Sony a6600: I’ve never had such mixed feelings about a camera!

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson.
And Sony just announced
the A6600 and A6100 cameras
and I wanna give you a quick
rundown of the video specs
of these cameras
and tell you if I think
they’re worth purchasing.
Let’s start with the A6600.
This camera has an APS-C size sensor
and it shoots 4K at up
to 30 frames per second
and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second.
This sensor is also oversampling
4K from a 6K readout,
so it is going to look very sharp.
That 4K 30, though.
I had been hoping, whenever
Sony announced the A7R IV,
with similar video specs to this camera,
that those were just sort of a fluke.
Because the A7R IV is
a photo-focused camera,
I was thinking that was why
they didn’t include 4K 60 video.
The A6600 and A6100 cameras,
with their max resolution of
4K at 30 frames per second,
prove that wrong.
They also don’t give me as much
hope about the Sony A7S III
when it comes to 4K 60.
I hope that I’m wrong,
but I’m starting to lose hope
that the A7S III is gonna be
as mind-blowing as we all
hope from a video perspective.
So neither the A6600 or A6100
can shoot video at 4K 60,
but if you think about it,
both of these cameras
would pair very nicely
with another camera that
doesn’t shoot 4K 60,
the Sony A7 III.
So for the rest of this video,
I want you to be thinking
about two things.
First, how one of these
cameras could work really well
as a B camera for the A7 III.
And second, how great
these cameras could be
for YouTube vloggers.
The first spec that we need to talk about
with the A6600 is that
this camera takes one
of the best features that
Sony announced in July
with the A7R IV.
Namely, real-time eye
detect autofocus for video.
If you are filming a wedding
and you need to nail the
focus on a bride’s eye
as she walks down the aisle,
this camera’s going to do that easily.
If you want to vlog with this camera,
it should be super impressive as well.
Speaking of vlogging,
the A6600 brings over the flip-up screen
that we saw earlier
this year on the A6400.
You get a screen
and you get very impressive
eye-detect autofocus.
This camera is going to be
so good if you want to vlog.
From an audio standpoint,
this camera also has a first from Sony.
This is the first APS-C
Sony mirrorless camera
that has a built-in headphone jack.
So if you want to monitor the
audio that you’re recording
with headphones while you record a video,
you can now do that as well.
As far as picture profiles go,
on the A6600 you are getting
the same exact picture profiles
as you get on the A6400 and the A7 III.
S-Log2, S-Log3, and HLG are all there,
so you should be able to get
beautiful highlight roll-off
with this camera.
Let’s talk about some
of the bigger features
of this camera, though.
And I literally mean bigger
because I wanna talk about the battery.
The A6600 now uses Sony Z batteries,
which are larger than the previous option
and also have significantly
better battery life.
Sony is claiming that these
batteries last 2.2 times longer
than the previous NP-FW50 batteries,
which makes me so happy.
The next literally big thing
that you need to know about the A6600 is
that this camera does not have
a recording limit for video.
Yes, your videos can record
as long as you need them to.
No more hitting record
again after 30 minutes.
Long wedding ceremonies will
be so easy to handle now,
especially with that longer battery life.
The last big thing that we need
to talk about isn’t literally big,
but it is a big deal.
The A6600 supports IBIS.
No, not irritable bowel
syndrome, that’s IBS.
I-B-I-S, in-body image stabilisation.
This one feature is the reason
that so many people
didn’t purchase the A6400,
because it didn’t have
stabilisation built in.
I am so glad that this camera has IBIS.
Overall, the A6600 check so many boxes.
As I was reading over Sony’s spec sheet,
I kept saying, “Yes, yes, yes.”
Same picture profiles as the A6400, yes.
IBIS, yes.
Supports a bigger, better battery, yes.
Has a flip-around screen, yes.
Has the same eye-detect
autofocus as the A7R IV, yes.
And then I hit the point where I saw
that the resolution and frame rate
and bit rate are not
improved over the A6500, no!
I don’t think I’ve ever
had such a mixed reaction
