StormGain Answer Time – Part 1

Welcome to Stormgain Answer Time, where I’m joined by five of the Newcastle United first team players. We’ve got Allan Saint-Maximin, the flying winger signed in the summer. We’ve got Matty Longstaff We’ve got the captain, the spokesperson for the club Jamaal Lascelles We’ve got Swiss international defender Fabian Schär And Karl Darlow, the goalkeeper who arrived alongside Jamaal Lascelles a few years ago at the club Guys thank you for giving us your time today, plenty to get through. We’ll start with the captain – Jamaal WHAT’S THE KEY TO A PERFECT SCORE? I think building a partnership over defenders, the more you play the more you train with each other, and the goalie as well. The bigger understanding you’ll get in knowing what that person is gonna do and the more you do it, the easier it will be on the pitch. Obviously, listening to the manager listening to the tactics and whatever he decides to go for. And sometimes you can look at the opposition as well if the strikers are allowed to run in behind maybe drop off a little bit if it’s a bigger striker you can try to be more aggressive. There’s a lot of things that come into it. I think for a young player the main thing is listening and learning, and when you make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and just remain positive. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A PRO? Since I was a kid, it was a dream you know… But, my career was a little bit different, so when I was younger, I wasn’t preparing to be a football player. With 15-16 I was working in a bank, doing normal stuff. So nobody was expecting that. Now it’s a great honor for me to have the possibility to be here. So I’m really proud of it! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT BITCOIN? Bitcoin… I know a few of the boys at other clubs were investing some of their money into it. WHAT IS STORMGAIN? I always wondered really what is to be honest. HOW IMPORTANT IS THE SUPPORT FROM THE FANS? It’s really important for me, because the supporters give me a lot. When you have 50 thousand people cry your name, or say good things to you, it’s really nice. You want to give everything for the supporters. That’s why it’s important for me. I’m normal people you know, nothing has changed! BITCOIN IS ON THE MOVE AGAIN… WOULD YOU BUY OR SELL AT THIS POINT? I would probably keep it and see… Keep it for the next 10 years and see how high it goes up. Clever lad, because he’s from Newcastle. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE THE CAPTAIN? Yeah, it’s a huge honor to be captain. I always say it’s everyone’s dream, but you wouldn’t’ even dream of being a captain in such a big club. Over the moon to still be here and be captain WHAT’S IMPORTANT BEFORE A BIG GAME? In terms of getting the boys going, to be fair we’ve got a good group, everyone’s always ready for the game, for the battle. It’s about what you do during the week, during the week we work really hard in training. So when game day comes, we are all raring to go and we’re all ready. SCORING ON YOUR DEBUT… DESCRIBE THE FEELING I don’t know how to put it into words I think, as a young boy growing up you dream of it. I think when it happened it was kinda all just a big blur. WHAT KIND OF ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR THE YOUNGSTERS? I think obviously at Newcastle you need to be working hard, that’s a given I think. Obviously for the fans, they like to see the players giving their all on the pitch. For any young player that’s coming through, a bit like Matty did to be fair, came through and showed what he is about. Ability on the ball and then, obviously he has worked his socks off every time he has played for the club. That’s the main thing really. HOW TO PRODUCE A GOAL-OF-THE-SEASON CONTENDER? It’s difficult to say about this, it’s something that’s happening in seconds and I hit the ball really well. Obviously it was a good strike… yeah! LEARN. HODL. TRADE. EARN! INSTALL NOW

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    00:50 – What's the key to a perfect score?
    1:40 – What inspired you to become a pro?
    2:14 – What do you know about Bitcoin?
    2:44 – How important is the support from your fans?
    3:09 – Bitcoin is on the move again… Would you buy or sell at this point?
    3:24 – What does it mean to be the captain?
    3:39 – What's important before a big game?
    3:58 – Scoring on your debut… Describe your feelings
    4:20 – What kind of advice do you have for the youngsters?
    4:48 – How to produce a goal-of-the-season contender?

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