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  1. I'm only 19. I've got a grand to my name and in college. What's the best option for me to help pay off my loans as well make money for the future. Also, do you have a video telling about how to sell portions of your portfolio to actually have the money in your account?

  2. I lost you at the photo of Steve Mnuchin, US Secretary of the Treasury. First. a correction: FDIC will not help regular banking customers. Banks are obligated to pay off the $$$$ derivative holders before they ever get to regular customers. So, thos who hold bank accounts are screwed! Time to become your own bank via cryptocurrencies. I began learning about blockchain tech 3+ years ago–on my own at age 62. I pulled out the money from my bank and bought Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin which I continue to hold offline in my own possession. Took profits from initial investment, bought some silver and paid off all debt. Crypto still pretty new and this tech is going to be astounding! Ditch legacy banks as fiat is inflating faster than a speeding train. My crypto will be secure through upcoming SHTF world financial collapse caused by Mnuchin's Federal Reserve and the criminal central banks. I continue to hodl and cost-average in for more as I can. The crypto market is wildly undervalued right now.

  3. Real wealth is cows and land: why? cows give precious milk as well as offsprings…Her dung and urine is all whats required for land fertilizer[organic] her urine can be turned into natural pesticides when mixed with certain plants…no need whatsoever of expensive cehmicals dangerous for health- your agricultural products will also be more valuable-without poison! With one cow and bull,you end up,with 15 animals in 10 yrs…Dont kill any,as you will be ruined-KARMA! Best to give/sell to other same minded farmers …and turn the world into paradise with ahimsa agriculture[non-violent and divine] contact me for more infos..https://www.facebook.com/cidanandas777/

  4. Banks to hold your money, any banks, read this, so did you know under us law that as soon as you put your money into a bank they own the funds and you now would be classifed as an unsecured creditor. Most people are not aware of this law, so the law is called the Dodd-Frank Wall st. Reform Act where if a bank falls on hard times thats it baby say goodbye to your bucks forever. And don't think that the fdic insurance is going to bail you out either, because they donot have enough money to pay all the bad loans the bad stock trades when the crash comes, you would be lucky to get .25 on the dollar. Only one bank I know will not be affected and they are the North Dakota Bank you are protected and the money will still be there after the crash.

  5. Jeff that's good advice, but wish you would have given us a break down of the % paid for each or an estimate since they do change a bit.

  6. If you've ever actually read the fine print on the FDIC insurance agreement you'll laugh like I do when you hear anyone talking about how safe FDIC banking is. And all you have to do to verify that is to go back and look at what happened when The Fed crashed the economy circa 1929 for those who have done their homework on the Great Depression. Long lines of people demanding their money who nearly all went home empty handed.

    Or perhaps the financial crisis of 2008 is more noteworthy to some given that it is more recent history. Either event was planned but I'll cover that topic at another time and place.

    By the way, most people in banking have never read the fine print on that FDIC insurance agreement. So many in banking actually believe it's legit.

    There's simply not enough actual cash in the economy to cover even 10% of the money on deposit in all the financial institutions that are so often touted as being so safe. You might as well believe in Santa Claus.

    And that's on top of the fact that banks never give you an interest rate which exceeds inflation (much less anywhere even close to inflation) and I'm talking about real inflation not the phony government numbers that are paraded out to the public via the sewer stream media. Even investing in real estate is smarter than putting your money in a bank or credit union at least as long as no one is planning on crashing the economy again.

    If you're not earning at least 12% on your money then what you're doing is screwing yourself. And there are ample opportunities where you can easily outperform that 12% with say 25% or higher and do so consistently if you stay on top of that game. That's actually pretty easy.

    In fact, right now, you can earn 25% starting out with less than $300 and you can move up to 49%+. That 49%+ is for an extremely limited number of people and it'll be gone in a couple months, if not sooner, with over 99% of the public ever even getting wind of it.

    That's just an example that there are much better deals than 12% interest available but you have to be in the know and very few of those offers ever meet the ears of the average person because the average person isn't a savvy investor.

    Slaves are always told to play it safe and banksters love to see another fool coming in to put money in a regular savings account because that's how the fractional reserve banksters butter their bread. And I should know having come from that system.

    There are investment scammers out there. One needs to look no further than Bernie Madoff and see that he actually made off with the vast balance of the money he conned people out of. And you can probably go to Vegas and put money down on the fact that even Federal investigators will never recover the money Madoff made off with.

