Star Wars TOR: Earn over 3,000 Cartel Coins just by playing newbie levels

100 thoughts on “Star Wars TOR: Earn over 3,000 Cartel Coins just by playing newbie levels

  1. So let's say it takes you 1 hour per character to get off the starting planet, that's 8 hours per server, so to get all the credits, it would take you 136 hours … to save 30$. I don't know for you, but I value my time much more than 21 cents per hour.

  2. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS AS I EXPLAIN HOW TO GET CC FASTER WHILE GETTING MASS AMOUNT OF CREDITS>(THIS IS NOT AN EPLOIT HACK OR CHEAT IT"S 100% LEGIT AND I HAVE DONE THIS MY SELF A FEW TIMES)that's a nice idea but not for me it takes way to much time. I'd rather drop the money and get the cc instantly since I got the money to do it. u can get mad in game credits buy buying cc and buying both the pilgrams single pack and pilgrams hypercrate which gives u 24packs. if buying single packs don't open them wait the time for it to unbind from ur account then list it on the gtn they go for around 200000-400000k each. u could do the same buy buying the major exp. 5 pack and listing it as the pack un opened for 400000-500000k and they are less than $5 a pack. if u buy the pilgrams or any hypercrate(prefferabley not the strong holds ones because they go for less) u can either list the whole hypercrate unpacked for 2-3million credits or u can open the hypercrate immediately after purchasing it so all 24 single packs will unbind from ur account all at once. if they go for 200000k each times 24 packs u'll get 4.8 million credits if they go for 400000k each times 24 packs u'll get 9.6million credits.(I used the calculater to get these numbers. so feel free to do the same.) and it will cost u $39.99 for 5500 cc and for one pilgrams hypercrate(5400 cc while it's on sale.( and reg. cc for one of these pilgrams hypercrate will cost u between 7000 cc – 7400 cc which it'll cost u $59.99 for that amount of cc. but if u can afford it that's the best and fastest way to do it.

  3. About a month or so for 30$ of cartel coins. I'm already half way through all the servers and its not that much of a grind. Its more fun for me becuase I'm just on Skype with my friends while I do it.

  4. So with this let's say you get 10 CC per hour… why don't you just go do dishes to some pub for three hours and buy them instead of spending 2 months doing the same 30 quests?

  5. While the concept sounds simple enough, the time spent doing so isn't really managing your time well. Let's assume the person attempting this has played through the game enough to know the basics of leveling. It would take an average of say an hour and a half to get through the starting planet. Do 2 characters and that 3 hours alone. Do all 8 and that's 12 hours and just to get 180 coins. In the simplest way to look at it if you wanted to make the equivalent of the uploader's math and the amount of money spent which was the $29.80, why not just work an extra 2-4 hours(depending on a person's hourly rate) and use that money to buy the amount of coins the uploader talks about?

  6. I have a question.

    I have 3 characters at the moment (2 lv50 Agent and BH on 1 legacy/server and a lv43 Inq on another legacy/server) and the other 5 classes inactive at lv1 across 4 servers in total due to 2-characters limit per server for f2p. If I delete those characters and create new ones would this still work? Or creating same classes, but on different servers? In theory yes, because legacy gets deleted alongside the character(s) itself so everything should be resetted in case of removing the characters, but would (For example) having two Agent classes on two different servers work?

    I ask this because for the moment I cannot sub, yet I would like to have all my 8 main alts on one server one day. But the 1800 cc cost of a single transfer is pretty expensive imho, even for subs, so creating alts I wouldn't use aside from 1st planet+faction flashpoint would save me a lot of real life money.

  7. THX for the info 🙂 I'm sick of this EA pricing concept that you have to pay a sub., and spend extra money for additional items. This is a good help….
    But i'm not so understanding than you with EA. They are not rewinding this money into new content. Some of it yes. But they are just greedy. There are a lot of games (MMOs) out there, that are F2P, and the market serves just for cosmetic items, and they are creating additional content non stop. I hope this Cartel Coin concept will have an end some day. 🙂

  8. i really enjoy this game…. but there are sooooooo many Chinese… they all like "my world boss! u need daw-waw!… end"

  9. You could earn enough money to buy the coins from doing less hours at a part time minimum wage job than it would take to complete one or two of the origin planets. If you enjoy the basic gameplay and early levels then super but not really efficient at all.

