Super Mario Run: World 5-3 Black Coins

A haunted manor awaits you in the world 5-3
of Super Mario Run. Making a backflip above a Boo is the way to kill it and get what’s inside it. Make a first crossing from right to left
to let the Boo gets closer then use the blue block to kill it and get the coin. A simple jump brings you to the second coin. No idea why the Boo didn’t follow me now. So let’s try it again let the Boo follows you then go down and make a first wall jump to let the Boo reaches us and a second wall jump above it to kill it and gather the third coin. Grab the key on the top of the level and proceed in the next room. The fourth coin is really easy,
you just need to walk into it. Use the long jump blocks as a wall and with a wall jump reach the last coin. Escape from the manor and prepare yourself to fight in the fortress before the last world.

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