Stocks Fall This Week 12-16 Aug, Yield Inverts Mid Day & DOW Plunges 800 Points

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today we’re gonna be doing
our weekly to recap for August 12th to
the 16th 2019 we’re gonna start off this
video by looking at last week’s changes
for the week which are up on the screen
now for the 5th through the 9th so we
came out of a negative week jumped into
it another negative week now in this
video we will cover the four main
indexes the performance of them take a
look at the entire S&P 500 by sector
what sectors were stronger than others
this week maybe there’s some possible
deals out there after the sort of
volatility and we’re gonna look at
financial semiconductors and I’m gonna
go ahead and share a few financial
stocks that I believe have been beat
down and these are a few that I quickly
strained over so you will have to do a
little bit more research but I’ll go
ahead and get them out there that way
you can view so we’re also gonna look at
oil which is positive for the week
surprisingly the dollar silver gold and
mortgage rates so if you are brand new
to the channel have not yet subscribe
hit that subscribe button below I cover
the stock market dividends and real
estate if you do enjoy this video find
it helpful hit the thumbs up and if you
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so let’s go ahead and kick off the video
so last week’s changes S&P data almost
about half a percent err the Dow Jones
and the Nasdaq down 0.75 and point 5 6
in my portfolio was down about point 1 6
% so overall all indexes their hand my
portfolio were negative last week now
jump in into the SMP 500 performance
this week we could see a bit of a
sell-off here on Tuesday now the main
thing here that caused this was that
there was an inversion I believe it was
during intraday on Tuesday and we saw
that it came very close to having the
yields invert but they did not quite
invert and then when we closed they
uninvited so there was a big scare off
that but we did have a hard sell off on
Wednesday down and due to that down 3%
and Wednesday will be our biggest loss
for the week but overall here even
though we lost three percent on
Wednesday alone we can see that on
Tuesday and Friday the indexes overall
were pretty much positive and we did end
down one percent for the week and so up
here to the fifteen point two three now
this sort of process repeats across all
the indexes so here Monday and Wednesday
or the weekdays whereas Tuesday Thursday
and Friday are stronger now the Dow
Jones did fall a little bit faster than
the S&P found one point five three
percent and this was due to Walgreens
and I believe a few other positions that
didn’t do so well this week now the
Nasdaq actually came and better it
didn’t fall as fast as the S&P or Dow
Jones the Nasdaq which has fallen pretty
hard these last few weeks only fell down
point seven nine it still remains in
first place of the three main indexes up
at 19 percent year today and the Russell
2000 down one point two eight here today
I believe this one’s actually in almost
okay it’s now in fourth place so ten
point seven six so it is now in fourth
place so it has been beat up here
recently and it’s kind of caused it to
kind of get pushed behind the Dow Jones
now taking a look at the markets here on
lots of green out there just about every
position and my portfolios we’re pretty
much positive there were a few I believe
such a CVX the oil one I do own this on
the over on the m1 finance platform this
was one of the negative ones in there
but overall we also saw a few utilities
such as Southern Company get a little
bit weaker Duke Energy and American
Electric Power so maybe a couple of
financial investors out there who are
also looking at the market and trying to
maybe move out of safety now we’ve seen
that volatility and the yield inversion
sort of flashing out there and that may
be a sign that the Fed will continue to
cut rates here towards the end of
September we may expect another point
two-five to even point 5% cut back then
that’ll help that rate inversion you
know kind of mellow out for now but I do
believe it will continue to take place
into the future because you can’t just
pump more money and debt into the market
and try and fix things it’s not how it
works but looking at the one-week
performance here overall there were a
sectors out there that we’re doing a
little bit better than others now
Walmart came out killed their earnings
guided higher five point three two
percent this week they really helped out
my portfolio over on m1 I do own Walmart
over there I also have a TNC which is
actually trading almost hits highs for
the past year it’s almost at $35 I
believe maybe in the one year range it’s
been in the 36 to 39 dollar range but a
lot of investors are pretty upset with
AT&T when it did drop into that twenty
seven twenty eight dollar range and I
believe there was a lawsuit out there
for investors haven’t lost money but
overall AT&T continue to raise their
dividend continue to pay it out and now
they’ve returned to $35 per share for
rice and also out there if you own any
of these in your dividend portfolios
they would have been paid out I believe
earlier this month on the first so those
are some great telecom also down in the
services you can see Apple jumping back
up to that 206 now I do believe the
Apple will be short-lived as September
begins to roll around and those tariffs
that were postponed will actually get
enacted you’ll see Apple begin to sell
off maybe back down into the 180s or who
knows we shall see and coca-cola Pepsi
also some consumer staples very strong
both of these companies are basically
side by side there with Pepsi just
coming out just slightly about a percent
over words almost there but really good
there and the rest of the market just
kind of slowly blood off and this is
what caused the S&P overall to end up
negative if we can see patches of
positive there with Nvidia Intel
consumer and such but overall just kind
of drag down I’m not sure what to expect
next week we shall see I think everyone