to a camera.
The A6600 is so good,
I just wish that the frame rate
and resolution were better.
The A6600 is gonna cost $1400
and that puts it squarely up against
some very strong competition.
For $100 more, you can get a Fuji X-T3
that shoots 4K at 60 frames
per second in 10-bit.
For $100 less, you can
get a Blackmagic Pocket 4K
and shoot RAW 4K 60 video.
Granted, for the Pocket 4K,
you’re also gonna need a
lot more hard drive space
and a more powerful computer
to be able to handle editing
that RAW footage.
But can you see my point
that I’m going for here?
The competition is very good right now
and while I think Sony
is winning the battle
of flip-up screens, battery
life, and autofocus,
they are losing the war
from an actual video quality standpoint
with the same 8-bit codec
that they’ve used since 2015.
Filmmakers have a choice now
and it is gonna be up to you if you think
that the A6600 offers enough
features for the price.
You have until November,
whenever the camera releases,
to decide if you wanna pick one up.
We now have another camera to talk about.
I feel like I barely touched on it,
but Sony also announced the A6100,
which is arguably a more exciting camera,
because it takes many of the
same features as the A6600,
but it cuts the price
nearly in half to $750.
You want an APS-C size Sony camera
that shoots in 4K at up
to 30 frames per second
and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second,
without any crop?
Great, the A6100 can do that.
And it will even oversample
that video from a 6K readout
of the sensor so it looks
super sharp and crispy.
You want a flip-up screen?
It’s got that, too.
What doesn’t this camera have?
How can it be so much
cheaper than the A6600?
Well, there’s no IBIS and no
real-time video eye autofocus
for a start.
But the A6400 doesn’t have IBIS either
and that camera costs $900.
How can the A6100 be
$150 cheaper than that?
What else has Sony
removed from this camera?
Did they remove 24p like Canon does
with their lower-end cameras?
Sony cut two other things,
and don’t worry, 24p wasn’t one of them.
The A6100 does not support Sony’s S-Log
or HLG picture profiles.
It also has a lower resolution
electronic viewfinder.
That’s it.
Are you starting to see why
I’m excited about the A6100?
When Sony introduced the A6400,
I was very happy with its $900 price tag.
So to see them charge 750 for a camera
that is essentially an A6400,
minus a few minor things, is even better.
I think that the A6100 is going
to be a fantastic budget
option for filmmakers
that want to shoot 4K video
without breaking the bank.
There is one other benefit to
the A6100 costing $750 new.
And that is that this camera
is going to drive down the cost
of Sony’s earlier cameras,
which are still very
good in their own right.
The A6300 is gonna get cheaper
and the A6500 should also get cheaper.
So you have some great options
that are gonna be even lower cost
if you are just getting into filmmaking.
In conclusion, the A6600
and A6100 provide a ton
of new video features,
but they pair them with a
video frame rate, resolution,
and bit rate from 2015,
which is troubling to me.
If I had to buy a new
camera for $1400 right now,
there are arguable better
options than the A6600
with a Fuji X-T3
or Blackmagic Pocket 4K
being my top choices.
But if you already own a lot of Sony gear,
and especially if you already
shoot with the A7 III,
I think that either of
these cameras would make
for a great B camera
that will integrate very easily
into your current workflow.
You can pre-order the A6600
and A6100 at the links down
in the video description.
The A6600 releases in November for $1400
and the A6100 releases
in October for $750.
With that, thank you so much for watching.
I hope this video helped you out
and gave you some great insight into
whether you should purchase
one of these Sony cameras.
It is also a huge help
to me if you would
consider liking this video
and subscribing if you wanna
see more videos like this
in the future.
Thanks so much for watching
and have a great day.
♪ Keep me under the glow ♪
♪ What I’ve lost is always by my side ♪
♪ Making waves when I cannot make mine ♪
♪ And the past, it doesn’t take my sight ♪
♪ Reach for ♪

100 thoughts on “Sony a6600: I’ve never had such mixed feelings about a camera!

