(ShowChampion EP.195) Stellar – CRY

100 thoughts on “(ShowChampion EP.195) Stellar – CRY

  1. please buy their albums! ITS REALLY CHEAP. thats only the really way to continue their stay in the industry

  2. Can't we have more performances like this? Wearing pretty flowy(?) dresses. It's sexier than you think, yet very decent. Love it!

  3. Hardcore fan in the crowd. she made sure to be heard. They always have great music yet they are underated. I rly like this song so im currently listening and watching all their live shows to suppor them.

  4. Can these poor girls get something to eat PLEASE??! They look extremely anorexic!! SHAME on their agency and kpop in general for making these girls look like living skeletons!

  5. i really love their style this time…but i also like their previous one but it just this time their style is different i don't know how to explain what i feel it just beautiful…and this time their chorus part is very addictive…i keep singing the 'peongpeong ureosseo part'…STELLAR fighting!!!

  6. The company needs to sign them with 1theK! At least they can get more support on there! Like seriously, I barely can find their m/v's and all!! They need to get promoted right!!!
    They're really talented… I hope they don't disband or go for the overly sexy concept.. This concept suits them. I hope they get more recognized in the future.
    (If someone can do a fancam like EXID's Hani)

  7. this comeback definitely has the best outfits for stellar. they all look amazing and what was wrong with the sound cos it sounds quite quiet and the crowd was so much louder than the actual music

  8. Guys! It's confirmed by them again (5th anniversary VApp broadcast) that they will have a comeback before Winter. Save your money and start supporting them by buying their albums!

  9. I can see why people are upset when others mention Stellar's slim bodies. Although after watching a documentary and reading articles I've came to release these girls just aren't being provided enough for food. When they were promoting Vibrato, in an interview someone said they had many instances where they'd share one serving between the four of them. This plus the pressure companies give on idols to be thin- particular with sexy concepts makes me doubt they are healthy and thin at the same time. Anyway its possible, but I am many others are just really worried for their health at this stage

  10. Their costume for this comeback is really pretty !! And also these girls look even happier with all the smiles on their faces performing this song ^_^

  11. I love their concept maybe it is me but they have a mature but still young feel which is so refreshing and nice! because that  high school or middle school feel can get old at times…love stellar hope they get the recognition they deserve 🙂

  12. Magnifiques filles !! musique et danse super .et chanteuses merveilleuse🐈🐈🐈🐈🇫🇷♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍🌍

  13. Just realized the reason I love this song is bc the Brave Brothers (“brave sound!”), who wrote a bunch of songs for AOA (my ults), wrote it!

  14. I miss stellar… Too bad their company mistreated them and didn't promote them very well. I'm just happy they are still firends and they have better lives now

  15. Stellar was unsuccessful because they had a horrible debut with Rocket Girl and UFO, bad singing tons of auto-tune, simple lyrics and lack of originality.

    After quit the label Topclass Entertainment and record Study, Stellar improved a lot at singing, but the bad first impression influenced at Study feedback.

    So they changed to the sexy concept and it make Stellar survive for more years, they were masters of the sexy concept but South Korea is conservative about sexy things. And it looks that the members wasn’t liking that and it was a bit disturbing. So that’s wasn’t enough for save Stellar popularity, so they disbanded.

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