    In fact, I can show you how use the lottery system to earn extra money for yourself while avoiding the risk of playing the lottery. But that's for another time and place as well.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ayb02bwp0 start your own bank and see what happens. why don't we learn this at school. Because those that used to control the central banks and are still trying today (2-17-19) have the goal of robbing you blind and then killing you. Sad but true. Stay out of crypto currencies. just like real estate… when they have enough suckers out there, they pull the plug. you have zero recourse no matter what they do. if you need to save, keep it in some real goods… real estate is not one of them. The title to all your property by the way lists you as the "tenant". Check it out ! That is why they can take it away for non-payment of taxes because it is not even yours. Just be careful and do not become too attached to your money. it is much more beneficial in the long run to become attached to helping humanity. 120,000 people die daily of preventable causes. Help them ! Make friends on facebook in other countries where these people are living and support them. Most countries live on 1/50th or less what we do. that means if you can send them $100 a month, in many cases they can stay with their family and raise happy children. This is the best thing people can offer for the future of this world. Happy children = Happy future. No criminals can defeat happiness. unless a criminal cabal can convince people to be afraid and that abuse is normal, they will have no power at all. after all there are more than 1,000,000 good people for each of them. it is pure hoax. they have zero power when people know this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6b70TUbdfs

  8. I agree with most of your comments, I have a question what would happen in a SHTF situation, how you withdraw your money or cash when all banks are closed , the grid is down? How much currency do you need to have stashed in your home?

  9. If you trust the bank with your money, just let your neighbors hold on to it instead. People are going to lose everything just like in 1929… don't think that the federal is going to insure your money, they will tell you that they are broke also. People think they make money in their savings, but on the other hand they are paying interest on everything they own, cars home, furniture c.card n on n on. Pay cash for everything if you can, n you be making money. Don't forget that you have to pay taxes on your interests the banks pay you. My bro in law never bought on credit, when he retired he owned many properties and all paid for. The down fall was that he couldn't co-sign for his son because he had no credit, that's a blessing to me. In the 60s the banks were paying 5% n more in just regular savings, now you almost have to pay them.

  10. Wearing t-shirts with clever sayings or names of rock bands on them should really end by the time you're no longer a teenager. If you want to be taken seriously you need to present yourself as an adult and quit wearing t-shirts with Lynyrd Skynyrd and the like on them. JMO

  11. mumbo / jumbo …… run for the hills …. he will take you there run forest run ….you say nothing …STFU ALREADY YOU WANT THAT
    140,000 SO BAD sorry go thf..home get a real job …. PLEASE

  12. Attention everyone. The best possible way to invest money instead of saving it is converting it to silver and gold. The dollar loses value each year and silver and gold gain value. Not to mention that silver and gold appreciate during recessions due to being seen as safe haven assets when stocks lose value. Not to sound like a tin foil hat guy but there are a lot of warnings about a looming recession in the near future. The auto industry is failing, housing prices are dropping across the board, and there’s less demand for houses. Americans owe 1.5 trillion in credit card debt. 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. I think we will see gold and silvers prices rise dramatically during a depression, which is why I have been going all out investing in silver in particular. There are amazing YouTube videos you can find talking about this better than me. I firmly believe these will be the best investments of my life

  13. Buy live stocks. The return on investment is milk, cheese, butter, and even beef. The live stock market never crashes.