  10. 20 coins, for 4 hours….Why not just buy them?

    160 = 32 hours. You can make over 1000 coins for an hours work in a real job.

  11. so what your saying is that if i spend say a month spamming new characters up to level say…. 15 or so completing the first flashpoint and all the characters which i can probably do one faction each week then technically i could probably get around 2000 roughly in that time.

  12. it's not right, you can get good gear play too not just on Cartel Market, and do you know if we can sell it back for Cartel coins or not?

  13. is very helpful though it seems alot of time for about 3000 ish though it's definitly good if you've already finished the game

  14. and soooo.. i am a free user , what do i do to unlock just the bank?? w8 5 months to get thecartel coins from the security key only?? doesnt that have to be free with less slots and if i want i buy more with cartel points???

  15. hello this dosent have any thing to do about the video but it is about the game,(the redeem code)when i put in the code it tells me:sorry, you cannot redeem your card in this territory….wtf dose that even mean xD so yeah idk what to do heh

  16. Lol there has never been better gear in the cartel market than you can get from raiding ( lvl 50-60) it's just slight boosts to your lvling, and some stuff you don't need to pay credits for. But it's not "pay to win"

  17. it doesn't take 20 minutes to say what u needed to say all it really takes is 3-5 minutes that's it you are just dragging things along

  18. Bottom line, play the game, get 20cc at a time for random ass achievements. Best to get buy the damn things.

  19. 4-8 hours per character
    8 characters
    = 32-64 hours

    Less than a dollar value a day, for hours upon hours of repeating the same stuff over and over, on just one server?

    Did you really think this through?

  20. any1 that is a sub atm with the 12x xp boost you can make the 20cc in about 30min if you spacebar so its very nice

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  22. I appreciate you making this video and you raise a couple points. I definitely admire how you encourage helping other players out.

  23. I would highly recommend for all of you to become trillionares, and buy cartel coins with subscription whenever you want

  24. Not sure why idiots in the comments are just repeating the whole "WHY NOT JUST BUY THEM" nonsense over and over as if they are intelligent. Good job guys, you used a calculator and determined working at a job for an hour can get you a thousand cartel points. I hope your parents are proud. But the purpose of this video is to show how you can get quite a bit of coins without PAYING anything.

    And you can equate doing the same thing over and over to a job if you want, but the fact is you're still playing a video game in your free time. Getting free stuff while playing a video game is always cooler than paying for it. This is a useful and informative video for anyone who doesn't want to waste money on pointless things in an old game.

  25. dude thanx sooo much… i had so much trouble with cartel coins. and now i see this vid it will take alot of time tho but i have the time.

  26. In my humble opinion in the galactic trade market you can buy the gear or things that you would buy in the cartel market… That's one character with awesome gear and you can just bind the gear to your legacy and use it in that server…

  27. Hi thanks for sharing this, I have just started playing SWTOR was kinda wondering about how to get more CCs. I didn't know about any of these rewards you can get from just playing so Im stoked to know of these benefits in game. Just wanted to say thanks 🙂 Cheers Blizofoz45

  28. So as long as I don't make a Legacy, I can keep spamming even the same class for it's Planet Cartel Achievement?

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  30. No offence but you're not telling anyone anything new.. for starters, most people have a job or other occupations which prevents them from playing more than 24 hours assuming you have to complete the starting planet for each character.. and in the end it still won't be enough.. I'm a lvl 50 Jedi Sage and I can't progress any further unless I buy the 50+ booster pack which is if I'm not mistaking 2000 cartel coins..

    Just do the math because it still won't be enough unless you buy those special items. It would probably take me a couple of years by playing day in and night out until I finally gain enough cartel points to make it work..

    This is really disappointing.

