Spiritual People and money beliefs (stop it)

this video I’m gonna show you how to go
beyond the spiritual beliefs when it comes to money understanding why so many
spiritual people are experiencing lack in their lives show you how to push
through those barriers that you could start to be abundant which is who you
really are welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I hope people expand
their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you how to go
beyond the label and sometimes the trap we put ourselves on of that of being
spiritual sometimes when we talk about being spiritual or we identify as a
spiritual person what we may end up doing is we may end up creating
limitations for ourselves because we’ve give certain meanings to that of what
money means we give certain meanings in our life that then separate ourselves
from the natural abundance that’s already available to us now understand
that in reality our beliefs create our reality and when we go through a
spiritual awakening I would say that’s one of the most profound changes you’ll
ever go through because you change your belief about who you are as a soul you
then realize well I’m not just this ego construct I’m not just who I thought I
was I’m a spiritual being having a temporary human experience and with that
awareness you realize that life is so much more magical there’s so much more
to appreciate in life however a lot of times what happens is when that huge
rush of energy comes and you start to realize all these epiphanies about
reality sometimes what happens is then you look to the old way of being you may
look to the millions or billions of other people on the planet that are
desperately chasing money and you might start to relate to it in a new way I
know when I went through my awakening that was one thing that happened I
started to see money in a completely new way I started to see that money was a I
had these beliefs then I started develop that money’s a form of control that
money is negative it that if you do have money you’re a materialistic person and
I started to develop these beliefs and slowly as I had those beliefs I then
started to create less and less abundance in my life when actuality I
was creating more and more lack in my life because I was believing
more that that made me a righteous person and that made me somebody that
was more worthy of the spiritual information I was coming into and it was
it was something that then started to create a lot of resistance in my life
now the reason I say this is because I also am making this video because there
are so many gifted spiritual people out there that have this inversion to
charging for their services they feel like they may not be worthy or they feel
like because it’s a spiritual gift it’s on this higher pedestal and therefore
they shouldn’t be doing it for a living and it comes from and stems from this
belief of money being bad and having this mixed connotations and meanings as
to what money is now I understand our beliefs create a reality and if we
believe and give them meaning to money that money is bad or that money isn’t a
viable source of abundance that there’s we just need to be abundant in an energy
and and really good vegan food and I’ll if that’s what we define abundance as
and that’s what we will get however we do live in a reality right now where we
have a money as they barter system that we use to exchange energy when you make
this shift and you realize that all money is is an exchange of energy that’s
when things really begin to change because then you could start to ask
yourself what energy can I give in exchange for abundance so that I can
have more resources to live a higher quality of life
so that I can then help other people you see so this video is gonna be a lot of
me reframing some of these mixed connotations and meanings you may have
been giving the money when I went through my spiritual awakening 2012 I
started to become aware of the the system and how things are controlled and
when I realized that money isn’t backed by gold when I realized that a lot of
the intention behind some of the ways things are happening in the world and I
became aware of it I started to become very resistant to money I started to say
that uh I didn’t really want like I literally was like what’s the point
what’s the point of being abundant I started to just met
you know I actually went through a period where I quit my job on a whim I
said screw it don’t want to have no nine a nine-to-five job anymore I worked at
Nordstrom’s and women’s shoes and I said money doesn’t matter this it doesn’t
matter I’m gonna meditate all day that’s what I did I did that for about six
months I just meditated all day I was lucky as
my mom I was as my mom and my brother and my sister and I just meditated all
day and I didn’t really care about money and I remember I was really resistant to
even getting it like going back into the 3d world and getting a job because I was
so I felt so good understanding the spiritual side of things and I felt so
good just being all day listening to music and be all day that’s all I really
wanted to do and then I remember I eventually had a reading from someone
that does something called kinesiology is like muscle testing and they were so
accurate with all of these things they they were able to pick up on some energy
blockages that I got from one of my relationships prior to this is back in
2012 so one of my prior relationships and everything they said was so on point
and then I was asking I remember asking like am I supposed to get a job like
this my spirit want me to get a job and I remember this lady was like a 70
something year old lady she was really good at what she did and she was like
yes the answer is yes and I was like because you can even calibrate yes or no
answers and and she I was like oh no okay could you do that one again and she
was like yeah just answer still yes and I was like maybe she was right about all
this other stuff but this thing she’s wrong about I’m not supposed to give
nine-to-five job and you’re supposed to meditate and help the collective
consciousness I’m supposed to channel in higher vibrational energy and help
people and I dealt with resistance for a couple months because I was so resistant
to getting a job I was so resistant going back into the
3d world but then I realized that that I actually needed that for grounding
because when I went through the spiritual awakening I was so I went from
this to this so fast I see him well why a lot of people may have thought that
what the hell happened to Aaron you know what I mean because I went from wanting
to party and have fun to meditating and doing mantras and talking about
spirituality all the time and being interested in metaphysics and after that
everything changed but along with that what she
was there was a belief in money that money is bad or that if you’re a
spiritual person then you shouldn’t be charging for your gifts you shouldn’t be