  14. If you're going to do online banking, avoid Chime. Their customer service sucks. Chime is fee free, but if shit hits the ceiling fan, you want to know you can trust your bank to resolve the issue. Chime, from what Ive read from complaints, is very incompetent when it comes to protecting your money. Not only does it seem ridiculously east for people all the way in other states to somehow have access to your bank account through your card number, despite the fact that your card isnt lost or stolen, when you file a dispute, you cant trust Chime to resolve your issue. Ive read complaints where customers have said that Chime basically told the customer to resolve the issue themselves. Chime is so unprofessional, they'll put you on threeway with a merchant to get your issue resolved. I had Chime bank, and no more than a week after opening my chime account, immediately after giving my employer my information to for direct deposit, my account was compromised. Someone tried to buy jewelry at a jewelry store with my account information. Thank god I had no money in the account at the time, so the transaction didn't go through. I called Chime and asked them to change my account information and they told me that they couldn't. I asked if it was possible to just shut down my chime account all together, and they refuse to close your account. So once you have a chime bank account opened, you're stuck with them forever. You CAN NOT close a chime account. Needless to say, I never put any money into that bank, and I think I dodged a bullet, because customers of Chime have said that they have lost a lot of money due to fraudulent activity that chime failed to resolve. Your money is definitely not safe with Chime, and I was lucky to have dodged that bullet by not losing any money, because if you happen to lose any money with Chime, you can kiss that money goodbye. From the complaints Ive read, you will never get that money back. Now… What I find odd, is this. With all of the complaints, somehow the people who had their money stolen, have said that the money was taken because who ever the thief is, has access to their bank account through their card. One girl said that her card number was used in two different states, in the same hour. With me, My card was used at a jewelry store… However… In both our cases, our cards were in our possession. HOW did they get our card number? With me, I only had the damn card for a week, and never showed it to anyone, never lost it, or misplaced it. Now I have a conspiracy…. I think Chime employees, or who ever has access to these cards before they are shipped out, copies card information to use later. So according to my theory, the chime employees cant be trusted. Ive never had this issue with bank of america, with random people suddenly having your debit card information, despite the fact that your card is on you and you've never shown anyone your card. So Chime debit cards are not secure, and someone people are, random people from all over the country, are able to access your account through your card number, despite your card being safely in your possession. I was looking to leave Bank of america, because I was sick of their fees. Thats how I found Chime. I liked chime until I ran into a security issue with my account immediately after opening it, and already having someone try to steal money. Then, according to other customer complaints, if someone DID steal my money, I was just going to be fucked, because Chime was not going to handle the situation properly.

  15. Most people haven’t seen someone try to execute on these concepts, and go step by step from living check to check, to success.
    That’s why i started a channel, I only have 1 video up so far but it shows all my personal finances, and video to video I’ll go step by step using advice from this channel and few others on YouTube I like, so subscribers will see what’s actually possible.
    Most of the Youtubers in the self help / personal finance niche already have a good financial situation and are throwing a rope down with info. I want my channel to be from the perspective of me currently being in the bad financial trenches with you, so you can see me climb out , and hopefully my future subscribers can climb out with me.
    Love the channel
    If I do get big I’ll always recommend this channel, it’s one of my inspirations.

  16. Savings bonds don’t produce much anything either.
    So útil I get this figured out I have no choice but to keep my money on savings account.
    Also I asked many doctors if they like their financial advisors and if they could recommend me one and their answer was always not.
    They are no happy with what is happening to their money.

  17. All sounds goods and well analyzed…. But what happens when you have no income and no resources? That's when the shit hits the fan….

  18. Risk? I live for the rest 100% stocks. Nothing is wrong with keep your cash in a safe just don't keep over 5k

  19. Awesome Vid like always! When I was starting out I did Lending Club and it was good at first but tapered off. So now I dump all my money (minus emergency fund) into my retirement accounts and M1 Finance. I know you 'should' diversify but all that money goes into Dow Jones and S&P 500 Indexes…. the way I see it it gives some of the best least risky returns, and if the US Market goes down we all go down with it regardless

  20. I think been creative is important! I would suggest openning an account with Ally bank! ( do your research) you can get much better growth then you traditional bank! Set up an automated system with you loans! ( my suggestion! Break fown your montly payment into 4 and set up a bi-weekly payments! It will make it easier to manage! It will build good dicipline on your end and also, you make an extra yearly payment without any effort on you! But hear is what you can do is make sure that any extra payments goes to you principles! Set out to pay off your debts from the smallest to biggest! ( Robert.K amazing concept ) SICK!!

  21. I heard that Robinhood is thinking about making a savings account that pays 3%. I have been a Robinhood trader for a year and I love being able to do commission free stock trading.

  22. So you advocate that old client of yours to play the lottery with his money with stocks and bonds or put it into a bank that pays about zero interest and opens it up for anyone to go after? Either you work for scumbag bankers or you paid to be educated to push their Ponzi scheme.

  23. Video is a bit distracting with you outside walking and talking at the same time and your eyes scanning left and right.