  1. To me the A6600 is a no-brainer for A6000 or A6300 users who've been waiting to upgrade in the APS-C line – but have a focus in photography, with video being very secondary. That's exactly the case for me. I don't really do video all that much, and when I do, 4k24 or 4k30 is usually the choice anyway. I have 0 need for 4k60. The resolution of 24.1MP is more than almost anyone needs. Fact is, if they had increased the resolution of this camera to 42 or 60 like the R line, a bunch of people wouldn't want to buy it simply because of the insane file sizes and processing power requirements (read: slow-down in workflow). Given all of this, everything else on this camera is stellar. It's basically an A7III, in a smaller body, APS-C (which means you get to use the amazing Sigma APS-C lenses that are cheaper but absolutely fantastic), for less money, and will continue to be less money because of lens costs. Not to mention the announcement of the 16-55 2.8. Literally the only lens missing in my kit. I get that, and the A6600, and i'm done. That's what I'm doing in November. I'm sold.

  2. I don't get the whole ignoring of the s3 by Sony. But I guess it's because there isn't enough of a difference between the 7r3 and what they could offer in a S model. Most of what I shoot is 1080/60p because the size of 4k/30p just doesn't look as good to my eye (with motion) when shooting sports. In fact, I wish they would release a 1080/120p full time (unless those already do it) to make me move from my s2.

  3. Not planning on upgrading my two A6400 any time soon. I put them on a gimbal and I’m ready to rock. I already have a bunch of FW 50 Sony batteries so not spending 1400$ for a bigger battery. I think in my opinion the mythical Sony A7S3 IS AlREADY here, but in the form of a PANASONIC SH1. Look no further!

  4. They doing the Canon Strat bro, Start releasing stupid updated revision cameras….like Canon has always done with all these stupid crop bodies.

  5. I have an a6300 & e-mount lenses. I’m starting to do more weddings, so I’m considering getting the a6600 since I already have a decent lens collection for e mount.

  6. I am not counting on Sony to release the A7S3 at all this year..they unfortunately are gonna lose customers due to bs,ing so long🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. thanks for your opinion… but the new releases suck… i stick with my a6500 and 6300 and i'm considering changing my video gear to the competitor. The product politics suck so hard…

  8. I seen the IBIS in use and it sucked for hand held. Didn’t seem any better than the A6500. Same sensor from what… 2016? Might consider the A6400.

  9. Again, how sad is it that you're relieved that Sony included a headphone jack & ibis in their FLAGSHIP model??

    Looks like Sony will fall just as fast as they rose

  10. As a videographer who uses 2 a6500 for most of my work, the a6600 didn't improve anything for me personally. The AF on the a6500 is more than adequate for me. The recording limit wasn't an issue for me since the a6500 still has the app functionality which lets me turn off the recording limit. And since I use a SmallHD Focus monitor I already have a fully articulating screen that also gives me a headphone jack and lets me power the a6500 with Sony NPF batteries (which are better, cheaper, and more universal than the Z batteries). Honestly, the a6500 is the perfect run and gun camera for me with these solutions. The only thing I was hoping for was 4K60 and 10-bit…even externally would have made me happy. I know the a7sIII might have 4K60 and 10-bit but I'm sure it will be damn near $4k and at that point I'd start considering a proper cinema camera with better ergonomics, ND filters, SDI, etc. I guess I'll just save my money for now.

  11. Very good breakdown, missing 4k60 is a major heartbreak. If Fuji could adapt Sony lenses I would have bought the X-T3 this morning

  12. Great video. Is the IBIS the same as the a6500? If so, I’m not impressed. Also, adding taxes plus a protection plan we are looking in the $1600-1700 for the a6600. At this price point, I think if I would get a second hand A7iii instead and call it a day.