charging because it’s on a higher pedestal and and you you have these
divine gifts and therefore charging for it would be like would be to 3d type
style it would it just doesn’t align with it you have this high vibrational
desire and intention but that’s separate somehow however this is what I’ve
realized up into this point now let me just use let me just kind of put this
into perspective for you now first off everything is energy money is energy yes
of course if you become too identified with money then there are negative
consequences to that there’s an attachment to it there’s a neediness a
yearning a negative vibration that’s put onto it just like if you were to eat too
many too much ice cream it would be something to have a negative effect on
your body like anything in moderation is something that can be manageable however
when it comes to money if you have a neediness a you’re like a desperate
desire then of course that’s coming from an unhealthy place the question is not
is something good or bad it’s what is the energy that you’re bringing forth
with this what is the energy you are applying to it what is the quality of
thought that you have about it now think of like this this reason I say because I
see so many gifted spiritual people that block themselves from abundance because
they have a negative definition of money now when you’re talking about charging
for your gifts think about this one idea and that’s this was a game changer for
me understanding this we look at Pepsi we look at coke we look at some of these
brands McDonald’s we look at some of these brands and we see and understand
first off everything is an exchange of energy but what they’re doing is they’re
putting out from certain people’s perspectives a level of value people get
some type of perceived value from coca-cola or Pepsi or McDonald’s maybe
that value is very short-lived and maybe there’s very negative side aside effects
of it if you do it long term however people will look at people that do that
that you know you look at what Pepsi and Coke and all of these you know putting
out corn syrup and things that are very acidic things that down the road of
people doing every single day and some people drink Pepsi or coke or McDonald’s
and eat it every single day has a very negative side effect years down the road
nobody questions them whatsoever but if you have somebody that has a spiritual
gift or is adding value may be something that’s facilitating healing for other
people maybe a Reiki practitioner may be somebody that has amazing art for some
reason we put that on a higher pedestal and we say well this is different
you can’t exchange energy even though this this information may be
extraordinarily valuable to people even though it may change people’s lives it’s
on a higher pedestal and no no no because you want to be abundant with
those spiritual gifts however I am NOT going to question McDonald’s I’m not
gonna question coca-cola or Pepsi because that’s the way the world works
but we like to separate these two things the key to this is understanding that
this is all energy regardless so you with your spiritual gifts with the
amazing abilities you have I believe that right now on the planet there’s a
desperate need for that of these spiritual gifts to be coming out for
people to be practicing Reiki for people to be practicing their different healing
modalities and it’s needed right now because there’s a certain amount of pain
in the world and there’s a certain amount of people that want help that
need help and I think that as time goes on it’s only going to increase or
there’s more and more people that want that kind of help and that want to go
through that transformation however you can’t help anybody if you got to go to
your nine-to-five job and you are constantly busy in the rat race so we’re
talking about spiritual people and we’re talking about money beliefs understand
that your purpose on this planet may be to express your spiritual gifts but
because you put in it in a separate category or because you have a
nine-to-five job that you have to put netic 70% of your attention you may not
actually have the energy to put in that of adding value to other people you see
this is the game changer right here understand that you don’t have to put
yourself in the same cat or is Pepsi and all these other things
realize you have a divine gift or a spiritual gift that does add value but
see money as something that is an exchange of value that’s it of course
there’s going to be a certain perspective to say well you could become
too needy tube dependent the money could change you somehow but if you have
awareness then that won’t happen it’s only a belief that you’re gonna go
into the complete unconsciousness the complete auto-pilot mind or start to
become like some of the people that really desperately chase money and do
bad things with it but that’s just consult conditioning anyways but
understand that your purpose on this planet is to help other people to wake
up or it’s to help other people to heal or to help other people with with
delivering information and you believing that you can’t exchange it for energy
you can’t have that as a viable exchange method of being money it’s keeping you
maybe in a level of limitation maybe it means that you still have to work a
nine-to-five job that she hates which means that your energy isn’t then potent
enough to where then you could add more value to people you see this is the game
changer it’s understanding that as a spiritual person one of the most
spiritual things you can do is learn how to output and how to manage it have
boundaries for your own energy to help as many people as possible that could be
one of the main purposes of your spiritual gift but if you have blockages
about that of money then what will happen is you’ll keep yourself from
experiencing that you’ll tell yourself a story that you have to have a
nine-to-five job you’ll tell yourself it’s still a story by the way if you say
oh I’m spiritual I can’t have enough I can’t have an abundance of money because
then it’s gonna put me into a different category or people are gonna judge or
think I’m this way or I’m gonna become negative or evil that’s a story it’s a
story you’re telling yourself there are plenty of people that are highly
spiritual people but are still extraordinarily abundant and here’s the
way that spiritual people that are very big bun dn’t here’s the way they think
about money money is a valuable way of exchange the more abundance that I have
the more energy have the more I can create more energy
to then give to more people the more resources I can create I was listening
to a talk there’s a guy named Lewis house he’s really cool he’s uh he has a
podcast and his buddy jay Shetty Jay Shetty’s this guy you may have seen him
on youtube or on Facebook he’s like really well-known on Facebook but he’s
like he was like a spiritual monk and now he’s like just a spiritual person
