Stella: From Distress to Diva

I hear you baby girl you gonna talk to your mama?
My name is Ashley Mauceri and I’m with the Animal Rescue Team for the Humane
Society of the United States
we’re here today in Sampson County
working on
a puppy mill operation we’re working with law enforcement to remove
some of these animals and get them on their way to a better life
with this facility we found a lot of the
issues that we commonly find
in puppy mill operations including
dry gangrene mammary tumor cataracts in
both eyes
there was
little dog named Ricky Bobby he had no mobility at all in his back legs
you name it we pretty much found it
when we walked into the building some of the dogs were in there was a room
off to the right where we found Stella
you know it was apparent that she wanted some attention but she was little unsure
she came out of that pretty quickly
She’s got what appears to be pretty bad flea dirt
oh my gosh you wouldn’t know by her personality goodness!
I mean she almost attacks you with affection
her demeanor was so happy despite all of the issues that she had going on
heart: abnormal, lungs: abnormal
teeth: mostly missing
I just fell in love with this little dog
but I knew ultimately that
there was the perfect home out there for her
is that your spot?
you take resident up there girlfriend?
I mean I can’t even watch TV! I’m Joy Walker
and I work for Care First
and our practice took in several of the needy pups
and Stella just grabbed me with the tongue
the face look at that face and now has a
loving home
and is a diva
when they are at work they are most comfortable being
Megan had taken Ricky Bobby and took to Stella and everybody talks about that
everybody’s like you know you guys are co-workers, you’re friends
we took in two of the same dogs from the same bust
knowing what they came from
to her life now I would do it all over
if we didn’t have people like the Humane
it would be worse and it’s still bad
I can’t thank you enough, I mean
look at what’s sitting in my arms, if you wouldn’t had been a part of it
I wouldn’t be sitting here with her
to watch joy in Stella that is everything
for us
sadly there are still so many animals out there suffering
and the truth is we just can’t do this
work without you
please be a hero for animals make a special gift to support all of our work

39 thoughts on “Stella: From Distress to Diva

  1. The measure of a human is how they treat the most vulnerable.

    Those who are complicit in the running of these canine concentration camps would surely require an electron microscope in order to assay their diminutive esteem. 'Dogs'.

  2. Who would give up on there dog… Especially Stella and Ricky.. Omfg😫😫 THERE SO CUTE!!! 😍😍😘❤️❤️ I would adopt all of them… I wish I could.. BUT I HOPE THEY FIND THE BEST HOME FOR THEM👌 so cute im in tears (:

  3. I wish animal rescue would show the face of the  abusers ….I see sad story after sad story …but never a face ….why ??

  4. OMG! OMG! This is SO COOL! I am totally in love with the video of the other dog in this video, the dachshund who needed a cart! It is beyond wonderful to see other animals that have found homes in this particular raid. LOVE THIS! Thank you so much for posting!

  5. It's funny how some people who take part in puppy mills look at these poor brutally mutated animals and think that this kind of stuff is okay

  6. What a cute puppy. She looks like she found the perfect forever home and also she gets to hang out with Ricky Bobby. Could life get any better?

  7. Thank you to all the dedicated workers, volunteers, foster parents and all who donate, piddling pads, food, toys and of course money!
    And thanks to all of you who adopt instead of shop! 🐾❤️🐕🐾❤️🐕

  8. Dental neglect, rotten teeth from no vet care, jaw infections, probably resulting in tongue issues, and inability to eat normally. Lack of bathing, no water, ignoring spay-neuter. Confinement. On and on. God, the list goes on. We despise people who run puppy mills. They should all rot in the worst 'ring of Hell 'Dante ever wrote of. And bravo to the brave people of HSUS. We are proud to be sponsors It is now 2018 as I write.

  9. Seeing what you all accomplish, is what has kept me a guardian member for many years now. I know puppy mills will never go away, so I will give as long as I'am alive.

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