  24. Sir I know this video is old but I have had 3 online banks since 2014 and all three pay over 2.15% interest

  25. So my question is why people don't borrow from peer lender and other places like that vs the band and bigger company's

  26. Jeff is it tru that fdic insurance gives the banks 99 years to pay you back in the event of catastrophe ?

  27. @JEFF. Your a family guy and I love your videos. Do you have a custodial accounts for kids. I heard this affects student loan Grant's down the road. I wanna help my kids not hurt them down the road

  28. Noobs: i use piggy banks
    Pros: i store in bank accounts
    Legends: i buy an antique product and resell it once price goes up

  29. The purpose of having your savings in a bank is so you have very liquid money in case of an emergency.

  30. Another suggestion is that if you are not maxing out your Roth IRA, you should consider saving your money in a Roth. The ETF bond funds you mentioned could be used, as well federal money market funds. A vanguard brokerage account Roth IRA would have minimum investment of the price of one share and most ETFs, even non-Vanguard ETFs, trade free on Vanguard's brokerage. Your post-tax contributions to your Roth IRA can be withdrawn without penalty, but its tax-free earnings cannot until you are retirement age. So it could serve as your emergency fund while earning tax free retirement income. The downside would be using up your yearly maximum contribution, but if you weren't fully funding anyway that might not be a problem. Ease of access would be about the same as the online savings accounts you mentioned. ( I would also look at Fidelity, but their selection of no fee ETF trades is smaller than vanguard's)

  31. My son just graduated from high school. His grandparents bought him several bonds when he was younger and they gave them to him at graduation. However, they are 30 year bonds so they won’t mature until at least 2031-2037. I’m wondering if there is a better option. Should we cash them in early and invest in something else or just leave them alone?

  32. Wrong, the money sitting in a savings account is making the bank a lot of money because they make you (and millions of other people) believe that you are "doing the right thing by saving" or some other similar punchline but in reality, cash, as coins, the real deal, is worth a LOT more in the long run simply because the world is becoming cashless. If some power station overloads or gets hacked, and the electric goes out for a few hours, sheer madness ensues, but if you got the cash, you are king. (unless you get whacked for it)

  33. Thanks for the great video. Can you or someone tell me what is the difference between a online savings vs a online Cash account. The reason I ask is online I found Wealthfront online that offers a stunning 2.57% rate for your cash account. I was with Ally forever but after dropping the rate to 2.10% I searched and found this incredible rate and maybe the highest out there? Is the Cash account the same as savings account? PS you look like the Rocks brother LOL

  34. Nothing about real estate ! That’s the most powerful tool and vehicle to become wealthy in this country . Most millionaires did it through real estate and that’s a fact

  35. Thanks so much for the great advice. Jeff, there is no such word as "ex – specially", NO "X". The word is "es·pe·cial·ly

    /iˈspeSHəlē/". Thanks again!

  36. Thank you Jeff. Keep sharing honest info.,and breaking things down for those of us who are learning about different uses of money that are true, tried, and tested. No simpleminded, fast pie in the sky, get rich quick lottery thinking. I hear you…building wealth takes know how, understanding and then the right application of that knowledge….with patience. Thanks again!

  37. Hello Jeff. I Love your videos. I'm with TIAA Bank. However, A friend told me about the company Called R Network. Basically, it's the same thing as an online bank but you could distribute your own Visa Debit cards and earn profits when someone swipes. I know you do your research and I would like you to look at it and see if it's something you would recommend. www.rnetwork.pro is the website for you to see. Let me know what you think. Depending on what you discover, I will or won't join. Thank you in advance for this. Heres my number if you want to talk 2018778762 Jerold Rivera

  38. There is nothing "safe" about putting your money in a bank, its value will be eroded by time…….the only way to truly save money is to invest with the objective to achieve returns greater than inflation.

  39. Yeah, do everything online, ….and if we come under an EMP attack you will have nothing, no thanks,   I store my silver , gold and cash in a fireproof safe.

  40. Staple economy then put 30% in physical gold, 30% into bluechip dividends stock add more when ever u see a big the bear, lastly always buy investment income real estate when ever the market cycle hits. Remember inflation rate in the Bay Area is greater than 4% so only the stupid save fiat fake money to earned 0.05% – 2%!

  41. American banks are being bailed out every single night by The Fed. They need over 65 Billion per day just to stay afloat. Are you sure you'd TRUST putting your money in any of them?

  42. The FDIC is grossly underfunded. Furthermore you're better off stashing your cash under your mattress than to places it in a bank.

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