Snow Kingdom’s SECRET GLITCHED Coin Stash in Mario Odyssey!

some of you might already know a new
glitch was recently discovered in mario odyssey which allows you to clip through
the window in snow kingdom onto the racetrack as mario while playing around
with this glitch I got lucky and stumbled upon a totally new one first
off you should know that this glitch also works on the secret race course
which is only unlocked after beating the game however after you pass through the
window here you are instantly killed by a death floor directly below you I was
determined to keep trying though and the first thing I noticed is that instead of
falling to your death you can instead land on this small ledge from here you
can walk around the side of the building and drop down onto a small patch of land
unfortunately though this still won’t allow you to reach the race course as it
is entirely surrounded by death floor next I explored the opposite side of the
building and realized it’s possible to climb the wall using a series of tricky
jumps from here we can try a long jumping to
the racetrack again but we’re still not high enough to clear the death floor we
can try climbing even a higher but is it even possible to make the jump to the
next wooden beam well after some time I managed to find a pretty difficult
method of reaching up there but it doesn’t end here we still have to repeat
the same jump several times in a row without falling in order to reach the
very top after many failed attempts I finally made it to the top but then I
stupidly tried to climb even higher and fell right through the roof since
there’s no collision well I made it all the way up there again and this time
prepared for the big jump lo and behold we can finally clear the death floor and
make it all the way to the racetrack what really amazed me about this is that
jumping even from one beam lower is not high enough to make the jump it almost
seems like the developers created this path on purpose and what I found next
only strengthens that theory firstly let’s follow the track around in reverse
this tunnel seems really huge when you’re playing as Mario oh and what’s
this the lanterns have coins hidden inside them this is a pretty crazy
discovery considering we can’t normally collect these coins even during the race
itself I counted them and in total there are 22 coins stashed away in this tunnel
anyway that’s my main discovery for this video now let’s just explore the rest of
the track well I hope this new discovery has been
fun to watch it’s possible someone else playing around with these glitches could
have found this but considering the difficulty I think this is probably a
first anyway thanks for watching please subscribe and goodnight

97 thoughts on “Snow Kingdom’s SECRET GLITCHED Coin Stash in Mario Odyssey!

  1. I have a theory why it has coins.

    If anyone find the exact same lanterns, thank you for strengthening this theory.
    It might be because they just copied the lanterns from the place you found it.

    It is possible that they thought getting the coins was possible, but they did not get it.

    I hope you agree.

  2. Dude you know the island that is surrounded in death barrier inside the wall if you do a long jump you can barely make it out and then from there easily jump on the track

  3. I think the lanterns had coins in them because the creators just used a lantern already in the snow kingdom that coincidently had a coin

  4. Back in my day we used moon jump cheats to explore galaxies bounds….Now apparently we don’t need cheats…

  5. Perhaps this room was originally going to be part of the game, where you would capture the nervous guy there instead?

  6. How do you have six health bars like that? The only way I know how to get six is from buying an extra heart from the shop and when I have it it doesn't look the same as yours does there

  7. Why do you keep calling it a Death Floor? Mario doesn't even die, he gets encased in a bubble, takes a unit of damage and is sent back to the playable area. Sure, I suppose you could die if you do it enough times. But with a name like "Death Floor," you'd expect death to be a little more, I dunno… Instant?

  8. That's really not a discovery lol but if you go to bowser kingdom you can round up a lot of coin quick by when you fly through the coin rings with the bullet. Just die in the end and do it over and over. In 30 minutes you can get about 2000 coin.

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  10. You can boost while rolling. Shake the joycons and it will make you boost. You keep just waiting till the roll ends and not using the boost to the advantage of getting around the track faster.

  11. maybe its just assets from inside the village, where the lamps are accessible, just all of the lamps are made to contain coins?

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