charles is each and every
day I get calls from people in Korea
Japan Hong Kong North America South
America Asia Middle East Eastern Europe
all saying the same thing London is the
blockchain capital of the world and I
hate to admit it but I agree with them
well that’s hard since you’re from
Dublin Ireland
but I really think that svk crypto since
when we became exposed to the blockchain
of cryptocurrency space back into 2016
have always been out there pushing and
building and creating and we still do to
this day so it’s wonderful for people to
start noticing all the combined efforts
of what’s been going on in London to
call it the blockchain capital of the
world but for now I’m gonna go with that
I am and I also want to just say how
honored we are because when we first
started we had to get people onto our
podcast immense feed them with add value
mister addicts we’re just talking about
London being the blockchain capital of
the world and no no no no capital okay
well whatever it is whatever is all in
this together and it’s lovely to be with
my man Robert thank you so much for
popping by have a lovely day gentlemen
bye bye guys she’s a part of the London
the London out fair we really like those
guys we really like Robert from radix
and we really really love angel right my
Adrian white who’s doing a phenomenal
event upcoming in London and he’s also
very much involved and stuff that’s
going on in Martha so that’s pretty good
but also we feel honoured right because
we’re invited today here as a media
aspect but also to do interviews of
people and any opportunity that we have
to give back to or help anyone out here
wherever it is doing an interview or
whether it’s helping someone with
websites or a connection to somewhere we
always take the opportunity to do that
because that’s how and what people did
for us and I know we’re both passionate
about doing what we can to help
absolutely anything that we can do for
the London cryptocurrency and blockchain
community we do we’re very active we are
on it you know pretty much 24/7 365 mmm
we love it like we really really love it
and it’s it’s it’s great to see and I’m
really interesting Charles to see what
the next wave is gonna be like right we
all understand where the markets have
come from and where they’ve got to and
where they currently are but for me it’s
all about the next year right it’s all
about the next five it’s all about the
next ten and I think it’s just the most
exciting time to be in cryptocurrency
and blockchain technology I really am
looking forward to

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