For crypto News I’m Edward right now we’d be taking a look at the investment firm called Lightspeed Venture Partners. They’re most famous for the investment Snapchat along with a few other technology companies. But now lightspeed wants to look at the world of cryptocurrency. So there are three different avenues that lightspeed are considering at the moment with regard to their investment cryptocurrency. But the rumor is they’re still deciding on the possible size of the investment. The first option would be an Andreessen Howard’s like fund which would operate quite independently from lightspeed itself which has a main technology based initiative and focus solely on the cryptocurrency market. The second option be even more bold in the first as would be a major sea change for the investment firm. Instead of being a technology investment firm they are now they might move just into cryptocurrency and completely rebrand the organization. And option number three is to open up an entirely new company which is somewhat separate to lightspeed that just focuses on cryptocurrency onto itself. But the good people lightspeed are not complete strangers to the world of cryptocurrency. Rumor has it they invested quite heavily in the messaging app called Telegram telegram was so successful once presale it made over one point seven billion dollars. This leads us to the question which is at the forefront of everyone’s mind as lightspeed already has a great track record so far as their I.T. projects and certainly their messaging applications they’ve invested in and now they’re looking to get into the world of cryptocurrency. Well will they just fund a crypto based messaging app or will they develop their own. I suppose only the good people at lightspeed know the answer to that question. But anyway it’s one to keep an eye on and I think there’ll be some excellent and amazing developments in this space. Until next time this is over for crypto global news. You take care.

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