he’s a spiritual person now that shares ideas and he has a massive following and
Lewis Lewis house said you know I was talking to Jay one day and I was telling
him and he had a big ad version of charging or to like really focusing on
abundance because he just wanted to get the message out into the world but then
what Louise told them was like hey if you have more resources you have more
abundance you can then build a team and then you can then impact way more people
if you have a team of people if you have more resources you can then have more of
that message impact more people and for him that switches money mindset that
switches beliefs because then you said wait this isn’t about the ego this isn’t
about like what can I give to myself this is about I can build a team and
have more resources to help more people so if you’re a spiritual person you’re
viewing it as as the limitations or you view it as selfish if you had money
realize that one of the most selfish things you can do is believe that it’s
bad to have abundance because it’s all about you and your beliefs about money
and it’s all about you and how you need to be in some nine-to-five job and when
you really are abundant and you see that you are meant to be extraordinarily
abundant then you can really give to other people you see that’s a
game-changer for me as well because I’m getting ready to move into a stage of my
life when I do live events when I build a team of people that can help me to run
these live events and if I was like well I can’t charge for this kind of
information that I’m sharing I can’t have you know programs to help transform
people’s lives if I had that belief that I would still be at 9:00 to my find
nine-to-five job and guess what I wouldn’t have the energy to be making
daily videos on YouTube I’d be too busy working a nine-to-five job or I would be
completely stressed out of my mind and I’m I entered if my energy wouldn’t be
as fluid as it is in this flow state of these videos
so one of the most spiritual things that you can possibly do is learn how to
exchange the energy of your gifts and how you can then give it to the world in
exchange for that abundance abundance does not always mean that it has to be
money by the way people could give you opportunities I recently was invited to
a high-level mastermind which I found was very interesting it was a you know
as I’ve changed my beliefs about money some pretty cool things have happened I
used to work at Barneys New York and women shoes and when I was there one
time I helped Jack Canfield if you guys don’t know he’s like teaches a lot of
Law of Attraction conte he’s an older guy he’s been doing it a long time and
he also is like the authors of like the publisher of the chicken noodle soup for
the Soul books and anyways I met him at I met I helped him with shoes years ago
and when I helped him with shoes I remember telling him this is before I
was even on YouTube I said one day I’m gonna do what you do and I knew I
sounded like one of those peoples like I won’t do them wouldn’t be who speak to
just like you and I’m sure he gets told that a lot or something I said you know
one day I’m gonna do what you do he’s like oh that’s cool he’s actually he’s
really nice he gave me his card it says like Jack can’t fail that said like his
you know company and stuff I still have the card I’ve saved it I’ve it in
storage and and I was like I’m gonna do what you doing he said oh that’s really
cool you know I train people blah blah blah and that was the end of that well
now just within the last week or two I got invited to his high-level mastermind
and he has some high-level private mastermind thing that I got invited to I
just found it very interesting that now that I’ve changed my beliefs I’ve
changed the way that I saw myself as well it’s kind of come full circle
because I told him that years ago and now I’m actually have the ability to go
to a high-level mastermind with somebody like that so it’s very interesting to me
how these things work but you have to change your beliefs about money as the
change of beliefs about your gifts and what you put out he would not know who I
am if I were just still working that nine-to-five job and I wasn’t able to
actually put all my energy into this basket of helping spread this energy you
see now the last thing I wanna talk about real quick has become aware of
your self-image the way you see yourself if you see yourself is only able to make
50k a year then you will experience a reality that is equal to that it’s about
going beyond if you see yourself as making 100k per year then you will only
experience it’s a reality to that your self-image
is a cybernetic mechanism which means that however you see yourself it’s going
to be you’re gonna think of thoughts that are equal to that feelings that are
equal to that in action so you’re going to take action that’s equal to that you
must change the subconscious self-image you have and when you do that that’s
when your life begins to change in a very powerful way so become aware of
what that self-image is that’s 90% of the process when you didn’t realize that
it’s just been on autopilot you can then start to have these reference
experiences that change that for me I made it they every single day and I
change my self-image started to see myself as a content creator somebody
that puts out content so see how you could change your self-image as well so
just to summarize this whole video understand that one of the most
spiritual things you can possibly do is to find out how you can express your
spiritual gifts of the world understand that there are companies like coca-cola
that are Pepsi that are McDonald’s companies that by eating and consuming
their products literally kills you over time you don’t question them though it’s
just that’s just what they do I don’t you don’t question how they make money
it’s just is what it is but if there’s some spiritual gifts you have if you’re
a Reiki practitioner or a healer you think for some reason that that’s on a
pedestal that should be in a completely separate Ria’s completely separate
category and therefore you hold yourself back from experiencing the abundance
everything is energy and when you start to put out the energy and you start to
see it as how can you put out more energy in abundance as a means of
putting out more energy you wouldn’t start to be even more abundant and that
is one of the most self less things you can do because the more people you help
the better so could you do me a favor if this resonates with you because you
smash that like button if this helped you just change one of your limiting
beliefs about money let me know what you think about it as well I have something
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the next archetype level of consciousness so that’s what’s my
vibration calm than that hope you liked this video and
as always see you on the next one peace which love and namaste