  13. I'm so sick and tired of all this 8bit bullshit.. It's almost 2020… come on camera companies! I don't even care about resolution but honestly what's the point in shooting log footage in 8bit ughh

  14. Legitimate question, what are the pros of 4K 60fps. I shoot in 24fps and 120fps for slow motion, I normally skip 60fps altogether but seeing that everyone cares a lot about having their 60fps in 4K makes me wonder what I’m missing in its importance.

  15. But without picture profiles the dynamic range will be rather bad on the A6100? You could not even pick Cine1/2/3/4 gamma.

  16. Personally I think Sony is overpricing the a6600, as I think it would have been a much better value at $1,200. For what it’s worth you can get a used Nikon z6 from B&H for as low as $1,400.

  17. Matt seriously, you’re basing this review on a camera you don’t own re the A6600. You seem to be going off the marketing blurb rather than trying it out. Go look at the hands on reviews that are already out there. On every one of them the Ibis sucks balls. I think this is the first camera that actually adds more camera shake when you engage Ibis. The rolling shutter is nauseating- Go look at Gordon Laing’s review, I promise you within 60 secs you will feel seasick. It’s a half assed camera release that is dead in the water mate.

  18. Sony fan here, who gives a crap about having 6k in this camera when the people they are selling it to who dont need it what so ever.

  19. I've waited 3 years for 2015 specs? No. That's it for me. I'm selling all my Sony APS-C gear and going full Fuji where the APS-C future is bright and not a joke. So long Sony.

  20. These dam vloggers are jacking up the prices. If the a7siii has a flip screen and cost way more I'm gonna rant on how vloggers are ruining the camera industry with their stupid desire for a flip screen when all you need to do is manually focus your length with the lens and not use 1. freaking 8 depth of field! F/2.8 will suffice people! And if not then DONT MOVE BACK N FORTH its not that hard.

  21. $1,400 for that? …..Wish it just replaced the a6500 and took the same price point as its predecessor. While these are nice features…..the fact that we don't have a boost in bitrate by now is worrying. Even more worrying is that this camera is releasing in November!

  22. There has been such advances in the cinema camera world that us hybrid shooters (that are really closet cinematographers) are clearly seeing the advantages of owning a dedicated camera meant for video. We are finally realizing that photo cameras really are for photographers. I feel Sony has made the perfect camera for everyday people that want to take great photos and video on automatic everything. I find this REFRESHING. I'm done, as of right this second, done with trying to make my Sony cameras be something they are not. I'm clearly going to get an a6600 for vlogging and real life video but when I use my pocket 6k, I'm doing something closer to the heart and far more magical. From one Sony shooter to another… I think it's time to pick the right tool for the job and use Sony cameras for true to life video (not even use log) and photos but switch to something like the GH5, BMPCC, or S1H for our video needs. It does sadden me but Sony had 2019 (NO LONGER) to show me video dedication with the A7SIII and it hasn't happened so I'm calling it like it is and not using Sony for videos beyond fast vlogs I won't waste time even grading. Still love Sony, but not the same way.

  23. Isn’t the overheating still an issue on the 6xxx series cameras? Seems like there hasn’t been any comments about the 6600 overheating especially with the unlimited recording.

  24. I heard the a6600 also shoots in 14-bit raw? (is it true?)
    Does that matter? Or if the color is only in 8 bit it doesn't really make a difference?
    I was expecting you to touch on that and didn't hear anything so curious!

  25. Matt did you change your speech? There’s a lot of emphasis at the end of your sentences. Have I just not noticed before? It’s a little distracting. It kinda sounds like one of those parody flight announcements lol.

    Keep crushing it with the content! 👍🏽

  26. For stand still on a tripod vlogging – a6600 or a6400. I realize the a6600 is better, but is the eye AF "THAT" much better than the a6400?

  27. They’re selling any and everything they can so that they can save up and afford to make the a7siii. They keep putting out cameras NOBODY asked for or cares about. The a7siii is quickly becoming Dr. Dre’s “Detox” album. A myth.

