Sneaky Ways Walmart Gets You To Spend Money

With over 5,000 stores in the U.S. and over $500 billion in revenue, Walmart is officially the
biggest retailer in America. If you’re going into Walmart, you’re on a treasure hunt to find the best bargains out there. And while you’re busy finding good deals, you may not realize that
Walmart uses sneaky tactics to make you spend more money than you were initially intending. Once you enter Walmart, you’re greeted with big shopping carts,
mentally preparing you to fill it all up with things. And then, you’re bombarded with
huge signs with price tags. This might be obvious, but these big signs can be spotted very easily and people are more likely
to gravitate towards them. But something that may
not be so obvious is this. The actual price tags follow the good old psychology marketing
strategy of odd-even pricing. Prices like $4.93 and $6.84 are just below whole numbers like $5 and $7, making the
prices seem like a bargain. Since we’re trained to read left to right, when we see $4.93, most
would think it’s $4 as opposed to $5. While you’re roaming through
the aisles of Walmart, you’ll also spot their Rollback prices. This is how Walmart advertises
a lower price on an item. But a Rollback item is not quite
a clearance or a sale item. It’s an item that has
been lowered in price for other reasons, like
overstock, for example. Rollback prices only last for 90 days so when customers see that tag, they may be more likely
to purchase the item because it’s a little
cheaper than it was before and you don’t know how
long until it’ll Rollback to the original price. You’ll also see the words “Everyday Low Price” plastered everywhere, constantly reminding your subconscious that you’re getting low prices at Walmart. We spent almost two hours at this Walmart and saw probably over 100 of these signs. You might see something you
weren’t intending on buying, like chocolate, for example, and buy it anyways because, as the signs constantly remind you, it probably costs less here
than at your local store. And that’s another thing. It feels like Walmart has everything. Fishing rods, bicycles, cleaning supplies, sporting goods, clothing,
food and beverages. You name it, Walmart has a wide range for you to chose from so you’re bound to find
something you’ll buy. Not only does Walmart tend
to have a wide selection of a particular product, their giant layouts also make it possible to have everything you need
related to a particular product. Let’s say you’re going to Walmart
to get a tent for camping. You’ll likely stumble across
something else in that section that you might have forgotten about or think you might need, like a lantern or impulse buys like
an extra sleeping bag. We also can’t forget about the seasonal items Walmart offers. It’s January, so you know Walmart is gonna be stocked up
with Valentine’s Day goods for you to buy, reminding
you the holiday is coming up and that you might as well take care of it while you’re there. Just look at all these items. Heart-shaped trays, cute paper cups, wine glasses with cheesy phrases. There are just so many
items for Valentine’s Day that you didn’t even know existed. And because Walmart is
more of a one-stop shop, people have this mentality to stock up on bargains in one trip, spending hours roaming through the aisles. The music they play is partially to blame. Ever notice the type of
music that’s playing? It’s usually calm, soothing, and slow or sometimes, top hits from the radio. Either way, the music they play are designed to make you spend more time in the store and hopefully
spend more money, too. But even if you are aware
of all these sneaky tactics, you may still end up buying
more than you intended to because you just can’t beat
those everyday low prices. 88 cents? Are you kidding me? Oh, we gotta get that. And there’s like six
champagne glasses, too!

100 thoughts on “Sneaky Ways Walmart Gets You To Spend Money

  1. Don’t really shop at Walmart much….Might to go to one and buy random stuff, I could use an impulsively bought sleeping at an every day low price.

  2. To me, I always round up the numbers. $4.80 round up to $5. That’s how it is, more rather than less. When I babysit and take kids to pick out a bit of candy at a gas station, I’ll ask how much it is. The kid will then say, $1, and then I’ll ask what the actual price is and they’ll say $1.99, then I’ll say you round it up. Just one more penny is $2. You always round up

  3. I dont understand, you should be going to the grocery store with a list, how you gonna buy more groceries juat cause you think its cheap? You can only eat so much food.

  4. I work at Walmart and let me tell you this is a photo ready Walmart that Walmart paid for this video I've had two commercials filmed in my Walmart and we managed to make it photo ready but they didn't move anywhere further in the store

  5. I’ve shopped at wallmart all around the country. The location I loved was wallmart at Pagosa Springs in Colorado, not crowded, quiet location and friendly staff.

  6. The very last remark ‘“.88 Cent OMG its six glasses in here too” debunked your whole video message. It rest was good, but that last comment hurt your overall point.