94 thoughts on “Spiritual People and money beliefs (stop it)

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  7. Yes. Change ones beliefs. (About money or anything…) Reminds me, Jesus said "It is done unto each according to their belief." When I woke up spiritually or rather, sincerely took the position that I am Consciousness or Awareness, then I had that blank slate of 'anything is possible' to start to write new beliefs onto my monetary reality.🙏 👁⭐ If anyone else is reading this, I'm intending that money and us are friends and imagining that money wants to be where we are… imagining money finding a way to you, if you would be willing to believe it you ought to soon receive it. Reply when that cash hits your door! 😉

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    Speaking of “why,” I feel that the reason why people see spiritual gifts as something to give away is because it was a way of life before. It was a way of life and Natives / our ancestors didn’t exchange money.

    I’ve been doing a ton of work on my lower chakras and changing beliefs. Many blessings have come from that in the form of money, services, and products.

    The one thing I question in this video is the reiteration of not having a 9 to 5 because it takes away energy from doing your purposeful work. But I've found that sometimes taking the 9 to 5 or doing the work you don't want to but will lay a foundation is needed for you to create an abundance of energy to do the purposeful work. Not everyone is fortunate enough to sit in their families’ homes for six months and only meditate all day.

    You have to be open to all opportunities (as long as they're in alignment). As mentioned in the video, energy exchanges come in all forms, not just money.

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    One question is it weird to feel the most energy I’ve felt in my life and all I’m doing is drink loads of water and eating the sun and veg and fruits and the occasional meal with meet


    Money Can Be Both Beneficial and Harmful. Money provides a defense against poverty and its attendant troubles, enabling persons to procure both necessities and luxuries. (Compare Ec 7:12; 10:19.) For this reason the possibility exists of a person’s beginning to trust in money as security and to forget his Creator. (Compare De 8:10-14.) “The love of money [literally, fondness of silver] is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have been led astray from the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with many pains.” (1Ti 6:10) For money, persons have perverted justice, prostituted themselves, committed murder, betrayed others, and falsified the truth.​—De 16:19; 23:18; 27:25; Eze 22:12; Mt 26:14, 15; 28:11-15.On the other hand, the proper use of money is approved by God. (Lu 16:1-9) This includes contributing toward the advancement of pure worship and giving material assistance to those in need. (Compare 2Ch 24:4-14; Ro 12:13; 1Jo 3:17, 18; see CONTRIBUTION; GIFTS OF MERCY.) Although much good can thus be done with money, the most valuable things​—spiritual food and drink, eternal life itself—​can be obtained without it.​—Isa 55:1, 2; Re 22:17.


