Should I BUY Ripple (XRP)❓ ▶ [Future VALUE 2018]❗️

is this your last chance to buy XRP at
this process is ex rap is going to
welcome back Goa and in today’s video
we’re going to talk about
xrp guys so we’re going to talk about
some really good fundamental news about
XRP about ex rapids going live in the
next month or so and a couple of the
bangs that ex rapids and ex currents and
ripple are working with also guys at the
end of the video I’ll be doing a
technical analysis of where XRP is where
it can go potentially and whether it is
your last chance to buy XRP or not
so guys without further ado let’s get
into the video so first of all guys it’s
good to see some green numbers and to be
honest guys it’s good to see XRP leading
it so this this kind of green day was
kick-started by XRP after XRP went up
that’s when Bitcoin etherium and the
other coins of saw some volume so it’s
good to see XRP making the move first
and pulling the market forward so the
main reason why xxxx rapid it’s re x RP
went up so much is that rumors that X
Rapids will be going live in the next
month or so so Brad Garlin house have
confirmed they’re helping X Rapids will
be going live in the next month it’s
great and it’s good to see even in such
a bear market guys in such a bear market
with some positive news we can see some
upside and another news is a ripple
Shaba regulator starting to see the
benefits these guys confirmed that the
the the people are seeing the benefits
people are not just enjoy it liking
blockchain people are starting to like
cryptocurrencies as well and he is
confident that in the next month or so
you will see some good news in where we
launched the product live in production
so this is really really positive news
because X rapid actually uses X X R P
the the partnership that ripple has got
with Santander American Express and
other companies there used X current
which doesn’t use X Rapids so X Rapids
has been trialing in different
partnerships that’s why partnerships
good even though they’re not using X
Rapids and now having contacts having
great Network having good partnerships
will allow you to use X Rapids in the
future so the same firms that have trial
de product include money transfer Giants
Western Union and monogram and payment
upstarts Mercury FX and those companies
as well Saab I said that they’re more
more than hundred and twenty banks and
financial institutions currently
partnered with Ripple using its
blockchain based product X current and
it’s just great to see you guys the
network that XRP has got and Brad Garlin
has talked about banks using
cryptocurrency next year so there’s
rumors that Brad Garlin house said it
will be X Rapids will go live in the
next month and next month or so now
ripples sharra by I’m not sure if I’m
pronouncing his name right the head of
regulator relationship for Asia and
Pacific and Middle East a triple Sagar
Sabha is said they will be going live
next in the next month or so so the plan
is X Rapids will use crypto currencies
to to transfer money and they’ll they’ll
be able to do it in a quicker way and
this is the reason why people are so so
bullish on XRP guys a couple of years
ago the narrative was blockchain is good
cryptos bad we’re seeing this is
changing people are seeing the benefit
of XRP again I’m really glad to bring
this news to you and this is really
really positive news guys and and it’s
good to see a ripple and XRP leading the
line and and looking at the price price
is looking great 23% jump and an
ecliptic are not encrypted currents in
any market if something goes up quick
that quick guys there’s usually a a
pullback there’s a there’s usually a
consolidation because people will be
taking their profit and you’ll be seeing
that soon and also this breakout was a
inverse head and shoulder pattern as
well and this 20% growth is massive
ripple needs to go above that 35 cents
mark for me to be really bullish XRP
that there
two senses very close to it it hit
resistance at the 50 moving average and
then it kind of consolidated a bit he’s
trying to move up but we’ll see how it
gets on and the 4-hour chart you can see
it’s slightly consolidating there was a
crossover of the moving averages and it
saw that massive volume and it sparked
up and I didn’t get in that adding I
missed that trade it was too early for
me I didn’t get in there I’ll show you
the trade that I did do I got in one of
the pull backs let’s show you where I
got him guys
I got in the trade around that mark and
I saw some around this mark so the small
it was a decent decent profit I have
gotten another trade I’m thinking about
going in and another trade here similar
to touching the moving average and
moving average crossover so the moving
average has crossed over so if it can go
above that guys we’ll see we might see
another up upward movement around that
mark again this could be a double top so
we will have to break this level so
we’ll have to wait and see if we can
break this level to 33 cents mark the
previous resistance and if we can break
this level guys then we can go closer to
the other resistance that I mentioned
the 35 cents mark there’s a lot of
resistance around there so there is a
lot of room to go and and like upset
people will be taking profits because we
are in a bear market and ripple has gone
up 20 percent so as you can see there’s
gonna be some consolidation but if
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it all the
market can go up guys ripple can go up
as well again so is this the last chance
to buy at these prices if I had to say
probably not if you’re a longer-term
investor guys you could be buying again
we never we don’t know what could happen
ripple and XRP last year went from two
cents to three dollars within within a
month so anything can happen and
cryptocurrencies are more popular than
US popular now so we could see a crazy
spike and it could go and we could meet
miss these prices so if you’re really
I’m not saying this is not financial
advice I’m not saying buy XRP sell your
houses and buy XRP do your own research
do your own analysis I’m just sharing
information and my thoughts with you if
you’re a long-term investor guys then
you could dollar-cost averaging to start
buying it if you’re a trader you might
want to wait and see whether there’s a
double top and there could be a sell
opportunity or if we break above them
there could be a buying opportunity so
that’s where I’m looking at for XRP guys
it is looking good it’s great to see
these pool movement guys and we need it
I’ve said we need to protect these
levels this rip XRP hasn’t got much
there’s no weekly support behind these
guys so we need to we needed to hold
these levels like I’ve said in my
previous videos it’s great to see this
bull volume and it’d be good to see some
piles consolidation and move up so
potentially it could be a last chance to
buy we never know but if I had to guess
I mean I’d probably wait a bit longer if
you are a long-term investor if you’re a
crazy believer in ripple and XRP and
their technology cannot be ignored
because what they’re doing the
partnership that they’re trying to do
the negatives about XRP is to see that
60 billion of the corn is owned by six
out of the hundred billion in
circulation 60 billion is owned by the
ripple founded in Ripple that’s the kind
of negative people say but I like I like
I like the technology on what they’re
trying to do and I am a supporter of XRP
all although there are negatives I like
to hedge and they’re different to any
other cryptocurrency and if they can
deliver X Rapids and and any adoption is
good if they can deliver this adoption
guys x RP could be great and it could it
could help the whole cryptocurrency
market not just X R P guys it will help
the whole cryptocurrency market so that
is what I’m looking at guys I hope
you’ve got something out of this video
and if you’re an X R P supporter you
must be really happy if you’re a trader
you might want to take some profits if
you haven’t taken some profits already
and wait to see whether it went to get
back in if not guys if you’re a
long-term investor you could start
dollar-cost averaging if you’ll believe
in X or beat it’s good to see x RP with
20% price jump and hope long may it
continue but we’ll have to see it is a
bear market but long may this
sarpy bull run but can’t call it a bull
run this price jump continued so thank
you very much guys
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