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BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM You Storge sto RJ let’s check that one out real quick like a bulge Again, if you guys aren’t familiar The method we are using is called the boss method. It is comprised of three simple moving averages the white line is a seven the blue line as a 77 and the columns are a 231 the Length that we use for each candle is 343 minutes if you have a free account you can use a four hour It works just fine and even when we do that. We can see that storage is Looking pretty good It might have a little bit of a cool-down here a lot of charts look like this actually to where You know we can kind of see that that 77 wants to take a break. It’s definitely not looking as strong as it did before One of the things you can think about when a chart breaks out it does it in wait So that’s like wait one This is wave two and now it’s working on wave three Right if you know Elliot waves you know that the maximum we can have and any given extension is five ways Most traditionally we only get about three and so what this means what I can see inside of storage is that it’s slowing down its cooling down and now may be a good time to look at Taking some of your money away right and looking to buy back in at a better price. You know Another thing you can do looking at this chart is really put in a few lines of support, so that will be one right there and It confirms all the way back here. You can see how clean these things just happen When you know where to put them so that is where I think? When we drop where we where we would be going to How do I know we’re gonna drop because when you turn on the 21 day? The 21 days under 277 so some of this quick momentum is already dying or slowing down speak from the inside you do have a lot of support right coming from the 77 and the 231 so it’s still in a general uptrend I just think a lot of these charts may take a break over the next week or so when Bitcoin Rebounds I do not think Bitcoin is in a downtrend I thought it was gonna break out earlier But it looks like it’s taking a little break giving these altcoins a chance to just get a little bit of money This so it could really just come right back right so I don’t think this is going to be a huge breakout even if you look at it as a You know a continuation pattern if we throw up some cycle lines here Let’s do this intersection to that intersection We’re gonna have another major moment right here Right and the way we did that was we basically just took the red and the white Seven and the 21 and again normally, I don’t use the 21 But since we’re talking about inter quartile day trading essentially trying to time up our landing That’s why I turn the 21 day on so we could get a few more Intersections in here to anchor our logic in between and so I’ll put these intersections kind of in red So we know that they stand out, and they’re anchored and the 21 day so when we do our Cyclic lines right there We can see that we have a major moment coming up right here to where altum Italy what’s gonna happen We need to make a decision. We’re either gonna break out or we’re gonna break down and that You know just given all this area that we have all this you know nice area in there You know we had a ceiling that was confirmed over here ceiling ceiling so Normally, you need to go down at least one time and confirm It as the floor, so I would look to buy storage at 10 5 if you don’t have it and you want to roll the dice with it put a limit by hand between eleven five and ten five and That will basically lock you in for the next round of money That should be happening before the end of January right so that story’s That’s a pretty in-depth analysis you know on a nice little chart for our chart again boss of Bitcoin comm If you’re just getting started and you’re looking to get some you know resources in the crypto game I’m gonna publish this one on my page is will for trading view If you want to follow me on trading view feel free to do that My screen name on there. Let’s check it out It’s a BB Kelly 12:03, so I’m gonna just write this one down real quick And I’ll make sure I Publish it to my page as soon as we’re done with this video Somebody said how can they learn the boss method all you need to do in order to do that click on that? Description in the playlist is called charkh like a boss that is going to open up playlist I’ll put together for you specifically for I Know how to make some money, there’s it right here. You ask the first couple episodes in this playlist Especially that one right there the boss method explained I? Just had an amazing conversation with a guy over in the UK, and I’m actually gonna re-watch this video myself To try to see some of the energy I was pulled into when I was given this presentation so there you go Boss a Bitcoin calm if you want a few crypto resources chart like a boss just to get some free videos and some insight and knowledge into the method and then trading view calm to put it in action on the charts right and One more, let’s see waves I saw somebody say waves actually Yeah listed waves WAV yes, I haven’t looked at waves in quite some time a waves and Sword art to charts And again guys if you haven’t done it already just jump in the Facebook group right here share this post that’s pinned to the top I’ll go ahead and clear the board that way if any new people joined You can go ahead and get on in before we pick a winner Answered all questions There you go right, so you share that post right there at the top and then I’m picking a winner as soon as we get done with this chart right here Waves what do we got? Nice wavy cycle. I can tell you that you see what I did there. Did you catch it? You’re picking up what I’m putting down wow this is nice. There’s a decent little turn around. Let’s see how low we are First thing you look for again guys first thing you want to see in any given cycle Breakout break down flat line and so I’m gonna generalize the energy, but we can basically see break out Break down Flat line right you had a few micro cycles in there Where you did something like that break out break down flat line you know break out break down flat line But when you didn’t realize it as long as you can you know? pinpoint the moments in the chart where the 77 day moving average broke out above the Columns basically that moment in time when that blue went above that columns That’s really all you need so let’s go ahead and look at waves a little bit. You know first thing we see I’ll just put it right there right there and right There right, those are kind of like the major point to the chart. Maybe one more Right there where we kind of try to make some money, but we just weren’t ready right? We’ll just put this at the top so If we wanted to get a scale of how this is working we can do a Fibonacci like that Line it up straight to the top and we see we get confirmation Right here that this breakdown point was basically halfway down our entire cycle You know basically split it down the middle you can see it’s literally like a magnet pulling you know both sides of that line and back into it and Down here is a little interesting. This was a little bit of a over sale. I want to say up under the 786 I don’t necessarily like that But let’s see if we can try to make some sense of it off of another one All right, so what I did there is I basically took another Fibonacci. This is a Fibonacci Extension on a Down trend Don’t too many Youtubers know how to execute that move, but I do To see that we have two points right there a B And we basically bottomed out right there between a 4 2 and a 4 6 we caught our breath You know and then in between and now you know we’re basically living in between this new channel right in between the green lines, right This is a wide. Cycle you guys so what it shows me is is it’s it’s a varying cycle waves It’s very wavy you see that so now you you’re literally living inside this energy range right here until we make a major move What does it major move look like well, it’s either below 66 or above 101 right that’s a pretty big range anything other than that I would say is Pure speculation this thing is in between cycles. It’s not necessarily strong either wait I don’t expect this little run here to hold so you can expect to Come back down. You know just like every other chart right now And the catch somewhere right on top of that 2/3 one so if you were looking to buy it thing honestly I don’t think it’s a strong buy right now mainly because it’s you know just kind of sit inside way It’s not really decided either way but maybe something around 75 but limit by Around 75 would probably almost be guaranteed to make you some money as it ought pulls up and looks to continue This uptrend so let’s say you were able to snag it down there at 75 And it goes back up to green you can jump out of it for a 34 percent gain pretty quickly, right? I don’t think it would take that long to fill probably on the take you know a couple days a couple Weeks on the next on the next bull run, so yeah It’s definitely in between cycles definitely wavy right But still not a bad a trade nonetheless if you can buy it down there And you just want to hold it for a long term Let’s see what that looks like for you. We do something like this boom boom boom boom boom If we continue to go up Then you would be looking at That 50 percent in about two months little over two months don’t have months There you go, not a bad coin if you like the platform, and you know hopefully it helps There you go again boss a Bitcoin comm for more crypto resources chart like a boss To get the in-depth video analysis on this and many many more trades as well And lastly the number one Bitcoin group in the world I’m coming back to this thing in 30 seconds So if you want to earn some free aetherium now is your chance last call Here we go You

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  1. i would love to hear what you think about iron right now, i have been holding for  a while now and i am not sure whether i should hold for a month or so or if i should just pull out right now. its been on a downtrend for a while now.

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