    The gifts God gives to men are an expression of his undeserved kindness. The very word khaʹri·sma (literally, gracious gift), appearing 17 times in the Christian Greek Scriptures, implies a gift involving “undeserved kindness” (khaʹris) on God’s part. (Ro 6:23, ftn; 1Co 12:4; 2Ti 1:6; 1Pe 4:10) It is, therefore, only proper that the gifts received from Jehovah be used for the benefit of fellowmen and to the glory of God the giver. (1Pe 4:10, 11) These gifts are not for the selfish profit of the receiver. Since such a person has “received free,” he is under obligation to “give free.”​—Mt 10:8.“Every good gift and every perfect present is from above.” (Jas 1:17) Jehovah is generous in giving, allowing both the righteous and the wicked to benefit from the sunshine and the rain. In fact, he “gives to all persons life and breath and all things.” God’s gifts, including food and drink and seeing good from one’s hard work, are for man’s enjoyment. (Mt 5:45; Ac 17:24, 25; Ec 3:12, 13; 5:19; 1Ti 6:17) Both singleness and marriage are gifts from God, to be enjoyed within the limits of his requirements. Since the single person is freer to devote himself to Jehovah’s service without distraction, singleness is the better of the two gifts.​—Pr 18:22; Mt 19:11, 12; 1Co 7:7, 17, 32-38; Heb 13:4.

  30. Thanks so much for the awesome video Aaron 🔥 This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, and Manifest Wealth way faster!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  31. I find that the more we focus on helping others and enlightenment, the easier cash flows to us! I started in Sales and worked hard, first guy in the office last to leave and got to the CEO suite a few times. I only share this to let you know, I worked my tail off in the past. Now we just focus on helping others and the universe pushes opportunity towards us like a rushing river. The more spiritual we are, the easier it gets……

  32. Every time I get extra money , I either give it to family that needs it or buy something I know someone needs but can’t afford and gift it to them.. I find myself always getting extra money from unexpected places. 💕

  33. What if I think about money like a zero sum game? After all there is only so much money in the economy. If I take more for myself, doesn't that mean someone else has less?


    There is no Heaven or ‘’afterlife’’ or ‘’paradise’’ for those who do NOT put their FAITH in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins.
    Faith is BELIEVING that Jesus, who is the son of GOD, who lived a sinless and perfect life, DIED on the cross about 2000 years ago as a blood sacrifice (or sacrificial lamb) for all the sins you have committed and should be punished for according to the law of GOD which has been violated by every single person ever in existence, except for Jesus.

    Sin is simply breaking GOD’s law. The punishment of breaking the law of GOD is Hell. Everyone is guilty before the Judge, and the judge is GOD.

    * You are not a good person in a lawful perspective according to the law of GOD. In this life, If you have murdered someone, it does not matter if you save the world 3 times, or feed 5 million homeless people for the rest of their life, or donate 25 billion to charity, you STILL have broken the law and will have to answer for that crime in front of a Judge, and receive your punishment/penalty. The point here is: NO amount of Good deeds can cover the fact that you have broken the law. So with God it is not a weighing of the scales process of good and bad deeds in your life. It means that one time breaking the law means eternal punishment which is hell, and no amount of good deeds can cover that. *


    John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)
    16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    Righteousness Through Faith
    Romans 3:21 But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. 22 This righteousness is given through faith in[h] Jesus Christ to ALL who BELIEVE. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are JUSTIFIED FREELY BY HIS GRACE through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. 25 God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement,[i] through the shedding of his blood—to be received by faith. He did this to demonstrate his righteousness, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished— 26 he did it to demonstrate his righteousness at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.


    The way, and entrance, to heaven is only accomplished or granted when you put your Faith (believing in) in the fact that Jesus took your penalty for breaking the law upon him when he died on the cross.