is kind of looking at that yield curve
and possibly looking at the fed cutting
in in the future which will make being
in cash not optimal so financials sold
off pretty hard this week we can see
over here in financials walls Fargo
can’t 4.13 Bank of America dad’s 4.5 9
JP Morgan down 1.4 and Citibank down
almost 4% there so I’m gonna go ahead
and share these financials with you now
now the first one is first Financial
Corp we can see here up for the five
days point three one percent they’re
being positive
the week whereas the rest of the indexes
were negative we can see here this one
pulled on just slightly here down up
point three one year today positive up
three point six six this is a dividend
aristocrat that I posted over a website
now this is another one here Tompkins
Financial Corp ticker some TMP the other
one here was ticker symbol th FF these
are all dividend arrestor cats that is
why I want to kind of bring them to your
attention that way if you are looking
for some financials that could be of
beat up here but are showing some
positive signs
maybe check these out so this other one
here is ticker symbol TMP up this week
point eight six percent you can see here
today four point three two percent we
also have first source Corp up twelve
point three seven year today now this
one here on the week is that point nine
four percent so this is one of the
stronger of the few here’s I’m going to
be showing you up nearly one percent for
the week the other here gww now this is
not a financial this is actually an
electric wholesaler so not a financial
but this was an interesting one out
there I was looking for dividend
aristocrats that I’ve grown and paid out
dividend for the past twenty five years
that ever actually been positive this
week so I actually have their data here
on the other screen I’m just kind of
reviewing these here and we can see that
this one has a stern yield of around 2%
two point one four it pays out five
dollars and seventy six cents per share
each year its price about 269 and it has
a very low payout ratio at thirty five
point nine with 47 years of growing and
paying a dividend so a very strong
looking company there and you can see
here over oh if I were to kind of show
you their performance here they are
trading and the one year pretty hard
this is where their support level was so
this could be an interesting one to
check out and that’s why I want to kind
of share that last one so that’s not a
financial but I still want on the shirt
and then we jump back over into the
semiconductor semiconductors which have
been beat up recently over these past
few weeks along with that Nasdaq
actually positive this week up 0.37%
Home Builders Lowe’s and Home Depot’s
they were pretty much pummeled this week
so that brought down the whole ETF here
x HB
down 1.1 nine now jumping over into oil
if you don’t want to pause this video
and go take a look at this I didn’t
actually see who what took place on
Tuesday to have caused oil to have
sighs did now on Tuesday here we can see
a huge run-up for oil four point four
nine percent on the day took a simple
USO here on this one which I used to
track the oil up for the week 1.06 all
pretty much brought up there from
Tuesday you can see some basically
selling off all that it gained on
Tuesday went up four point four nine
town three point six two and in for the
week of 1.06 now that dollar is getting
stronger so I’m actually surprised with
the Fed having cut rates president
Trump’s been asking for a weaker dollar
but here we have the dollar continuing
to move higher and higher now its
highest point here for the one month
it’s about ninety eight fifty two now
for the year this is almost at some of
its highs here we can see 98 98 so it’s
hitting up against these walls
now this along with a yield inversion is
what a lot of investors out there kind
of looking at as a possible sign that
the Fed will continue to let’s push some
money out into the markets dropping down
the value of the dollar raised an
inflation a bit to meet their mark and
also kind of stimulate me in the economy
by dropping rates down so there were a
big discussion with both China and I
believe the u.s. also floated the word
out stimulus packets that was a word
that was floated out this week that made
the markets pretty much recover and
moved back towards high so kind of
interesting gold and silver continuing
to move higher and higher now gold I
feel it’s super extending here in the
short term you can see here kind of
traded at the sixteen dollar point now I
do believe here the silver doesn’t have
much more room to grow but we may see a
big drop here in the future but again we
see the stock market trading near
all-time high as we see gold trading
near all-time highs for the short term
for the one year we see silver also
extended here in the short term so
there’s gold overextended there in the
very short term so over here would take
a look at the one you’re here and
overextended here in the short term now
also you would think okay so if bonds
are I’m sorry if gold is overextended
silver is overextended and the markets
are training old time highs maybe some
bonds well even bonds
you look at pawns dirty bombs even bonds
are overextended so right now a lot of
investors are kind of scratching their
heads they’re looking at indexes have
any huge run-up here in the past year
it’s pretty much almost unheard of to
see bonds move up seven point ten
percent in a given year
but it is happening here in the short
term you can see that concept growing
here within the bonds so I’ve seen a lot
of investors possibly considering moving
from bonds due to being overextended but
where are you gonna move to stocks are
treated almost near highs gold and
silver or also overextended but again if
the Fed does cut rates if the Fed does
push out a stimulus packet which I
believe will come here towards the end
of September that will bring the markets
up to that ten or twenty percent high
that I believe will go into the in the
future you know it’s kind of weird out
there but I do see it kind of taking
