Streamline Your Browser: Digital Minimalism 03

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  1. J'ai l'impression que tu gardes un peu d'accent Français non ? A chaque fois que je te vois je pense que tu vas parler Français mais en fait non. En tout cas c'est un plaisir de te revoir ! 🙂

  2. Love your videos man, they really help me organize things online, my browser is way more clear now so thanks. By the way i really like thoses thumbnails 🙂

  3. I think digital minimalism shows how organize someone is and can be. It is the reflection of your daily lifestyle and well, that's kinda cool, especially if you're in search of mental clarity.

  4. I've found that the less stuff I own, the less my stuff owns me
    All i need is a laptop to make animations for my channel <3

  5. Excellente série, j’adore ! Je cherchais justement des vidéos de ce type : j’adore toute cette organisation minimaliste, c’est reposant et efficace. Good job !

  6. There is a chrome extension called 'Remove Recommendations' and it helps you to avoid distractions while browsing on YouTube. The extension modifies the homepage so that there are no recommendations shown anywhere. It's totally blank. It also removes the sidebar when you're watching a video. It saves lifetime, really 🙂

  7. This is great if you live in the Google echosphere. Any suggestions for those of us that live in Apple’s world?

  8. One great tip I have used is to create different Chrome profiles for my personal life and the different organisations I am involved in. That way while I am working on organisations A matters, there is no browser history or anything that would distract and throw me into personal life matters. Vice versa, while I am relaxing or caring my personal life there is no traces of my work popping on my eyes.

  9. wait until you are 43, you will build few more folders with lot more links. that you never checked after you bookmarked them.
    i have 2k links that does not distract me at all.

  10. ad block actually disables your ability to earn money through youtube, as google pays you not by subscribers or views but by the people who presses play and do not block the ads.

  11. there's a chrome extension called 'pocket' and it keeps articles for you. i think it's way more practical 🙂

  12. Mate I love your content your video quality is pretty good sound system is impressive.. which camera and microphone are you using ..

  13. I hate the bookmarks bar on Google chrome desktop that stays at the top of the browser that's how digitally minimal I am but I do use the bookmarks on chrome mobile

  14. I really like this series <3 Also you look and sound like very positive person and it's nice to watch your videos. Keep making them! 😀

  15. Definitely used these tips just now. Didn't even realize I could use folders to streamline my workflow. So good. thanks for this video. I already moved projects to my google drive using a similar numbering system. Awesome

  16. I have the adblocker "uBlock", because it is really customizable. It does everything a normal adblocker can do, but it also lets you costumize what kind of ads are getting blocked and what cookies and trackers you allow, but the best thing is, that you can permanently remove html elements from certain websites. I have removed all recommendations, alot of sharing and community icons and the likes and dislikes from YouTube in all of my chrome browsers. I have optimized all sites I visit often, like Reddit and Twitter, so I have control over my distractions.

  17. You should try Ecosia as your search engine. It has it's downsides as opposed to google
    but hey as long as they're trying to do something noble towards the environment
    I don't really mind.

  18. Watching this video with 66 open tabs in Chrome. 😫Going to take a step in organizing my Bookmark folders now. I removed a few extensions also that weren't necessary.

  19. Wow. This was amazing. Maybe you should checkout brave browser. I am pretty inspired right now to remove some of my bookmarks and reset my browser habits. I might make a video about my browser too…

  20. A lighter, more efficient adblock is uBlock Origin. It's much smoother, and you can choose to block elements on a page.
    Here's the link:

  21. Loving Momentum as it reminds me of my main focus and looks pretty. Thank you Nathaniel! ^^

  22. I thought I had a pretty good file organization system for myself that allows me to easily find whatever I need. And while I do, and I can find anything I need easily (most of the time) this serious has inspired me to reorganize my system and make it more minimalistic like yours. I'm really loving your videos and am crazy inspired by what you share and talk about. It lines up with what I'm trying to do in my life and it's always nice to get inspired by people like you to keep me motivated. Thank you for what you do!

  23. Omg this is cool…thanks I’m such not digital minimalist 😅😂🤣 great inspiration and advices which I’ll apply.

  24. hey what kind of extension did you use to get that kind of background with the time on it for chrome?

  25. I dig this! I didnt know you can create folders for bookmarks. Bout to hop right on it. Thanks!

  26. Thank you for creating and sharing with us those contents. I really enjoy your style of providing information about minimalism and your channel.

    With love from Azerbaijan

  27. Wow, Nate! I had expected this video to have much more comments than this. But I guess it's a kind of a good thing for you because then you can read all of them. CooL!

  28. I was trying to binge watch some of your videos . Did you erase some ? and if so should I do the same on my channel ?

  29. I find these tips very helpful ♡ especially now that I'm working more online. Thank you for sharing! I would've never thought to do this!

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