  7. i automatically round up every price i see because in new york tax is 8.95% so basically 9 cents per dollar

  8. the music in the walmart in miami isn’t calm or radio hits it’s pure salsa regeton bachata all of that it’s so funny

  9. OOF

    The last time u when to a Wal-Mart literally there said there was a low price from 21.00 to now 21.01 WTFF they crayyy cray

  10. If the customer is wasting money it’s his/her problem,don’t blame Wall Mart because other people can’t write a shopping list

  11. Trying to get people to spend more money… I bet no other store has ever tried these! Whew!… thanks for the heads up!

  12. What I found out about Walmart ????? Where I live in Henderson, NV. I have access to 4 Supercenter stores within 15 miles of each other just in Henderson. If I leave Henderson the other way, I have access to more than 4 more stores also within 15 to 20 miles in Las Vegas. You would think the exact same products from one store to another would cost the same in all they're stores. Not a chance.. They're prices vary anywhere from 25 cents to 4.00 and 5.00 dollars depending on the clientelle of certain neighborhoods. Recently, I was putting together a party for about 8 to 10 adults. I used Walmart for specific items and some other stores for larger bulk items. In all, I went to 3 different Walmart, 2 Smiths Food and Drugs and 2 Albertson's Food stores. When I started seeing the differences in prices at the Walmart, I started doing some comparisons of identical products from the other Walmart. They did, indeed, vary as much as 5.00 in some of the cases. After the party, I returned a lot of the unopened items and asked why one store has different prices than another store in various amounts. I was told the manager can reset prices depending on the amount of theft from one store to the next. Stores in not so good neighborhoods, charge more to make up for theft. Stores in relatively nicer areas, charge more because they get a better, richer, class of people that won't go to the nastier stores and will pay more because they don't know about Walmarts scam on the public. All in all, out of about $600.00 in shopping that week for the party, I found my best prices on products and quality at SMITH'S. Smith's had fresher foods, much cleaner storage for the foods, never found one "out of date" product at Smiths. Walmarts product needed to be carefully inspected for dates. Found a lot of them there. As far as fresh hamburger, steak, Cole slow and potatoes salads,, never shop Walmart. I think they rewrap some of it with newer dates. It didn't last as long as Smiths… Walmart has some good deals but named brands are safer at real stores… Why should better off people have to pay more for the thieves…

  13. Sorry folks, the lady on the video was right about seeing $4.93 as closer to $4.00 than the $5.00 it is. It has been this way for over 30 years. It is probably because “rounding up or down is not taught in school. I taught it to my children and the grands. The youngsters loved playing the up and down game.
    Another thing not taught is cursive writing. How are they expected to sign checks? Oh, checks are almost obsolete.
    Happy shopping.

  14. These are not tricks. They are good marketing strategies used by every retail company! Ann & Hope, a store that used to be in RI, first introduced the pricing strategy used by Walmart.

  15. this is more of a sales commercials..they just used the title to get us to watch a commercial, that we normally would fast forward….

  16. sneaky bastards….creating earnings allowing to create jobs and save people money and shit they need…BASTARDS.   BTW:  summer of 2019 (six months after this whiny video) they started with smaller baskets…stupid.  BTW:  it is lower prices than most stores and that helps single mom on a budget….THOSE SNEAKY BASTARDS.

  17. if music makes you buy more shit than you are doomed before you enter the store.  something else is on its way to get you…bad tax audit or maybe a low flying copter…you have the silly chromosome and are doomed.

  18. It doesn't seem that cheap to me……..and I can't stand being forced to buy a giant packets of everything to save money. I don't need 20 kg of cashews thanks. Aldis is better.

  19. How to beat these wholesale stores-

    Make a list of things you wan to buy

    -select the cheapest brand

    – buy only online at festive seasons when they offer the biggest discounts

  20. the problem with most people nowadays is they are emotional buyers than being logical. I myself like transformers toys. whenever I stroll through the toy aisle and see them, I do have the itch to buy one. but I hold myself and think it over if it's really worth the work hours that I will put into buying it. and then I end up just appreciating it and leave without buying it.

  21. I went to Walmart this morning to buy some milk and juice . I wasn't going to spend over 10 bucks but when I finished the self checkout all my items cost 94 bucks hahaha

  22. Rollback also means they're getting ready to raise the price. So it's not rolled back, that's what it cost the last week. I've shopped Walmart since before the Supercenters were invented.

  23. What walmart is this? The ones near my home is never stocked in shelves, & never that many checkout lanes. Not checking my own stuff out, as I don;t work there, nor do I get a discount.

  24. I was in a super market the other day and some item said
    WAS 2$ NOW $1 AND 50C
    So I flip up the pice of paper saying that and the original price was $1 and 50c 😐

  25. Who the heck would think 4.93 is closer to 4 and not 5?

    Literally there is a 9 right in the middle so it rounds to 5.00

  26. Oh I thought target makes you buy more things you walking target 5 seconds later I come out with thing I don't Evan need

  27. This video just stays at surface, but not touch the core. $X.9X has been a common pricing strategy everywhere. I never hear any music played in Walmart, maybe you filmed in a special area. Placing relevant goods in the same area makes it easy to look for them, but it might not tempt customers to buy needless stuff. I see many people bringing a shopping list in Walmart, and they know what they are going to buy. Perhaps this video only fits planless shoppers.

  28. I stopped spending so much every since they started the online pick up. I search what I need and it keeps me from buying things just because I saw it on the aisle.

  29. Fun fact! Walmart has their own radio station. That's what you hear playing in the store and you can actually call and request songs!

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