  28. I loved the comment you said: Sony is winning the battle but loosing the war. I strongly believe that Sony actually just became the APSc king, and I want to clarify that I'm a canon fanboy and love them with all my heart, but no 24fps is something that breaks my heart. From a youtuber and digital nomad point of view (the weight), the combo a6600 + 16-55 f2.8 + Ronin SC can do WONDERS!, I'm currently considering leaving my 80D behind for this camera. But that would mean staying in the APSC world, and if I go full frame, just for the flip and color, the EOS R is the clear choice + their new glass is just too good. Anyway, awesome videos about Sony cameras from a video perspective! thanks!

  29. What's the point of buying a $1400 plus tax camera when you can use your few hundred dollar smart phone to make HD videos and photos?

  30. Super surprised at the price of the a6100. Still a lot of value there depending on one's needs. I own the a6400, and have used it for about 7 weddings and a few youtube videos. Really is a great camera. I do wish it had 10 bit recording, but still works well for me. I personally never shoot log, but I have commercial clients that sometimes require it so it's nice to have. But for the majority of my work that a6100 is a real bargain. Thanks for info Matt!

  31. I'm interested in buying a camera with all the same features as a a6600 but below $1000, any recommendations? (Not including a6400 because I want IBIS)

  32. I sold my A6500 and sony E lenses yesterday. Moving to panasonic 😉
    I was hoping for the 4k 50p 10bit in new aps-c sony..

  33. I shoot with a7iii as main cam,and a6000 second. I want to sell my a6000 to buy other because the a6000 it has overheating issues. Wich you recommend to me of all this sony?

  34. The thing is, in the real world, ibis and eye af are going to produce much better results than 60p, raw or 10 bit. Nice job, Sony.

  35. One question I couldnt find the answer to, does the a6100 has a video record limit or can it shoot videos indefinitely like the a6400 and a6600 ?

  36. i think its a great news for a7iii users who are looking for a B cam. hope that 6400 will be cheaper now. no other system can give FF+Cropp in such a low price

  37. I feel the same way about them. I've been looking at the 6400 for the unlimited recording, but the 6600 brings the price too close to a lot of other features for not a lot more money. Even looking at a used A7 mk3 makes sense.

  38. It says it all when Sony announces two new cameras and all I hear from the reviewers is how nice the grip and the battery is. Sony give you autofocus.. Panasonic’s give you shooting features..This is a ridiculous upgrade without 60fps it’s not worth me personally buying it. I have an Alpha A7R 3 and have many APSC Sony Lenses spare and would have purchased this but for me this is a 6500 with a new battery and a few more autofocus features…Sony are getting away with murder now and I would like to bet we will never see a A7S3 as they can’t give us new exciting video shooting features.I’m sick of hearing about eye autofocus and tracking features.This is not a surprising update and totally disappointing.I’m switching to the new Panasonic S1H even through its a bit larger.I’m sick of Sony bringing out basic features that should have always been included in their camera and selling them as new features..This is a nothing exciting and totally predictable.Could understand perhaps the upgrade in the 6100.Sony used to be miles ahead of its competitors in all aspects, now their attitude is we will give them a bigger battery a bigger grip get rid of something else.Give them a headphone jack that should be enough.Youtube will sell it for us..

  39. Hello Matt, I have a a 6000 , I’m learning about editing on premier pro. I’ve been noticing something when I imported a video in avchd and xavcs format . The xavcs video looks with some line in moving objects. . Do you think It is better to record on xavcs for social media?

  40. Not excited at all, same sensor which means same terrible rolling shutter which makes it all but useless for what I do (sports videography)

  41. You actually don’t need a more powerful computer to edit black magic raw or pro res, faster drives help, but I have far more problems editing xavc-s than black magic raw

  42. You can get the GH5 on eBay for about the same price as the A6600. The A6100 is interesting tho. I shoot Panasonic so I'm used to bad autofocus

  43. I absolutely knew Sony would not release a new codec that would support higher bitrates and 4k 60 with their next apsc camera. I really hoped they would surprise me but I really didn't get my hopes up.