place mortgage rates have remained flat
here on the week so that remain
unchanged for the week but it’s pretty
much remains flat so this is where it’s
gonna be yet for a while and I believe
this is a great rate I’ve seen a lot of
real estate investors refinancing homes
I get so many things in the mail you
have $100,000 in equity you can
refinance and get back in your pocket I
don’t want to be refinancing right now
my properties because that restarts my
my count down for my payoff I forgot
what it’s called but I don’t want to be
refinancing I already have a lock-in
rate of 3.25 for my personal home and my
real estate properties are about a four
point seven five and five point six so
those are pretty well now I actually
have some more breath in me so I’m gonna
go ahead and cover some of the stuff
that was posted over Facebook this week
if you guys want to nin for that
definitely tune in now I shared an
article over from my website now I went
over the dividend portfolio update for
July basically went over what stocks
paid out dividends in July also what
stocks I sold I did sell out of some
positions last week you saw Apple
Medtronic M DT coca-cola and Apple and
Cisco so I did take profits in a few
positions and also move that of others I
just saw them hitting some resistance
and I kind of
move that position those positions and
to some other equity so that’s what I
did there in kind of showcase that now I
do have bumped up so if you guys are
interested in checking out the bumped
out there’s no referral benefit for me
or you it’s just if you’re out there and
you like to shop at Kroger’s or Lowe’s
or Taco Bell and every time use your
debit card or credit card when you
attach it to this app you get points so
here for example I got 19 cents back
from Kroger’s for shopping at the store
I just paid my verizon bill and I just
made like 63 cents for paying off my
phrasing bill so you just look like this
is not going to be working here I’m
gonna go ahead and try and refresh it
and that may not work so instead of
going over Facebook so maybe Facebook’s
kind of crashed out or could be my
connection but I did post a few posts
over on Instagram if you guys aren’t
following me on Instagram jump over to
Instagram I do have links in the
description below this video to jump
over check it out follow along here I
try and post some interesting things you
know my buys and sells for the week how
the stock performance has done over all
week to week I kind of keep these up so
every week I post them over on Instagram
I also kind of – funny memes that I
either fine or sort of I do have a
vacancy that came up here this week so I
got my rent check for what was it for
August and there was no rent paid from
this property just due to it being empty
you know it’s going through hey just
patch up paint no major construction and
then it is looking for another tenant to
get that run rents it out I need to talk
to my property manager because I do not
want to be paying for water any more
water so initially I decided to want to
pay for water and trash that way there
will always be watering water running in
the sewers and stuff just won’t get
plugged up or frozen and trash because I
don’t want piles of trash getting piled
up at my properties and I want to make
sure that they’re not doing that and I
think I still cover trash because that’s
a set amount from waste management but
the water bill does seem to fluctuate
and if I put it on the tenant they will
look at it better themselves and try and
control their water consumption so that
is something I will be reaching out to
my property manager
make sure that it is in the next lease
that the tenant will be in charge of
electric electric water and a few others
forgot the other ones are about gas and
such so and that is essentially it so
this week we saw the S&P down 1.03 the
Dow Jones down 1.53 1.03 for the SP Dow
Jones 1.5 3 and the Nasdaq there down
point 7 my point seven nine now my
portfolio didn’t fall as far there but
still took a beating down 0.54% now that
is pretty much all I wanted to cover in
today’s video it doesn’t look like
Facebook is working out for me here so I
will be jumping out from that point so
you’ve actually loaded up on the stream
but I don’t wanna make this video too
long and that is pretty much all I
wanted to cover in today’s video so
again if you have not subscribe to the
channel how I’d appreciate it if you do
subscribe if you do decide to leave a
comment to ask a question want to have
something shared here on the channel I’m
looking for ideas to cover so if you
have some other ideas I will be looking
to discuss stock market related dividend
related and for real estate related
topics then I’ll be more than likely
writing them out over on my website
first like a nice template or what’s it
called you know outline that I’m able to
kind of follow so I could do a little
bit research or just kind of wing it as
I’ve doing a lot of my videos and just
kind of go off the top of my head so
that is it for today’s video if you guys
did enjoy this video definitely hit that
thumbs up I appreciate it and I will see
you next time have a great day bye

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  2. Wow you were down only .16 %. Very good. Thinking of buying RDS. It is so oversold. How do you find stocks to buy before ex-dividend date? Good video as usual.

  3. The way the market was last week would have made a great carnival ride!!!! I was down 0.8% for the week, but had $312 in earned dividends to make up for the losses so I will not complain to much.

    With all the uncertainty in the markets and global economy in general I am making changes to my portfolio moving assets to more defensive positions like bond funds and preferred stocks. The biggest weakness that I see with M1 is the lack of Preferred stocks, I have come across only a hand full so far but there are several preferred ETF's. I have picked up ESGRO, FITBI, HBANO, NGHCO and PGX to create a pie that has a 6.25% dividend yield with an average beta of less than 0.15.

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