  31. Only problem that I see is  :  This is a  Time  Sink Hole .   Yes, you can focus on 1 class on 1 Server and press through & complete in 5-9 hours, but the bad part is doing that over & over on different servers , or worse deleting the Legacy and Re-booting a new one it just does not seem worth it, to me.                    I've been in SWTOR as a Sub since Founder Times  ( Right after Launch),  and On 3 different servers I'm now at Legacy level 50 , 47, & 44 .  That means something to me since now those servers  I have all the legacy perks like  Reduced  Fast Travel Times, Emergency  Fleet Travel times,  & all the other higher level  Legacy perks.  Also , with the newer  "Legendary Player Tag'' , that means  as I finish all 8 class stories through Chapter 3  I'm shown to be a player that had the dedication to do all the Stories all the way through the base, original Class story.                   This video is handy for those that want to  just push through a class, click the Cartel rewards, and Rinse & Repeat .  But that's not me normally.   I do not want to just dump my time into an endless cycle of doing the same class story over & over & over for a small Cartel reward.   Great for some ,  handy that this was put up and pointed out for those that wish to do it.  But me ,  I'm usually in the game for the Long Haul , and I love the little perks like  the title  "Founder" ,  and the "Legendary  Player"  tag, and other things that let's other players know at a glance that I'm not new, I  know what I'm doing, and I'm dedicated enough to still be around .   Hope you all enjoy, I know I still do.  And for me , a big reason is  RP , Role playing.  Playing & crafting a  "Story within the Story."  But that is another subject for another time.  Be well & " May the Force Keep you Ever Vigilant & Strong."  🙂   TSS

  32. Play the first 10 levels for each class on each server is a good way to earn some coins, unfortunately this isn't as effective as it was, since the number of server has greatly diminished since the launch 🙁

    There is another good solution, it's using the referral link of your friends or give them yours.
    This is a simple URL, you need simply to click and connect to your account to use it.
    For example, mine is:
    Feel free to use it if you want, you will receive in game items, a subscription week and coins 🙂

    For complete informations on this system, please visit the following page:

    Have a good game

  33. Blizofoz45 , all in all it's less than dollar value a day so think twice before u post stupid shit like this video

  34. 1h-2hfor the Starter Planet.
    18 Servers
    F2P= 2chars: 720cc (54h)
    Prefers( just buy the Starter pack for 2€): 2520cc (189h)
    Subscribers: 2880cc (216h)

  35. You can buy Cartel coins for money, however there are also ways to get them without paying.
    You can earn 880 cartel coins by completing achivements (this can be tracked in your legacy view on each server "Y".)
    + 100cc/month if you use the official, free security key application of Bioware (simply gives a 6 digit code to use during logins);
    and additional cartel coins by getting friends to subscribe using your referral link.

    Also using other's referral link gives several unlocks, bonuses, like 7 days of subscription time, free character transfer, etc.
    Here is my referral link:

    For full list and details just google: swtor free stuff (1st hit)

    Also you will get a free speeder (2016 SWTOR Celebration) if you enter the Redeem Code:

    All of these are official in-game rewards, (on any server, regardless if you are free to play, preferred or subscriber)

    Enjoy !
    Lili-om – The Progenitor server

  36. this sounds like a crazy plan but i really want to do it. you made a lot of good points. Im working towards unlocking artifact authorization account wide, which is 2700 cc. doing this on all servers would be a total of 2720 coins… I also have a character boost from way back.. i was thinking after making 72 characters i should probably know which class id like to boost lol. thanks for the idea and video. hopefully i wont get burned out by the end.

  37. I'm preferred status and I'm doing this done like 4 or 5 starter planets in a hour. Only so I can get more character slots for free because I buy coins and I sub in and out got the key grant but when it's something petty like making me pay for extra for extra slots so I'd just do this to get it for free…

  38. Easy thing to get free credits & stuff is following this little link:
    7 days of FREE sub + ingame gifts!

  39. Simply put, this method has one use. A new player that does not wish to spend money on the game, can use it untill they know which server/class they want to play on, and can buy the most necessary of cartel market options(for example using epic+ gear).

    Should they later in the game realize that they like the game enough, and have the resources to do so, they can spend money irl for the coins to get whatever items etc they covet. Alternatively they can leave the game, with the sense that they neverwasted a dime and tried the full game out(more or less truly possible/available).

  40. I only want 600 CC to unlock the Sith Pureblood race, but this really didn't help me.
    Heck, I even have 140-ish coins already.

  41. To everyone saying why not buy them, think about, if you can get free cartel coins, that means any items you get you can sell on GTN for a lower price because you have no real cost into it other then your time

  42. id rather pay the $29.98 then waste days upon days grinding toons im never gonna play, any one who can afford to waste 32-64 hours leveling toons can afford to pay $30 and actually do something productive o.O

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