  44. Sony wants you to move up to their professional camera's, dont forget the alpha line still falls under the consumer electronics division.

  45. YouTubers are overdoing it with this 'creative lighting' with a 'triangle of light on the other eye'. You are in the dark, people. For no reason. And for the camera – I would buy a6600 for both photography and videography, if I have an old model, that really needs to be replaced and some glass for it. If I have a good 6500 or the cheaper 6400, this is not significant enough upgrade. The only thing that really bothers me is the lack of native glass and the insane prices new lenses for it come out. This camera is $2800 (!!!) with the new standard f/2.8 zoom. For $2800 I can buy the A7III and Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 brand new. It makes no sense.

  46. Hey Matt! I share your frustration! Thoughts on the 18-55 2.8? Kills me it didn’t have OSS. My FS5 feels neglected!

  47. I've got an A7iii for photos, but still using the GH5 and Pocket 4k for all my video stuff 'cause Sony is letting me down.

  48. I was so underwhelmed with the A6600 vs my A6500 and A6400 that I just purchased an A7iii… I will sell my A6500 and shoot with the A7iii and A6400 in tandem…

  49. I can't believe this Sony line-up for many reasons –
    1. The a6600 releases ~8 months after the a6400
    2. The a6100 is about half the cost of the a6600
    3. I've watched a few videos of it in action now and the IBIS I had wanted to see in the a6400, doesn't seem to be working too well in the a6600.
    I went from wanting the a6600, to debating between the a6400 and a6100, to considering a cheaper a6300 or a6500 to now looking how the Fuji xt3 compares with this whole team of cameras.

  50. Seems underwhelming and it also seems that Sony is slowly turning into Canon….the only reason to get this is for its AF…probably awesome for events and travel but that's about it lol

  51. Hi Matt, I wonder 30 minutes limit for Sony a7s2. I want to buy a new camera for specially shooting videos and I think a7s2 is a good camera. I searched on internet about it and find out can crack the time limit. but i want to know your opinion about it. thanks

  52. I pre ordered the a7R 4 . I saved for over a year. I knew my aging a6500 was going to be replaced soon. I plan to sell my a6500 + sigma 16mm 1.4 I see no reason to upgrade to 6600 and i wanted something more professional. I am super excited to get the a7R4 next week. Honestly, they cant make the 6000+ line to good then no one would have incentive to purchase the more professional cameras.

  53. Can you imagine, already having mixed feelings about a camera that still has to be released and then stay for another 3 years. Sony has the technology to dominate the APS-C arena but they fail to do do. They should have given us:
    – an A6000 mark 2 for 650$ (A6000 is a model name that should be cherished)
    – an A6400 with a 16MP sensor that has no noise up until ISO 25600, like an APS-C version of the A7S
    – an A7000 that combines all the best of their FF models
    With this line-up, they would blow away the competition and most people would probably want 2 of these 3 models.

  54. 1. Does it do the hdmi black out when shooting 4k , hope this is fixed

    2. Does it do the video eye autofocus with only native sony lenses or 3rd party lenses like sigma with a mc11 adaptor

  55. What kills me from owning the a6000 is how expensive are the lens that i can't afford to buy, now each year the body seems more expensive on old technology it almost feels that we been cheated and the older a series should have had all the new camera features they offer in 2019. This is all marketing geemicks to get rich skeems and slave people into debt!

  56. Does Canon have a patent on their flip out fully articulating screen design? It blows my mind that virtually all other manufacturers go half speed with their screen flip design. You can't use the a6600 design with a hotshoe mic. Derp.

  57. it looks like new firmware of a6500 🙂 what about lcd screen brightness on 120 fps and 4K mode ???? like a6500 difficult to see lcd on sunny day? and AF? Face detection and eye af availible on 120 fps and 4K mode??

  58. I was laughing so hard with this release, happy I sold my Sony camera and glass. Pretty much nothing has changed much since the sony a6300 haha. Same camera with slightly better colour, autofocus and bigger battery. (And the worst ibis I have ever seen).

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