100 thoughts on “Senator Asks How Facebook Remains Free, Mark Zuckerberg Smirks: ‘We Run Ads’ | NBC News

  1. …..Yeah….ads that you use to gather user data you sell without user permission and or knowledge. Ask Zuck what FB jail is…..

  2. Next question will be: So Mr Zuckerberg how come you have so much information about so many people? And Mark be like: Because people put it on my website voluntarily

  3. This so called "old" senator has most of you fooled. He was trying to point out to everyone that because it was a free service people had to be paying for it someway. Of course it is targeted ADS!

  4. I get the privacy issues. But what's wrong about ads? He's fine when it's in a magazine or TV commercial but not on a web page?

  5. Senator…..we run ads (and we sell your data to third party data companies and we sell API access to our platform from other third party companies)

  6. The Facebook app will mine your phone for:
    Device & app history
    retrieve running apps
    find accounts on the device
    add or remove accounts
    read your own contact card
    read calendar events plus confidential information
    add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge
    read your contacts
    modify your contacts
    approximate location (network-based)
    precise location (GPS and network-based)
    read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
    read phone status and identity
    Photos / Media / Files
    read the contents of your USB storage
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    take pictures and videos
    record audio
    Wi-Fi connection information
    view Wi-Fi connections
    Device ID & call information
    directly call phone numbers
    read call log
    write call log
    precise location (GPS and network-based)
    Photos / Media / Files
    download files without notification
    receive data from Internet
    adjust your wallpaper size
    view network connections
    create accounts and set passwords
    read battery statistics
    pair with Bluetooth devices
    access Bluetooth settings
    send sticky broadcast
    change network connectivity
    connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
    full network access
    change your audio settings
    read sync settings
    run at startup
    draw over other apps
    control vibration
    prevent device from sleeping
    modify system settings
    toggle sync on and off
    install shortcuts
    read Google service configuration
    expand/collapse status bar
    reorder running apps
    set wallpaper
    reorder running apps

  7. We need more tech and science savvy members in our government. Our policies and ethics fall far behind the rate that technology is advancing, and the video clearly shows that. Mr. Zuckerberg earned 3 billion dollars just by saying "Senator, we run ads", while perfectly maintaining his image of accountability. As if the guy is not already super intelligent, the people who should be asking tough questions and holding him and his company accountable hardly gave him a challenge.

  8. A lot of people didn’t pick up in this. Orrin Hatch WAS ASKING A RHETORICAL QUESTION that was meant to be sarcastic.

    Hatch was throwing shade at the rest of Congress. That was a beautiful moment where he and Zuckerberg shared a common moment. Basically Hatch was satirizing the people who didn’t know what they were talking about when they referred to Facebook’s business model. Very clever on Hatch’s end! He knows how Facebook sustains finances but used that irony to point out that the whole hearing was kind of pointless because the rest of the senators don’t know squat.

    MAYBE if this f*cking news channel didn’t cut out the preceding questions to this clip everybody would see Hatch’s clever wit. It saddens me to think people thought Hatch was asking a literal question.

    NATURALLY, NBC cut the video to change the story or was too stupid to pick up on Hatch’s joke.

  9. This may be the most dishonest misleading cut video I've seen. The only thing more disturbing is the amount of idiots that fell for it. Fools. Look up the clip on c span. Dummies

  10. Not a fan of the Zucc or his political leanings, but this all seems like a show to scapegoat him and "solve" the problem of privacy loss on social media. The worst part about this video is the typical boomer who has no idea what he's talking about and thinks his "gotcha" question was slick.

  11. You do realize Orin Hatch was asking this question rhetorically, don't you?

    When you make fun of someone because the joke flew over your head.


  13. It's impressive how a person in such important position doesn't know how free apps or services can generate money and be profitable

  14. Mark what about the false likes contents on payed pages and false user accounts which brings popularity on facebook platform
    We pay false accounts and robotic users or true humans ?????
    How he has maded that money fortunes if Facebook was free ???
    What adds are available on the Facebook platforms ?
    What about when a page is created he needs money to public the page and if the page is not payed will remains unknown to public.

  15. @NBC News
    My question for you would be why did you take this out of context and made the senator look stupid, when it is clear it was just a rhetorical question. Clickbait much?

    Full context:

  16. lol this shows that the average citizen knows more about technology that the lawmakers who should have a decent knowledge about the subject in order to put laws into practice. Politicians are unarmed to create laws to protect their citizens while leaving enough room for technology companies to grow because of their lack of knowledge. ( they probably think that a DDOS attack is a nuclear bomb and that an algorithm is a fish)

  17. 0:38. Yeah.. You run and allow SCAM ADS. They are everywhere. Facebook doesnt bother if their advertisements were scams as long as they earn money..

  18. Dinosaur Hatch is out of touch with reality.How does he think any online companies like Facebook have made their money ?Go to Senator Hatch's official YouTube page and he has disabled the comment section on all of his videos, why ?Because he does not want viewers of his videos to give a honest opinion about him.So much for his claiming to be patriotic.

  19. So many naive people on the comment section. Of course the senator knew facebook earned profits off of ads. He just simply wanted to highlight that fact to continue with his argument. Jesus Christ people are stupid.

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  21. That question was so stupid you can almost hear the memes flash in Zuck's brain at 0:36

  22. This guy is on the Senate Republican High Tech Task Force since 2010 and doesn't understand how Facebook makes money

  23. This guy was the chair of the senate republican high tech committee… This is the same guy who determined that the country did not have enough IT people and we needed to import H1Bs from India…He ruined the US IT job market by flooding it with cheap labor and enabling outsourcing to India.

  24. Grandma: "I haven't seen you in so long! How's school going?"
    Student: "Just studying up for my biochem final, but I hear ochem is going to be killer next semester."
    Grandma: "I see….that's great."

  25. Everyone commenting "What a dumb question, derp derp!" – you do get the point the Senator is intimating, right? The subtext in his question is that this business model is predicated upon way more than advertising. He got Zuckerberg to answer without telling the entire truth i.e. Facebook is selling your data.

  26. I always thought the senator was betraying a misunderstanding about how Facebook worked but after reading about Facebook, I see he was running a line of questioning

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