    The image here is: Jesus walks in the courtroom and says to GOD the Judge, who is in the process of Judging you, that he will take YOUR penalty for sinning/breaking GOD’s law, which is eternal punishment, upon HIM. Only this punishment, which was dying on the cross 2000 years ago, was a one time sacrifice, once and for all, for everyone who sincerely believes that Jesus did that for them, and therefore accept his sacrifice.


    Step1: recognize and admit you are a sinner, a lawbreaker. And that you need a savior who saves you from hell.

    Step2: accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and make him LORD of your life.

    Step3: Confess your sins to GOD, confess with you mouth that Jesus is Lord, and Repent of your sins, which means to turn completely away from all sin and TURN TO GOD. break with sin, break with your life, break with living for yourself and your own pleasures, break with the things of this world, give the lordship of your life over to Jesus (now you are still your own Lord, and you must make Jesus Lord ) and obey the will and commandments of Jesus instead of your own will and commandments.

    Step 4: ask Jesus + GOD the father + the Holy Spirit into you hart and surrender to them.


    Jesus said: I AM the way, and the truth, and the life.
    Jesus said: Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me.
    Jesus said: no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.
    Paul said: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith. and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. not by works, so that no one can boast.

    Matthew 28:18-20 New International Version (NIV)
    18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them TO OBEY EVERYTHING I HAVE COMMANDED you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

  35. I have a very simple belief. We live in a world of money in the Western world. It is the medium of exchange. If one wants to be effective, one either has to have one’s own money or has to rely on an external source for it. I think it is better to have one’s own money (having provided value for receiving it, of course) rather than having to answer to an external source (on an ongoing basis) for it. I have never had a problem with money, have now been through a massive spiritualization for many years, and am now aiming to bring money in again (but not through a job) so I can be more effective again. Not having money is severely limiting.

    The internet does help, in more ways than one, but that is also not direct communication with enough people to really make a difference, for the most part, in my opinion. I think to really make it work, one has to be out in the real world actually interacting with people. Having a sincere intention to help people is key. By the way, Aaron, yes, the money system is screwed up, that is one of the themes of the book I have written, but as both my book and you point out, having a negative attitude toward that is neither helpful nor useful – and it tends to ultimately be psychologically, emotionally, and even physically unhealthy, as well.

  36. Abundance isn’t just about money. It’s all about yourself and how happy you are in all areas of your life. Money is just part of it. And actually don’t focus on getting more instead focus on the life style. Travel, save, spend wisely.

  37. Thank you for this video I needed to hear a video about this so I appreciate the time you took out of your day to make this 🤜🏼🤛🏽

  38. I don’t feel I have any negative views towards money. I have never been destitute but I’m not rich either. I would like more money in my life and don’t feel I have blocks so why am I having an issue creating more of it? Any suggestions? I’m open to receiving any and all views.

  39. Hi Aaron.
    I loved this video too!! Have a subscriber for a couple years 🙏👏👍❤️
    Did the test, again, but I do not e-Mail, again? I guess it’s my bad, but can you please email me? Just want to progress and I love you’re ways 🥰
    Thank you very much Aaron🤩😍
    LOVE YOU, and love the LOVE 💞❤️

  40. I was only talking to my daughter about how I needed to address how I felt about money and how I saw my relationship with it. Great video confirming everything I had become aware of that I need to change. Thanks for your time and energy, so helpful, as always 🙏💜💫

  41. It’s funny cause I have no negative belief about $ and I know I will be able to contribute more when I’m in more abundance…….. not saying I can’t wait cause I know what that will bring but I am saying 🤔🌻♥️♥️ thanks Aaron

  42. Thank you so much, that really helped put it into perspective for me. I have not been charging for my psychic readings and at the same time getting stressed by my 9 to 5 job. It's time to start my new job, which really doesn't feel like a job at all I love it and I'm passionate about it😀

  43. My whole life, all I've ever heard, is "starving artist". You can't make art and make a living😔 I'm finally breaking away from that belief😁 Thank you for sharing! It's hard to stay focused sometimes when those little voices in my head try to replay those old beliefs! Messages like this help me stay focused! Namaste😊✌❤⭐

  44. Your authenticity is so beautiful. This is a man who is truly embodying the message he delivers, and the passion behind it is contagious.

  45. money wants to be with me because i was made to utilize abundance wisely, and help others realize their true potential! i am happy and thankful that everything is working out for me! one love ♥️♥️♥️

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